tagMatureMom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 05

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 05


The next morning I woke up long before the alarm. My cock was sore and my balls ached and I could not wait to get back to Shirley for more sex. When I arrived at her farm she came quickly from the house and as I started to take her into my arms she said, "Don't do that, let's go to the barn because we have to talk."

When we got to the barn she told me that her youngest daughter had arrived home late last night having caught a ride from the state fair with a neighboring farmer. She and her father had gotten into a big fight and he had sent her packing. My heart sank. I had thought we had five days of glorious sex to look forward to and now we had a 16 year old chaperone.

Shirley pushed me into a dark corner and her mouth covered mine with a deep hungry kiss. Her breath was coffee and cigarettes and it appeared she had not done her usual brushing and mouthwash that morning. It didn't matter, as my tongue and hers began stroking each other and my cock rose quickly to full mast. Today Shirley was wearing a tank top which I quickly pulled up and over her head. Her jeans were quickly unsnapped and kicked off as I tore off mine.

I pushed Shirley against the wall but she quickly said, "No, turn around this way." With my back to the wall Shirley could see through the cracks in the barn wood and could see anyone coming to the barn. I lifted her up and she reached down to guide my cock into her already soaking pussy. "I am really sore, but I had to have your cock in me" she said as I lowered her all the way down.

Having sex while standing is not easy chore, but I was 19 years old and this sexy woman had me in a state of unbelievable heat. I put my hands on her tight butt cheeks and leaning back against the wall I began lifting and lowering her onto my cock. I desperately wanted to touch her breasts but it just wasn't possible and beside, her pussy sliding up and down my hard and sore cock was heavenly. Shirley put her hands over her head and I pushed my nose into her sweaty underarm hair. I knew by now that she enjoyed this as much as I did. She whispered, "Make it fast, she was waking up when I met you and might come out at any minute. Please fuck me, make me cum."

I picked up the pace and my shoulders and arms began to ache as I lifted and lowered her entire weight onto my cock. Shirley began to whimper and groan and I knew she was coming. I began thrusting my hips upward to meet her each time I lowered her and I felt my orgasm building. Shirley let out a loud "oohhhh" as she felt my hot cum begin flooding her pussy. I kept fucking her in this painful position until we were both finished and my cock was deflating.

As I lowered her to the ground she leaned in to kiss me deeply and hard. When we broke the kiss she grabbed her clothing and quickly dressed, kissed me again and ran for the house. I stood there sweating and regaining my breath as I dressed. The night before, we had brought in the two hay wagons fully loaded and they were sitting by the hay elevator waiting to be unloaded. I started the tractor and engaged the power take-off and the long sloping elevator began running. I began taking the hay off the wagon and sending it up the elevator. Since I was working alone, I had to stop after around 15-20 bales, stop the elevator and climb to the barn to stack the rapidly growing pile of hay. After my second trip to the loft to stack bales I stepped outside to the water faucet and had a long drink and ran water over my head. I jumped when I heard a female voice. "Hello, how are you doing?"

I was Shirley's daughter, Marjean. This was the daughter who hero worshipped her mother and I vowed to myself to be very careful and do nothing to hurt their relationship.

"Hi MJ, I am hot and dirty and getting tired already, but other than that I am fine."

She laughed and said, "Only Mom calls me MJ, everyone else calls me Jean." I apologized and explained that her mother had talked about her and that is why I erred.

"It's ok, you can call me MJ too," she said, "I kind of like the way you say it." It felt like she was flirting with me and there was no way I was going to flirt with her or take any chances with this sixteen year old kid. Well, maybe not such a kid. MJ was wearing a tube top, my friends and I called them boob tubes back then. It was fairly narrow and showed a lot of skin. I noticed that she had a fairly healthy bust-line and the skin on her shoulders and stomach was very tan. She also had on very short shorts that were hip-huggers and the legs stopped at crotch level.

I excused myself and started the elevator tractor and began unloading more hay. MJ sat out of the sun and dust and watched me. The tractor and elevator were much too noisy for us to talk. When I stopped the tractor 20 bales later and climbed to the loft she followed me.

"I thought you were spending the week at the fair." I said.

"I was," she replied, "but my dad caught me doing something he didn't approve of and made me come home."

"Really, were you robbing old ladies and knocking over liquor stores?" I joked with her.

"No, he caught me smoking again. It is the third time and now I am grounded for the summer."

I continued to stack the hay not really knowing what to say to this kid. At 19 I thought of myself as very much older and more sophisticated than her and the past several days had added a lot to my confidence in myself. She might have been more interesting to me a week ago, but her mother had stolen my lust and my heart.

When I finished and climbed down she again followed me. "It could be worse I guess, grounding isn't as bad as what some people get." She went over to the barn door and reached up to the beam over the door and took down a pack of cigarettes. They were Marlboro's and she had a book of matches tucked into the cellophane. "I guess I should get rid of these. You won't tell if I smoke one will you?"

When I said it was none of my business she lit one and inhaled deeply. It was obvious she was an experienced smoker. I noticed she had the same long slow exhales as her mother directing a long dense white stream of smoke upward. "Mom knows I smoke and I know she won't tell my Dad. She's making lunch to take along and getting ready to finish baling with you today. I am going to go along and help."

Great, I thought, the darn kid is going to haunt us all day and Shirley and I will have to keep our distance. I was aggravated and got a big cup of water from the hydrant and stepped inside the barn to drink it, trying to get away from MJ and hoping she would go back to the house. Instead she followed me inside.

"When my Mom was my age, her step dad caught her smoking and punished her right here in the barn." She took a long deep drag and slowly exhaled, waiting for my reaction.

"Really", I said, "What happened?" Shirley had just told me the day before about her father dying and her mother marrying a real jerk. I remembered my own father saying that the guy was a mean bastard.

She really had my attention now and seemed to be enjoying it. "Well, he was really mean and he took her over here to the center posts and whipped her. She told me all about it one night last year when I was grounded and my dad wanted to take a belt to my behind."

"He whipped her? He really actually used a whip on her?" I was incredulous.

"Yes," she said, "She said he used to quote the bible and talk about scourging evil people." MJ walked over between two thick posts that supported the center beam of the barn. They were about 8-10 feet apart. There were heavy cast iron hooks on them and from the hooks hung binder's twine. This is the fuzzy cheap string that hay bailer's tie bales of hay with. Whenever a bale of hay was broken for feed the loops of twine would be hung over the hooks. It couldn't be used again in a bailer, but most farmers found lots of used for it around the farm.

MJ reached for a long end from one post and then stepped toward the other post catching a long piece of twine there also. She took a deep drag on her cigarette and crushed it out on the dirt floor. As she exhaled she wound the twine around her wrists and hands shortening it and causing her arms to rise above her head. As she stood there spread eagled, I was speechless and waited for her to continue.

I had forgotten that Shirley had told me that MJ didn't shave her underarms either and I saw she had a thick and healthy growth of hair in her armpits. Her hair was darker than her mothers and her long dark hair hanging over her shoulders and the tufts in her armpits were almost dramatic against her smooth skin.

"First he slapped her so hard he stunned her. He pulled her shirt off over her head and tied her like this between these two posts. Next he got a whip from the stockroom and stood in front of her telling her how evil she was and that no daughter of his would smoke. He was also angry because she wasn't wearing a bra and told her she was a whore if she didn't wear proper clothing. Mom said she was so angry that she screamed at him and told him that she wasn't his daughter and would do what she wanted."

"Mom said he went behind her and started to whip her. She said she felt like her back was on fire. She said he talked to her the whole time telling her how bad she was and how evil. When he had whipped her back for a long time he came to the front and told her he was going to whip her titties for not wearing a bra. She said he hit her breasts five times and she almost passed out."

I could not believe what MJ was telling me. This lovely young girl was standing there spread-eagled telling me about her mother's whipping as if she was story telling at the library. I noticed that while she was talking her nipples had grown very hard and erect and were making large bumps in her tube top. I also realized that her story and looking at her had given me a painful erection again.

I turned and quickly went out to start the tractor and elevator and began to feverishly work. When I looked over my shoulder, MJ was walking to the house. I finished with the near empty wagon and moved in the other one and unloaded it too. When I finished unloading the second wagon, I saw Shirley and MJ coming from the house with lunch and a jug of ice water.

We spent the whole day finishing the hay field, baling and hauling it in. Talk was casual but I noticed MJ always seemed to be staring at me when I was working. When I took my shirt off that afternoon she openly stared at me. I was glad when we got the last load back to the barn and Shirley told MJ to go and prepare supper while she helped my unload it.

After MJ was safely in the house, I wrapped Shirley in my arms and kissed her deeply. "I have wanted to do that all day," I told her. We kissed for a few more minutes and then unloaded the hay. While we were stacking we began talking.

Shirley smiled as she looked at me, "Did you now MJ has a huge crush on you?"

"No, she couldn't have, she's just a kid." I was shocked and upset. I didn't really want a sixteen year old to have a crush on my, especially since I was fucking her mother.

"She does, and you need to be careful. MJ is enough like me to reach for what she wants." I assured Shirley that she had nothing to worry about and I would be totally honorable to her daughter. She laughed and told me she was not worried and that she trusted me. I then told her about MJ's story about her being whipped. Shirley and I had stopped to take a breather and were sitting on a bale of hay close enough to the door for us to watch the house for MJ.

Shirley told me it was true, and not knowing how much MJ had told me she told me the whole story again, almost exactly but with a little more detail. Shirley had lit a cigarette as she talked and I was toying with her face and neck and had unbuttoned her blouse to fondle her lovely breasts. She had her free hand in my lap and stopped her story to release my cock. She began to stroke me as we again kissed and she reached under my shirt to lightly rub my nipples while she jacked me. We kept kissing and after a couple of minutes I began to cum squirting small amounts of cum that landed on her hand and wrist.

After I had grown limp Shirley continued to fondle my sore cock as we kissed and our tongues gave each other a massage. After about five minutes of silence and kissing and me fondling her breasts she continued her story. She told me about each lash across her back that left welts but no blood. She said she would have sworn she was bleeding and being cut to pieces but was surprised later that the skin had not been cut. She began telling me about the lashes across her breasts and how much they had hurt when suddenly she stopped talking and looked down.

My cock was rock hard again and standing at attention. A healthy drop of pre-cum had leaked out. "Well, it seems my little story has you excited again in record time."

I was embarrassed and upset and apologized to her as my cock deflated. Shirley told me to stop apologizing. She said that she had told this story to her husband when they were first married and every time she told him, he would get erections. She then told me that her step-father had whipped her numerous times until she turned 18 and left home and if I promised not to tell she would tell me a secret even her husband did not know.

I promised on my life, and she said, "Don't misunderstand me, I hated the pain and his being so brutal, but every time he whipped me my pussy would be soaking wet. When he finished and sent me to my room I would masturbate over and over."

Looking down at my cock which was again rock hard in her hand, she said, "I think there is something about a woman being whipped that excites a lot of men and even some women."

I then told Shirley about something that had happened to me when I was eleven years old. I had seen a 16 year old neighbor girl being whipped by her parents. This was also for smoking and getting caught at school. I had not had sex with the girl but when I had let her know what I had witnessed, I did have my first sexual contact of my life with her. I told Shirley that I had always become aroused and got erections if I saw a woman whipped in a movie or read about it in a book.

Shirley kissed me again and again began stroking my cock while talking. She started the story over again from the beginning and told me in great detail about her whipping as she stroked my cock. When she felt me thrusting into her hand she knew I was ready to cum and she knelt quickly at my feet and took my cock into her mouth and sucked the head as she jacked me off into her mouth.

Even after so much sex in three days I had a long intense orgasm. Shirley lashed the head of my cock with her tongue as her wet hand stroked me. When I was drained she once again rose and we kissed deeply. She lit her usual cigarette and we cuddled and held each other as she smoked it and didn't talk at all. When MJ called from the house that supper was ready, Shirley told me that she thought I was very special. I told her that I loved her and she smiled, kissed me deeply and then left for the house.

This chapter was difficult because I am still embarrassed thirty-three years later that a story of a woman being whipped can get me so excited. It did then and it does now. Shirley spent a lot of time making me feel better about it. I have never hurt a woman nor had any desire to do so, but even today it has such an effect. I am sure the critics will burn me at the stake for this, but I did promise to tell the truth.

There is more to this story and there is a chapter about myself and MJ several years later. Thank you for reading and as always, your comments are welcome.

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