Mom's Bed


"Tell me you want me to fuck your ass and I will," I said.

"Never!" mom gasped under me. "I'm a good girl! I would never say something like that!"

"But you want me to, don't you?" I asked. Mom didn't answer. She just fought harder and the truth hit me. "That's it, isn't it? You like to think of yourself as normal and wholesome, but the truth is that you're a slut."

"I am not!" my mother cried. "I'm not doing this of my own free will. You're forcing me!"

"And you love every moment of it!" I laughed, realizing I was right. "You like being held down. You like being taken. Admit it!"

"Brian, I'm your mother!" she cried in response.

"So?" I asked. "You're also a woman. Admit it!"

"I can't!" she cried. I was done talking. I knew the truth even if she wouldn't say it. Mom's ass was still clenched. I was tempted to push past her resistance, but I didn't want to hurt her. I shifted down her body. She asked, "What are you doing?"

I ignored her question and forced her thighs apart. Now her pussy and ass were open to me and only inches from my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. Mom moaned and relaxed slightly, but that only lasted until my tongue moved to her ass. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but my mother's ass was delicious!

"Brian no!" mom cried. "Not even you father did that!"

"His loss!" I grunted and focused on what I was doing. I also drove two fingers into her pussy and used the thumb of the same hand on her clit. It wasn't long before mom moaned loudly and she relaxed. I worked both her pussy and ass hard. She loved every minute of it!

"This is so wrong!" she finally gasped.

"Yes, it is," I agreed easily now. I smiled and decided to tease her. "How can you just lay there and let your son have his way with your body? I'm licking you ass! What kind of a mother are you?"

"No!" she cried, and started fighting me again.

I moved up her body and pressed her down against the bed. She continued to fight until my cock pushed into her ass for the first time. She cried out and surprised me by thrusting back to meet me.

"Your ass is so tight!" I whispered in her ear as I continued to force more of my cock inside.

"So much like your father!" she gasped out again. "Only bigger!"

"Kiss me!" I demanded as my cock finally reached into the depth of her ass. Mom's head turned and she looked at me. The room was pitch black, but I could feel her eyes. "Kiss me. Show me just what kind of a slut you really are! Kiss your son!"

I thought she'd start fighting me again, but mom surprised me by finding my mouth and thrusting her tongue inside. I moved in and out of her ass slowly as we continued to kiss.

"Brian stop!" she cried after a while and refused to kiss me. I knew what she was trying to tell me. She was ready. She wanted me to fuck her ass hard. She needed to feel me take her.

"Mom, we're not done yet!" I said, thrusting into her ass with more power and propping myself up. "I need to cum! I need to fill your ass!"

"No!" she cried and started fighting me. I held her down roughly and fucked her ass with everything I had. My hips slammed into her meaty ass with every stroke and made a slapping sound that drove me crazy. Mom liked it too. I could tell.

"I'm getting close!" I groaned after a while. "I want you to cum with me. Play with yourself!"

"No! Good girls don't do that!" mom replied.

I took one of her hands and roughly pushed it under her and between her legs. It threw my rhythm off, but that was fine for a bit. I wanted this to last. I took her hand in mine and made her rub her soaked pussy. She fought, but not a lot and not for long. It was only a few seconds before her fingers blurred on her clit without my direction.

"I can't believe you're forcing me to do this!" she cried, her orgasm growing.

"Shut up and just do it!" I demanded. Mom moaned and I started fucking her ass in earnest again. I was holding her hips now and ramming in and out of her. Mom loved every second of it.

"Mom, I'm cumming!" I cried as my orgasm hit.

"That's it baby! Cum in me! Fill your mother's ass!" my mom cried as her own orgasm hit. I guess in the heat of the moment she forgot she was supposed to be a good girl.

I pumped a huge amount of cum into my mom's ass. My orgasm took me for what felt like minutes. This was the hottest moment of my life! I was fucking a woman's ass for the first time and it was my mother! I had to admit I liked the roughness of our sex too. It was something new to me as well.

"Brian, are you okay?" my mom asked in what sounded like real concern when I became dead weight on top of her.

"Better than that," I moaned as I rolled off of her. We lay there in silence for a while, both fighting to catch our breath.

"We shouldn't have done that," she said. I could almost see her shaking her head. She was calmer now.

"I know," I said, surprising her by pulling her so that her head was resting on my shoulder. It was my turn to comfort her by playing with her hair.

"I feel so guilty," she added.

"Don't," I replied. "You're a good mother. If anyone should feel guilty it's me. I did force myself on you."

"We both know that's not true," my mother sighed.

"Yes it is," I insisted. "And the truth is that I liked it. I liked it a lot. And don't you dare say I'm so much like my father again!"

"But you are," she said. "But only in the ways I like. You're not the type of guy to run out on his family."

"No, I'm not," I agreed vehemently.

"And you are a lot bigger where it counts," she added. She was obviously trying to defuse my anger at my father. It would always be there, but she was right. This wasn't the time of place.

"Thanks," I said. "Knowing that helps."

"Men!" she laughed.

"So, why did you come home early?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Ugh," my mom said. "You would ask that! I had to quit my job. Mr. Barston tried to force himself on me while we were away, and not in the way I like."

"That asshole!" I snapped, ignoring her attempt at humor. "I'll..."

"Do nothing," my mother said in that tone all mother's used. "He was my problem and I took care of him. You will stay away from him!"

"Okay," I said, but it was too quick and my mother knew me.

"Brian, I'm serious," she said. "He hit on me all trip and it came to a head when we were at a presentation. Delores was up on stage giving her talk and Mr. Barston and I were sitting with the rest of the audience. He grabbed my leg under the table and tried to reach higher."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I called him a pig and dumped a glass of water over his head," mom said in satisfaction. "We were in front of most of his clients. It will cost him more than you think."

"You should sue him," I said.

"I might," she replied. "But that's not a conversation for tonight."

"Tomorrow then," I said.

"Well see," she said, and then changed the subject. "By the way, why aren't you sleeping in your bed?"

"Francis and Gloria came over," I said nervously. It was weird really. Only a few minutes ago I was in control, holding my mother down and taking her roughly to both of our enjoyment, but here I was afraid to tell my mother that we'd had a small party while she was out.

"You and your sister had a party, didn't you?" my mother guessed.

"Just Francis and Gloria," I said, but then added guiltily. "And Ted, Bobby and Francis's new girlfriend Rhonda. I thought you were her."

"You thought I was your cousin's girlfriend and you attacked me?" mom asked.

"Well, she did climb into the bed I was sleeping in," I said defensively. "Besides, you'd have to meet her to understand. She's a bit wild. I think Francis might be as well."

"So," my mother sighed. "What you're trying to tell me is that my daughter, nephew and niece are all in the other bedrooms with their significant others having sex?"

"I doubt they're still at it," I shrugged. Mom surprised me by laughing.

"You just better hope your uncle never finds out," she said when her laughed died down. "James would completely lose it."

"I don't know," I said. "You seem to be handling it pretty well."

"I'm not my brother," mom replied. "And after what we just did, I don't have any moral high ground to stand on for the moment."

"Well, that's true," I laughed.

"Brian, it's not really all that funny," she sighed. "I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Hell, I can't even say I didn't need it, but that isn't going to help tomorrow when we have to face what it means."

"You know," I said thoughtfully. "I like when you talk to me like this."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Like a woman and not my mother," I replied. "Don't get me wrong. I love you and appreciate everything you did for Lisa and me growing up, but we full-grown now. Besides, I never realized just how hot you could be before."

"Brian, that's wrong on so many levels," my mother sighed. "I'm you're mother. I'm not supposed to be hot, at least not to you. Besides, we both know that you wouldn't be saying that if the lights were on. I'm not only old enough to be your mother, I am!"

I reached for the nightstand. Mom was clearly not expecting it when the light came on. It was soft and dull, but we'd been in completely darkness.

"Brian!" my mother cried, reaching for the covers. I rolled on top of her and held her in place. "Stop!"

"Mom, relax," I said. "I just wanted to prove you wrong. You're just as hot in the light as in the darkness." She froze and looked up at me. I smiled down at her.

Mom was only forty-two and still looked great. I knew that and so did she. She worked hard at keeping herself that way and her curves showed it.

"You know, whatever else I'd say about Mr. Barston, he has great taste."

"Brian, get off of me," my mother said, shaking her head, but smiling slightly.

"I would, but I seem to have a problem," I said with a grin. Mom frowned briefly in concern, but she saw my grin and quickly realized the truth. The fact that my cock was bumping into her belly probably helped.

"No way!" my mom cried, but I ignored her and tried to kiss her. She twisted her face to the side and I ended up kissing her neck. I didn't mind in the least. I worked my way up to her mouth. "Brian, we can't! Not again!"

"I want you!" I said between kisses. "And I want to look into your eyes as you cum!"

"No!" she cried again, louder.

"If you get much louder you're bound to get the attention of everyone else in the house. Could you just picture Lisa's reaction? Or uncle James's if one of his kids told him?"

"That's my point!" my mom cried, but this time she kept her voice lower. "We can't keep on doing this! We'll get caught eventually and then what?"

"You make a good point," I said, but then grinned and shrugged before adding, "But at the moment I could care less. I want you. I'm going to have you and that's all that matters."

My mother looked up into my eyes and saw that I was serious despite my grin. She licked her lips in a way that left me know she wanted it too. That was all I needed to know. I pushed my cock halfway into her pussy with one thrust.

"Stop!" she cried, fighting me once more. "I'm your mother!"

"You're a hot woman that I want to make scream!" I growled. Mom's eyes got bigger as I thrust the rest of my cock inside her. She cried out and wrapped her arms around me. I started stroking in and out of her. Once again I felt her nails on my back.

"Brian, I thought I raised a good boy!" she gasped as her orgasm neared.

"You did!" I replied. "But no one is good all the time. Not even you mom. Be my slut and cum for me!"

"Yes!" my mother cried, her body locking up in orgasm. I watched her passion filled expression in awe. Mom really was beautiful. I'd remember this moment forever. She noticed me watching and added, "Brian cum with me! Cum in your mother!"

I grunted and let lose. I filled her pussy as mom rolled into another orgasm. Our bodies slammed together over and over again until we were both completely spent.

"Tomorrow we'll deal with the repercussions," I said, holding my mom close afterward. "I know they'll be some. I'm not stupid."

"I know," my mom sighed. She fell silent for a few minutes. I was starting to nod off when she shook her head.

"What?" I asked.

"You do realize that what we're doing is incest?" my mother asked.

"Yes," I admitted. "And you want to know the sick part?"

"What?" mom asked.

"The knowledge is only making it better," I answered.

"For me too," she admitted, almost too softly for me to hear. "And I'm the mother. I know better."

"So do I," I shrugged. "I'm not a kid anymore." We fell silent for a while.

"So much for being a good girl," mom sighed eventually.

"Hey, we didn't plan this. It just happened," I said. "There's no sense is beating ourselves up after the fact."

"It has to stop," mom said.

"I agree," I said.

"And you can't sleep here tonight," she added.

"I know," I said. "I'll sleep on the couch in the living room. Right after I take a shower."

"Good," mom said, but I thought I heard a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

"You know mom," I said innocently. "I bet you could use a shower too, and your bathroom has the nice big walk in one." She looked at me and smiled slowly.

"Yes, it does," she said. "I think I'll use it first. You wait here and don't you dare come in! I'm your mother and it would be wrong!"

I watched her walk to her bathroom and smiled. Mom was seriously hot. I'd always know it, but it never really registered until now. Watching her ass wiggle as she walked made my cock stir despite my last orgasm.

I waited a few minutes until I heard her in the shower and then went to the door. I turned the knob and it opened. Mom hadn't locked the door. I smiled widely and went in.

"Oh Brian! What am I going to do with you?" mom asked, hiding a smile. She was standing under the shower as hot the water cascaded down her body. I shook my head as I watched.

"I have a few ideas," I replied moving toward my mother.

"Don't you dare!" mom cried. "You can't come in here!" Yet, I noticed she moved back from the door to give me room.

"We'll see about that!" I snapped, opening the door and stepping in. I took my mother into my arms and kissed her roughly as she started fighting me. Oddly enough, despite her resisting me, somehow her hand found my cock and her tongue thrust deep into my mouth. This continued for some time.

"Mom, I want your ass again!" I growled when I couldn't take it any longer.

"No!" she cried, spinning away from me.

My mother ended up standing on her toes with her hands against one of the shower walls. I looked at her ass and shook my head. It was round and full. My mouth literally watered.

"Please don't kiss me down there again!" mom cried, letting me know what she wanted.

I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her ass cheeks. Mom cried out and thrust her ass out further, giving me better access. She was more than ready already, but I took my time. Her ass tasted amazing and she clearly like how it felt.

"What are you doing?" Mom cried as I stood and pushed my cock against the entrance to her ass.

"Taking a good girl and making her my slut!" I growled.

"No!" mom said, fighting me. I crushed her against the shower wall and shoved my cock deep into her ass. I started riding my mother slowly. Eventually she stopped fighting me.

I took her hair and pulled it into a ponytail and moved it to one side, giving me access to the back of her neck. It was pale white because mom always wore her hair down. I licked it. Mom squirmed under me. I kissed it and her squirms became more pronounced.

"What are you doing?" my mother asked. The answer came without me realizing it.

"Marking what's mine! Marking my slut!" I growled and started sucking hard on my mother's neck. The mark I would leave wouldn't be seen by anyone else as long as she wore her hair down, but we'd both know it was it there. It was something that would last beyond tonight.

"No!" my mother cried, but she pushed her ass back hard against my cock, forcing it in even deeper.

"Yes!" I snapped, pulling back and looking at my handiwork. She was marked, but it wasn't dark enough. Not yet! I kissed her neck again.

"Brian you are going to make some girl very happy one day!" mom gasped.

"I'd settle for you today!" I growled.

"I am happy!" my mother moaned. "It's been so long since I had a real man and no one has ever gotten to me like you do!"

"Not even my father?" I asked.

"Not even him!" she groaned. I could feel her fingers brush my cock as she played with her pussy. She was getting close. So was I.

I took mom's hips and started riding her ass hard. She moaned loudly and came. I continued to stroke I and out of her until she was done. After that I pulled out and spun her toward me.

Mom's eyes flashed hungrily as I pushed down on her shoulders. She dropped to her knees and reached for my cock, but I stopped her. I held her head with one hand at arms distance and pointed my cock at her with the other as I brought myself to orgasm.

"Open your mouth!" I demanded. Mom did as she continued to watch me hungrily.

The first few ropes of my cum sprayed her face and chest. Some of it made it into her mouth, but obviously not enough for my mother. She pushed my hand away from and fell on my cock. I grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her mouth until I was done.

"You need to go," mom said once I was able to half focus again.

"You're mine," I said, still a little blurred from my lust. "I marked you."

"I remember," mom sighed. "And I am yours, for tonight."

"For as long as that mark remains," I said. Mom shook her head.

"I thought we agreed that this was just for tonight?" she asked. My mind was finally functioning again, but that didn't make me want to agree with her.

"It's the smart thing to do," I said, standing up straight. I was a good five inches taller than my mother. She looked up into my eyes nervously. "But I'm not giving this up. I'm not giving you up."

"And if I don't want this to happen again?" my mother asked.

"I'll take you against your will," I shrugged. "And you'll love it."

"I know you don't mean that. You would never force me if I really didn't want to."

"Mom," I sighed, looking at her. "I'm not sure if that's true with you. You have no idea what you do to me."

"We'll talk about this tomorrow," she said. "Go get some sleep."

"Okay," I said, but my mind wandered. My concern must have been plain on my face, because my mother took my chin and made me look into her eyes.

"Brian, don't worry," she said with a gently smile. "I know you better than you know yourself. You really wouldn't force me."

"I hope you're right," I sighed.

"I am," she said confidently, and then added more softly, "But even if I weren't it wouldn't matter. I'll always want you. I just don't think it's the right thing to do."

"It isn't," I agreed, relaxing slightly. "And you're right. We'll talk tomorrow."

I kissed my mother one more time and slipped out of the shower. I dried myself quickly and grabbed my sweats and tee-shirt off the floor in her bedroom. I put them on quickly and took one last look at my mother's bed before leaving. It was rumpled and stained with our pleasure.

It was the same bed I'd gained comfort from when I was a kid. Yet, now it was also something more. It dawned on me that my thoughts described my mother as well. She was the same mother I knew and loved growing up, but now she was something more.

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Well written

The story was well written, but it felt like it was paced a little too fast. The scenes were nice, but a little more description of what's happening and of the environment would be helpful for the theatremore...

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Fantastic Read

I will hope to be able to read more of this Author's writings. I found this story to be most FANTASTIC; Thank You

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