tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMom's Home Alone Ch. 01

Mom's Home Alone Ch. 01


I don’t remember ever having a weekend to myself. Not in our 20 years of marriage. How relaxing it was to not hear, “Mom, Mom, Mom this and Mom that!” Not knowing quite what to do with myself I guess I was much more used to people telling me what to do and what to think than I cared to admit. Feeling a bit annoyed I decided to trim my roses. Sensing some pride in my decision, I changed into my skimpiest bikini and went into the backyard.

For 41 I’m still fit and trim. My 34Bs on my tall frame elicit many a smile from strangers. The late morning sun felt delightful. Warmth, real warmth permeated my skin. I stood for a moment and just took deep breaths. Oh how wonderful it felt. I scanned the yard, perfectly peaceful. The stockade fence and large oak trees provided privacy and seclusion. Slowly, I grabbed my pruners and an empty bucket and began to select the roses for my arrangement. Stopping to sniff each one, my mind drifted into peace and contentment.

Making my way to the rear of the yard I began to hear a quiet clicking noise. I tried to ignore it but it would not go away. Looking around, I saw no one. The cool breeze tickled my skin. I stretched to get the full effect and, click, there it was again. With the wind kicking up a bit I saw a tree house not more than 20 feet away.

“Anyone up there?” I asked.


“Only me,” came the response.

Startled. I stood there staring at the tree and up popped a young man. Bushy, rugged looking, Kennedy kind of hair and a huge toothy smile. I stared at him, too surprised to move. No shirt, he seemed tall with broad shoulders.

“What are you doing?” I asked feeling a bit out of sorts.

“I’m taking pictures of you,” he stated very matter-of-factly.

“Why me?”

“Because you are SO BEAUTIFUL!” Click.Click. He snapped two more off.

Stunned. I had no response. He came alive saying, “Smile! Put your arms up. Embrace the sun!” Click.

Without thinking I started responding to his urgings and struck some awkward poses. “Great!” He exclaimed. “Go with it! See how much fun you are having!” click, click. Placing my hands on my hips and giving him a you’ve got to be kidding look.

He said, “hold that. I’ll be right down.” Instead of intimidating him it energized him. It was fun.

In a flash he was down from the tree and into my yard. He picked up a rose from the bucket and put it into my mouth. Click. He re-arranged my arms. Click. Turned my hips. Click. “what a great model you are!” Click. “Oh how beautiful you are!” Click. “Are you a professional model?” Click.

“No, I’ve never modeled anything before.” I liked him. He was friendly, confident, had an authoritative air about him. For some reason I just kept doing whatever he suggested. Straighten my legs, bend at the hip, cut a rose. Click. Turn slightly to face him, click. This went on for more than a few minutes, I really was enjoying myself.

“Whew, this heat. Go get some water while I reload the film,” he commanded.

A bit bossy I thought. I opened my mouth to respond only to see his finger point to the back of the house and have him say, “water.”

I filled two glasses of water and returned. He set the camera down on a table, pointing at us. He grabbed the water and we drank. Click. He had a remote control. He came behind me and to my shock I felt icy water running down my back and front. I screamed. Click. Click. At the same time he had undone my bikini top and pulled it away! Click. Click. Click. “What are you doing?” I yelled.

“I told you I’m taking pictures of you,” he said laughing. “”I know you like it!” Click.

“How do you know what I like?”

“Because I have been watching you for months. You like being told what to do. You like showing off your body. Come hear,” he commanded. “I said come here!”

How did he know all of this? My head was totally clouded. I really couldn’t think. I started walking toward him or did he come to me? He grabbed my chin with one hand and planted a ferocious kiss deeply in my mouth. My knees were weak. My body was on fire. 1 minute, 5 minutes how much time passed? Slowly he pushed me away saying, “get the camera.” I reached for my top that was dangling in his hand. He threw it over the fence, “you won’t need this anymore!”

In a daze, full of goose bumps, and trembling with excitement I retrieved the camera and handed it back to him. Click. Click. Oh, my! I was still topless! I covered my self with my arms. “I love false modesty,” he said. Click. Click. Again he started with the orders, “Pout. Snarl. Drop your arms. I said drop your arms!” Click Click Click and Click!

He positioned me, bent over, with my hands on my knees facing the camera that was back on the table. He stepped away. Click. He fussed with my hair a bit. Click. Pinched my nipples. Click. “Do not move,” he said very sternly as he untied the bow on my bikini bottoms. Click click and click.

There I was naked in my own yard! I never felt like this, nervous, excited, afraid, dazed. “Don’t move. I need to reload.” Why was I frozen there?

“See, you like doing what you are told. I know more about you than you’ll ever know,” he cackled. What a beautiful smile he had. Click. “Ready.”

He kissed me deeply again. Wow! Could he kiss. Firmly, like he owned me, he reached down and rubbed my crotch. “You have the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt.” Way beyond blushing, my face became hot as an oven. Click. “I love blushing,” he shouted. “You are awesome!” “Touch your nipples.” Click. “Beautiful! Now touch your snatch.” Click. “Put two fingers in.” click. “Three.” Click. “Four.” Click.

I was on fire. I don’t think I knew my own name. No one ever spoke to me like that. “Fuck your pussy. Like a whore! Spread yourself.” The nastier he talked the more excited I got! “Come here slut. Take it out,” motioning to his crotch. I pulled down his shorts. “Suck it and suck it good!” Click. Click.

I gave him the best blowjob of my life. “Come on, sloppy. Let’s see some drool!” Click. When he started cumming he pulled out and shot all over my face. Click, click and click.

“What a great shoot! You are awesome! I can’t wait to develop these. Come with me to see.” His enthusiasm was infectious. I felt carefree like a schoolgirl!

Naked, we walked through the gate in the back of the yard, under the tree house and into his basement.

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