tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMom's Ex Gardener

Mom's Ex Gardener


Right now I am living with my mother in a small, managable house in a classic small town. My mother is single thank heavens, having broken up from a man by the name of Louis, our gardener. I still remember him with his white hat and silver tooth. How he kissed and held my mother, took her on outings to the casino leaving me with a cold babysitter. Turns out my mother wasn't the only one our gardener sweet talked. Me, I was only about eleven years old when this love episode came about. The name Louis always flashed in my mind back to this terrible Mexican gardener.

Mother worked weekends leaving me and my brother alone all day from two in the evening till six in the morning the following day. I listened to music as I sat on the porch, looking at our terrible yard. Our previous owners did not take that much care of it. Just then, the door bell sounded.

Passing myself in the mirror I gasped. My hair appeared as if a tornado hit it. I flipped it forward and back, running my fingers through my hair as I walked to the door. The door opened to reveal my grandmother.

"Hi Alice sweety," she welcomed herself in with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Grandma did not look her age. Her spirit and energy hid all that. The only clue would have to be her gray hair and worry wrinkles when she smiled. "I'm here to save you both from a boring weekend. Want to come to my house? I have some of your favorite rhubarb crunch cooking in the oven."

I groaned. Ohhhh grandma's food. Like most grandma's, the desserts are especially hard to resist. One summer spent with her can really put your pounds on. I had to work extra hard to push myself into shape for swim team. Damn! That reminds me, I have a meet today at five and it is already a quarter past four.

"Sorry grandma, I have a meet today I need to get to, and the house is not nearly as clean as my mother wants it to be before she comes to inspect on her break at seven."

Grandma pressed her lips and sighed, "Well, I can take your brother off your hands. I bet he is restless sitting at your meets."

"Oh will you?!? Thank you so much grandma!"

As soon as I closed the door behind me I ran into my room and threw all my clothes off. The house was perfectly spotless, but I am dying to play with myself. My computer sits in a corner between the waterbed and my dresser drawers. Mmmm, perfect to sit on my bed and watch "videos," which is what I planned to do till about four thirty. I ached to cum at least once every day.

My computer stores all my fantasies. Poor little me, without a cock of my own to have fun with. Sure there is my brother, but he is not old enough to understand anything about sex. If and when he is, I'll make sure he knows how to treat his girlfriends when the time comes. Oooo, I tingled at the thought of my brother, older, horny. He will have someone, unlike I did.

The computer was up and running. I cut and pasted all these different sex video links to run. The first video revealed a girl viciously sucking on a hard-on while her ass got pumped. Already I felt my pussy drip with the first short clip. Two girls kissing and fingered one another followed the threesome clip. I love hearing their wet pussy sounds while fingers slid in and out. Fuck, I am bad with torturing myself.

One of my fingers slipped between my legs and onto my hard clit. Slowly, I fingered it in small circles, gradually getting faster as the movies played on. This man took a girl against the wall, fucking her cunt like an animal, making her scream. My fingers went crazy on my hot clit sending my whole body in shivers. The other hand grabbed my tit and pinched my hard nipple.

KNOCK! KNOCK! I froze. Fuck! So close. I threw on a white tank top and some blue pj pants, rushing towards the door. Grandma's white coat hung on the chair, she must have forgot it. So I grabbed it and opened the door.

"Hi little one," Louis smiled.

A lump caught in my throat. I was struck by his presence, and obviously not in a good way.


"Esta tu mommy home? It's been a long time. You're all grown up bonita. So beautiful."

"No, she is not, and you should not have come over without an invite or a call or something. I could call the cops for harrasment."

"Whoa whoa whoa chica. Got spice to. Can I wait for tu mama here?"

"No, sorry, I'm going to be leaving soon."

"Really? A donde? Where?"

"Swimming, now I must get ready."

"Can I watch chica?"

I slapped him. He walked into the doorway. I stood my ground. He backhanded me. The room spun as I hit the floor hard. Louis shut the door and locked it as I tried to regain my balance. He took my arm and forced me onto the sofa. This Mexican was about an inch shorter than myself, but his muscles made up for his lack in height.

My legs were desperate to kick him, back him off from me. Louis caught my feet and put his knees on my legs. Then grasped my hands.

"You asshole!!" I screamed at him, "Let me go!!!"

"What a mouth," he laughed, "I'll use that soon chiquita."

He unbuckled his belt and slid that off. Louis turned me around taking my hands behind my back and his legs behind my knees. My pants were taken down to reveal my naked ass.

"No chonez? Bad girl."

SMACK! The belt stung my ass. I cried out, trying to break free. SMACK! Another blow as I whimpered feeling my cunt really soak. SMACK!


Louis's harsh breaths told me this excited him. One of his fingers ran along my pussy lips, "Te gusta chica. You like huh?"

"No, get the fuck off of me," I was panting.

There was no hiding I LOVE my ass spanked, but this motherfucker should not know that. Louis whipped me back around to face him and slapped me again. His jeans were open, revealing his thick, 6-inch cock. He dabbed it in my over-flowing cunt. The head was swallowed by my pussy lips as Louis fingered my clit with his thumb.

"Tell me you don't like this bonita. Tell me Alice, chica. Dime."

His thick cock slid an inch further, streaching my walls. I let out a moan. This should not feel so good. Fuck I hate him more than ever, but I can't deny his cock feels so good in me.

"Ohhhh! You like it?"

"Take it out. Stop Louis. S-" he put another inch in, "Oh!!"

Louis let go off my hands right before he suddenly shoved the rest of his cock in me. I yelled, my nails dug into his shoulders. He smiled at me and slid his cock all the way out of my pussy. The dick shone with my juices.

"Okay chica, I'll stop."

"Noooo," I begged.

"Oh, ok nina. You like my hand on your ass huh? Yeah... How about if I fuck you now? Like that? Fuck your ass?"

I whimpered at the thought. His cock is so thick. Never had I had such a huge dick inside me before.

Before I could object any further, Louis bent me over the couch. He ran his cock up and down the crack of my ass, letting out all of my negative thoughts, and rendering me speechless.

"Spread your ass little nina. Let me put my cock in," he demanded. I grabbed my firm asscheeks in each hand and spread them apart so he could clearly see my tight little hole. Louis chuckled, "That's it. Ready for me Alice? Ready my white wedda?"

The tip of his slippery, thick cock teased my asshole. Gasping, the head of his cock entered my tight ass.

"It hurts! Louis, please stop. I can't handle it. Please!" I begged.

"Tranquilla mi chica. Stay calm. It's ok," he ran a finger along my pussy, "Ohhhh, you are wetter than ever mi amor... my love," hands gripped my waist and he shoved the rest of his cock in me with a loud moan.

I screamed so loud I could have sworn the neighbors heard me. Fuck, his cock is tearing me apart! I've been fucked in my ass before, but Louis's size is no comparasion to the others! My ass was throbbing against his cock. Trying to deny him. Slowly, forcefully getting used to his package.

"Shhhh! Quiet! Aye que gusto!! Feels so good in you mami," Louis started rotating his hips ever so steadily, "I don't want to stop. Moan chiquita, moan quietly. Dios mio.... my god! Yes........ yes..... aye si. Eso es chica..... Ohhh fuck that's it."

The sofa I gripped was the only comfort against this horny gardner's cock.

"Dirty...... horny...... bastard!" I moaned.

A laugh escaped Louis, "Pero te gusta! You like it huh?"

"Yes..... ohhhhh....... yes!!" I started meeting his cock. Pushing back on him. Oooo, forcing his cock hard in me. Hearing his balls slap against my ass.

"Oh chica! Don't do that! I'll cum!!"

My whole body trembled, "Faster papi. Fuck me faster. Mmmmm I'm going to cum!"

"No mi nina. My little girl," Louis said as he took his cock out of my ass and turned me to face him. "Chupalo. Suck it. Don't cum. Not now."

"You bitch," I mumbled

There was no explination on how mad I was at him. I need to cum so bad! I took his slippery cock in my hand, squeezing the bottom of his shaft. Pre cum flowed over to my hand. Firmly I gripped his shaft, sliding my hand up and letting go just before I reached the head. My other hand cupped his balls, massaging them. They were so tight, so ready to cum. Like I am. I licked my lips and sucked on the head of his cock, tasting his pre cum with my cum. Sucking hard, I found Louis liked it when I ran my tongue along the vein below his cockhead. So I pressed my thumb on it as I kissed and licked his balls.

Louis grabbed a handfull of my hair and forced me onto his shaft, deep throating me. He rammed his hips onto me. Fucking my face fast and hard like he would my pussy. Making me gag.

Grunting and gasping for air, he tried so hard not to cum soon. I reached a hand on my pussy. My clit stuck out, hard, and pussy cum sliding down my thighs. As soon as I touched my clit, I moaned on his cock. With that Louis exploded in my mouth. I tried to back off but he held my head onto his cock.

He plugged my nose telling me, "To-tomatelo. Fucking drink it. Drink it puta, you whore! I was not supposed to cum."

All of it ran down my mouth as I struggled and fought to breath. Finally, Louis let go of me. I was panting for air.

Again, Louis slapped me, "I was not supposed to fucking cum you slut!! Not so soon!"

He zipped up his pants and walked out the door, slamming it behind him. Leaving me alone and horny.

"Fucking bastard! Horny old pervert!! Ohhhh Louis you sick fucker how could you leave me like this?" my fingers ran in and out of my pussy in lust for his cock.

My body went into convulsions as I cried out in pleasure. Pussy juices smothered my hand. As much as I hate to admit it, I hope that damn gardener will come back and finish what he started.

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