tagIncest/TabooMom's Friend Gert Ch. 02

Mom's Friend Gert Ch. 02


A peak at Ch.1. Jeff a 22 year old working as an electrical apprentice fixes his moms friends ceiling fan, gets to Talk to Gert about a fetish he has and she shows him how his fetish may be enjoyed.

Gert has Jeff over for supper and things get hot and heavy after the dishes are done and Jeff says he can fix her dishwasher.

As Paul Harvey used to say, "And now the rest of the story."

Saturday morning Jeff headed out to the parts shop and purchased the solenoid valve for the dishwasher. Around ten in the morning he was knocking on Gert's door. She was still in a nightie and did not expect Jeff there so early.

"Hi Gert, I have the solenoid valve for the dishwasher."

"Well come on in then, I thought you were gonna be here at noon time."

"I think I said I would get the part in the morning and have it fixed some time in the afternoon, probably be done around eleven.

"Gert, Thanks a million for yesterday and last. I never felt so great."

Gert stood there speechless, she had sex with men at times but not one man ever thanked her, like it was expected. Not with Jeff though. He loved what Gert did, and simply wanted to say Thankyou very much. Gert knew he was very sincere when he said it.

Sure enough, the dishwasher was fixed at eleven and running like a charm and Gert was very pleased.

She wanted to show her appreciation towards his kindness in the bedroom.

"Follow me Jeff." said Gert in a voice of happiness. She was quite happy to do what she was about to. No more messy kitchen if she did not feel like doing the dishes. Just put them in the washer and when she had a full load turn it on.

"Well Jeff, Thanks so much for making life in the kitchen a hell of a lot easier, now what sexual pleasure would you like?"

"Well, yesterday, you made a home-made cock ring from a skinny belt and had my balls puffed up and it felt so nice when you rubbed your sexy black half-glasses all over them."

"It felt that good?" asked Gert with a warm smile.

"Gert, it was totally grand."



"The same can be done with bosoms too, squeeze them real tight and the nipple gets so much more sensitive to the touch. I could do that and run the beads from your sexy half-glasses past them."

"Where did you learn that Jeff?"

"Where else but the internet, about the cock ring, so far as squeezing the bosoms that is my idea."

"I think we should try both ideas Jeff."

So Gert got the black skinny belt she used yesterday and put my cock and balls into it and tightened it up and when she rubbed her various pairs of half-glasses over my fat red balls, the feeling was the greatest ever.

She had her black half-rounds at the end of her nose with that feminine pearl beads eyeglass chain hanging and seeing her head bobbing up and down and her lips upon my cock was so nice and ten times better when I blew my love sauce down her throat.

Gert took the whole load not losing so much as a drop. When she was done she loosened the ring so I would not get gangrene.

I grabbed her and held to to me so much I could feel her lovely bosoms push into my chest. I started to french kiss and we both rolled over still held together and letting our tongues dance.

6 months later

We were having a grand old time. I would take her out somewhere to dinner and come back to her place and make love or play around with her half-glasses and beads. I told her I loved her dearly and we would sometimes just hug and hold each other and watch t.v.

I was thinking about leaving the fetish thing alone for a bit for as much as I liked it, I did not want Gert to think I was in love with her half-glasses. So I just said nothing about them for a few weeks and Gert asked about this.

"Jeff, do you no longer get turned on by my half-glasses?"

"I still like them Gert."

"Just that you have not asked me to do anything with them."

"I will never get over that fetish but I was worried you would think I was in love with your half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains and not you."

"Well don't worry about that, I know you have some deep feelings for me, so let us go back to doing things. I picked up a few nice pair of silver ovals, and a pair of gold ones too, let's do things with them."

So we headed off to her boudoir, the lights were low and she had the radio tuned in to a classical music station.

I did not know until then, that she liked classical music. I had been into classical for a few years now and was familiar with Chopin's etudes and nocturnes. Beethoven's Moonlight sonata and Path'etique.

"That was Chopin's etude opus ten number three," and I mentioned George Sands who in reality was a woman who had to take a mans name if she wanted to be taken seriously as a writer.

Gert was very surprised I knew that.

"Jeff, how about me or us taking pictures of what we do?"

"I never thought of that Gert. I know less than nothing about photography."

"I have a digital job, we take pics and store them in the computer, I thought you would like to have some pics of me on yours at home, that might help you to er...well have a great time with yourself as you look at me, fact is maybe we could make a few movies."

"Well lets check out those new reading glasses Gert and talk about movies after?"

So she showed me her new style of glasses and when she was lying on the bed in a fancy bra with lace and had her foot up with a sparkling black patent heel hanging off her big toe,a pair of silver oval glasses down her nose and a beaded eyeglass chain I knew taking pics could be a great hobby.

We spent all of Saturday doing pics and when she went to make supper, she told me to send the pics to my computer at home so I would have some hot pics to do things with.

Supper was pretty good and Gert had some apple crisp with Cool whip.

In the bedroom, Gert wanted to do some interesting things, "Jeff, put on my bra and my black half-glasses. I did so and the feeling I got was quite exiting.

I was feeling hornier than a shipload of sailors after six months out at sea and it seemed to be due to wearing Gert's clothes.

I ended up wearing her heels;skirt blouse; and ear rings and her eyeglass chain and half-glasses.

It was quite a wild evening and when I made love to Gert dressed as a woman I felt it was the best orgasm I ever had and the way Gert looked after this told me she had never experienced such a thundering orgasm.

I did not become a cross dresser but I did know that wearing woman's clothes when told to do so could give a hell of a rush and if it made sex more intense I had no trouble dressing up as a woman at times. I suggested Gert could be my dominatrix and I her sex slave.

One Saturday a month later mom (Helen) told me she had to go in to work as Stephanie the other librarian called in sick. Mom worked Mon through Fri from nine to seven as she is the head librarian. I forgot that the library is open from nine to four on Saturday.

Well Gert dropped by with something she borrowed from mom and wanted to return it. I told her mom was working as someone called in sick. "Oh. O.k., you want to come over my place?" "Love to Gert but the truck is in the shop for a tune-up, want to stay a while here?"


So she came into my room, we talked a bit and then started to mess around. Gert was dressed so nice. a grey skirt; white blouse with a ruffled V neck black patent heels and of course her beaded eyeglass chain from which her sexy black half-glasses hung. Gert also had a few more pair in her purse as well and her camera.

Gert and I were having such a good time with me dressing up in her clothes. She had me sit in a chair and tell me what to do with her glasses or high heels and and took pictures.

Mom came home in the middle of our good time and hearing voices in the house went to check things out.

My bedroom door was open a few inches and mom took a look and saw a sight that made her want to watch.

She was not mad in the least. She was a pretty good woman and saw that Gert had a good influence on me and was happy I am with a respectable older lady and not some young floozie.

So mom pulls up a chair and is watching as I wore gert's half-glasses or placed them on other parts of my anatomy as told to do so by Gert, same thing with her patent black heels.

Well mom was getting so turned on by this she started squeezing her tits and fingering her self. We never heard a word until mom, having gotten so into pleasing her self as she watched her best friend and son doing things leaned just a bit too far back and fell backwards.

We did not know what to think, was it a burglar? I got into a pair of Khaki shorts real quick and grabbed my old oak baseball bat and went into the hallway. I could not believe my eyes. There is mom on her back and she is still fingering her self. Did not even know I was there.


"Uh Jeff?'

By this time Gert had somewhat gotten herself together and was in the hallway as well.

"Oh Hi Helen." said Gert.

Mom was so cool,

"Jeff, Gert, I hope you don't get mad but I was so turned on seeing the both of you having such a great time and I am sorry I spied but it is the closest thing I have gotten to sex in years and I am so depressed for not being satisfied for so long."

And it was so sad that mom started to sob heavily. Gert and I looked at each other summing up the awkwardness of the situation.

Gert pulled me back into the bedroom and told me her plan to let mom join us and wanted to know what my thoughts were.

"Hell Yes, let's get mom in on this."

"Helen." Said Gert. "Jeff and I would love you to join us in our love making. As you can see we have a wonderful time together. It all started when Jeff told me how turned on he was when he saw you wearing your half-glasses and the fantasies he had when he saw your bosoms one time and how he liked doing himself wearing an old pair of your half-glasses.

I told him that fetishes can be great in a relationship and Jeff has made me such a happy woman these last nine months and is very mature for his age. And Helen we would very much love to have you join us."

"Yes Gert, yes Jeff, thank you so much! I knew you and Jeff were getting it on or getting off and I knew I was really missing out on something very nice. What do you think Jeff?"

"Oh mom, I think it would be great, you and Gert have been friends for years. Now we can all be the best of friends and lovers.

"Well." Said Gert, "Lets have some coffee and something to eat and come up with a time we can all get together."

I could hardly wait to be in a three-some with two ladies who mean so much to me.

Chapter three coming soon.

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