tagBDSMMom's Bed Ch. 07

Mom's Bed Ch. 07


Author's note: This is not one of my more 'traditional' stories. It contains dominance, lesbianism, incest and S&M.




It was a beautiful morning. The heat from the day before was gone and a comfortable breeze brought the fragrant aromas of early summer. The sun shined bright and clean. It was one of those rare days. You know the type. A day like this might be remembered for years to come. I was certain that I would never forget it. I just wasn't sure how what kind of memories it would bring and it had nothing to do with the weather.

"Um Brian," my sister began, her tone nervous, determined and more than a little excited. "Why are we just sitting here?" We were parked on the side of the road only half way to our destination.

"I'm thinking," I replied, rubbing my temples. I knew it wasn't much of an answer, but it was all I had to offer at the moment. My mind raced. I had a clear goal when we left the house. It was still there, but something else had hit me on the way and I needed time to digest it. Lisa looked at me carefully, saw my expression and thankfully decided to wait out my silence.

I'm not sure how long we sat like that, but eventually I pulled back into traffic. I didn't offer a reason for stopping despite my sister looking at me expectantly. I was sure she would ask, but she didn't. It suddenly struck me as odd that my older sister was acting the way she was. Lisa was never shy about grilling me on things in the past. Then again, things had changed a lot between us. Now was not the time to push me and she knew it.

We arrived at our destination and got out of the car. I looked at the apartment building in front of us and frowned. I wasn't ready to go in yet. I stood there staring off into the distance. Lisa waited in silence for a few moments before finally asking a question.

"Now what? I mean, it's not like she's going to let us just walk right in."

There was no need for her to mention who the 'she' was by name. It's not like I could forget Megan. After all, she had taken the woman I loved from me.

This was my fight, but it felt good to have my sister with me. She was the only person I could trust enough to bring along. I loved mom, but she wouldn't be able to deal with what was about to happen. Hell, I wasn't sure I could.

"And how exactly is she going to stop us?" I asked in reply, my tone cold, my anger obvious. I was fighting hard not to lose it.

I'd never cared for someone the way I did Rhonda. She had convinced me that she felt the same and I believed her. I woke up this morning, found her gone and was ready to storm her older sister's apartment to get the woman I loved back. I was on my way to do exactly that when a sudden realization hit me.

I thought Rhonda and I would be together forever, yet one call from Megan and she disappeared without a word. Okay, she'd left a note and I was reasonably certain her older sister had blackmailed Rhonda, but on some level it didn't matter.

Intellectually, I understood Rhonda's choice. She was always protective of her younger sister Gabby, especially when it came to Megan. I was pretty sure that her older sister had used that to blackmail Rhonda into returning to her. It made all the sense in the world except for one detail. Rhonda was mine.

She said she'd given herself to me body and soul, but on the car ride over I realized it wasn't true. She couldn't have left me if it were, not even for her little sister. That's why I pulled off the road. That's why I hesitated now. I was stunned by my own emotions at the situation, but that didn't make them any less real. I was as angry with Rhonda as I was with Megan, maybe even more so. I didn't necessarily like myself for feeling the way I did, but it was what it was.

I almost turned the car around twice on the way over despite my commitment to getting Rhonda back. The truth was that I wasn't really sure what to do with her once I reclaimed her from Megan. I might be able to forgive her in time. I just wasn't sure I could forget. My mind was a complete jumble.

The only thing worse than fighting to control the rage welling up inside of me was coping with how much worse it became when it mixed with my fear, and I was honest enough with myself to admit I was frightened. It wasn't of Megan or the coming fight though. It was of what came afterward. I knew deep down that I loved and wanted Rhonda in my life, but I also needed to trust her to be mine like she promised.

"Well, Megan could call the police," Lisa replied with a frown. I blinked twice and then shook my head. It was too late to stop now. I might be confused about Rhonda, but I wasn't about her older sister. She was a cruel, controlling bitch and it was time we had it out.

"Not Megan," I said confidently as we started moving again. "She'll want to rub what's happened in. The best way to do that is let me see what she's done to Rhonda."

"It's going to be bad," Lisa said, swallowing hard once. I nodded, but didn't comment because I was afraid I'd say something that would shock my sister. Something like Rhonda was getting what she deserved. I might feel revolted by the thought, but that didn't mean a part of me didn't believe it.

'What kind of a man loves a woman and can feel that way?' I asked myself. The only answers that came to mind didn't help in the least. I took a deep breath and let it out. It only helped a little, just enough for me to admit that I was hurting bad and feeling betrayed and that probably now wasn't the best time to come to any conclusions about Rhonda, myself or our relationship.

"Brian?" Lisa asked when I remained silent. My sister had no idea what was going through my head and I didn't know how she would react once she learned the truth. Hell, I was still trying to come to grips with it myself.

It might disgust her so much that she would leave. Deep down I knew that I'd let her. Lisa was mine, but she was also my sister. I wanted her to be happy more than I wanted her to be mine. I couldn't say the same for Rhonda. Maybe I didn't love her enough. Maybe I loved her too much.

I'd been forced to see myself in a different light over the last twenty-four hours, but it wasn't a complete surprise. I had months to see it coming. My dominance over my mother, sister and Rhonda was benevolent up to now, but it was there just the same. I doubted there would be anything benign about how I reacted to Rhonda from this point forward. She'd forfeited that when she left me. I also didn't expect that what was about to happen with Megan would fall under any sense of the words benevolent or benign.

Megan was nothing like her sister, but still, I wanted her. I wanted to control her and make her mine. I had from the first, only I was too frightened of what I was becoming at the time to act on it. That was no longer true. The ironic part was that after Rhonda gave herself to me nothing would ever have come of my desire for her older sister if Megan had just left what was mine alone. She hadn't and now there was no stopping what the darkest part of me wanted.

"Lisa," I said suddenly, facing my sister. "I don't think you're going to like what's coming. Maybe you should go back home."

"No little brother," she said confidently. "I'm not letting you go in there alone. We've always been there for each other and something like this isn't going to change that. I won't let you face Megan alone."

"I appreciate that," I said slowly. "But I don't think you understand. I'm not worried about Megan. I'm worried about what she'll bring out in me." Lisa tilted her head ever so slightly and looked at me.

"You don't think I know that?" she finally asked. "Just because you haven't said anything, don't think I don't know what's going through your head."

"You don't," I disagreed. Lisa actually laughed briefly. I frowned in confusion. My sister saw and sighed, growing serious.

"Brian, you are my younger brother and still, I let you mark me as yours," she said, meeting my eyes. "It wasn't the heat of the moment that made me do that. It wasn't done lightly. I gave myself to you and despite mom saying that one day I'll leave and start my own family, deep down I know that's not true. So do you. I've let you mark me a half dozen times since that first time."

"Lisa..." I began, but she cut me off. It irritated me, but I knew Lisa did it out of love.

"Do you really think I would have given myself to you if I didn't know you well enough to predict what you're feeling?" my sister asked. I rubbed my hand through my hair. It didn't help the confused thoughts battled inside my head.

"I'm not the man you think I am," I sighed. "Not today. I'm barely holding it together and it scares the hell out of me!"

"I know," my sister said, pulling me into a hug. I accepted it stiffly. "Don't let it. You know you aren't the only one who's been thinking about what's happened to our family ever since this all began. The only difference is that I accepted it a long time ago. I never knew the void I had in my life until you filled it. Brian, never doubt that you're a good man."

I pushed my sister back at arm's length for a moment. I looked into her eyes and saw that she meant it, every word of it. I kissed her once with surprising passion. She looked up at me afterward and I saw everything she was trying to tell me in that moment. She was mine. She wanted to be mine. She had no reservations about it. I hugged her tight. Maybe I was uncertain of Rhonda, but after tonight I'd never be about Lisa again.

"You're not the monster you think you are," my sister continued. "It's time you stopped fighting against your true nature and accepted yourself as you are. I do. That's why I let you mark me as yours. You're the only man I'd willingly let dominate me. Mom feels the same way although she says it differently."

"And what about Rhonda?" I found myself asking.

"Ah, and now we come to the crux of the issue," my sister said, stepping back and looking up into my eyes once more.

"Rhonda said she was mine and I thought she meant it," I said, the hurt obvious in my voice. "But suddenly on the car ride over I realized it couldn't be true. If it were, she wouldn't have left the way she did."

"You're right," Lisa said, surprising me. "I was afraid of this, but not really surprised."

"I don't understand," I frowned.

"Brian, Rhonda loves you," my sister smiled sadly. "Never doubt that. And she wants to be yours, but its not that simple. You don't just walk away from the years of domination Megan had over Rhonda. I don't think it's humanly possible. You're acting like Rhonda had a choice and she didn't."

I'm sure I looked completely stunned as what my sister said sunk it. It made so much sense that I was surprised I couldn't see it without my sister pointing it out. It was all so obviousness now.

"How could I have been so stupid?" I found myself asking.

"Young love," Lisa laughed. "The only way to truly make Rhonda yours is to break her sister's hold on her."

Suddenly, I was in full control of myself again. Oh, I was mad as hell at a lot of things, but that was okay. I could fix them now. I thought Rhonda chose Megan over me, but that wasn't it at all. You have to have control to make a choice and Megan had stripped Rhonda of that a long time ago. It was amazing that my girl was able to hold off returning to her sister as long as she did. That had to be love.

"Either that or just break Megan altogether," I grinned coldly, no longer worried at how my sister would react. Lisa shrugged.

"Anything you want," she said. "You're the boss." And for the first time since all of this started happening, I truly accepted it on every level as the truth. I was done worrying about things that didn't matter. I was done feeling guilty for being the way I was. I was finally firmly in control of myself and it was time to take back what was mine.

There was a chance that mom was right about Megan. Deep down, maybe Rhonda's older sister wanted me to dominate her. If not, I'd break her hold on what was mine and leave. If so...well, then things would get interesting.

"Let's go," I said confidently. I walked into the apartment building ready to do what was necessary. Lisa was right behind me. I knocked at Megan's door and waited. It didn't take very long for it to open. Despite my confidence, I wasn't quite prepared for who answered the door. It was my cousin Francis. He was wearing a collar, a black harness of some sort, a codpiece that barely covered him and not much else. I couldn't help my momentary revulsion. If I had any doubts about being a dominant, seeing Francis like this cured them instantly.

"The mistress asked that I welcome you to her home," he said formerly, holding the door open.

"Jesus Francis!" Lisa cried in surprise, but then she shook her head and added, "I hope you're happy." It was difficult for me to accept what I saw, but my sister was right. It wasn't our place to judge our cousin. He'd made his choices just like we'd made ours. Francis stood silently waiting for us to go inside. Lisa looked at me and added more softly, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore." I nodded in agreement and walked past Francis. Despite my confidence I can't say that I didn't feel some trepidation about what was about to happen.

"Ah, company!" Megan said with a cold smile as we walked into her living room. I couldn't deny that she looked good. Megan was wearing a revealing black dress that showed off her ample breasts rather nicely. She was done up as if she were ready for a party. I guess she was in a way.

I don't know what I was expecting, but the living room looked pretty much the same as the last time I saw it. At least that's what I thought until I stepped further into the room and saw the 'end table' next to the couch. It was Rhonda on her hands and knees, tied in what had to be an uncomfortable position. She was gagged, but not blindfolded. She was looking at me, but I wasn't sure what I read in her eyes.

My eyes shifted to the couch. There was a young woman sitting there who looked enough like Rhonda and Megan despite her dirty blond hair and light green eyes for me to realize it had to be Gabby. The youngest sister was built slimmer than her older siblings. I thought she might be prettier too, but it was hard to tell at the moment. She was frowning and was clearly uncomfortable. She had probably learned things about both sister last night that confused and maybe even frightened her. I shrugged and move my eyes back to Rhonda.

"I see you've noticed my lamp," Megan said, acting as if she thought my interest was in the light balanced on her sister's back instead of Rhonda herself. "Isn't it gorgeous? It's part of a set. They're not really matching, but they do go together so nicely."

I took another step into the living room because I couldn't see the other end table. That's when I received the worst surprise of the night. The second 'end table' was my cousin Gloria. She was tied and gagged similarly to Rhonda, but in her eyes I saw humiliation and fear. I couldn't imagine Gloria willingly accepting Megan as her mistress like Francis had. That left only one possibility. I looked at Francis, but he refused to meet my gaze. I understood.

"Ah, that lamp was much harder to come by," Megan was saying. "I needed Francis's help to acquire it. The old owner was very resistant in giving it up." I wasn't sure if she was talking about Bobby or Gloria herself. I guess it didn't matter.

"The lamps are lovely," I said in a controlled voice. "But it's the end tables that interest me. I want them both." I glanced at Gabby and saw that she was clearly horrified with what was going on, but I also noticed that she hadn't made any more to leave and she wasn't tied up like Rhonda and Gloria. Interesting.

"They're not for sale," Megan said with a cold smile.

My mind was racing as I fought to come to grips with everything. My eyes drifted back to Rhonda and my cousin. Seeing them like this made me learn something interesting about myself. Despite my desire to be dominant, I wasn't into humiliation. I didn't find the sight of Rhonda or Gloria enjoyable in any way.

"I didn't think they were," I replied easily. Megan looked at me and clapped her hands twice, rather loudly. The door to her bedroom opened and two guys dressed similarly to Francis came out, only they were far bigger than my cousin and looked ready for trouble.

"Seriously?" I snorted. "Don't you think the clapping was a little much?" She ignored my jibe.

"You're not taking my end tables away from me," she said confidently. The two guys looked at me threateningly and I can't deny they were impressively big, but their outfits, especially the collars struck me as counterproductive. They reminded me that despite the guys' size, they somehow let themselves be controlled by Megan.

Sure, she could be a dominating bitch, but there was no way she could have controlled them without them wanting it that way. The two giants were obviously submissive. I knew that didn't mean they weren't dangerous, but the whole situation seemed suddenly funny and I laughed. Megan lost her triumphant grin for the first time. She looked confused. Good. It was a start.

"I wasn't planning on it," I said as if I hadn't a care in the world. "But you're going to give them to me."

"Do you want to bet?" she snorted in disagreement.

"Hmm, that's an idea," I said thoughtfully as my mind put the beginning on a plan together. I needed to get Rhonda, possibly Gabby and now my cousin Gloria away from Megan. I clearly couldn't just take them without a fight, not that that would stop me if it came down to it, but there were other options.

I probably could call the cops based on Gloria's expression because I didn't think she was fully under Megan's control like Francis and Rhonda were, but that would be very public and not really solve the problem long term. Oh, I'd do it for my cousin's sake if I couldn't come up with a better plan, but I was beginning to see a possible solution.

"Megan, this is obviously about more than just Rhonda," I said. "Otherwise, you wouldn't have set this whole thing up. You wouldn't have taken Gloria against her will. What is it that you want?" She looked surprised for a moment, but then she smiled in a way that made her look very sexy.

"Why, you of course," she replied with a light laugh. "And now your sister too. She's really very pretty you know."

"Thanks," Lisa said sarcastically.

"Although she'll need some additional training," Megan said in annoyance. "You really should have more control of your slaves." Her last word sent a chill of disgust down my spine. Slave. What a horrible word.

It was at that moment that I saw the main difference between Megan and me. I didn't have any slaves. I never would. Slaves were people who had their freedom taken from them, willingly or not. I could never do that. I only dominated women who gave themselves to me. Both Lisa and Rhonda had done that. So had mom, although in her case I had to read between the lines because her words didn't match her desires.

For a woman like Megan the word slave connotated that a person was somehow less. To me, the women I cared for and accepted as mine were more. To the casual observer the difference might not be obvious, but it was there just the same.

It made me have to rethink some things very quickly. I'd come over here ready to force Megan to give me back what I considered mine. I knew that doing so would entail a confrontation between us and I was fine with that because the truth was that I wanted Megan too. I wanted her to be mine. I thought I was ready to take her no matter what, but that wasn't true. I wouldn't take her against her will. The question was, would it really be against her will? I doubt she knew the answer to that question herself. There was only one way to find out.

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