tagIncest/TabooMom's Away Father and Son Will Play

Mom's Away Father and Son Will Play



"Brock, I'm almost done down here. Can you print out the tickets? Then we don't have to wait on line when we get there," Karen called up from the kitchen over the running faucet.

"The printer up here won't connect to the computer since Trevor messed with it."

"Just use Trevor's then. His password is 'lacrossestarr2000' with two 'R's'."

He didn't know why, but the thought of this exhilarated Brock. He felt wrong about using his son's computer without his knowledge or permission, especially since, being a 18 year old boy, this computer was used for one reason. But was that also what excited him? He would be able to see what Trevor did in his alone time. One click would show him everything his son was into. It seemed normal that every father would be curious to know what kind of porn their son watches. Would he be into asians? Teens? Lesbians? Or, he thought as his boxer-briefs slowly began to feel tighter and tighter, would Trevor prefer the type of movies he himself sometimes watched when he was alone. The type of movies that no women appeared in, and were never missed.

He crept into his son's dark room. It had an overpowering, yet not at all unpleasant aroma of sweat and musk, with the tangy hint of cum. The laptop was closed on his desk. The chair was pushed away from the desk: the perfect position to have one hand on the keyboard, and the other doing something else.

He imagined Trevor sitting there, watching a gay bareback orgy perhaps, a bead of sweat slowly moving down through the small patch of black hair that was just starting to appear between his pecs. Slowly dripping down his chiseled six pack, ending in a thick mat of wiry black pubes, while he pumped his throbbing cock, the one Brock himself had helped create.




The imaginary Trevor was bucking up and down, his movements were getting faster and faster. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He opened his mouth just as --

"Honey, were you able to log on?"

His cock which had swollen to its full eight inches and was begging to be released from his jeans almost immediately deflated.

"Give me a sec Karen, I haven't tried yet, I almost broke my neck stepping over all his laundry."

Was he sick? This was his son he had just a few seconds ago imagined blowing his load. What was wrong with him? It must be because Karen hadn't put out in about a month. He was so sex deprived he was thinking about some weird twisted shit, that's all. He made his way to the computer and opened up Safari. He was able to print as Karen had suggested. He was about to close the computer when he noticed the history button. He felt butterflies and a twinge in his groin. His now soft cock was slowly growing to the point where the tip was touching the wet spot where pre-cum had oozed out a few minutes before.

"One quick glance. I need to make sure he's staying out of trouble" he told himself in a whisper.

He didn't realize it, but as he dragged the mouse and clicked, he had held his breath. His dick was growing faster now...

Nothing. No history to show. The only item was the website he printed the tickets from.

"Damn," he thought, "he would have used in-private mode, or deleted everything anyway. I always do." He x-ed out of Safari and was about to turn off the laptop when he noticed the Chrome icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Hadn't Trevor told him to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer? Maybe this was his preferred browser.

He hadn't even had to check the history to see what his son was looking at. Trevor apparently hadn't closed out of the window after his last jerk session. The site that he favored was one Brock knew very well. It was Nifty.org. Yes it had Lesbian stories, but he knew that was not what his son had come to this site for.

Rubbing his cock underneath his jeans, Brock clicked on the history icon, this time confident he would find something. He bet it was "First Time" stories, or "High School" stories. What he saw instead almost made him blow his load in his pants then and there. "Incest" was the category he preferred. "Dad has Needs", "My son Jared", "My Dad and Me". While he was imagining his son jerking off, his son seems to have been imagining him jerking off, or more. He didn't know how to feel about this. He felt wrong, so dirty. But deep down, something about this felt so right

"Brock, are you ready to go? We're gonna be late!"

He closed the computer and decided he would never think about this again. He was just sex deprived he had already decided. Getting laid was all he needed to get rid of these nasty thoughts.

But later that night, as he pounded his wife with a zeal he hadn't had in many many years, he closed his eyes and all he could think about was his son's cock. Pumping, pumping, pumping.

***Chapter 1***

"Are you just getting up now? It's like almost 12," his daughter Jacqueline said reproachfully over his shoulder.

Brock turned to see Trevor plodding down the stairs rubbing the last bit of sleep out of his eyes. He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. To Brock's dismay, he had waited to come downstairs after his morning wood had subsided. Or he could have already jerked off to some more incest stories before making his way down. This thought made Brock smile.

"Whatdarthose?" Trevor said squinting in the almost noon light, pointing at the two small suitcases next to the door to the garage.

"Duh, Dad got us two tickets to a spa upstate for Mom's birthday. We're leaving in a few minutes and coming back tomorrow night." Brock had purchased the tickets two weeks ago, the day after he saw his son's computer history.

"If it's for Mom's birthday, why are you going?" Trevor asked, matching Jacqueline's condescending tone.

"Because if she brought you, you'd stink up the place." she said. Brock rolled his eyes, but grinned. His daughter was 16 and his son was 18, but sometimes they acted like they were 6 and 8 instead. Although, Jacqueline did have a point. Trevor seemed to exude that sexy smell of musk and old gym clothes like most 18 year old boys.

"Jacqueline, cut it out. I'm just bringing Jacqueline because your father said it would be fun to have a guys' weekend." Brock noticed Trevor flushed a little bit at this. "Which I think starts right now. It looks like traffic is clearing up so we should head out."

Brock had Trevor load the two suitcases into his wife's Audi. They stood at the base of the driveway and waved them off.

"Alright," he said turning to Trevor. "We got the place to ourselves, what do you wanna do?"

"I dunno, what were you thinking?" Trevor was looking at his feet as he said this. His face was completely red. Brock grinned knowingly, also at his feet.

"Well, get inside and go from there." He put his arm around Trevor's shoulder and the two walked back into the house.

***Chapter 2***

"So, I was thinking, your Mom left us some leftovers, but instead I say we eat pizza all weekend, watch football, maybe play some videogames, and walk around in our underwear. How's that sound for a guys' weekend?"

Trevor immediately perked up. His blue eyes sparkled, and he could see the excitement in them. He scratched his jet black hair, still in the style of bed-head-chic. "Yeah that sounds pretty awesome."

Brock did not need to be told twice. He pulled the polo he had been wearing off over his head. He had always had a beefy muscular frame, and even though he didn't get to the gym as often as he'd have liked to, he still retained his large pecs, rippling biceps, and meaty thighs and calfs, a product of wrestling in high school and college. Even now, at 43, he was proud of his body, even though his six pack had been gone many years and beers ago. His entire chest and belly was covered in a thick mat of black hair, almost concealing the bear print tattoo on his right pectoral. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his shorts. He had been sure to chose his tightest, shortest pair of boxer-briefs. They were black and perfectly accentuated his bubble butt. It also perfectly framed his bulge. The outline of his dick and balls were clearly visible, pushing against the tight fabric, begging to be set free. He was still soft, but at 5 inches flaccid, it was still clearly visible.

For a split second, he noticed his son eyeing his package. He was still somewhat worried that he had interpreted everything wrong and his son would just think he was sick and perverted, but the look of hunger in his son's blue eyes relaxed him a little.

After he tore his eyes away from Brock's crotch, Trevor too started undressing. He pulled off his t-shirt first. He had the same build as his father. He was muscular for his age, and still growing. His football coach was proud to say that he put in more time and effort at the gym than anyone else on the team. While his body type was similar to Brock's, his coloring was more that of his mother. He had jet black hair, blue eyes, light skin, whereas Brock had brown hair and eyes, and his complexion was that of his southern European ancestors. Trevor's cream colored skin made the dark hair on his chest stand out even more. The last time he had seen Trevor shirtless was last summer, and he was delighted to see that in the few months since, the small patch of hair in the center of his chest had spread out to cover most of his pecs, and around his pink nipples, which were erect.

It looked like he buzzed his chest, but hadn't done so in a few weeks. The hair trailed down over his well defined abs ending in a healthy bush that was peeking just over the waistband of his sweatpants. Brock was happy to see he had left his pubes au naturale.

Next, Trevor put his thumbs under the elastic waistband and pulled down the sweats to his ankles. Brock was half hoping he had been going commando, and was slightly disappointed to see his son favored boxers. Oh well, he thought, at the right angle, maybe I'll be able to see into the flap.

He could feel blood start heading to his dick and decided to take a seat at the kitchen table. He didn't want to scare his son with his boner. Not until he was sure that is what Trevor wanted.

Trevor followed suit, and for a little while they discussed normal father son things. How he felt about the upcoming baseball season, how his Spanish class was going, how things were with his girlfriend Becky. When a comfortable silence came between them, Brock knew it was time to continue with his plan.

"You know what else I love doing when I have the house to myself?" He asked his son.


"Hooking my laptop up to the TV in the family room and watching porn. You ever see sex on a 60 inch screen?"

His son's face blushed, but he also smiled.

"Nah, I've never seen that before, but that would be awesome!"

"Great! What kind of porn do you like to watch?" Brock's voice almost cracked from nerves as he asked this question, but his son took no notice. He seemed to be very interested in the pattern of the table cloth all of a sudden.

"I dunno. I guess I've been watching a lot of older/younger porn lately." Trevor replied, still looking at the table. Bingo, Brock thought.

"Really? Me too. Although what I watch is probably different than the kind you watch."

Trevor looked up at this, slightly confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well, can you promise to keep a secret? Especially from your mother?"

"Yeah Dad, I promise."

"Well the type of older/younger porn I like to watch usually involves an older man, and...a younger man."

His son's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Even in this comical expression, he was gorgeous. "Really?"

"Yep." He grinned at his son.

"That's what I meant when I said I watch older/younger porn too."

"Huh, like father, like son I guess."

"Have you ever been with another guy before?" His son asked him. Brock noticed his hands had disappeared from off the top of the table.

"Of course, when I was younger, it was all the time. But that was before I met your mother obviously." This was a lie. But he didn't think his son needed to know about the night before his wedding, or why he was always so excited for poker night with the boys before they moved. "Have you been with any other guys?"

"Well, me and Justin jerk each other off sometimes." Brock hadn't expected this, but it excited him greatly. "I wanna do more, but I don't want him to know I wanna do more."

"Ah son, at that age, everyone wants to experiment. Who initiated the jerking off?"

"He did."

"There see? He almost definitely wants to do more, but since he started it, he is too afraid of what you will think to take it further. Next time you guys are hanging out say 'have you ever thought about sucking it' or 'damn, Becky never gives me head'. I guarantee he'll offer to help you out."

"Wow, I can't believe I'm getting advice on how to get my dick sucked by another guy from my dad." he said laughing.

"Well trust me, I have some experience in the matter. But judging by your type of porn, I'm guessing you're more into older guys?"

"Yes definitely. I love older guys."

"When I was your age I did too. I had this one fuck bud, I forgot his real name, but I used to call him 'Daddy'." Trevor blushed again, this time even harder. His white face was now strawberry colored. It was cute to see his square jaw and aquiline nose go so red. He didn't tell his son that when he and 'Daddy' hung out, it wasn't just a nickname, but father/son role playing.

He continued. "An older man can definitely teach you some things in the bedroom, son. But you have to be careful. I don't like the idea of you going to some random guy's house who you met on the internet."

"So you're saying I can't get with an older guy until I have my own place?"

"No, I wouldn't want to deprive you of some man on man intergenerational sex like that," Brock said half laughing. "I tell you what, as long as your mom and sister are not here, you bring your daddies here."

"You want me to have sex with older guys here?"

"Well, only if you want to son. But if you are, then I'd rather it be under my roof. Who knows, maybe if he's hot, I'll take a turn with him." Trevor raised his eyebrows at that. "I'm kidding of course. I'm a married man, remember?"

"But Dad, I don't think it's cheating. Like, if you had sex with another woman, that would be one thing, but another guy...it's like apples and oranges."

"I hadn't thought of it that way before." Of course he had though. "Maybe I will be open if another sexy guy comes along." He was hoping that sexy guy would be the young man sitting in front of him. "Well, what are we doing sitting here talking about gay sex when we could be watching it happen on the big screen?!"

Trevor stood up from his chair. Unfortunately his boner that he had been sporting since the moment he sat down hadn't plopped out of his boxers, but it was very obviously there. It was heard to tell how thick it was, but Brock could tell his son's dick was at least 7 inches long. Brock also stood up. His dick was so hard that it was actually pulling the waistband of his underwear away from his groin. Trevor had already grabbed Brock's laptop from the kitchen counter where it was charging and took it into the family room.

"You pick something nasty son, I'll be right back." Brock practically ran up the stairs and into his room. He passed by open door of his son's room and savored the scent of his boy. Everything was going according to plan, and if everything worked out, he would be not only smelling, but tasting his sexy son. He went to his sock drawer and pulled out the amber bottle of poppers he kept hidden in a dress sock.

When he got back downstairs, his son was sitting on the couch facing the TV, away from him. The video his son had chosen was one he knew well. Definitely a nasty one with a barely legal boy and two hairy daddies. It was super hot that they both loved the same movies.

He took a huff of the poppers, slowly exhaling. The rush was immediate and every nerve in his body was tingling with anticipation. While his son was still preoccupied, he slipped off his boxer briefs, now thoroughly damp with cock juice in the front. He threw the used underwear at the back of his son's head.

"Ew gross Dad." his son cried turning around. He was ecstatic to see that although his son had grabbed the boxer-briefs from off his head, he still held it close to his face, within smelling distance. Although his nose was busy breathing in the scent of his own father's musk and slowly drying pre-cum, his eyes were fixated on the eight inch slab of rock hard meat hanging just a few feet in front of him.

Brock sauntered over around the couch, his dick jutting out in front of him, his hairy balls hanging low.

"Trevor, you're overdressed for the occasion," he said, gesturing at his boxers. He immediately pulled them off. His dick popped up as he pulled them off over his crotch. Brock was right in guessing that his son left his pubes natural. A thicket of black covered his crotch and large balls and from the wild forest rose the most beautiful dick he had ever seen. It was about 7" long and incredibly thick. A pulsating vein ran the length of the white shaft. The tip was a perfect pink mushroom cap. Even from the distance he could see a thick bead of clear cock juice oozing from the slit.

"Nice Trevor, I bet all the girls, and a lot of the guys would love to play with that."

"Yours isn't too bad yourself, Daddy."

Brock was stunned. Trevor hadn't called him Daddy since he was a toddler. And this was just after he had told him about the fuck bud he called Daddy. He sat down on the couch. He was sure things would end up going the way he had imagined, but he didn't want to come on strong just yet. He made sure he sat on the opposite end from Trevor.

"I've seen this one before. It's hot. You wish you were that young kid?"

"Oh yeah Daddy. A cock in each hole sounds like heaven."

Brock just smiled and turned back towards the TV and started rubbing on his cock. From the corner of his eye he noticed Trevor doing the same. He picked up the bottle of poppers he had brought downstairs with him.

"What's that?"

"They're called poppers, son. You sniff them and it gives you a quick high that is perfect for jerking off. Even better for fucking." Brock breathed in deep with one nostril then the other. He had bought a new jar specifically for his moment, and it was so strong. His eyes rolled back into his head and he lay his head back on the couch. One hand was stroking his dick, the other tweaking his erect nipple underneath the hair.

"Can I try?"

"Don't make it a habit," he said, handing him the bottle.

His son took a deep breath in one nostril then the other. Immediately he arched his back and leaned his head on the top of the couch. His whole body shuddered as his jerking intensified. He was watching his son get poppered up, trembling in ecstasy. He would remember that picture for the rest of his life.

When the rush had subsided he leaned over and handed the bottle back to his father.

"What did you think?"

"It was amazing. Your turn again."

They traded the bottle back and forth one more time. He was about to finally make his move, to propose they get a little closer, see where things go, when his son spoke up.

"Daddy, can I touch yours?" he was looking at his father. Not at his dick or the bottle in his hand, but into his father's eyes. Brock saw pure love and desire in his with a fire he had never seen in anyone before. He returned the gaze to his son.

"Sure son, come closer."

***Chapter 3***

Even a month ago, Brock would have never imagined his son would be softly stroking his dick. Back then, he didn't even know that was something he would have wanted. But now as his son's rough but gentle hand moved up and down the length of his shaft, he wondered how this hadn't happened before. Trevor's face was frowning in concentration, but he was still obviously enjoying it. He was using his other hand to massage his cock which, pressed up against the leather cushion was leaking thick streams of pre-cum. He moved his thumb to the tip of Brock's cock and touched the bead of cock juice that was forming there. He took his hand away and examined the drop on his thumb.

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