tagIncest/TabooMom's Chat Seduction

Mom's Chat Seduction

bySam Jason©

"This is what your mother's pussy smells like," my father told me. "Happy eighteenth birthday, son!"

When he said this, I had not yet inhaled, and I was struggling not to do so. But dear old dad was too strong and too big. He was 6'3" of pure testosterone while I was 5'2" of video-game-trained flab.

Finally, I gasped for air through the wadded up pair of panties he held to my mouth and nose. There was a slight fragrance of perfume, a little urine, and a lot of feminine musk. I think it was feminine musk, because I had never smelled a pussy before.

He pulled the panties away and held them in front of my eyes. They were turned inside out so that the crotch was showing.

"See that?" he asked. "See that, see that white, crusty stain there in the middle?"

I didn't want to look, but my dad's huge hand was holding the back of my head like a softball and directing where my eyes pointed.

"Dad, you're hurting me. Why are you doing this?"

"You know what that crud is?" he said, hurting me a little more while he ignored my question. "That's where your mother's hairy little pussy drenched her undies. Oh, they were all wet when she got her juices flowing. But now all that's left is this flaky shit."

The patch he was talking about had started to crack because of the way he had crumpled the underwear. It was all the more obvious because the thick residue show even paler against the dark maroon of the panties.

"Stick out your tongue," he said.

"No way," I said.

That's when he squeezed the back of my neck until my tongue shot out and stayed out.

"These are so dirty, they need a washing. And I'm going to use your tongue as the washboard." That's when he tried to bring the filthy crotch into contact with my tongue.

I pulled my tongue in and turned my head aside as hard as I could. But, instead of using more force, Dad merely said, in a quiet tone that was even scarier than his usual yelling: "If you don't stick out your tongue, I'm going to stuff these down your throat."

I stuck out my tongue. Dad started a slow up-and-down scouring of the crotch with my tongue. After about thirty seconds, he said, "Swallow."

I did as I was told while he looked at the panties. "Again," he said.

The procedure had to be repeated three times before he was satisfied. "There. You did a fine job, Eric, these are all clean now." With that he showed me that the stain was completely removed. The salty taste in my mouth reminded me of where it had been removed to.

"How do you like the taste of your mom's dirty cunt, son? Is it as sweet as that smile of hers? In a way, you just ate your mother's pussy!" He looked one last time at the panties, and made another discovery: "Look what we have here all caught up in cloth-a pubic hair-a hair as bright and red as the ones on her head."

He picked it loose and held in up, then said one word: "Hand."

I knew he wanted to place it in my palm, so I obliged before my neck or some other body part got roughhoused. He wasn't lying, because the hair was exactly the same color as the short hair on my mother's head: light red. The only difference was that the hair on her head was straight, and this one was incredibly curly.

Dad threw the panties in my face before he turned to leave my room.

"There's some homework for you."

"Dad, why are you doing this?" I asked, trying not to cry.

"Eric, my boy, you're going to do some dirty-work for me. You're going to fuck your mother! You're gonna fuck your mommy so good she gets knocked up!"


The next morning, I didn't remember what had happened. Not for a minute or so, then it all came back. I didn't know what to think: had my dad gone crazy? had I imagined it? was he serious? was he testing me?

I didn't know, but thought the best thing to do was to act like it never happened.

"Morning, Mom," I said as I walked into the kitchen.

"Morning, sleepyhead," she said without looking over her shoulder at me. She was busy pulling some toast out of the toaster and buttering it. "You overslept-again! Didn't want to interrupt some dream?" she laughed.

Mom had on what I called her shower robe. It was a shiny dark green satin, and she wore it only when on her way to the shower or after, before dressing. I had never thought about it much, but this morning I noticed that she had it tightly wrapped around her. So tight it followed the crack of her ass, showing off a well-toned butt.

"If your father doesn't give you a ride to school, you'll be late."

"He never wants to give me a ride, so I guess I'll be late." High School graduation was only two months away, and my senior year couldn't get over fast enough. I was looking forward to college in the fall. I had been accepted to my first choice, a local college I was going to commute to every day. I wouldn't have to go through the dorm experience.

"Just because your father is the Chief of Police doesn't give you a right to-"

"Take advantage. I know, Mom. How long have you been telling me that?"

"All your life," she said. Then we both laughed.

I was drinking a hot cup of cocoa at the kitchen table, like a thousand other mornings. Like that same thousand times, Mom leaned across the table when she said, "Here's your toast." Unlike any of those other times, I looked at her robe falling partially open, showing a great cleavage and her right boob almost down to the nipple.

I looked at the toast on the plate quickly, hoping I hadn't stared too long. "Thanks, Mom."

"Are you all right, young man?"

"Just thinking about some stuff Dad said." What I was really thinking about was that my mom was naked under that robe.

"Don't let anything your father says bother you. You know how he is," she said followed by a sigh.

I had finished my toast when I heard the creak of leather. The sound of my father in his uniform, belt, and holster.

"Hey, Sport. Need a ride to school?"

I tried remembering when he ever offered me a ride before. I couldn't.

"You're not leaving without giving your ol' mom a kiss goodbye. C'mere."

"Yeah. Give your mother a nice hug and kiss," Dad said. It didn't sound any different from his usual tone, but then again, it did.

Mom had her arms open, so I didn't make a big deal. She hugged me close, like usual. She was all of 5'10", so I was looking up at her. Her right hand held my head tight against her chest, and for the first time in my life, I was thinking of the feel of my mom's big tits against my face.

"Have a good day," she said as she kissed me. I went for her cheek, but felt the sides of our lips touch too.

I'm ashamed to admit that, as I looked at her face, I thought: "I know what your pussy tastes like."


In the car, Dad's police car, of course, I was hoping Dad wouldn't talk of what happened the night before.

"I bet you jerked off last night," he said, then added in a whiny voice, "thinking about your mom."

I stayed silent, wishing the school was closer.

"What a nice sight of you two hugging and kissing this morning. I bet you were wanting to tear that god-dammed bathrobe off her and get right to it."

His statement made me visualize doing just that and seeing my own mother naked for the first time. After staring out the side window for thirty seconds, I whined, "Dad, what reason can you have for saying this stuff? I don't understand!"

"Glad you asked, Sport." He only called me Sport when he wanted to make fun of or degrade me. "I don't have A reason. Nope. I have four point seven MILLION reasons."


"Who died last month?" Dad asked.

"Grandpa...? Mom's father?" I answered like I was in a bad dream because this made no sense at all.

"Bingo! And his will left 4.7 MILLION dollars to your mother."

"WHAT?" I yelled. "THAT'S GREAT!"

"Hold on, Sport. That COULD be great, except for one little thing. The will said the money would go to the eldest child."

"But, that's Mom. She's two years older than Uncle Sean."

"How old is your mother?" Dad asked.


"C'mon-how old?"

"You know she turned 39 just two weeks ago."

"Right. All that math is doing you some good. The thing is, the will says the money goes to the child UNDER 40 who has at least two children of their own."

"Uncle Sean has four kids," I said, seeing loads of money flying away.

"Yeah, Sean the idiot is about to become a millionaire if we don't do something about it."


"You see, Sport, unfortunately I have a slight problem in the sperm count department. Like ALL mine has already been withdrawn from the sperm bank. That's where YOU come in, with the emphasis on 'cum.'"

So that was his plan. To get Mom pregnant and have another kid before she turned 40. "Why don't you just do that artificial insemination thing?"

"Your mom has some weird religious beliefs, and 'unnatural procreation'—as she calls it—is one of them. Anyway, if I have to raise a kid, that kid is gonna have some of my blood in it. Understand? Plus, I'm not gonna have no other guy's sperm swimming around in my woman."

My dad was insanely jealous of my mother. If he hadn't been the Chief of Police, there were several times he would have been in deep trouble for assaulting various admirers that got too close or said the wrong thing to Mom. He didn't even like a guy looking at Mom.

"I still don't understand. What's different about having MY sperm swimming around?"

"That's because, and I hate to say it, you're a little wimp of a disappointment. Have been for all your life. Having your sperm do the job wouldn't be like another man, but like a nothing, like an extension of my own dick doing the work. You're Beth's son, for God's sake. She wouldn't in her craziest day think of you like a real man!" he laughed. "It would be a clinical artificial insemination in my estimation."

Crazy was the word! My dad wanted me to get my mother pregnant so he could get his hands on millions of dollars. Crazy! And I wasn't going to be part of it, even if it meant being poor for the rest of my life.

"I won't do it. I couldn't. Dad, please-she's my mother."

"You just have to start thinking of her more as a beautiful and sexy woman, and less as a mother. I began your training last night. I bet it started working already."

I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of ever knowing what thoughts I had when I was near mom this morning. Looking at her ass and her tits.

"Well, I have nothing to worry about," I said with a defiance I really didn't feel, "because, like you just said, you know how religious mom is and she's never go along with anything like this. She goes to church almost every day!"

He stopped the car in front of the school, peeled off his sunglasses, and looked at me. "I'm the Police Chief, and I know people, and I know things, and I know how to get people to do things. Have a nice day at school, Sport! And don't think about fucking that great body of your mom's too much while in class!"


I'd love to tell you that my father's words had no effect on me, but that would be a lie. All day long I had constant visions of my mother, accompanied by the memory of her smell and taste.

I tried to picture her baking or cooking or working in the garden, but all those stories ended up with her in her shower robe facing away from me and untying it and dropping it off her naked body.

I was finally glad to get home and do something constructive, like playing a video game, and forget about my father-and mother.

But, I was in for a surprise. As I entered the living room, there was my mother-in her shower robe. In the afternoon. On a school day.

"Mom! What are you doing home? Didn't you ever change... I mean go out?"

"I did go out, Mr. Nosey. But, my afternoon meeting with the charity organization got cancelled. So, I thought, on a beautiful day like this, why not take a nice long run. Five miles! That's a new high for me. I don't think I've ever sweat so much! In fact, I'm just about to take another shower. And, I promise it'll be the last one today!"

Mom and her fitness. She had a workout program she really stuck to. Strength training, stretching, cardio-she did it all. That's what kept her so thin and toned.

"What do you weigh now?" I asked before I caught myself.

"Why ERIC! You should never ask a woman that. But, again, Mr. Nosey, if you have to know, I weigh an even 144! That's not too much for my height, do you think?" Mom put her hands on her hips and did a slow twirl around, ending with a sexy pose with her hands behind her head.

"Err... no... not too much, Mom."

"Get yourself a snack while I shower."

I was going to do exactly what she said until I saw her turn and head for the bathroom. Then, for some reason, I gave her a few seconds and followed. When it got hot, the bathroom door doesn't latch completely when you swing it shut; you have to consciously push it closed.

It was hot today, and the door had swung open about an inch. I took two deep breaths before getting up enough courage to peek in. There, just like my school-time visions was Mom in her robe, facing away from me. And, just like the vision, she untied it and shrugged it off her shoulders.

That's where reality took over from imagination. Although Mom didn't have a top on, she did still wear her tight blue running shorts. But, not for long, because she hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and pulled them down, revealing the two rounded muscular butt cheeks that were much lighter than her tanned body.

Mom never turned around, luckily, because she couldn't have missed my eye and face pressed against the doorjamb and door. Never turning around also meant I never saw her boobs or bush. She stepped out of her shorts with one foot, and kicked them up on top of the clothes in the portable nylon hamper we kept in the bathroom with the other.

I backed away before she headed into the shower.

I sat in the kitchen, absentmindedly eating a snack of cookies and milk while listening to the shower water run. I had thoughts like: "Mom's in there completely naked" and "I bet she would love someone to wash her back."

That's when I heard Mom shut off the water and minutes later say as she was heading for her bedroom, "Eric, do Mom a favor and carry the hamper down to the washer?"

"Okay, Mom," I called back.

I thought about trying to spy again as Mom was dressing, but didn't want to press my luck. I did just as I was told, and put the hamper near the washer down cellar.

As I was about to head upstairs, I saw those running shorts peeking out from under a white towel. I stood there thinking for a while before picking them out of the pile. They were inside out and wet-wet with the sweat of five miles of running on a hot day.

If this had been a normal day, I never would have thought twice about the laundry or the shorts. But, last night had made this an unordinary day.

I raised the crotch of the shorts to my nose and inhaled. The scent was much stronger than the panties. It had pussy juice drenched in sweat this time, a much more potent mixture. I filled my mouth with the inner lining of the shorts and sucked hard and swallowed as much perspiration and vaginal fluid as I could. It tasted like nothing I had ever experienced before.

And, there was another first: I had an erection that wouldn't quit. I had a hard-on for my mother.


"What would you say if I told you your mother was sex chatting up some young guy?" my dad casually asked me. He came to my room after dinner, an arrival I didn't welcome.

"Dad, you're nuts. You're paranoid. You always think every guy is looking at Mom. You're ridiculous with how you've always been jealous. I don't want to hear it."

"Eh, maybe you're right," Dad said. He had a laptop under his arm, one I had never seen before. "You know Charlie Sevinsky down at the station?"

"Your computer guy," I said.

"Computer Forensics Specialist, if you want to be specific. And he's good. I personally know how to use email-barely. But, Charlie, he knows his stuff."

Dad put the laptop on my desk and opened it. The screen glowed alive.

"I had Charlie put something he called a key-logger on your mom's computer. You know what it showed? It showed she was chatting up somebody by the name of BaBeeBoy69 on a site called..." Dad took a slip of paper out of his breast pocket and read: "ShyBoys4Cougars.com."

I could only shake my head and open my mouth without a sound even making an attempt to come out.

Dad continued. "Now, if it had just been me, the trail would have ended there. But, not so for Charlie. This stuff's easy for him and he does it all day long. He traced BaBeeBoy69 back to a 57-year-old guy living with his own mother right here in town. Turns out he's on parole and wasn't hard to convince to give up his computer in return for not enforcing about a dozen parole violations he had. You can't imagine how cooperative people get when you're the Chief of Police."

I had to believe it now. For some reason Mom was on some weird website.

"This guy was pretending to be an 18-year-old virgin who was so shy he couldn't even talk to girls in person, but was looking for an older woman who would be an understanding mom-type. Your mom fell for that role in a big way, and wanted to nurture him and help him grow up."

"Maybe you should just leave her alone, Dad. You're never home, always working, and ignore her while you ARE here. So, maybe she wanted some attention. Is that so bad?" I was surprised I even knew what I was saying. A minute before I hadn't even thought of Mom's needs. I was also surprised Dad didn't haul off and whack the back of my head like usual.

"I'm really happy you're concerned, BaBeeBoy69, because you're taking over the chat duties with Mom!"

"WHAAAA?" was all I could say.

"Oh yeah. Your mother's going to be nurturing an 18-year-old boy, but, that boy will really be her son."

"I won't do it," I said, and folded my arms.

"Well, I tried," Dad said while closing the laptop and picking it up. He turned to leave my room.

I thought to myself "Whew! That was easy!"

That's when he turned back and said, "Remember that arrest of yours last year, the one for selling pot, the one that we never told your mother about, and the one where the case file got lost?"

"DAD! That was one time. A mistake I never made again like I promised!"

"Just wanted to tell you I found that file, and if it got into your permanent record, that big fancy school you got accepted to-and, all those other schools-would have no trouble saying so long to your college career. But, on the bright side, I hear they're hiring down at the shipping depot: 12-hour shifts at night. So, you have THAT to look forward to."

He put the laptop down again on my desk along with the slip of paper. It had the website, username, and password. Dad didn't have to tell me to login, which I did. There was a red number one showing BaBeeBoy69 had a message.

"See what it is," Dad said.

I clicked it and it showed: "Can't wait to talk with you tonight at 8." It was from LilRedRyder. I looked at the clock at the bottom right corner of the computer: 7:10.

"LilRedRyder is your mom. I'll let your limited imagination figure out why she chose that. So, Sport, you're got some homework to do before 8. You have to read all the previous chats to get up to speed.


Turns out the previous chats had been flirtatious, but mostly polite. The guy obviously knew how to take his time and not scare somebody off. They had only texted, but BaBeeBoy69 was pushing to video-chat. My mother had protested that she didn't want her face to show, and the pervert had told her about using the preview button to check that nothing above the neck was going to show. He said he was even more scared to have his face online. I bet THAT statement was definitely true.

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