tagIncest/TabooMom's Dress

Mom's Dress


Molly bursts into her bedroom and slams the door behind her in a hurry rather than in anger. She still has time, but only barely. She flings off her shoes and socks, kicking them in the direction of the bed. She peels off her pants and tosses them aside as she peers into the closet looking for what to wear. She takes off her top, her breasts jiggling as she moves and she grabs for a blue silk dress with a simple wavy pattern on it. She throws it over her head and adjusts it as it films down over her body and conforms to her shape. Lovely. She checks the time and gets ready to go.

In the kitchen she leaves a note for her son Alan, telling him that she would not be home until late at the earliest and leaving him a $20 in case he'd need it to get something for dinner.

She is back in the car and on her way back toward the city to meet Robert. She fully expects to fuck his brains out tonight. She has been seeing him for a few weeks and is so ready to get his hard cock inside her tight little pussy and make him explode, she grins to herself as she waits at a red light and checks her makeup in the rearview mirror. She is imagining all the righteously dirty things she has in mind for the two of them after dinner, hoping he has a lot of cum stored up in his balls and that he can stay hard long enough or enough times to really take her someplace when she sees the brake lights in front of her and slams on her own brakes. With the pedal down all the way it becomes a question of whether or not there is simply enough road between her and the car in front of her to not plow right into it. Her car stops a few inches, less than half a foot she estimates, in back of the car and she whispers "oh shit" softly to herself, breathing hard. Ha ha, better be more careful the rest of the way, concentrate on the task of driving and save the fucking for later in the evening. Maybe Robert will get a nice kick out of it that his cock almost made her lose control of her car and kill herself. She can tell him right before she takes him all the way into her mouth. Easy Molly, just relax.

She gets to the restaurant in one piece and tells the maitre d' her name. He informs her that the "gentleman has arrived already" and "just this way Miss." She follows him as he strides back through the dining room and leads her to Robert who stands up as he notices her approaching. He helps her into her chair as he admires her ample cleavage, which Molly doesn't mind at all. A perfect gentleman...assisting with my chair and peeking at my tits. Your wait is over my good man. She notices the maitre d' himself do a double take at her ass as well and basks in the admiration. Robert orders them some wine as Molly resumes fucking him in her mind now that she is not operating anything moving.

Robert is telling her about an insane client of his and milking his antics for every laugh when the waiter comes to take their orders. He is able to finish his story before their meals come and he asks her about things, her work, her days, her son Alan. All throughout the dinner she has a wonderful time, and the entire time knowing she is inching toward his bedroom, getting wetter and hornier and finally it is time to go. As he is paying the check, she excuses herself and goes to the ladies room.

As she walks across the restaurant, he takes no notice of anybody else in the dining room and whether they look at her or not. She relieves herself, well not true relief dear, that is yet to come, and stands in front of the mirror. Another woman emerges from a stall and washes her hands. She looks over to Molly and grins. "Mmmm, yummy," she says.

"Excuse me?" Molly asks.

"Nice honey," she says with an over exaggerated leer and slimming of her eyes. "He owns you doesn't he?"

"What do you mean, what...?" Molly is wary of this strange woman practically drooling in front of her in the ladies room.

The woman approaches her and reaches out to Molly. Molly moves back and the woman laughs. She puts her hand on Molly's ass and rubs. "Oh yes, he owns you. He paints your ass with his signature and has you wear it around. Fuck him baby, fuck him so good..." she lets go of Molly's dress and breaks into more laughter.

Shocked, Molly looks at her dress and she sees it now. A huge cum stain is all over her ass and back. It's more than a simple stain, it looks like a whole load was just ejaculated onto her dress and left there. "Oh my god! What on earth?"

The woman doesn't respond, her laughing episode subsiding and she seems to have lost all interest in Molly. She fiddles with her necklace in the mirror and walks out, leaving Molly alone in the bathroom.

Molly composes herself, shaken more by her encounter with the lunatic than by the cum dried and crusted on her dress, that development still sinking in, the strangeness of that becoming more and more apparent against the calm and silence of the hollow room.

She makes the now very long walk back to the table, imagining that every pair of eyes in the place, male and female alike, knows just where to look and so know her secrets. All she wants to do now is get the hell out of here this instant. She wishes she had a coat to put on, but the weather in the middle of summer precludes it. When she returns to the table she sees Robert sitting, smiling up at her and a slice of cheesecake in front of him. Robert tells her that he got a sudden craving and hopes she would like to share dessert with him. She sits down. And feels it. The cum.

Robert takes a small bite and hands Molly the other fork that the waiter has brought. Molly takes it and shifts in her seat. Just sitting here she can feel it. Through her panties and oh god, against her skin on her back, the stiff rough patches where the semen hit and stuck and dried. She starts feeling itchy bugs crawling over her skin and takes a bite of the cheesecake. Robert nods his approval and awaits her enjoyment of it. It's clear he wants to see her put it in her mouth and savor it. The soft, rich, creaminess. Now she feels the scrutiny and the expectation. She does eat it and it is good, but her mind draws further and further away from Robert and the restaurant and the evening.

"It's really good, isn't it?" Robert asks.

"Yes, it is," says Molly, her tone sapped of expression. She has lost the sly flirtiness that she carried through dinner. She sees Robert take another bite and smile at her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry but I have to leave." She gets up and clutches her purse close to her side.

"What? Why? What's the matter is everything alright?"

"No, I'm not feeling well. I need to go home. I'm very sorry to cut our evening short. Call me. Call soon, or I'll call you or something, I don't know, but I'm sorry, I have to go." With that she turned and hurried out of the restaurant, leaving Robert stammering in confusion, but she couldn't be concerned with that at this time. She will smooth thing out with Robert soon. She'll fuck him silly very soon. She had such a fun evening planned for later. Oh Robert...it's only cum on my dress, what is so terrible about that? I'd let you blow your cum anywhere you wanted to, clothed or naked. The problem, baby, is that I don't know where the fuck this cum came from and if it did come from Robert that would be a major problem because there is no good reason for it to be there. There is no good reason why it would be there from anybody at all.

She turns out of the parking lot and onto the street to make her way home, all the while running through her mind ways it could have happened. Racking her brain for an explanation, but she can arrive at none. She bunches her dress up around her so she is sitting on her panties and can't feel any of the cum against her anymore as she drives. Her journey home is a stark contrast to the frenzied drive earlier in the evening, this time her mind works on a calm, stunned level and she has no near accidents.

She pulls up in front of her house and exhales a deep breath. She gets out of her car and her dress falls back down around her. She goes inside and heads straight for her bedroom. The door is closed and without a second thought she opens the door and enters her room. Her breath catches in her throat and in an instant she feels like everything has become clear.

Her son is on her bed. He is up on his knees with his pants around his ankles and is thrusting his cock into the smooth fabric in his hands.

"Oh fuck," Alan says and turns bright red as his body convulses and he dives behind the bed leaving a dress in a pile on the bed next to a wad of paper towels.

"Alan, what is going on here?"

"I don't know, nothing. Can you please leave?"

"Alan, it's my room."

"I - I know, it's just - I mean - I ..." he stammers, out of sight, trying to discreetly get his pants pulled back up and buttoned.

"Shh. Stop talking. Get out and go to your room."

Alan gets up and rushes past her out the door and down the hall with his head down. She watches him leave and hears his door shut a moment after he is out of her sight. She closes the door and takes off her soiled dress. Soiled with her son's semen. His cum. Standing in her bra and panties she wads the dress into a ball and drops it on the carpet. She picks up the dress from the bed that Alan had been using. Another silk dress, this one a pale red one. Slinky and sheer. A good dress to get fucked standing up in. Or to masturbate with, apparently. Honestly, what was he thinking?

She goes to her open closet and grabs a light nightgown and wraps herself in that cozily enough to close off any hint of cleavage, tying the sash around her waist. She picks up the red dress from the bed and the blue dress from the floor and goes to Alan's room. She knocks on the door.

"Come in."

She opens the door, wrapping the red dress around the doorknob, and enters Alan's room. He is sitting in a chair looking sullen and ashamed. Molly is shocked by this behavior and doesn't know how to approach the situation. She is angry and disgusted and...and a little turned on as well. Maybe. Poor boy, he looks so uncomfortable sitting there, caught in the act, his private moment shattered in a quick second. Squirming in his seat like he would rather be anywhere else in the world. She holds up both dresses out in front of her.

"You want to tell me about this?"

"What? No, nothing."

She feels a wave of annoyance flush over her. Nothing? Come on now, get it together, you are caught here. "Nothing? Alan..." She tosses the red dress across the room and it lands in his lap. She fumbles with the blue dress and finds the blotch of dried cum on the back. She steps toward him and shoves the dress inches away from Alan's face. "This isn't nothing, is it? This is semen. You ejaculated all over my dress and just left it in my closet, now explain yourself."

Alan sighs and stares off into the distance. "Alright. Yes, I used your dress to um, masturbate with," he admits. "But I didn't mean to cum on it."

"What do you mean? Then why did you?"

"I was using it...like you saw today and it just felt so good that I came on accident. I'm uh..."

"And you just left it in my closet?"

"I didn't know what to do. I tried to wipe it off, I got some of it, but the tag says dry clean only. I didn't want to ruin it, I couldn't get it washed and you would've noticed if it wasn't in your closet anymore. I figured my only hope was that you'd wear it and get it washed without noticing."

"There's still a lot there, dear."

"I know, but it was in the back, I was hoping you wouldn't see it."

"Well I did see it. I've never been more humiliated in my life. And then I find you today and you're about to do it to another dress of mine."

"I brought paper towels with me. I wasn't going to cum on it this time, I just wanted to feel it. It feels so good."

Molly looks at her son. She can't blame him too much. She's well aware how good the fabric feels against skin. It would have been nice if he'd controlled his nuts and not blown himself all over her dress in secret, but she can't stay mad at her horny little boy. He probably has another huge load inside him again, she considers. She came home and interrupted him before he could cum. Suddenly, as she is standing there over him, Alan still looking like he is on the edge of a cliff in a high wind and about to go over, all the desire she had been nurturing all day long began returning to her. Now that she was over the shock and the embarrassment of her encounter in the bathroom she was getting so horny again.

Perhaps she could call Robert up and still get with him tonight. But no, she doesn't want to tell him about this, that wouldn't be fair to Alan. This will stay just between them. And so how to explain why she left so suddenly? No. She will continue to pretend she isn't feeling well and will call Robert tomorrow to apologise again and make a date for later in the week. But for tonight? Hmm, Molly for the first time sees Alan in a whole new light. Sees him as the sexy young man that he has grown into, not as the little boy she raised.

She stops herself though. He used her dress because of the sexy smooth silk. He never said it was because he wanted to fuck her. Maybe he wouldn't go for it.


"Yes, Alan."

"I wasn't thinking about you or anything when I did that. It's just that the dress itself felt so good."

Oh really? You sure about that, sweetie? I didn't ask did I? Nope. "Hmm, that's disappointing," she looked for a spark in his face. Hope, surprise. She wasn't sure, he has always been difficult to read.

"Disappointing? How come?"

"Well, kneeling on my bed, hoping I wouldn't come home, pumping your cock into my dress, getting so horny and exited that you couldn't hold on long enough to redirect your orgasm and you didn't think of me once?"

"Well, I-"

"What about when you were hoping that I wouldn't come home? You were thinking about me a little weren't you?"

"No, I meant I wasn't thinking of doing you."

"Of fucking me, you mean? Not even when you blew your load and it went all over the ass of my dress?"

"Oh my god, Mom..."

"Relax honey. You're very sweet." She leans over him and kisses him on his cheek, but near his mouth. Her gown opens a little bit near the top and she sees his eyes go wide. She slowly reaches into his lap and gets hold of her dress. She doesn't miss Alan's subtle twitches as she lightly brushes his crotch. Neither can she miss the bulge in his pants. "I'll have this back now," she whispers. Alan is once again blushing red. How she would like to just open her robe right now and fall into his arms.

Molly leaves Alan's room, not closing the door behind her. She does close the door behind her to her own room and flings the robe off. She takes off her bra and then her panties. Naked in her empty bedroom she looks at the two dresses she threw onto the bed. A clean red one and a cum soaked blue one. Two dresses that her son loves. She imagines pinning Alan against her wall and fucking him standing up in that red dress, letting his cum run out of her pussy instead of her clothing, but on second thought she wants to wear the blue dress. The dress that her son has signed for her. She puts it on and feels it against her naked body, her full naked breasts. She fingers the dried patch of Alan's cum.

Down the hall she knocks on Alan's door. "Honey? You aren't jerking off in there are you?"

"What, no."

She knows that he is lying, but she only hopes that she's not too late. "Good. Listen, we need to talk some more about this. Will you come to my room, please?"

"Jeez, ok. Just...I'll be there in a minute."

"No dear, right this instant. If you aren't in my room by the time I count to ten I'm coming in here." She tests the doorknob and it is locked, but she hopes that she has made enough of an impression for him to comply. She knocks louder on the door. "Right now. One...Two..." She continues counting, raising her voice as she retreats back to her room. She swings the door closed, but doesn't latch it. "Seven...Eight." She sits on the edge of the bed.

Alan silently taps the door open and Molly sees him in the doorway. He hesitates a moment before tentatively stepping inside. He closes the door behind him and stands there not sure of what do do. "Come here, Alan honey." Alan's legs move as though he was in shallow water, but he approaches Molly. She reaches out to him and puts her hand around behind his ass as he comes close enough. She pulls him near to her and he can see right down the front of her dress. She puts her other hand against the front of his crotch and feels his semi-hard cock stiffen further. He exhales slowly.

Tonight won't be a total waste after all, Molly thinks. She tightens her squeeze on Alan's crotch and he groans. That's right dear, let Mommy."

"Mmm, oh mom."

Molly reaches up and pulls Alan to her, stopping his momentum with her mouth, kissing him firmly as she rocks onto her back. She darts her tongue into his mouth and finds his. She breathes hot down his throat and soothes his tongue with hers. She can tell he is nervous.

Alan pulls back and looks at her. His face rigid. Molly rubs his ass. "I've wanted this for so long, Mommy," he says. He leans back into her and kisses her.

Molly feels her son, his body on top of her, his hard cock pressing into her through their clothes. Wanted it for so long. Had she? She tries to be fully honest and accurate. No. At least not that she knew of. She had always thought he was a good looking young man, but she never before tonight had considered fucking him. Her pussy pulsed with the want of him. Oh god, why not before tonight?

She sits up and tugs at his shirt. He lifts his arms and she pulls it off over his head. She runs her hands across his chest and kisses his nipples, one then the other. She unbuttons his fly and pulls his pants down. She then cradles his balls and sees his cock jerk against his boxer shorts. She slides them down his legs also, letting them bunch around his feet. She gently pulls his arm, indicating him up onto the bed. He steps clear of his clothes and joins her on the bed. With a calm hand, Molly eases him down onto his back. She picks up the red dress that is next to them on the bed and begins rubbing it all over his body slowly.

"This feels good, doesn't it dear?"


She caresses his naked skin with the cool silk that turns him on so much. She runs it over his legs, up his thighs and strokes his raging cock with it a few times. Then she straightens it out and runs the length of it against his cock in what seems like an endless string, lightly holding her other hand there to keep it in place.

"OOOOOooooooohhhhh my goddddd," moans Alan. She sets the red dress aside and lays down next to him. She begins to writhe against him. The dress hot with her own body heat, she climbs on top of him and scoots back into him, taking his cock inside her. She eases back and he fills her, she gasps and smiles at the realization of what they are doing. She goes very slowly resting there with him inside her, letting him adjust to the feeling.

"Oh Mommy, that is so good." He sits up and she presses her silk clad tits into him. He kisses her at the top of her cleavage.

"Yes, baby. Now lie back and let Mommy fuck you." She swivels her hips in a slow, tight rhythm. "You feel so good inside me." She begins rocking back and forth, sliding him a little bit in and out. Gaining momentum until she is fucking him firmly up and down, in and out. He places his hands on her moving hips and she says "yes bay" and goes a little faster. She leans down to kiss him and his hands are all over her. She loves it and wants to feel him fully. She pulls the blue dress off over her head and throws it away. She is now fully naked with her son inside her and all she wants is for him to fuck her and touch her and fill her with his cum.

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