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Mom's Neighbor


The two Petreau boys were watching over their mother's apartment while she was on an extended European vacation with her church group. The two brothers were upper classmen at a college in another town and had summer jobs that kept them too busy for meeting girls. They had returned from a late supper to find that the contractor had left a mess in their apartment. To install new pipes, the walls had been breached, and now only some opaque plastic sheeting still covered part of the wall between their mother's apartment and the next. By pulling back the plastic they could peek through and discovered that they were looking right into Widow Ryan's apartment.

"Hey, tonight is the night we see Nora naked," proclaimed Jack as he once again checked the holes in their kitchen wall. He and his brother liked Nora Ryan and had chatted with her many times. She was a friendly, older woman, who seemed lonely for company and appeared, at times, to be flirting with them. Nora was both a good neighbor to their mother and an object of the two boys' lust, frequently stimulating the brothers to have thoughts about getting into her expansive panties.

"You horny bastard. You never let up," teased Timmy. "I bet she'll come in with a load on again and won't even notice the work is still not finished and the holes are still there in the wall."

"So much the better for us, dear brother," replied Jack. "It isn't as if we have been getting much else lately." He had a wonderful vision in his mind of Nora Ryan without any clothes on.

The sound of clumsy, shuffling footsteps could be heard from the stairs. It could only be jolly, plump Nora, returning from an evening of drinking with some girlfriends. Timmy and Jack barely dared to breath, listening and trying to interpret the various sounds coming, first from the hallway, and then from the apartment.

"She's inside," Timmy announced. "Turn the light out."

"Hey, quiet!" Jack whispered, quickly flicking off the lamp. "She'll hear us." Both boys remained silent in the dark room as they listened to their female neighbor move about. A soft, sweet voice could soon be heard singing some folk tunes. The voice grew louder; Nora was inside her bedroom only feet away from the horny pair. They heard a closet door open and drawers slide in and out. The boys began to peek through small tears in the sheeting.

A thrill ran though Tim and Jack as they noticed that the woman had already taken off her skirt. They watched Nora remove her white blouse and unsnap her bra; Nora gave her two neighbors a fine view of her large, pendulant, breasts, tipped with large pink areolas and small, flaccid nipples. She tossed the garments casually onto a chair. Next she slid her panties off her wide hips and down her firm, curvy legs. As Nora slowly danced in step with her song gracefully about her bedroom, Tim and Jack could see the thick bush of hair that hid her pussy from them. Apparently, the woman had totally forgotten that both her bedroom wall and her privacy had been breached.

Nora walked over to her bureau and examined herself in the mirror, cupping her large breasts and running her fingers over the little nipples, making them perk up. She ran her hands down her sides, stroking her broad, flaring hips and heavy thighs. The boys heard a sigh from her and saw her sadly shake her head. She had informed the two brothers that she had been a "real looker" once with many boy friends chasing after her. She had finally settled on her Brian, but he died in an accident.

Peering at her now, Jack felt sorry for her. Nora was still an attractive lady, a little worn by time, a little heavy from enjoying her own good cooking too much. Jack, however, had no taste for the anemic, skinny girls his own age. He liked his women to be mature, maybe even fleshy. Lewd ambitions flooded his mind as he watched Nora dance slowly about her room.

Wiggling her butt, Nora turned away and went into her bathroom. Soon the sound of water came to the ears of the two horny boys. Jack and Tim let out deep breaths, as though they had been trapped under water. They had finally seen the voluptuously naked body of their neighbor.

"Wow!" Jack breathed. "She looked ripe for a good fucking."

"Nora has to be over forty, twenty years older than us," Tim said. "We must really be into older women." He shared his brother's tastes.

"I really like her. Don't you think that she has sex appeal?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Tim agreed. "I'd definitely do her if I got the chance. Yup, I would sure like to get into her."

"Remember, Tim, how she complained that she always has trouble waking up if she drank too much. I wonder if we could slip into her bedroom and fuck her after she goes to sleep?"

"I don't know..." Tim responded as he pondered this bizarre idea.

The shower stopped and the two brothers resumed their whispers back and forth. When they heard Nora returning, they fell silent, watching as she toweled her damp body. She lifted a nightgown off the back of a chair and pulled it over her shoulders, adjusting it in front of her mirror. She quickly wove her long dark hair into a single braid that fell down her back. Without any makeup and the girlish hairstyle, Nora looked years younger and all the more desirable.

Nora left the room again, but returned quickly with a bottle and a glass. She upended the bottle and poured herself a generous nightcap. The smell of Irish whiskey wafted across to the boys. Nora stood at the mirror, sipping from the glass, looking at herself. Now and then she would touch her hair or nightgown, making a slight adjustment, as if trying to improve her appearance that she saw through her boozy eyes.

"Here's to you, Nora," she toasted with a little laugh, "and may you find another hard dick someday... someday real soon!" She tilted her head back and drained the glass. She rocked backwards slightly as the liquid hit her throat. She poured herself another inch, and gulped that down. Now even more unsteady, Nora staggered to the bed and collapsed on top of it during her futile effort to pull back the covers. Soon the sound of quiet snoring came to the boys' ears.

"Man! Oh! Man! Did you see those big boobs," Jack murmured. "I would like to lie on top of them with my prick buried in that bush." His hand had slipped down to touch his partially erect cock through his shorts.

"They looked mighty fine," Tim moaned. "I'd like to press my mouth all over them."

"That hairy pussy, I would like to bury my face in that," Jack said.

"And fuck it too, I suppose," added Tim.

"Oh, Yes, fuck it like crazy," Jack replied. "Do you think that it is possible to do her? I like her all the more now that I've seen her."

"In your dreams, boy; Nora would never let you fuck her. We are just kids to her, just over twenty years old," Tim assured him.

"You never know. Listen, I have a plan. She's out for the night. I'm going through the wall. If she wakes up, I'll tell her that I was just checking up on a problem with the plumbing, or something. If she stays asleep, watch me. I think that she will never wake up, no matter what."

"Jack, are you crazy? If she wakes up, she'll start screaming, and you will end up in the slammer. Nora will flip out if she finds you in there, hovering over her. It isn't worth the risk."

"I don't know, I think Nora wants to fuck. Remember how she gets a dreamy look whenever she talks about her late husband, and you heard her wish just now," replied Jack. "She wants it, and I want her."

"You're going to get us into trouble," warned Tim. "Nora's our mother's pal; it would be almost like fucking our mother."

"Is that such a bad thing?" Jack replied with a big grin.

"You are so fucking bad!" Tim said, shaking his head. He watched his brother go into their bedroom and return with some foil-enclosed rubbers. "Here I go, Timmy boy." Jack carefully pulled back the plastic and eased his muscular body between the exposed wall studs. The thought of fucking Nora was overwhelming his common sense and innate decency. He was crazy with lust for her. She probably wanted him too, he thought.

Tim watched his younger brother tiptoe over to the bed and watched as Jack boldly lifted Nora's legs up and moved them so that they were not dangling over the edge. The inebriated woman only sighed deeply. Then Jack carefully pulled the bottom of her thin nightgown upward, exposing more and more of the sleeping woman's smooth, curvaceous legs. Tim heard his own heart pounding in his chest. This was too scary. He wanted to join in too, but he had one added year of inhibitions holding him back. "Are you crazy, Jack?" Tim whispered loudly. "Are you really going to do it?"

"You watch me, big brother. In a few minutes we'll both be fucking Nora," Jack declared confidently. As Jack worked the nightgown up Nora's sleeping form, the youth examined his sexy neighbor. Glancing down, Jack saw more and more of Nora's voluptuous, naked body. He looked up at his brother, now slipping into Nora's bedroom to join the fun. Soon Tim was helping him by moving Nora from side to side, allowing his brother to disrobe her.

It did not take long. The woman lay naked before them, breathing softly, completely relaxed. Stripped naked, Nora looked sexy and adorable, more than the boys had imagined. Her large breasts lay flattened across her chest. Jack pulled off his own shorts and t-shirt and lay next to Nora. Tim watched, still afraid, as Jack began to mouth Nora's naked breasts. The nude woman did nothing but lie quietly on her bed. Jack's slid a hand lovingly across her bare skin, gently stroking her. Soon a hand slid between her legs to touch her bare pussy. Nora sighed and moved her legs apart.

"She's dreaming about sex," Tim whispered. Jack nodded is head.

With his face near hers, Jack whispered, "Nora, I love you so much." She sighed again and a faint smile appeared on her lips. Jack leaned down and kissed her on her slightly parted lips. Emboldened by his brother's success, Tim pulled his own clothing off and began to caress the sleeping woman. Boldly the boy felt Nora's breasts and squeezed them softly. His fingers grazed her nipples, now hardened and swollen from their illicit touching.

As Tim took over stimulating Nora's breasts and running his hands over her nipples, Jack began to kiss his way down her nude body until he was circling her thick fur with his lips. Jack felt dazed with passion as he smelled the fragrance of Nora's cunt waft into his nose.

"Are you going to eat her?" asked Tim, lifting his mouth from a soft breast. He watched as Jack carefully pushed her legs apart.

"Oh, yes, right now," answered his horny brother. "I told you that I wanted to do it, and now I am going to have her." He pushed his face between his sleeping beauty's legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. Nora sighed again and moved her legs farther apart. Reaching between her legs, Jack began to finger Nora's moist pussy. She moved her legs again yielding more space to her nocturnal lover; Nora sighed softly again.

Tim was amazed at the woman's reaction to their violation of her body. She must, he thought, be having an extremely erotic dream. He was enjoying the taste of her nipples in his mouth and sucked and licked them with enthusiasm. Tim next slid his arms under Nora and kissed her gently as he held her. Parting her soft, wet lips with his tongue, Tim frenched his sleeping lover. He felt her tongue moving against his own.

Jack fingered Nora's hairy pussy and moved his mouth closer to her parted labia. Her thick bush was exciting him. Jack pressed his lips to her moist, pink cleft. Looking up, he could see her nipples were hard and moist with saliva. He was amazed at how wet Nora's pussy had become from the brothers' soft caresses.

"Jack, let's stop. This is our mother's friend," whispered his guilty older brother. "This is wrong." He began to slide off the bed.

"No way, I'm going to fuck her too," said Jack. As Tim watched, Jack parted Nora's puffy labia with his fingers and dipped his tongue deep into her. He moved his head from side to side as his lips and tongue stirred the sleeping woman's senses and caused a small moan to emerge from her lips. Encouraged by this reaction, Jack kissed and licked Nora's cunt more strenuously. Tim, watching from the edge of the bed, could not believe that Nora was remaining oblivious to such invasive touches.

Jack gave the wet pussy a final kiss and slid himself up between the firm, fleshy legs. He briefly crouched there and rolled a rubber onto his hard dick. He lay down on top of Nora's curvy body and reached down to rub his rock-hard penis against the entrance of her wet pussy. Fulfilling his libidinous scheme, Jack slowly pushed his youthful penis into the older woman. He looked at his brother and whispered, "I told you we could fuck her!" He looked down at his cock buried in his Nora's cunt; she felt so wonderful wrapped around his hard dick. He paused and savored his position. "Oh god, this is so good, I'm going to give this beauty a real, good fucking," Jack promised. "just as she wished for."

As Jack uncoiled his muscular ass, his cock slid in and out of Nora's slick, but snug vagina as he began to fuck his sleeping lover. Nora's body quivered from the steady pistoning into her pussy. Jack began to grunt as he began to perceive his approaching orgasm.

All the sounds and movements began to wake Nora from her drunken sleep. Dazed, Nora believed that she was still dreaming. Feeling the old, familiar pleasure of a hard penis in her pussy, she began rotating her hips, unknowingly assisting her young rapist. "Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Nora moaned softly and shoved her wide hips back at the young stud as his hard-driving cock invaded her pussy, thinking dreamily she was again with her husband.

"Nora's waking up. Lets get out of here!" cautioned Tim as he picked up his clothes and moved silently to the hole in the wall, hiding himself behind the plastic, unable to leave the scene on the bed completely.

Overcome with his passion, Jack ignored his brother. Driven by lust, he thrusted harder and harder, "Oh yeah! God, Nora, I love you so..." This was too good to be true. He was inside Nora; he was fucking Nora! "Come on, honey; come for me, Nora!" he urged, "You are so hot, baby!"

Opening her eyes, a sleepy, dazed Nora recognized Jack as her dream lover. She recoiled with shock. "Jack, wh-what a-are you d-doing? I'm... oh, oh... I'm an old lady, like your mother," Nora moaned, as she continued to writhe unwillingly under the boy's powerful body.

"Nora, honey, I need... you so bad! I NEED YOU, NORA!" gasped her youthful violator. He pounded himself into her dripping snatch.

"Stop... please... no... noooo... Jack, please stop! Pull out now before you ejaculate! Don't come inside me," pleaded Nora as she vainly tried to ignore the welling pleasure inside her body.

"Look at me... Nora... Look! I'm your lover; I'm fucking you, I love you, Nora!" replied Jack breathlessly. "Do you hear me, Nora; I love you! Don't worry, baby; I won't cause you any harm!" He continued to shove his cock deep into her and felt her never cease to respond to his thrusts.

"Oh, Jack sweety, Stop... no, please, oh no," Nora moaned as she felt her own climax erupt violently from her cunt. "Ohhhh... ohhhhh, god, ohhhh, you... are... made... me... ohhh... COME!" violated woman cried out. She collapsed into the bed as she felt the powerful sensation surge over her flushed body, giving her an intense wave of pleasure.

"Oh, Nora, I'm coming... Nora, I love you... so much, baby!" Jack cried as he repeatedly shoved his slippery, throbbing cock deep into Nora's pussy and heard her words. Jack felt his semen pour out of him in huge spurts.

Nora knew what Jack was doing was so wrong, but the thought of a young stud emptying his seed into her and the feel of his cock thrusting deep into her belly pushed Nora into another, secondary climax. Jack kissed his beloved Nora deeply and collapsed into her clutching arms. Lying together, Jack felt the last of his cum ooze from his penis.

"Please no, this can't be..." moaned Nora moments later as she came to her senses, believing that Jack's cock had emptied a huge load of his fertile semen into her receptive womb.

"Jack wh-why... why did you do this!" whispered Nora. "I'm too old a woman to get knocked up, Jack. Why would you even want me? How could you fuck me! Why would you want to make me pregnant? What..." She was confused by the wonderfully erotic dream that had transformed rapidly into reality.

"Hush, Nora, I've dreamed of fucking you for weeks," Jack answered, revealing his deep desire as his flaccid penis shrank inside her. "Don't worry, baby, I was wearing protection." He pulled out of her, and she saw the thin rubber jacket was filled with his thick semen.

"Jack, even so, this was still so wrong." Nora felt a burden lifted from her, knowing that Jack had thought to protect her.

"No, Nora, this was right. You give me and my brother a thrill every time we are near you. I get a hardon every time I think about your sexy body, your fine breasts, your pretty face." He kissed her face repeatedly. "You're not too old, but sexy and desirable."

"You... AND your brother, you mean Timmy too?" she asked, wondering how they could see beauty in her poor, worn body.

"Yes, Nora, both of us," Tim announced, finally appearing from the concealment of the plastic sheets, his cock already erect and ready for action. "You have stimulated both of us to desire you."

"No, Jack... Tim, stop this silliness now... please," Nora said in disbelief. "How could I possibly turn you both on. I'm such a mess."

"No, Nora honey, you are lovely," Tim explained. "and we both have grown to love you, even though you never believed it would really happen. You have been so critical of yourself. You are not some old lady, just a pretty, but neglected woman with deep, sensual needs."

"Both of you?" she asked, bewildered. The boys nodded their heads and smiled at her. "This is so... well, unexpected," she said. "After years of deprivation, now I am loved by two young studs. I can't believe it." She thought of the words she had heard from the brothers. She admitted to herself that flirting with them might have been responsible for their desire and their stealthy violation of her body. She had entertained her own secret dreams of what it would be like to have one or the other; now she could have both. What could she do but accede to their demands... and to her desires.

Tim had moved onto the bed and had put his arms around the confused woman. She tried, half-heartedly, to push him away, but strong boy only laughed and hugged her closer. Jack was on her other side, and Nora was sandwiched between them, between muscular, naked male bodies. They began to kiss her and touch her again. As they continued their loving assault on her body, Jack could see that Tim's cock twitched with its unfulfilled need. It was his brother's turn to please their lover.

Resigning herself to the situation, Nora began to respond to the attention she was now receiving. She may have been raped moments before, but now she sought out another coupling as further evidence of their devotion. Jack gazed at Nora's flushed face as she now became an active participant of this surprising tryst. Slowly, her lingering feelings of doubt and fear changed to passion and lust. Heavy breathing changed to a wanton moaning. Tim mounted her; with his hard cock encased in its little rubber coat, he drove deep into her sopping cunt. He felt Nora's hips began to buck under him. Finally losing his own inhibitions, Tim fucked her harder and harder. Nora responded by driving her hips up to meet each of her young lover's thrusts.

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