tagMatureMom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 04

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 04


I ended chapter three by saying that it was the end of the story of that first day when I lost my virginity. Actually, Shirley, who was the ever practical farm girl, lay there with me cuddling and kissing for a half hour and then she and I got up and dressed and finished out a long day working on the farm. When I went home that night at almost 9 pm I was dirty and sweaty and my penis and testicles were sore. I was a happy 19 year old and slept like a log that night.

The next day I arrived bright and early at the farm and Shirley met me at the gate again. Today I was going to be mowing another hay field while she raked the next field and began bailing. She had the water jug and had packed sandwiches in an old army pack. We walked arm in arm to the machine shed where the tractors were parked. Once inside she spun me around and pulled my head down to her lips. The kiss lasted for several minutes and was soft and warm and deep. She tasted of tobacco and cinnamon and as we kissed she ground her groin into mine giving me a painful erection. Today she was wearing a white blouse with the tails out and I ran my hands under the loose shirt and caressed her breasts and nipples.

When we finally broke the kiss she said, "I was going to wait until lunch and then attack you under the trees by the field but I had to do that now. She looked down at my erection holding my pants out like a tent with a wet spot already forming from pre-cum. "I just love being with a young guy again. I think we should take the edge off of you again so that later you will be able to last longer."

Shirley pulled me out of sight in the shed and knelt at my feet. She pulled my buckle open and unbuttoned my jeans. Tugging them down, she let my cock spring free and immediately wrapped her lips around the head, just tonguing and sucking the head as she used her hand on my shaft. It felt wonderful and I was afraid I would not last very long. She slid her lips further down my shaft wetting it all the way and then slowly withdrew. After repeating this several times she let the purple head pop out of her mouth as she looked up at me.

"You like?" she asked, as she continue to stroke my wet cock slowly with her hand. I bent down and kissed her on the lips, a slow and tender kiss with my tongue and hers making love to each other. Her mouth now had a salty taste of my abundant pre-cum and I savored her flavor. When we finally broke the kiss she again took my cock into her mouth.

After another half dozen slow strokes she again pulled her mouth away. She said, "I love sucking your cock and feeling it in my hands. I want to watch you cum and yet I want to feel you spurt in my mouth." She then slid my cock slowly back in until the head felt like it was rubbing the back of her throat.

I was close to the point of no return and as Shirley felt me press forward to meet her she began to bob her head on my cock with her hands following her mouth. With one hand she began to fondle my balls and I felt my cum rising. I said, "Going to cum".

Shirley actually made a growling sound and began to fuck my with her mouth faster as her hands jacked me furiously. The first spurt was in her mouth and then she pulled my cock from her mouth and continued to jack it into her face letting the tip spew cum on her lips and cheeks. My cock went back into her mouth and she continued sucking the head and stroking it with her hands until my orgasm was over and I began to go limp.

"Wow, what a great way to start the day," she said, "Did you enjoy your blowjob?" I found that Shirley loved to talk what she called "sexy dirty talk." She like the term blowjob and used it often over the next several days.

I pulled Shirley to her feet and kissed her, not minding my cum still in her mouth and on her lips. She kissed me deeply and her saliva and mine were flavored with the cum she had sucked from my body. As we separated from the long kiss, she once again got back to business and directed me to start the tractor and hooked up the cycle mower. She went to the other tractor and started it. The rake was already to go and she headed for the fields.

We mowed and racked all morning and at lunch time she signaled me to head for the shaded area along the fields. In the sudden quiet after we had turned off both tractors I felt in awe of this wonderful woman as I watched her spread an old army blanket on the ground. She turned to face me and unbuttoned her blouse, dropping it to the ground. Her shoes and jeans followed and she stood there naked, having worn no undergarments.

I stripped too and she stood watching me. I have not told you much about myself yet. I am 5 ft 10 inches tall. At 19 I had done a lot of hard work and had inherited my father's muscular build. I had a thick chest and shoulders and a tight waist. My butt is non existent, and my legs are thick and muscular. Shirley was slim and very muscular for a woman from all of her hard work. Her breasts were not overly large, but I loved her large areolas and her perky nipples.

She said, "I thought we could fuck before we ate." I stepped to her arms, already hard as a rock and wrapped her slender body into my arms kissing her deeply. My cock found a nest in her abundant pubic hair and we sank to the blanket still kissing. Shirley guided me until I was lying on my back and she was straddling me. She raised up and taking my cock, she began rubbing the head through her pubic hair and up and down her soaking wet slit.

"I have been thinking about this all morning, and I need your cock inside of me." She inserted the head between her lips and slowly lowered herself onto me a couple of inches. She rose back up and then lowered herself again a little further. It felt wonderful to me and I hoped I could hold off and give her pleasure. Each time she rose up and lowered herself she took me a bit deeper and soon I was sliding in all the way to the hilt.

After a minute of slowly fucking me from above, Shirley began to make a series of deep throaty moans and to slowly grind her pubic bone into mine at the end of each stroke. Remembering what she had asked yesterday, I reached up and too her nipples and areola's between my thumbs and fingers and began to roll and pinch them. She moaned louder and began long deep strokes and going faster and faster.

I felt Shirley's whole body spasm and jerk and her moans became louder with whimpers and crying as she slammed herself into me over and over fucking me brutally and me loving every stroke. I felt my own orgasm rise and as she lowered her body lower and I pinched her nipples harder I started to shoot my hot cum into her beautiful hairy pussy. I was amazed at how much was running from her, a combination of our cum and finally she sank onto me, burying her face into my neck.

We lay like that, breathing hard, for several minutes. Finally she raised herself enough to press her lips to mine and we kissed deeply and softly. When she finally broke away she sat up smiled at me. "That was wonderful," she said, "I hope it was as good for you."

I assured her it was wonderful for me too and then, with me still half hard and buried inside her pussy, she sat tightly pressed to my groin and we began to talk. She told me that she knew what we were doing was wrong and for any bad feelings I might have she was very sorry. I assured her that for me this was a wonderful experience.

She then began to talk about her husband and daughters. She laughed when she felt me deflate the rest of the way inside of her and simply pressed more tightly to keep my cock trapped inside of her. Talking about her family brought me down to earth in a hard way. She told me her husband drank too much and was often abusive to her. She said he was mostly nice to the girls, especially the two older ones who adored him. She told me he had always resented the fact that the farm was hers in a family trust and he could never own any part of it himself. As a result, he did very little work around the farm and worked at the auto plant in the next town.

I asked her if he was mean to her youngest daughter, who had just turned 16. She said he tolerated her because she was just like her mother. I was to learn that MJ, as she called her youngest daughter, hero worshiped mom. MJ had never shaved her underarms because her mother didn't and Shirley suspected that she was smoking too, just like mom. Shirley said she didn't really approve but was not about to pass judgment on her daughter for wanting to be like her. She had told MJ that she didn't want her to smoke but she knew that ultimately she could not control her at that age.

I asked her when she had started smoking. She told me that when she was a kid her father had smoked all the time and she thought it smelled wonderful. She said she wanted to be like her dad and by the time she was 13 she was taking puffs from his cigarettes when her mother wasn't watching and by 15 was smoking on her own. As we talked about smoking, she leaned over and snagged her cigarettes and the old Zippo lighter. She lit one as she explained to me that the lighter was the only thing she had left of her father's other than the farm.

As she took a deep drag and did her usual slow exhale I remember thinking how strange it was to have my drained penis inside this beautiful woman while she sat on my and told me part of her life's story. I asked about her father and she said he had died of cancer when she was 15. Her mother, a very weak and insecure woman, had remarried within a year. Shirley told me her stepfather hated everything about her dad and threw away all of his clothes and possessions, even selling his tools and shotguns. He said the farm was his and Shirley and her sister had better "toe the line".

At this point I had been fondling Shirley's beautiful breasts and her big brown nipples were again hard, in spite of it being a hot day. Her areolas were bumpy and puckered and festinated me. She played with my nipples with one hand as she talked and when her cigarette was finished, she immediately lit another one. I moved one hand to her underarm fur and as she told me she had hidden her father's Zippo lighter and continued to smoke in spite of her step father's warnings. She paused to take a second deep drag on her cigarette and looked down on me and smiled. My cock had risen, and was again filling her nicely.

She began her slow long exhale and I reached up and lowered her, reversing our positions until I was over her and our soaking groins were still tightly mated together. "Well, are you going to wait until I finish my cigarette?"

I didn't answer, but slowly backed my hard cock out of her and then slowly slid it home again She took another deep long drag as I slid slowly out again, almost leaving her body and then slid slowly back inside of her. "Do you like me?" she said?

I paused, "I like you very much, and I like everything about you."

"You like fucking me, but I am much older than you and I don't shave and I smoke and you are going to get tired of me right away." She actually looked sad, and it was amazing I kept the erection that was now paused in mid stroke.

"Well, you could quit smoking and shave if you think that would make you feel better", I told her, starting another long slow and deep stroke with my cock. At that moment I wanted the joyous fucking that she had taught me, but I knew she had things on her mind and I really cared for her.

"Do you want me to do those things?"

"Not for me, I like all of your hair. Seeing your underarms and the hair on your tummy gives me hard-ons and it has for years. I hate women, who smoke, but on you it is sexy and I like it when you smoke, even now while I am trying to fuck you." I wanted to say "make love" but used her words instead.

Shirley smiles and said, "Well then, fuck me". She took a long slow draw on the cigarette and as she exhaled it past my head I began stroking my cock into her pussy again. I looked down and saw my hard cock sliding into her furry pussy and looked up the line of hair to the light hair around her navel and up to her hard dark nipples and furry underarms. I realized, I did love her hairy body and later I figured out it was because I really loved her.

I continued stroking in and out of her while she finished her cigarette. It felt wonderful but after cumming earlier I now had some stamina to continue. Shirley finally took one last long deep draw on the cigarette as if she was trying to inhale the smoke all the way down to her pussy. As she flipped it into the dirt by the blanket I began to kiss her and pump myself into her faster and faster. Her exhale surrounded us with smoke and once again it not only didn't bother me, but seemed like a sexual and normal thing.

Shirley began to groan again, her deep throaty groan ending in whimpers as she bucked against me and her breasts flushed and became mottled and red. Her orgasm lasted for 20 or more strokes and once again I marveled at her ability and envied her. I slowed my stroking and then stopped as she said, "Wait a minute, please."

I froze above her as she trembled beneath me for several minutes. She then began playing with my nipples again and said, "your turn, cum for me, cum hard and hot in me." I started stroking into her again, finding the long slow deep strokes felt the best. I pushed one of her arms over her head and began sucking her nipple again, loving the hard rubbery feel of it in my mouth. I continued stroking in and out of her as I licked down the side of her breast and buried my nose and lips into her underarm hair. I loved the way it felt and even the strong salty sweaty taste had her musky woman smell on it.

My speed increased until I was pounding into her as deeply as I could, and when I heard her began to whimper and growl with another orgasm I raised up and gave her everything I had, feeling myself begin to shoot into her again and again until finally, totally spent I fell to the blanket beside her.

We lay in each other's arms for a long time. We kissed gently and just looked into each other's eyes and fondled and caressed each other. I wanted to just fall asleep with this beautiful woman in my arms but once again, Shirley was practical and suggested that we eat. We sat naked, looking at each other and ate our sandwiches. We drank cup after cup of water from the jug, our sweaty dehydrated bodies absorbing the water. Finally, we dressed and spent the rest of the day on the tractors. I finished my mowing and soon we were baling the hay onto the two big farm wagons. She ran the tractor and baler and I stacked the hay.

I know this does not seem like a very romantic or sexy way to end the day, but that is how it really happened. Shirley did give me a hand-job as we kissed and I fondled her breasts before I went home that night after dark again. I was sore and touchy and it didn't take long for me to let go and squirt a small amount of cum onto the back of her hand. I guess my tank had finally run dry.

The next part of the story I am hesitant to tell. There is more story and less sex but it leads eventually to other great sexual experiences. The next part involves brutal punishment Shirley received as a teen and it involves her daughter finding out about Shirley and I.

As always, your feedback and comments are very welcome. I ask that you remember that this story is mostly true, only the dialog is made up because I cannot remember that. I am also still very interested in hearing from any ladies who might have had such experiences and have thoughts on mine. When my true story is finished I would like to try a few fictional stories.

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