tagIncest/TabooMom's Exciting Discovery

Mom's Exciting Discovery


"What a waste," thought Sandra. "Now what am I supposed to do?" She had taken Friday afternoon off work to catch up with her sister in law Tabitha, ex-sister in law, and then Tabitha came down with a stomach bug. She hadn't seen her ex-husband's sister since before the divorce, but they had kept in touch through Facebook and both agreed that they should still continue to be friends even though Sandra's marriage was over. Sandra had viewed it as an important step for her in moving on from her divorce. She had felt a rough time for the first several months, but was finally starting to regain her bearings and come out on the other side.

Rather than go back to work when they were already expecting her to be out for the day, she decided to come home early, relax a bit and get an early start to her weekend. She called out a greeting up the stairs to her son, but heard no reply back. She dropped her purse on the table and thumbed through the mail as she stood in the living room. Nothing exciting, some junk ads, a bank statement and a utility bill.

She went to the kitchen and remembered that she had a load of laundry to do. She went to the alcove that held the washer and dryer and began to load the washer. Always so much do do, well, not sooo much, but at least always something. She considered that her son Billy probably had left some clothes strewn around his room and as long as she was doing the laundry right now, she should see if there was any more to do up there.

At Billy's open doorway she knocked as she peeked in to see that it was empty. Behind her she could see that the bathroom door was closed and the light visible in the crack of the door was more evidence that that's where Billy was. She peered into Billy's room and sure enough there were a week's worth of dirty clothes thrown every which way around. She went in and started to gather them. A pair of jeans half under the bed, another in the corner, T-shirts right in the middle of the floor, socks and underwear scattered amongst items, what a mess. Is it so hard to put the old clothes in the laundry when you come down in the morning?

There was yet another shirt flung over the back of his chair and as she got closer to his desk she saw an open notebook lying there, both pages filled most of the way with writing. His diary. She only glanced at it. She wouldn't read his diary, but as she glanced at it her eyes caught the word "mom". She would have glossed over almost any other word, but she was compelled against her will to see more of the page and the word "mom" was written on many of the lines. Phrases started to solidify in front of her eyes, "fuck my mom" "mom naked" "mom's tits" "if only mom would fuck me." Then it was too late and she couldn't unsee what she had read. Or unthink it.

She grabbed the shirt and hurried out of Billy's room. As she turned to go down the stairway, she saw the closed bathroom door and wondered if Billy was simply going to the bathroom or if he was perhaps masturbating in there about her. She quickened her steps downstairs and returned to the laundry. She stood in front of the washing machine for several moments and tried to process this new situation that had been revealed to her.

She finished by putting, as chance would have it, a pair of her panties right on top of the load of laundry inside the machine. She couldn't help wondering if Billy would have wanted to feel them before she put them in. Just as the machine whirred into action, Billy came downstairs and sounding mildly surprised said "you're home early."

"Yes...I was going to see Tabitha, but she was sick, so I came home."


"Well, I'll be upstairs," Sandra said and exited Billy's presence, hoping that she didn't appear too flustered. As flustered as she felt seeing Billy in front of her now that she knew what he thought about her. His own mother.

As Sandra passed Billy's room, she peeked in and could see that the diary had been put away. It was no longer out in the open on his desk, relegated back out of sight under his mattress or at the bottom of a drawer and she contemplated how much simpler it would have been had it been put away all day.

In her room, she sat on her bed with the TV on, but she wasn't paying attention to the screen. She wondered for a second if he had meant for her to find it and quickly decided that she didn't think so. He hadn't expected her home so early and when he realized that she was, he had put the notebook out of sight. Had he noticed that his dirty clothes were picked up? Did he suspect that she had seen his diary and read enough to know what was in it? She figured she had best find out.

She went into her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn't ever thought that boys Billy's age would find her attractive on account of her age. She noticed young men from time to time around town and found them attractive, but she hadn't ever seriously entertained the notion of seeing somebody half or nearly half her age before. It just seemed so out of the ordinary. But her own son? Even more out of the ordinary, or even extraordinary.

She looked closely at herself and struck a few sexy poses, studying herself and her look. She tried to imagine how she might look to a horny young man and she was pleased to find that she thought she looked pretty good. In some ways, she felt she looked even better than she had in her twenties. Like she had grown to look more like herself. A thought flashed into her mind as she unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt and pushed her breasts together, making a mountain of cleavage, that divorce suited her. She chuckled and buttoned her blouse back up.

But Billy had had girlfriends before. She thought that maybe it would make more sense to her if they lived way out in the country and he didn't have contact with women his own age that possibly he could develop an attraction to her for want of another sexual outlet, but that wasn't the case here. Billy never really brought girls home with him, but she was nearly certain that Billy was at least as experienced as any normal nineteen year old. Yet still, it seemed that Billy was lusting over her and against perhaps her better judgement, it sent a little thrill through her.

Sandra hadn't slept with any men since her divorce a little over a year ago. And she hadn't slept with any man besides her husband for the whole time that they had been together, eight years. It would seem almost fitting to keep it in the family. But no, of course not. Yes, she was finally ready to see somebody again, but a nice man her own age. Possibly another divorcee who had been hurt himself and was in the same boat that she was, getting back into the wide land of the living after first being married and then being devastated. They could lick each other's wound and lick each other's...

Oh my, she thought as she stared at herself in the mirror. She put her hand on her forehead and said aloud to her reflection "I'm thinking of fucking my own son. My young little man, my sexy stud."

It was like the gates had been flung open and now thoughts were flying at her rapidly. They were scattered and loony enough to make her laugh in stops and starts as a nervous energy and glee began to pulsate and rise up in her stomach. "I should walk downstairs naked, no in my bra and panties." "I should take him out to dinner and stick my foot into his crotch under the table and see what he does." "I should scare him into thinking I am mad about that diary of his before I rip off his pants and shove his cock in my mouth." "I want to see the look on his face as he enters me and study him as he lets his cum flow into my pussy." "I could blow his fucking mind, couldn't I?"

She heard the beep from downstairs of the washing machine ending its cycle. That's what she would do. She would finish drying the clothes and give him back all those that she had retrieved from his room earlier and try to gauge his reaction. Then she could proceed from there. She was caught in a triangle between delicious fantasies, gripping fear and torrid anticipation. Before she went to the laundry, she concluded that it would be best for everybody, everybody on earth, if they both just stuck to fantasies in private. "I bet he could pound me so great."

Billy was in his room with the door closed as Sandra walked past it on her way downstairs. She hurried to the dryer and transferred the wet clothes into it and pushed the button. Now all there was to do was wait. She decided to take a shower. That would be a pleasant way to pass the time.

Once in her bedroom she closed the door, but in perhaps a subconscious nod didn't latch it. She undressed, leaving all her clothing in a heap reminiscent of the heaps of clothes that Billy had left around. Neither did she close her bathroom door as she turned on the shower and waited a few moments for it to warm up.

The inside of the shower looked strange and new, it had a lighter quality to it, somehow more fragile. She never had showered with the bathroom door open before, even when she was the only one in the house. "That's right Billy, I'm naked in here."

She let the water stream into her hair and over her body. "You could come right in here and fuck me, baby. The doors are open for you." It was insane, here she was imagining her son bursting through the door and embracing her, kissing her. She was praying for it. "It's just not fair. You may not have meant to, but now you've got me all horny and you'll just have to do something about it. You made your bed now fuck in it."

She just let the water pelt her face as the thoughts swirled around inside her. "Is this what you wanted, Billy? Your mother all aching for your cock?" Sandra sat down in the shower and just imagined all the... all the... all the fucking incest she wanted to commit.

Out of the shower, the bathroom steamy, but cool at the same time with the bathroom door open, she wrapped a towel around herself. God, she wanted to press her body up against Billy's and feel him stiffen through his pants and the damp towel. She dried her hair and her heart jumped as the bell for the dryer sounded off. Her whole body jumped. Now or never.

She put on a clean dress. She thought this might give Billy a bit of a charge. A tight black dress that ended an inch above her knees and gave just a hint of her cleavage. Not a very revealing dress, but an extremely sexy one in her judgement.

She got the dry clothes and sorted them and folded them in a hurry. There was Billy's little pile of clothes that she had taken from his room just a short while ago. Time to see what's what, she thought.

She knocked at Billy's closed door. He opened it. She handed him the pile of folded clothes and searched his features for any hint of processing. "I did some laundry."

"Thanks," he said and took the clothes. He placed them on the bed.

"I needed a few more items to make a full load so I got some from your room this afternoon."

"Ok," he said. She didn't note any worry in his expression or his voice. "Are you going out or something tonight?" he asked.

"No, oh the dress," she feigned nonchalance, "I just saw it in the closet and felt like putting it on for some reason. Do you like it?"

"Sure, it looks really nice on you."

"Thanks. Thanks. What about you? It's a nice Friday evening, are you going anyplace?" Was she actually nervous talking to her son now? Nervous with excitement and anticipation? That couldn't be. Could it?

"Nah, not tonight. I was just going to hang around here probably. I have a little homework I could do anyway or I dunno, I'll do something."

"Homework? On Friday night? How about we get some dinner, we could go out or we could order something in."

"Sure, we could do that. I'd be up for either."

"Great, let's order in then. If I get Chinese, will you go pick it up?"


"Alright, excellent then. I'll let you know when it'll be ready.

Billy would be back with the Chinese food any minute. Right after he left, Sandra paced around and tried to come up with a strategy to see how far this might go. She wanted to see his diary again and was now up in Billy's room looking for it. Not in his desk drawer, not under his mattress or under the bed. Maybe she should just forget the whole thing. Maybe he didn't really feel that way or really mean it. He hid it well enough as to not be inadvertently discovered.

Knowing time was short, she was rooting around in the closet when she heard his car door slam. She jumped up and rushed into her own room. Billy called out that the food was there. She composed herself and came out of her room and went downstairs. Billy was setting the boxes of food out on the table.

"Hey, Mom."

"Hi Billy, thanks for picking this up."

"No problem. Thanks for buying it."

"Oh, sure. It looks great."

They sat down and filled up their plates. They each took a few bites in silence. Sandra kept searching in her mind for a way to proceed. What if she poured some Kung Pao sauce onto her cleavage and pressed Billy's face into it. "Suck Mommy's spicy tits." Alright, enough of that. Something realistic.

"So how have things been going lately?"

"Fine," he said. He took another bite of noodles.


"Yeah, you know, nothing special. What about you?"

"Oh, me? I've been alright. Maybe a little lonely, I guess. But I'm finally starting to feel better again after everything and, you know being single," she said. In her mind she added -suck on that boy, I'm lonely, lonely and I want a man. What are you gonna do about it?-

"I'm glad you're feeling better again."

"Yeah, I dunno, it's just like everything got changed around and I just didn't know which way was up. Now I just want to do something."

"Like what?"

"Oh I don't know. Cut loose somehow. Maybe take a trip someplace. A vacation might be just the thing. I'm sorry to be talking about this with you. You don't really need to be concerned with any of this."

"No mom, I don't mind. It feels better to talk doesn't it?"

"Yes dear, you can always make me feel better," she said and she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, but also grazing the very corner of his mouth. She felt him tense up and exhale.

They resumed their meal without speaking, but Sandra now felt that she may have pushed him a little bit toward her. At the very least, she had charged him up a little bit and probably gotten his mind flowing with all sorts of scenarios that ended with him blowing a huge load all over her. She could see him sneaking peeks at her cleavage. She purposely dropped her napkin and looked at him under the table while she picked it up. He had a raging hard-on poking at his jeans. She wanted to rub her hands on it and make it jump.

But, really, she knew she had not pushed it very much farther along than it already was as far as Billy was concerned. For Sandra, this was thrilling and new, but Billy had probably been attracted to her for quite a while. It could go on like that forever, just to that point and no further. She knew that he wanted her. Yes, she was sure, but he would have to make the first move. No matter how much she wanted it, she couldn't bring herself to blatantly seduce her son. She could nudge him though, she would nudge him as hard as she could. -Please fuck me baby, momma wants you so bad.-

When they were done eating, she got up and took their plates. She resisted the urge to press her breasts up against Billy when she took his plate. She wanted to touch him so badly. She placed the plated in the dishwasher and absent mindedly rubbed her neck and stared out the window over the sink and into the dark evening.

She just couldn't see what she could do to let Billy know just how receptive she was to his feelings. Again, fueled by desire, she pictured herself coming on to him and again quickly dismissed the idea. If only she could tell him. Maybe she could find his diary and sneak a message in. His heart would race when he saw it, but surely he would see that he wouldn't be turned away. If she had a little more time she could find where he had hidden it.

In the window with darkness beyond it the reflection of the kitchen was the main image that was visible, much more plain than the faint outlines of their fence and the trees along the property. Movement behind her drew her attention back to the solid mirror like reflection. It was Billy, standing now right behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders.


"Oh God," Sandra groaned. "Yes."

"I could give you a neck rub if you'd like."

"That would be heaven."

"Come on," he said and started for the living room.

She followed him and they both sat down on the couch. A thought raced to Sandra's mind and impulsively, she acted on it. "Let's go up to my bed so I can lie down easier."

It seemed to Sandra that Billy hesitated for a moment, a very slight moment. She hoped very much that she hadn't acted to boldly. That she hadn't revealed aspects of Billy's attraction to himself that would make him pull back if it went too far or got too real. But then, perhaps the word hesitation wasn't the correct one. Maybe it was more like a silent reflection to himself, the fact dawning on him that he was in. -In my pussy, baby.- A moment he couldn't help but savor, because he answered, "of course, lie back and let me take you away."

Billy put his hand gently against Sandra's back and guided her through the doorway into her bedroom without exerting any pressure. She climbed onto the bed and lay down on her stomach. Billy sat next to her and reached over to her shoulders. His position made her think of a woman riding a horse side-saddle and she wanted to tell him to straddle her and ride her.

His hands felt wonderful on her shoulders, his fingers working and caressing her muscles. She was tense and had been for a long time. Since the months leading up to the divorce, probably. Either it had been that way for so long that she stopped noticing it or she never really did until this evening in the kitchen right before Billy, her son, placed his hands on her and made her tingle.

"Is that good?" he asked.

"Yes, yes, it's wonderful," she replied. "Let be undo my dress a little."

She was no longer trying to find ways to entice him or to give herself. She was caught up in the feeling of his hands soothing her. "Can you un-zip me a little?"

Billy did, unzipping the back of the dress a few inches.

"A little more, honey," she said. He unzipped a little further.

She sat up and worked her arms out of the dress, still holding the front up against her breasts. She looked over at Billy and he was looking off the other way. Right at the bedroom window that was functioning as a mirror with the curtains open. She saw him look the other way when he noticed her reflection looking at him. She didn't say anything to him. She lay back down, keeping the front of the dress between her chest and the bed. She hadn't quite realized how much of her bra would be revealed though, but proceeded anyway. "Okay, I'm ready."

He placed his hands on her bare shoulders again and just rubbed his flat palms over her smooth skin, running along under her bra straps. He resumed massaging her neck and shoulders. His touch felt ten times better against her skin than it had through her clothing and she sighed slightly as he felt and caressed her. Then she groaned as he dug his thumbs in along her shoulder blades. A low groan that tiptoed out of her.

With a far away voice, Billy asked, "you're liking it, mom?"

"Yes, honey. So much, don't stop. Keep touching me..."

"Like this?" he asked. He rubbed the surface of her upper back in circles. He slipped his fingers under her bra straps again and followed the fabric further around her side, grazing the flesh of her breasts.

She exhaled, "mmm, yes."

He moved more boldly along the sides of her breasts and then the tide of his fingers ebbed away. "This strap keeps getting in the way."

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