tagBDSMMom's New Boyfriend Ch. 03

Mom's New Boyfriend Ch. 03


Editor's Note: Like all my multi-chapter stories, don't start here if you have not read the preceding chapters. You will be lost. Also any typos or wrong words the spellchecker didn't catch were left on purpose to see if you are paying attention.

I felt a gentle finger draw up my stomach and then a fingernail graze my nipple. It was a knowing finger. I sensed she knew exactly what I was feeling bound on the bed.

"This is very interesting," she said in a husky dark voice with an Eastern European accent. "Usually girls here for an audition are in the studio. They also are not bound and helpless. Why did Peter leave you here?"

Her finger continued exploring my body causing me to shiver, something I'm sure she could sense.

"Um, Peter," I stammered as a wave of pleasure surged through my body. "Um, Peter didn't put me here. I did this."

My mystery woman now was concentrating on my nipples. She squeezed them, then tugged them and let them snap back down. My mind was reeling.

"Very interesting indeed," she opined. "OK with me. Let's see what you can do."

I felt her weight leave the bed and with her hands free of my body my erotic fog started to lift. I felt her remove the blindfold. I guess she wanted me to see her. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see why. She was gorgeous. She had long jet-black hair cut to frame her face. She was wearing a three quarter leather coat, strange for this time of year I noted, and had on black stockings. Her shoes were what could only be described as fuck me pumps. I looked her up and down as best I could. She didn't seem to mind. In fact I think she welcomed my gaze.

She began to unzip her coat revealing an expansive cleavage. I'd always been jealous of woman with large breasts due to my small swimmers boobs. And although I'd only recently started having sexual thoughts about women in the team changing room, this mysterious woman's breasts were captivating. I couldn't stop looking as she continued to unzip her coat. She was definitely going slow on purpose. She knew from her fingers that I was aroused and now she was practically daring me to watch her with lust in my heart.

When the zipper reached her waist she pulled the coat open and began to cup her breasts. They were obviously fake, but that didn't mean they were not spectacular. Her palms could barely contain them and her fingertip just barely reached her nipples. She was looking at me and licking her lips. She looked like a predator. Bound as I was to the bed (doing that to myself didn't seem like such a good idea all of a sudden) I was clearly her prey. Where the hell was Peter?

The woman lifted her right breast and licked her own nipple. A single strand of saliva hung in the air as she lowered her hard nipple away from her mouth. My own mouth was watering. I'd never had the desire to suck another woman's tits, but I wanted her. I also wondered if she was as wet as I was right then.

Her wanton display continued as she unzipped the rest of her coat. She was holding it closed denying me a view of the rest of her charms. She turned around and pulled the top of the coat down over her shoulders. As I knew from her tit flash, she was topless. I struggled to lift my head to see each inch after inch of her perfect alabaster skin as it was revealed. She was seducing me without saying a word and my worries about who she was were quickly disappearing.

Finally her coat reached the small of her back revealing her perfect hourglass figure as her hips flared out just enough. Next I realized she wasn't just topless. With the exception of her stockings, a garter belt to hold them and her shoes, she was naked under her coat. I salivated more as her perfect ass came into view. One thing swimmers know is having a tight butt and hers was as perfect as anyone's on my team. I couldn't understand how she had been outside wearing just the coat, but as my eyes followed the back of the coat down her amazing legs minor details like why she dressed like that were hardly relevant. Finally she dropped her coat on the floor and turned around.

Her front, dominated by her massive, firm, tits was equally if not more impressive. With her model's face, perfect body and a neatly trimmed landing strip above her pussy, she simply oozed sex. As I was soon to learn, she did that in more ways than one.

As she moved back to the bed I was focused on her pussy. As she began to crawl onto the bed again I had an up close and personal view as she straddled my body. Her knees were pressing down onto my shoulder blades. I could smell her scent as her pussy moved near my mouth. I was frozen in fear of my first lesbian encounter obviously about to begin. My mind was racing. What was I supposed to do? Well more specifically, how was I supposed to do it? What if I wasn't good enough? Wait, what did she mean by "audition." But before I could voice an objection or say a word, this goddess settled her pussy right over my mouth.

I didn't resist her, not because my bondage prevented it, but because she captivated me. I began giving her little kisses and trying to move my mouth back and forth. Apparently that didn't please her as she instructed me to stick my tongue deep into her pussy and "clean her out." As I did I first tasted her. Her woman's flavor was much stronger than what I had experienced sucking my mom's essence from Peter's cock. Then I tasted something salty. I realized the flavor was cum from my many blowjobs I'd given my boyfriends. The woman started sliding back and forth on my face as the mixture of cum and girl juice drained from her pussy. She must have been freshly fucked and possibly by more than one person as the quantity dripping on my tongue was plentiful.

She began humping my face faster and faster. Looking up I could see her perfectly toned core and massive breasts begin to heave. She was holding the headboard tightly for stability as she continued to ride me. My nose was rubbing against the top of her pussy and against her clit. She was screaming obscenities at me. I didn't take them personally. I knew she was just trying to get herself off. I had often fantasized about being so turned on that I was screaming my head off like she was right then. Of course I dreamed of being fucked by a big cock not riding the talentless tongue of a lesbian virgin, but the concept was the same. I did my best to keep my tongue doing its job, but eventually she was moving too fast and our encounter became her just rubbing herself off on my face. At least I was making a contribution.

She came with a howl and more girl juice (this time no mixture as I had apparently got all the guy cum out of her) flowed into my mouth. She was sweeter now. My ears were sore from the rubbing of her stocking covered thighs on them. As she continued to quake on my face I realized my own pussy had begun to beg for attention. My intense need for stimulation reminded me of how I felt around Peter. I prayed she would not be so reluctant to give me what I craved. Finally she stopped moving and just sat still on my face. Her breathing was still ragged and her breasts were still heaving, but a few minutes later she had recovered and then climbed off of me.

I expected her to untie me at that point, but instead she walked out of the room into the master bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then heard the shower turn on. My pussy was churning with need with no relief in sight. Again I lamented tying myself up as I was reliant on her to get me off. Her shower was short, maybe five minutes or so in length. She walked back out of the bathroom naked, except for a towel she was using to rub her hair. I strained my neck to look at her, but she ignored me. She walked past the bed to what looked like a walk in closet. I didn't get a good view, but when she turned the light on I did notice it looked large and had a mirrored dressing table. She shut the door and I was alone again.

My mind worked through all the permeations I could imagine. Was this Peter's wife? If it was she obviously didn't care that he and I had a relationship, if that is what you could all what we were doing. She was obviously fucking multiple men based on the amount of cum I'd sucked out of her pussy. She didn't seem to mind that I was tied up on her bed so I assumed she was kinky. I wondered if she knew about my mom. I guessed tonight had been the first time my mom had called Peter Master and been tied to his bed, but maybe this woman had been to my house before or maybe they had fucked at a hotel. Then there was her comment that I was here for an audition. What was that about? These variations and more swirled through my head but did little to cool my arousal. If anything I was getting hornier. Was this woman getting ready for bed? I wasn't sure what time it was but it didn't seem that late. Was she calling Peter from the closet? If she did, what would he tell her?

I lay back and tried to relax until I heard the door open again. One thing was for sure. My theory that maybe she was getting ready for bed was 1000% wrong. If I had been surprised that she had been naked under her coat when she came home I was downright shocked by the leather corset that she was wearing now. Her tits were overflowing from the top and her already tiny waist was further pulled in making her hips appear to bulge out. She was still wearing stockings although they were now fishnet in style. Her garter belt was gone replaced by stocking straps built into the corset. A different pair of high heels, still black, graced her feet. These appeared to be a 4" stiletto. I wondered how it was possible to walk in such a shoe. She obviously had lots of practice as she walked with grace, poise and purpose back toward the bed. Looking down at her pussy, I noticed the corset had a crotch snap, but it was closed. I prayed that she would soon give me pleasure instead of just having me take care of her. She sat back on the edge of the bed crossing her legs and then looked me deep into my eyes.

"So, who the fuck are you," she asked and without waiting for an answer, "you don't eat pussy like the girls Peter normally brings me."

I felt like a total nobody in her presence. If I could have hid under the blanket I would.

"I'm Brittney," I finally managed to answer. "Peter told me to wait for him."

"Of course you had to wait," she replied with a confused tone. "Where could you go?"

As she said that she started running her fingernail along my overheated flesh. I quivered again and tried to answer, but it was difficult. I didn't want to tell her everything. I didn't really want to tell her anything except whatever would be necessary to get her to slide that maddening fingernail over my clit. She knew I was being evasive and she also knew she held all the cards to make me talk. With a snicker she stood up and walked over to the dresser.

"Usually Peter brings my new toys to the playroom. I don't have everything I need to get you to tell me the truth, but not to worry, you'll talk sooner rather than later."

I watched as she brought a small vibrator over to the bed, turned it on and then placed it on my stomach. "Don't let that fall," she warned.

She then walked back to the bathroom. I was struggling to remain still while the vibrator buzzed on my tummy. When she returned she had a small jar with her. I couldn't tell what it was, but when she reached the end of the bed and gave my plug a little tug I had the feeling it was more lube.

"I see you're using Pete's level two plug. How long have you had that in your beautiful bum?"

I confessed that it had only been since he left and that I wasn't sure how long ago that happened. Without ceremony she pulled it out. I wished she had given me time to stretch a little more before she popped it out, but when she did I felt empty inside.

"Let me go wash this before we continue," she announced and then walked out of the room. I followed her with my eyes as she walked into the hallway and disappeared. I rocked as best I could without knocking over the vibe and discovered the jar was Vicks Vapo Rub. That did not bode well for me. She returned a few minutes later. She didn't have the plug but she was holding what appeared to be two dildos and a riding crop. She set the three items on the bed next to the Vicks.

"So let me get this straight. You're not here for an audition, Peter left you here alone and you tied yourself up. That is your story. Are you sticking to it?"

"Yes. That is what happened. It is the truth," I told her. I could tell she didn't believe me.

"Maybe you are telling the truth. You don't fit Peter's typical profile, but I need to be sure. You'll tell me the truth soon enough."

I was willing to try and convince her, but her game was also a turn on. She was as kinky as Peter or maybe more so. I decided to play along as see where things went.

The first thing was she sucked both of my nipples until they were achingly hard and very sensitive. So far so good as far as I was concerned. Then she opened the jar of Vicks. If you have never had menthol applied to your naughty bits it is a unique experience. At first, other than the smell there seemed to be no effect. Then my nipples started getting warm. Then they started tingling. Then I realized why she had sucked them so furiously first. My nipples were so erect and distended that tiny cracks in the skin had appeared giving more surface area for the Vicks to work its magic. And work its magic it did.

My nipples continued to warm up and I soon was begging for her to wipe off the Vicks. She went back to the bathroom and returned with a wash cloth which she placed on my chest just under my breasts.

"Are you ready to talk yet?" she questioned.

I could see this was her game. Peter played the same game teasing me with his cock. He believed he could keep a woman on edge until she had one mind-blowing orgasm. This woman certainly had the teasing part down. I was determined to take this out as long as I could.

"I've already told you everything," I replied.

With my nipples on fire she picked up the Vicks again and put a small dollop on her left fingertip. She then looked down at my pussy. With her right hand she began to rub my clit. I instantly moaned. I wanted her to touch me intimately and bring me off as much as anything I had ever wanted.

"There is something you could say that will earn the orgasm you so obviously crave. But I'm not going to tell you what that something is. Trust me if I put this (she held up her other hand to make sure I saw the Vicks) on your little girl clitty it will irritate you to no end but you will not be cumming for several hours. I was on the edge of climaxing as she toyed with my clit. She knew it and I knew she knew. She then stopped and surprised me. She stood up and unsnapped the bottom of her corset. I assumed she was going to have me lick her pussy again. I was wrong. Instead she put the Vicks on her own clit. She then snapped her corset back shut. I could tell from the look on her face it was already working to irritate and arouse her.

She then began to seriously tease me. I thought she had teased me before, but now it was really game on. She started by crawling between my legs and licking my pussy. I admit I didn't know what I was doing when she sat on my face, but this woman was experienced and had me crawling the walls in moments. Then she stopped. Then she picked up the crop. She was fairly gentle, although at the time I didn't think, so as she snapped the leather loop at the end against my thighs, arms, stomach, soles of my feet and finally against my breasts, nipples and pussy. Then she stopped and licked my pussy some more until I was again at the edge of exploding.

This time after she stopped she just let me cool down without touching or cropping me. Then she picked up one of the dildos. It was the smaller of the two she had brought. She didn't need to lubricate it. It slid up my pussy easily for the 10 agonizingly slow strokes she gave me and then she pulled it out and had me lick it clean.

This process repeated three or four times. Each time she was bending my will to her. I was reaching the breaking point. My nipples were still on fire and I needed to cum more than I ever had before. I was still on the edge of cumming, but I couldn't go over the top. My juices were pouring out of my pussy as she once again stopped eating me out. This time instead of picking up the crop or the dildo, however, she reached for the second dildo which also had a harness attached to it. As she was strapping it around her waist she told me one last time to confess why I was here or she would untie me and send me home. She didn't need to tell me what my reward would be if I told her my full story. Defeated at not being about to outlast her I confessed. She got on top of me and put the first inch of her dildo into my smoldering pussy but left the rest ready to thrust forward and me desperately trying to arch my hips upward.

"Peter is fucking my mother," I screamed. She pushed a little bit forward into my cunt. I moaned.

"I sucked his dick the first time I saw him," I confessed with a little more femcock as my reward.

I told her everything. She filled me up. I told her how I had masturbated dreaming about him, how I watched him fuck my mom at our house, how I sucked him off again, how I wore the balls for him at the swim meet, how he spanked me, how I watched him tie and fuck my mom on this bed, how she called him Master and how I came to be bound where she found me because I wanted the same thing.

The more I confessed, the deeper she penetrated me until she started pistoning the dildo in and out of me. Her breasts were rubbing my hyper sensitive nipples as she began to bang me harder than any man any had done before. There was no question I would not be able to hold back my climax. Although I knew Peter wanted his women to wait until he gave them permission to cum she had not said anything one was or the other on the subject so I didn't try to hold back. I would not have succeeded in doing so anyway. I was squealing and shaking as I climaxed on her cock. She didn't slow down at all. She just kept pounding me. There was no question she loved the control she had over me and wasn't about to give up her dominance. I was a babbling piece of meat by the time she finally pulled out of me. Like Peter she wanted to have me clean the strap on before she put it back away in the dresser drawer. I was still trying to catch my breath when she returned.

"You have a decision to make," she told me. "If you call Peter Master, you will also be serving me and will call me Mistress."

"I accept Mistress," I blurted out.

"No so fast eager little one," she cautioned. "If we accept you as our slave, you will be on call to attend to all our needs."

"I understand Mistress," I claimed.

"I could tell you were different from the usual girls Peter leaves me by the way you ate my pussy. You are inexperienced, but you were trying. Usually the girls have tongues like dead fishes. You will learn to be an expert in pleasing me. I called Peter while I was getting dressed and he told me about you and that you are a swimmer. We will work around your team schedule, but when we call you will come to us."

"Yes Mistress," I said more hopefully that this goddess was accepting me.

"At times we will have you service our friends and possibly use you in our business endeavors. Is that a problem?"

"No Mistress," I said with more than a little bit of noticeable worry in my voice. I didn't like the thought of being loaned out like a whore and didn't know what kind of business would need me. Then I wondered if my mom was getting the same lecture from Peter as she professed her need to serve him.

The woman seemed happy and began sliding her finger along my wet slit.

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