tagTransgender & CrossdressersMom's in Town Ch. 27

Mom's in Town Ch. 27


Jennifer thought... less than 24 hours ago she would have never guessed that she would have fucked her roommate in the ass, been sucked off a couple of times, fucked her roommate's mother and finally cum all over her roommates mother's face.

Christine, her MTF daughter Brianna, and Brianna's trans university roommate Jennifer had their showers, shared make-up, giggled like sorority sisters and are now sitting around a linen covered table in the main dining room for breakfast. Conversation has gone well, especially the part about how Christine kept her skin looking so young, through the use of an overnight cum masks. They were just chatting when Max arrives for introductions.

"Yes, I think we have met. Nice to see you again." Max says to Brianna while shaking hands. "Also you, Jennifer."

"I hope the breakfast menu is to your liking. Say, do any of you want to work out in the gym or relax in the steam room for a while before heading back? The early gym rat crowd have left and there is usually a lull before the seniors arrives."

"I have to hit the road, but the gurls might?"

Brianna and Jennifer look at each and agreed that the offer is way better than the morning class they were supposed to attend. With free time until mid-afternoon, they smile at each other and nod in agreement. Max, with a warm smile, leaves them to finish their breakfast.

"When you are finished here, have the maître d' call me and I will get you in."

Twenty-five minutes later, Max's cell phone goes off and he requests that the maître d' tell the gurls where the spa is and that he'll meet them there in 10 minutes.

Bri and Jennifer say good bye to Christine and head toward the spa while Christine makes a stop at the Front Desk.

"Christine! What a surprise." Rachael calls out as she sees her at the desk. "Everything is taken care of. Don't worry."

"I wasn't really worried. They are bringing my car up and I was just leaving you a thank you note. Also, I wanted to let you know we met someone in the bar last night who might be an investor. I gave him your card and to be on the safe side I also got his number for you."

"Wow. That was smart of you. Since Craigslist went away, I have begun to keep my own registry of numbers and people. But did the three of you really go to the bar after all that sex? You got stamina baby."

"It was only for one drink then back to the room. It's those teenagers who are insatiable - they are the ones with stamina."

"Are you going straight back?"

"Yes, it's only a two hour drive and there is great rest stop about an hour out. Jennifer says she goes there fairly often. My husband and I sometimes stop there as well. It's a nice break and there is often a crowd of regulars it would seem - you know doggers."

"Be careful. You were a big hit last night and we will likely be getting you back fairly soon. Did you have a chance to think if you wanted to ask if your daughter and her T-gurlfriend might want to join?"

"I have not had a chance but I will on the way home. See you soon then and thanks again." Christine gushed and with a muah gave her a kiss to remember her by.

The two teenage gurls arrived at the spa to find Max already there.

"We have a great gym and spa for both men and women. We are still working on how to handle trans, so if it is ok with you, I suggest you use the men's side. If there are any blue rinse ladies they may not be ready for you. I thought I might join you in the steam, if it is ok? "

"Mom just left. She said to say a special thanks to you and everyone for last night and also for letting us use the spa. We will probably pass on the gym side as we had quite a work out last night as well. I think Jennifer and I would both just like the steam and we are okay with the men's side and also about you joining us. I told Jennifer about my meeting you before. She is very excited to see if I was telling the truth. We came over late last night, had a drink at the bar and stayed with mom. She told us about what happened with everyone."

"Great, me and a few others had quite a night with your mother and I could certainly use some recuperation time. She is one hell of a sexy lady, a great cocksucker with a cunt like velvet. I'll just let the desk know where to find me if there is an emergency. In the meantime, just head in through that door, find a locker and towel. I will be there in a minute."

There was only one other person in the spacious locker room. The elderly gentleman did a double take as the two young gurls sashayed past. Brianna and Jennifer found an empty aisle further down and selected a locker each. The end of the aisle had a full wall of mirrors so as they undressed, they kept posing in various stages of undress. Brianna folded her lavender turtle neck and hung up her red skinny jeans, leaving herself in just a pink thong and small white bra. Jennifer had taken off her black mini skirt and black leggings and was getting out of her white semi shear blouse when Max entered the aisle.

"Everything fine you two?"

"Yes sir. Just great. I think we gave the older man a bit of shock when we came in. But we walked quickly past so as not to draw too much attention to ourselves. Everything is fabulous." Brianna said as she stood almost naked alongside Jennifer.

"I would have to agree. You are both very beautiful. Do you think we could do a selfie - or two the three of us- in the mirror?" Max said as he took the phone of out his pocket.

'It is supposed to be a cellphone free zone but just this once. OK. One of either side of me, facing the mirror."

The two gurls finished putting away their clothes and in stood in just their lingerie. Jennifer's black shelf demi bra pushed her breasts upward and the hi-cut panties showed off her long legs. Max fiddled with the camera app and, putting an arm around each gurl, took a series of photos as they pressed themselves into his body. Jennifer saw in the mirror that Max hung left, her side of the trio, and smiled coyly and used her right hand to gently grab his ass. The movement caused the hidden slab of man meat to surge against the front of the slacks and made for an even more erotic photo.

Looking around and listening intently for any noises, Brianna offers. "Why don't you keep taking photos while we help you undress?"

Brianna slid to her knees and indicated that Jennifer should do the same. Max smiled as he reframed the camera to capture the two trans gurls kneeling in worship on either side. Brianna was first to act as she bent over to untie his shoes. Max raised each leg in turn and his socks were removed by the eager supplicants. Max stopped taking photos for a second. He removed his suit coat and tie before beginning to take more photos. Brianna reached up and undid his belt, button and zipper. Jennifer watched but soon helped by standing up and undoing his shirt. Slipping it off it revealed a reasonably toned middle-aged body that, like Jasmine intimated earlier, was devoid of any body hair. Jennifer bent down again to help Brianna pull down on the dress pants waistband and they fell into a heap on the floor.

"Let me fold those for you." Jennifer offered as she picked them up and placed them in an open locker.

The boxer shorts came to mid-thigh and the crown of Max's large purple knob extending below was already exposed on an inch or two. The soft shaft was like a coke can in diameter. Jennifer knelt down again and, with Brianna, just stared at it. Max put a hand behind of their heads and drew them in so their faces were inches away. The pictures he took captured the look of wide-eyed disbelief on the faces of the two young t-gurls.

"Told you so Jennifer."

"Yes, you did girlfriend."

They were interrupted by the sound of the locker room door opening.

"Who is in here?" boomed Wilbur, the head of hotel security.

"Oh it's you Max. I rushed down because someone called in to say there were two girls in the men's locker room. "

"Say, I know you. I recognize the panties. You were here night before last. You were with the lady on the 10th floor. The one that usually stays here with her husband." Wilbur said as he looked directly at Brianna.

"I don't know you." he said turning his head to Jennifer.

"They are both with me Wilbur. It is all under control. We were just going to take a steam and relax." Max stated as he felt Brianna pull down his briefs. He looked down to see his humungous cock hang naked and unrestrained. He saw Brianna lean in and keeping eye contact with him, give it a gentle kiss.

"Do you like that Max?"

"OMG!" was all Jennifer could say before Max had a chance to speak.

The cause of her reaction was the fact that the long thick cock began to grow firmer and arc upward. The weight of the heavy head caused the shaft to bend as it started to stiffen. Brianna kissed it again and motioned for Jennifer to do the same. It was if a switch was turned on in Jennifer's brain and she immediately kissed her side of the fat shaft. Her soft lips with the pink lipstick were caressing close to the root of the outrageously horse sized cock, while Brianna was kissing half way down the shaft.

Max and Wilbur watched the two gurls, in their bra and panties, kneeling on the locker room carpet. Their two faces were dwarfed by the monstrous size of the cock between them.

"As I said Wilbur. I've got this. We are good here. You can return to your regular duties.'

"Are you sure? There are two of them."

"I can see that Wilbur, but I have it sorted. Thanks anyway."

With that firm statement ending the discussion, Wilbur rubbed his crotch, turned away in disappointment from the erotic sight and left the locker room.

"Well gurls, it looks like it is just us. It's steam time, don't you think?" Max offered as he held out his hand to help them stand. Shall we get your panties and bras off and have a quick shower before the steam?"

"The glass door to the spa was almost opaque with steam. Small glimpses through the clouded glass revealed tiered tile seating. Max walked past the door to the tiled shower area.

"I think we should use the accessible one. It has a little more room." he suggested as he hung up his towel before he stepped through curtain.

The three of them fit easily into the space and Max turned on the water. The spray of hot water splashed over them. Max pumped some soap from the dispenser and began to spread it over his chest.

"Let me do that." Brianna cooed as she ran her hands through the suds and over his erect nipples.

'No, let me do that." said Jennifer as she stepped behind him and reached around to grab his pecs. In doing so she pressed her soft body into this his firm masculine torso. Max could feel, her stiff nipples on his back and her dangling tranny cock between the wet cheeks of his ass. He spun Brianna around and she braced herself against the wall. Max began washing, caressing her back. He pulled her toward him so that his fattening cock hung between her thighs as his hands reached down and pulled her hips back to settle her on his cock.

"God you are as hot as your mother. As I said earlier, she is a great fuck and I was so hoping I could fuck you right now." he whispered into her ear. "Jennifer, come and join your friend. Hands against the wall, both of you show me your asses."

Max stood behind and between them and grabbed a toned teenage ass in each hand. His strong fingers gripped and pulled their cheeks and soon a finger probed each rosebud.

"H'mmm. Now one at a time." Max said while he stepped directly behind Brianna"

Max felt Brianna circle her hips enticingly over his heavy root. There did not seem a way to fit his monstrous cock in.

"Now your turn Jennifer." he suggested stepping behind her and flexing his cock between the cheeks of her ass. He felt Jennifer's quiver as his cock flexed and its glans grazed her ass hole.

"Better, but sorry ladies, from what I see and feel, neither of you - but especially you Bri, are ready to take me in your boi-pussies. I would not want to injure or hurt either of you. I think you need to work with a few butt plugs and dildos if you ever want me to fuck you."

"So, I think it is time for the steam!" Max urged as he reached to shut off the water.

With his cock leading the way, he exited the shower, grabbed his towel and moved toward the glass door on the steam room.

"After you ladies."

As they entered the heat caught their noses and throat. There was a slight hesitation but they quickly acclimatized themselves. Sitting on the lowest bench, where it was a bit cooler, Jennifer had wrapped herself in a towel that covered her breasts and hung down to her crotch. Brianna, had hers wrapped around her waist and Max just carried his in his hand. Jennifer pulled hers down a bit, to avoid sitting on the hot tiles, exposing her medium sized breasts. Brianna sat naked on her towel while Max laid his towel out flat, stepped up to the top tier and lay down on his back - fully exposed. His cock hung over his right hip and continued to firm up. The two gurls watched in amazement as it began to swell and extend out and up. It was not long before it had stretched upward across his stomach past his sternum. He took his time to slowly adjust it, placing the wide shaft over his stomach and the large purple red head almost between his nipples.

Brianna and Jennifer looked at each other as their nervousness ebbed while their mutual lust arose and their own cocks began to become erect. They both looked longingly at the huge exposed cock that was at their eye level. Brianna slid along the lower bench until she was right below Max.

"May I?"

"I was hoping you would." Max replied as he watched Brianna, turn to her left and reach up with her right hand to gently touch the magnificent cock being offered. Her soft touch made him shudder and his cock twitch. The huge member jerked to the touch and Brianna pulled away.

"It's OK. I like that. Do it again."

Brianna briefly stroked her own swelling cock before placing her hand on his cock. It twitched again, but this time Brianna was ready for it and quickly squeezed it.

"Mmmmm. Just like that." Max moaned quietly as he felt his fleshy member flex up into the gurl's delicate grasp.

Brianna, turned around, knelt on her fluffy white towel and reached more comfortably to hold the older man's giant manhood. She nodded for Jennifer to do the same and as she moved to join her girlfriend, Max let his right leg fall to the side. The strong male thigh, opened up displaying the monstrous cock and his two smooth ball sacks. Jennifer moved between his legs and began to caress the full testicles of her host, while Brianna stroked more deliberately up and down the thick shaft that appeared to be longer than her forearm. Max extended his right arm and placed it on the nape of Brianna's neck. A slight nudge forward was all it took for the t-gurl to lean in and plant a light kiss on the offering in front of her. Max inhaled sharply as he felt the warm lips and hint of tongue on this cock. He pressed a little more and felt Brianna open her mouth and like a harmonica player try to wrap her delicate lips around the massive member. This human harmonica must have had five octaves due to this length and Brianna wanted to try them all. Moving down toward the root, she found herself face to face with Jennifer who had moved in to lick and suck on the soon to be bursting balls. Brianna turned her head and waited for Jennifer to give her a kiss. Their two lips met and each offered a tongue to the other one. Their saliva mixed and fell on the deliciously smooth genitals. They each sucked up the juice that had mixed with the moisture from the steam. The slippery shaft and slick balls glistened from their attention. The gurls began in earnest to caress and stroke the gigantic phallus.

"Tag team baby." Max thought.

Jennifer continued her efforts where his enormous root joined his ball sack. In working this area over, she pushed Max's legs up in the air, tilting his hips and exposing his perineum. She swept her tongue down on the loose flesh between his balls and traced a line to the most exquisite spot. Her tongue flicked the smooth flesh and touched off a torrent of electricity.

In pushing the hips upwards, Jennifer drove the lemon sized glans further up Max's chest onto the waiting lips of Brianna's eager mouth.

"Max darling, do you want me to fuck you?" Jennifer asked rhetorically as she sat up and pressed the tip of her hard teenage cock against his ass.

"No. What I really want, is for Bri to suck me off but first I want to watch you fuck her. "

"I think we make that happen."

"Max honey, why don't you sit on the top tier and watch us? Bri, you get down on my cock and get me hard, then I'll fuck you standing up."

Max sat on his towel like a king on a throne while his supplicants arranged themselves in front of him. He stroked is magnificent cock with one hand while his other lazily played with his nipples.

Bri sat on the lowest tier as Jennifer stepped up to her. Her already almost rigid cock was about face height and all Bri had to do was lean slightly forward to put her mouth on the swollen bell end. She kissed and nibbled the sensitive underside before slipping her soft lips over the mushroom glans. With it fully in her mout, she let her tongue swirl around the spongy head.

"Fuck, Bri. That is better than last night" Jennifer as she placed her hands on the head of the cock sucker inhaling her now super sensitive cock. "Slow down honey, I can't take too much of that. Turn around!"

Bri stood up and knelt on the lowest tier. Jennifer stepped in, moved Bri's knees apart and then ran her hands over the spread ass cheeks. She looked up at Max how as still edging himself while watching the two young teens. She made eye contact, smiled and using her right hand, lowered the end of her very rigid cock and rubbed it over the soon to be penetrated hole.

Max looked down the smooth back, narrow hips of the young cocksucker who was about to be sodomized. He continued to play with his nipples as he watched Jennifer spit into her hand and then rub between the ass cheeks of the young gurl. Satisfied that Bri was ready, Jennifer stepped in directly behind the bent over teenager, dipped her hips and aligned her cock. With a slow steady thrust of her hips, Jennifer drove herself into the waiting ass and in doing so, pushed Bri's face into Max's crotch.

Bri moaned as the anal intruder burst through her sphincter and entered her. Max smiled lasciviously to Jennifer as she slowly plunged her cock deeper. Max's nipples were sending jolts of electricity to his cock and it flexed and bobbed against Bri's cheek.

"Now baby girl, now." Max urged as he slid over in front of the young cock suckers face.

Max watched eagerly as Jennifer, grabbed the hips of the soon to be spit-roasted boy and with a nod, he opened his thighs.

Bri, placed a hand on each of Max's masculine knees, leaned forward to rub her face over the monstrous cock and was arcing out toward her. The fat shaft was so heavy that it could not hold itself upright. It tipped forward, sticking out just below horizontal. The wide dark red glans bobbed tantalizingly only inches from Brianna's mouth. Bri leaned in and gave Max a light kiss on his middle-aged abdomen, then let his lips and tongue trace the long length of the intimidating rod down to the now dark purple glans.

Bri felt her face being directed toward massive red glans and opened her as it neared the huge knob. She stuck out her tongue and bathed the edge of the crown in sloppy circles as she rimmed it. All it took was a single thrust from Jennifer to cause her body to be pushed forward. Struggling to retain her balance the horse cock was suddenly crammed into her mouth. She gagged and fought for air.

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