Mom's Camping Trip


As the woman continued, my mother started to breathe heavily and her hips rocked in the chair. The woman let one, then two of her fingers slip into my mother's vagina while the heel of her hand continued to grind against Mom's clitoris. She finger-fucked my mother with the same sort of professional air that she'd had when she'd trimmed and waxed Mom's cunt. Then Mom gripped the arms of the chair again and let out a low, long moan, and the beautician held her hand still; I would swear that I saw Mom's cunt spasm around the woman's fingers. Then Mom sighed and relaxed in the chair, and the woman took her hand out of Mom's cunt and casually wiped it with a towel. She looked at me and gestured to the other waxing chair, and at first I was too caught up in what I'd just seen to understand what she meant. She gestured again, and I stood up in a half-crouch--very conscious of the erection in my shorts--and went over to the chair and started to sit down, when the woman said, "Uh-uh," and reached over and tugged on the waistband of my shorts. The meaning was clear. I looked in sudden anxiety (and a little anger) over at my mother.

Mom rolled her eyes. "I'm sure that she sees much more than that every day", she said. I looked at the beautician and my mother; they were both grinning. I knew what was coming, and really, really didn't want to do it, but one thing that my mother had drummed into me growing up was that keeping one's promises was all-important, and that included settling up bets. I took a deep breath, decided that if they wanted to see my cock that badly that they were welcome to an eyeful, and tugged my shorts and briefs down and stepped out of them. My cock was still hard, and bobbed a little as I sat down in the chair and put my feet up.

The beautician moved between my legs and looked me over with her professional manner; she held my cock gently and moved it a little as she looked at the hair at its base, although I thought that maybe she stroked it a little as she did so. I felt lucky that I wasn't that hairy as she surveyed the growth of hair on my pubis, my scrotum, and the insides of my thighs. She picked up the clippers and trimmed my pubes, again brushing the vibrating clipper body against my cock a little more than seemed absolutely necessary, and I jumped a little bit in the chair when she rested it against the head of my cock. I looked over at my mother to see her looking interestedly at the process; she met my eyes and smiled again.

The wax wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but I grew nervous as the beautician spread it around the base of my cock and my scrotum. My mother reached over and held my hand as the beautician laid the strips of cloth down. She looked at me and said, "Ready?" I gulped and nodded, trying to put on a brave face.

I have to say that it wasn't the worst pain that I've ever felt in my life, since I've had to have a root canal, and although I thought my heart stopped once or twice while she ripped the strips away, it was over before I knew it. I was still gasping when she started to rub the lotion in. I don't know what was in the lotion, but it soothed my red and aching skin without numbing it, and the throbbing ache gradually turned into a pleasant heat. Without nonverbally asking my permission as she did with my mother, the beautician started stroking my cock with her slick and expert hands. I thought that I knew more than anyone about how to touch my own cock, at least in the ways that pleased me, but I had nothing on this grandmother-age woman in the handjob department. She used the tips of her fingers, then the palms; held her hands together as if she were praying, with my cock between them, then grasped my cock in both fists and rotated them slowly against each other, as if she were wringing out a towel; she did things that were more like sleight-of-hand than anything else, things that I didn't think that I could ever duplicate on my own. I started to move my hips as I fucked her hands, and then raised my hips off the chair as my orgasm approached. She kept a tight grip on my cock with one hand as she reached between my legs with the other, sliding her slick fingers down from the base of my scrotum to the crack of my ass, and then she penetrated me with her middle finger, stroking my prostate gland with the tip of her finger. I groaned and she quickly bent down and took my cockhead into her mouth, her tongue flicking against it lightly as I shot my cum down her throat. She took her middle finger out of me and swallowed, and I slumped in the chair, the pleasure having been as intense as the pain had been earlier.

The beautician walked behind my chair and pushed on the back, making the chair recline until I was laying flat. She then raised her skirt and straddled the narrow headrest and my face; I was not surprised to see that she was as smooth and bare between her legs as my mother and I now were. I looked over at my mom, who smiled again and reclined her own chair to get a better view. I smiled back for the first time that day, and then turned my attention to the beautician's cunt. She spread her labia and a tiny droplet of lubrication fell on my lips; I licked it off and then extended my tongue as the beautician sat on my face.

Her musk was strong but tasted good, and I was in the right position to do something that Laura had absolutely loved; I moved my upper lip against her clit while I probed her vagina with my tongue. She rocked her hips against my face and muttered something in a language that I didn't recognize as I pleasured her. I decided to reciprocate what she'd done to me, and put one finger into her vagina, liberally coating it with her juice, and then inserted it into her anus. She cried out and vigorously humped my mouth as she came. As she moved off the chair, I heard a loud sigh and looked over at the next chair where Mom was watching us with half-closed eyes as she gingerly fingered herself to another climax. We got dressed and I reached for the towel to wipe the cunt secretions off my face, but the beautician whipped it away with a sly grin. Mom volunteered that I would pay for the treatment, and although it was more than I was expecting, I considered it well worth the expense. As I paid the slim, cute receptionist, she paused, sniffed, and then looked at me with a sly grin of her own. Apparently, I wasn't the only man who'd been in for the very special treatment.


I was hoping for more fun with my mom, or possibly going to visit the beautician, or her receptionist, or both for some non-business "treatments", but when I tried to bring the subject up with my mother she said, firmly, "We're not going to talk about that," in that tone of voice that implied "And I mean it." She also kept me busy around the house with chores that, she made clear, weren't part of settling the bet. At night, though, I had fun playing with my smooth crotch, and sounds from Mom's bedroom indicated that she was doing the same. Still, I was getting horny enough that I was considering rushing through my morning chores, heading to the beauticians', and letting the devil take the hindmost, when Mom announced that we were going on a trip.

"Where to?", I asked.

"You'll see. I've packed already." She went out to the car, and I followed. I saw two backpacks in the back of the car. We drove for about half the day, finally arriving at a patch of woods that wasn't anywhere near the places that I'd camped with the Boy Scouts. Mom parked the car off the road and gave me the heavier pack, putting her own on, and set off along an unmarked trail. It was a fairly rugged trail, but we arrived at the clearing soon enough. I realized that, unless someone knew exactly where the trail began, no one was very likely to ever find this place. Still, I felt quite apprehensive as Mom started to take her clothes off.

Even with the good look that I had gotten of her cunt, I didn't really know what my mother looked like naked. She pulled down her shorts and panties and stepped out of them, still wearing her hiking shoes and socks. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, then reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. She tossed the bra onto the pile of other clothes, then stood there with her hands on her hips and looked at me. I really liked her figure. Her upper torso with its large breasts curved gracefully into a relatively narrow waist, but not too narrow, her navel a shallow ellipse, and then swept out again into nice, broad hips, the gentle curve of her lower belly blending into her pubis, the dark furrow of her cunt disappearing between her legs.

She raised her eyebrows. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

I blushed and started undressing myself, also keeping my shoes and socks on. The air felt suddenly cool as a light breeze blew over my naked scrotum and half-hard cock. My mom took her time looking me over, that Mona Lisa smile playing over her lips, and then walked over to one of the backpacks and bent over it. My mother's big ass framed the bare lips of her cunt that peeked between her upper thighs, and I remembered kneeling behind my girlfriend's mother and fucking her hard while Laura's father did the same to her. I felt a sudden urge to walk over to my mother and grab her hips and penetrate her, but she suddenly straightened up and the spell was broken, although my cock continued to rise. She walked over to me, ignoring my erection, and handed me a bottle, then turned her back to me, lifting the hair off the back of her neck.

I looked at the bottle. It was a combination insect repellant and sunscreen, organic, non-toxic and specially formulated to be non-irritating. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she wanted me to do. I squirted some of the lotion into the palm of my hand and began to smooth it into her neck and shoulders. She sighed as I massaged the top of her back between her neck and shoulders, and she leaned back, just a little, but enough so that the head of my hard cock pressed into the small of her back. It felt like static electricity jumped between her skin and my cock. She didn't lean back any further, but neither did she pull away. I continued to rub lotion into her shoulders, then her back. As I moved down her back, I had to pull away a little, and I saw a glistening thread of pre-cum stretch between my cockhead and the skin of her lower back. I hadn't realized that I was that excited.

I reached the bottom of her back, right above the beginning of her ass crack, then hesitated. She looked over her shoulder, her expression neutral but frank. I squeezed more lotion onto my hands and reached toward her, then knelt behind her. Her beautiful ass was level with my eyes and just a few inches away. I smoothed lotion over her cheeks, then poured out more lotion and gently started to stroke down her asscrack. She moved her legs apart a little, and I moved my fingers down lower, until I'd reached her asshole. Her ass was shiny with lotion and I could feel my cock twitch as I thought of sliding my cockhead where my fingers were. I lightly stroked her puckered orifice and she sighed, then bent down a little and arched her back so that her asshole came up a little and was more exposed, and I could see her cunt below it, the lips separating a little as they had in the beauty shop so that I could again see her glistening inner labia, but now from much closer. I could smell the scent of her pussy, more delicate than that of the beautician but definitely the smell of an aroused woman. I nearly started probing between her lips, but decided that I wouldn't do that, at least not quite yet. I stroked her anus a few more times, then got more lotion and started to coat her inner thighs. I thought I heard another sigh--of disappointment?--as I moved down her legs, although I spent some quality time on the backs of her knees.

I reached her socks, rubbed some lotion about an inch below the cuff, and then started lotioning the fronts of her legs. She still had her legs apart a little, and as I worked my way up, I thought about gradually standing up until my hard cock came up between her thighs. Even without penetrating her pussy, I would still be between her lubricated thighs. But I decided, again, that it wasn't quite time for that, and went on my instincts, remaining crouching behind her as I massaged her upper thighs. I moved away a little, straightened up, and then pressed myself up against her so that my cock touched her lower back just above her ass, then slid up her spine as I moved closer until it was pressed between her back and my belly. She moved back a little as I moved forward, so that my cock was gently held between us with a pleasant pressure.

I lotioned up her hips, avoiding moving around to the front, and up her sides, touching the sides of her breasts. She lifted her arms up and I anointed her shaved-bare armpits and started rubbing lotion on her arms. She was resting full against me now, and moving her hips just a little back and forth, which made a nice motion against my cock. I massaged her hands, then stroked up her inner arms and all the way up to her shoulders. I rested my hands there for a few seconds, savoring the thought of the last areas that I had left. The lotion came with a litle cord so that you could hang it around your neck if or when the bottle became too slippery to hold, and I put it arouind my neck, then squirted a generous amount into my palms. I could feel a little more precum squirt out of my cock onto my mother's back and wondered if she could feel it too.

I started massaging lotion into my mother's upper chest, then carefully moved down between her breasts, taking care to avoid her nipples, which were already very hard. I slid my slick hands underneath her breasts, then along the outer sides. I moved my fingertips in decreasing circles around her nipples, stroking the perimeters of the areaolae, then cupping her breasts in my hands and gently rubbing the nipples between my fingers. She gasped and rocked her ass back into my groin, prompting another pleasant spasm in my cock. I caressed her breasts and nipples while she moaned softly. Then, when I was convinced that she was about to come from nipple stimulation alone, I moved down off her breasts, hearing another sigh of disappointment from her, and started rubbing lotion onto her belly. I dipped the tip of my pinky in her navel, making her laugh (even that felt good against my cock), then moved lower, toward home plate, as it were. I rubbed the sides of her prominent mound, and then gently moved one index finger into the notch of her pubis--but, just as I was feeling the firm nub of her clitoris, and the heat and the moisture, she pulled my hand away and said, "Uh-uh, it says 'for external use only' on the bottle."

Well, if I hadn't been quite so horny that would have been a mood-killer, but instead I said, "Oh--only on the outside, huh? Well, let's see what I can do with that." I reached down on either side of her cunt, pressed toward the middle, then began sliding her slippery labia up and down and back and forth against each other. She groaned and started rocking her ass back against me in earnest. I anticipated a longer buildup and that maybe she'd raise her ass again so that I could slip my cock into her cunt from behind, but before I knew it she raised herself on tiptoes and shuddered against me. I could feel the base of my cock in her asscrack, but that was as close as I came to putting it in. She slumped against me, catching her breath. My cock was still throbbing and I thought of just humping against her until I came, but she pulled away from me and held her hand out for the lotion bottle. "OK, now it's your turn."

The next few minutes were the longest of my life; even though my mother's hands on my body felt great, my cock got as hard as it had ever been, so engorged that I thought it would burst, but somehow I knew that it was against the unspoken rules for me to touch myself. It was especially tough when Mom reached my ass and carefully stroked my asshole as I had done to hers, then stroked down further, along the part between the asshole and the base of the scrotum; men can feel the root of their cocks there when they're hard, and I had a dick that could cut glass. Then I could feel her breath on my balls as she moved lower, and I was convinced that she was breathing hard on purpose. When she reached around me to do my front, I couldn't feel her pubis against me because she was shorter than I was and it was too low, but she more than compensated by pressing her breasts against my back, the hard nipples tracing little circles, it seemed. As her hands moved lower, it seemed hard for me to breathe. Finally, she was rubbing lotion over my own bare pubis, then gently smoothing it onto and around my scrotum. I thought that I might come just from the feel of the gentle breeze on my cock at this point.

Then, just as I was about to give up and start stroking my cock in defiance of the "game", she grasped my cockhead between her thumb and first two fingers and squeezed gently but firmly. I could feel my excitement subside a little, although my cock was as hard as ever. Mom got one last squirt of lotion and slowly stroked up and down my cock, and started purring in my ear: "Is this how you masturbate, John? Is this the way that you stroke your cock at home?"

"S-s-s-sometimes," I gasped, "and sometimes I used b-b-both hands."

She brought her other hand around and put it over the other one, one loose fist on top of the other, and started moving them again. "You mean, like this?"

"I-I-I like to hold the hands still and f-fuck 'em."

She held her hands still and I started thrusting, forward into her hands and back against her body, her arms around me as she formed her hands into an artificial pussy for me to fuck, the same way that I always did when I had started masturbating. I was starting to build up steam when she gripped my cock hard enough to make me stop. "What other ways, John?"

So I started recounting every method and variation that I had ever tried, and she duplicated every move: stroking my scrotum, sticking a finger up my ass, using an overhand grip, and so on, occasionally stopping to do the cockhead-pinch that magically reset my orgasmic cycle before I could come. Finally, I broke down and begged, "Please, Mom, I have to come real bad!"

She let go of me and walked slowly around in front of me. She stood with her hands on her hips again, her nipples hard and her belly and thighs gleaming with lotion. "Well," she said, "if you want to come, why don't you come? You certainly have plenty of ways of taking matters into your own hands, as it were."

I sighed. I could do that, but her extended tease had left me hungry for her. "I want you to make me come, Mom."

She raised one eyebrow. "You want me to make you come? Why?"

"Because you turn me on, Mom. You make me horny. I want to... to.. to have sex with you!"

"Have sex?" She laughed. "Like what?"

"I want you to masturbate me until I come!"

She pursed her lips. "Is that all?"

I started to figure out, even in the throes of preorgasmic lust, what she wanted. "I want you to suck me too, Mom."

She seemed to think about it. "You want me to suck you, huh?"

"Yes! I want to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your face until I shoot my cum down your throat!"

"Hmmm... is there any place else you want to put that hard, hard cock of yours?"

"I want to put it between your breasts!"

"Really. And?"

" I want to fuck your hot pussy, Mom! I want to stick it in and fuck you until we both come!"

"How do you want to fuck me, John?"

"Me on top! You on top! Doggy-style! Mom..."

"And is that the only place you want to fuck me?" She was starting to rub her thighs together. I could tell that she was getting off on this.

"I want to fuck you in the ass, Mom. I want to fuck that little asshole of yours!"

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