tagIncest/TabooMom's Big Bed Ch. 01

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 01


lickable-lips-above-and-below was my editor. She did a great job and I highly recommend her!


I am not saying I understand all of it. How did I end up in a relationship with my mom and my sister? I am 23 years old now and I still can't figure it out. I guess it is all sort of odd. I suppose I would have to owe it all to my mother's big bed. It's a king size and it's the basis for a sort of an incestuous marriage for the three of us.

Ok, I'll start at the beginning. It began a few days after I turned 18. My mother and I were living together in a ranch style house on the edge of Phoenix while my sister was away at college in her freshman year. It was just the two of us alone - my father had died in a drunk driving accident four years earlier and my mom never really had gotten over it. She was however (unfortunately for the drunk) - a damn fine lawyer and she was smart enough to go for the driver's insurance company. She pretty much got a king's ransom as a settlement which she invested and had pretty much set herself up for the rest of her life (and her kids as well). End of story right? Not exactly.

Mom had a huge vacuum in her life that was created with the death of my dad. My sis and I were grief stricken but it was mom who took it hard. My mom is a bit of a classic hippy. She continued to do a lot of pro-bono work in Arizona for hard luck types and took a case here or there to augment her stipend but the no-matter what she did to fill her time up with work she could not make the grief go away. Being a bit of a flower child, she also would alter her reality with pot and booze (no shortage of that in Arizona), but it didn't quite do the trick. Often I would come home to find her having been crying and drying her eyes as I came through the door. Other times I would go by her bedroom and she would be in there with the door closed. There would be a sort of weeping or moaning sound coming from inside and I knew enough to just go about my business and stay away.

Anyhow, just after my 18th, I came home from school and walked into the house. I had a note on the fridge from mom saying she would be out so I figured I would lay out by the pool and get high. I had snuck weed out of my mom's room before - she sometimes had a bag lying in plain sight but when I went into her bedroom it was as clean as a hound's tooth. Nothin. Shit. I looked around her room a bit. Nothing on the night stand, nothing in her closet, nothing in her bathroom. I figured, "Ok, what about her TV stand?"

I opened the double doors to her bedroom tv cabinet and found nothing but the tv. I did find a key to the movie cabinet down below and figured I would give it a try. I took the key and opened the cabinet and saw my prize! It was a nice big bag of magically delicious weed! There were some pre-rolled joints in the bag too so I helped myself and went to open the bag when I noticed something else in the cabinet.

Along with mom's collection of sappy love-story flicks, corny comedies, and Disney Flicks, there were some adult DVDs!! There was also a stack of erotic magazines and a black velvet bag that contained an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and lube. I looked at the magazines ...mostly couples shots but all pretty graphic with photos of penetration and cumshots. There were three magazines which particularly surprised me because they were girl on girl flicks.

"Well well! ... So mom likes chicks as much as I do!" I thought. I went through her DVDs and found more of the same. Lots of straight guy/chick stuff with fucking and sucking and that sort but then I also saw she had a few lesbo/Sapphic oriented flicks as well as some movies with names like "Home-styled Swingers" with everything from old women masturbating to dudes banging two chicks at a time. I was shocked but I was also now ferociously horny.

I grabbed a DVD from the cabinet and a joint and I then went to mom's computer by the bed and popped the DVD in the drive. I almost lit my joint then and there but figured "Stupid! - she will smell it! You dumbass - you almost got yourself busted!" So I just entered in her password ( she made the mistake of writing it down in her address book and I found it a while back the last time I looked for weed in her room). I popped my mom's screen and I was going to hit play on her desktop movie viewer icon when I saw that her browser history was open on the side of her web-explorer. Curious, I looked at her history and saw that she had been taking in a steady diet of porn viewing online. Some it was straight, some girl/girl but some of it was...well a shock for me- INCEST MOVIES!

"Really?" I thought, "Mom was viewing that? Holy shit!" I spent about a half hour looking through mom's smut and then played the DVD in drive and saw that it was full of dude's plowing chicks doggy-style, chicks doing three-ways, and some nut-busting anal scenes (complete with one chick and her twin sister doing ass to mouth as a dude plowed both of their assholes!)!

My cock was now straining against my pants so I figured I would put the DVD in my room and then go jack off in the pool and enjoy the joint before coming back and jerking off again nice and stoned while watching the movie in my room. I figured it would be a while before I would have to sneak it back in her room and if she got stoned tonight (because it was Friday) - she would probably not notice me going into to her room to sneak it back in place. I remembered to lock the DVD cabinet and I logged off of Mom's computer so nothing was amiss. Then I went and grabbed my trunks and headed out to the pool with my joint.

Our house has an inner courtyard with a pool and garden in the middle. From any of the windows on the second floor of the house you can look down into the pool but because it is in a central courtyard it is private from the eyes of the neighbors. Once when I was seventeen I dove out of my mother's bedroom balcony into the deep end at night when she was not home just to see if I could make the pool's deep end. I made it and just narrowly missed the concrete (I never said I was brilliant ok? Stop judging me!)

I got into the water about up to my waist and lit the doobie and then took a good hard hit. Within no-time it had the desired effect and I had a whopping big boner which I happily stroked. I thought of the women in the videos and on my mom's computer getting reamed righteously hard and thought it would be so awesome to bust a nut in a chick. I had gotten a few blowjobs and hand-jobs from chicks at school but no pussy penetration with my cock and ...well, anal sex was just something pornstars did -right? I stroked myself and took more hits off the joint, careful not to get it wet. My rhythm was hitting a pretty good desire-able pace but my trunks were getting in the way so I managed to kick them off and just stood naked in the water beating my bishop and puffing smoke like a horny chimney. I had jacked off many times in the pool before and in the shower, and in my bed and pretty much everywhere - hell I was a teenager loaded with hormones and my sex drive was (and still is) pretty powerful.

I moved in to the depth where the water was up to my neck and enjoyed my watery wank session. I was still puffing the joint and blowing quite a bit of smoke but at least it was outdoors so there was less chance of being caught. I closed my eyes as my hand pumped my cock and imagined myself with a girl and went through a dozen different sexual scenarios in my brain - each more nasty than the last. Then ...you know that portion of your brain which is like a door where images walk in unannounced when you jack off? Well, it went to work and suddenly the weed, my wanking, my boner, and my closed eyes created a scene that I had not planned for. I was fucking some girl in the ass in my mind and suddenly my mom walked into my mental bedroom with a basket of laundry and asked if I needed to have her empty my clothes hamper.

I said "No and that we wanted to be private." I was startled in the fantasy but then I got into it as mom set the basket and indicated that in HER house, she would determine what was private and what was not. Then she reached down, grabbed my cock out of the chick's turd factory, and kneeling down took my fouled boner in her mouth! Oh wow! This was a good fantasy! I had never even thought of the taboo of doing my mom but here it was and it was awesome masturbatory fare! Pot is awesome and it unlocks some weird shit in the back of your brain when you masturbate or have sex. Just sayin.

As I stroked my cock in the water, it was now hard as stone. Boner? Hell it was a stoner of a boner!! It was so hard it hurt!

Ok, this is the part of a jackoff session that becomes a little like a sitcom. You are having a fantasy about something and then... I hear my mom inside the house ... SHE WAS HOME! SHIT SHIT SHIT! WHAT DO I DO?!!

Like any good stoner my first thing was to panic and get paranoid simultaneously. I dunked my joint in the water and then flicked it into the bushes next to the poolside. Good! Now to get my trunks on. I dove under the water to get back to my trunks but they were not at the spot where I anticipated them to be. Shit shit shit! I came up out of the water and looked around. Somehow in my wanking and kicking and thrashing I had caused them to drift along the bottom away from where I had left them and they were fifteen feet from where I was looking.

"Ian, glad to see you are enjoying the weather!" my mom called out from the doorway access to the pool. "I made a drink and I thought I would come out and lay by the water!" she said, not realizing my naked condition or that I was high as a kite! "How long have you been swimming?"

"Uhnnnn, I, I, I just dove in!" I stammered as I tried to think what my next lie should be and she walked out in her robe with a martini glass in hand. As she approached the edge of the water, she drew back for a second as she realized I was wearing nothing.

"Well HAH!" she exclaimed! "You are as naked as the day I gave birth to you! What happened?!"

"I lost my trunks when I dove in just now!" I lied again. She then thought for a second.

"Oh don't feel bad, I have lost my top plenty of times coming off that diving board sweetie!" she exclaimed as she set her drink down by the lounge and reached into her purse to pull out a joint and lighter.

I went over and retrieved my shorts and put them on. Mom called out, "Hey, I was wondering, do you want pizza tonight? Its Friday and I am thinking about working up an appetite for munchies!"

"Unh...I guess pizza is good." I answered hoping that my eyes were not too red from the joint I had been puffing on.

"Wow, your eyes are red son!" as she took a hit off her own joint, "Are you ok?"

"It's probably the chlorine mom." I said. GOOD! That was three good lies in less than a minute and I was stoned!

"Oh, well, that makes sense. Well, anyhow, could you go into the kitchen and get a coupon to see what specials they have for pizza?"


"Yes now. I just got comfortable and the office had me stressed out completely with stupid shit. Please be a dear and don't make me get up!"

"Uh, ok." I answered as I walked to the edge of the pool and walked up the sunken steps out of the water. My mom was casually following me with her eyes behind her sunglasses when her jaw dropped. Apparently I had forgotten that I had not cum and my boner was standing tall like a ponderosa pine!

"Shit son! What got into you?" she chuckled, "Well I guess that happens when young men reach a certain age, they get boners and hardons without even noticing!" I blushed and put my hands protectively across this Stonehenge monument in my trunks but my mom added, "You needn't be upset or ashamed. It is quite normal for that to happen. Ok, now check and see what we have for coupons in the kitchen!"

I went inside into the kitchen and looked for a coupon. I found a couple and when I found something I liked, I set it on the counter to make the phone call later. I then went into the first floor bathroom and madly jacked off into a tissue to get rid of my boner. Then I went back out to the pool hoping mom would not suspect anything. "THAT WAS CLOSE!" I thought.

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