tagBDSMMom's New Boyfriend Ch. 04

Mom's New Boyfriend Ch. 04


I woke from a restless night horny and wet, just the way I'm sure my new owners designed. Erotic dreams filled my subconscious and the remote butterfly made sure I'd be teased, but not experience the sexual release I craved. Master Peter had told me I would serve him until noon. Looking at the alarm clock I was horrified to realize it was already 9am. But bound to the bed as I was, there was little I could do about it.

Fortunately Mistress Dasha walked into my room shortly after I woke up. She unhooked the cuffs and took off the maddening butterfly. She also rubbed my slit to confirm what she undoubtedly expected. Next was the bathroom. I really had to pee as I was accustomed to getting up much earlier. My Mistress couldn't help but use my stop in the bathroom to further torment and train me. I sat on the toilet, naked, while she stood in the doorway and stared at me. Her instructions made it clear I was to hold my pee until she gave me permission to use the toilet. She told me to squeeze my Kegel muscles to hold back my urine. She said she would give me exercises to do during the week to strengthen them and that even though my pussy was tight, she would teach me how to use my muscles to milk a cock and make any man shoot. Yeah, any man but Master Peter I thought.

Satisfied that I had held it long enough or that I had been suitably humiliated having her watch me, Mistress gave me permission to satisfy my bodily functions. I really wanted to satisfy a different function but she didn't have to tell me that was off limits. I already knew that rule. She then told me to shower, "because I smelled like a whorehouse at low tide," and that she would set out my clothes. I was to meet them in the kitchen when I was done. I had 15 minutes. Fortunately she didn't stay to watch and I was able to give my clit a few quick rubs in the shower and use the shower head for some pleasurable high pressure spray, but I didn't dare cum and I didn't dare waste too much time.

Emerging from the shower and walking back into the bedroom I realized it wouldn't take long to get "dressed" if that is what you could call it. Of course I expected to be naked while I served them breakfast and in truth I basically would be. Gone was the chainmail halter-top. In its place was a leather dog collar with a nametag that said "princess," leather wrist and ankle cuffs (no surprise) a thin leather dog leash instead of the metal one from last night and of course a butt plug. This wasn't like yesterday's plugs, however. This one had a tail. Flowing from the back of the plug were long strands of real hair. They looked like horsehair to me. I knew Mistress wanted me to be her pet and both of them had treated me like you would treat a dog. I guess now they wanted me to look like one as well.

This plug was a little wider than the second one from last night so it took a good push and some grunting on my part to get it in. But as my ass snapped around it I felt wonderfully full. Looking at myself in the mirror I wiggled my butt to watch my tail flip back and forth. It was deliciously kinky. I wondered what other treats my Mistress and Master had in store for me. I knew they expected me to be dressed by now so I quickly crawled out of the room and toward the living room. I didn't find them there so I tried the kitchen next. It was empty but I did find a note that told me to serve them coffee on the patio and to be sure to bring a glass of milk. It also said I was allowed to walk as crawling with two cups of coffee would not work out too well.

There were two cups on a tray and a full pot of coffee on the countertop. They didn't specify whether they used sugar so I quickly searched the cabinets for a pair of small dispensers and filled one with sugar and then poured some milk in the other. I didn't find cream in the refrigerator so I figured I was good to go. I poured the coffee and then carried the tray out to the patio.

My Master and Mistress were sitting at a table reading the Sunday paper. They were wearing robes, greeted me warmly and did not mention whether I took too long getting ready or not. I stood next to them not sure what was expected of me or what I should do next. My master took a sip of his coffee (he took it black) and then put his hand on my rear caressing it firmly. He then reached between my legs and began rubbing his fingers along the outside folds of my pussy. My Mistress was the first to speak.

"Good morning pet," she began. We would like scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. There is an apron hanging in the pantry you may wear while you prepare the food but take it off before you return."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied. I then turned and walked back into the house. As the cool air conditioned air hit my body I realized I had just been outside naked again, this time in broad daylight, and it didn't bother me. Heck I had not even realized it. I hurried back into the kitchen and got all the ingredients out needed to prepare the meal. I didn't bother putting the apron on as I had begun to enjoy being naked in their house. I had to be careful when the bacon grease began to splatter a little, but I managed. Within 15 minutes I had our breakfast ready and I put everything on another tray and brought it outside.

"Thank you pet," my Master greeted me. I was glad he seemed pleased with my efforts.

"Yes, thank you, pet," my Mistress added. "Before you eat however, I need an orgasm and you need your pussy eating practice."

I watched as my Mistress opened her robe to reveal her perfect body was naked underneath it. She spread her legs and I immediately took a position between them. My Master and Mistress carried on their Sunday breakfast conversation as if there was nothing weird that I was eating her out. She gave me a few instructions, but mostly seemed content to sit there, eat breakfast and read the paper while I pleasured her. Master Peter ignored me. They discussed having the neighbors over later (I wondered if it would be before I left at noon) and also going over to my house to introduce my mom to Mistress Dasha. I tried not to listen and just concentrate on pleasuring my Mistress. After about 10 minutes I estimated, I was rewarded with giving her an orgasm. She made sure I understood how much pleasure and satisfaction I should feel because I made her cum. She then stood up and said she had to get something in the house and I should see to my Master's needs next. Then I would be allowed to eat.

I turned toward Master Peter. Obviously I was not shocked when he opened his robe and he too was naked underneath. Taking his cock in my mouth certainly was a pleasure. One that I hoped would end in a creamy reward. I diligently did my duty licking and sucking his manhood. I also nibbled the tip while stroking his shaft (taking advantage of having free hands for a change) to try and finally make him cum in my mouth. I heard my Mistress return, but I didn't stop to look up. Master Peter continued to read the paper almost oblivious to the fact that I was giving him a killer blowjob. Finally I felt his cock swell. I was excited to say the least, although I half expected him to pull out and give me a facial. But he didn't. He did fill my mouth with sweet, salty cum. And yes, I did feel pleasure as my Mistress had instructed me that I should. I also felt pride at finally getting him off. I licked him clean without being told and then turned to look at my Mistress for further instructions.

"Crawl over here," she said, "and get your breakfast."

I crawled around the table. Apparently when she went back into the house she retrieved a dog dish because I know it wasn't on the table when I first brought the food out. But it was there now and my breakfast, it looked like Special K, was in it. Mistress poured the milk into the bowl, put it on the patio and left me to stick my head down while on my hands and knees and eat.

Wave after wave of humiliation washed through my body. She had told me she wouldn't make me go to the bathroom in the yard, but after this could that be far behind? She reached down and patted my head as I moved my mouth around trying to eat. If you have never put your head in a bowl like that and tried to eat it is not easy. But I had to admit, with every new method she chose to express her dominance over me, I fell deeper and deeper under her spell. I admit I had never told any of my boyfriends that I loved them, but I was dangerously close to telling Mistress Dasha I loved her.

When I finished eating I looked up at her. She looked down at the bowl. Apparently satisfied she told me to stand up and get into the inspection position. Of course I did without hesitation. Standing next to her with my legs spread it was simple for her to slide a finger into my pussy. We both knew she would find it wet.

"Your face is a mess," she began. I was disappointed because I interpreted that as a criticism. "But that is to be expected when you eat like an animal. Crawl back to your bathroom and wash up. There are some new accessories for your outfit. We will be having guests soon so hurry up."

With a wave of her hand she dismissed me. Master Peter, apart from cumming in my mouth, was still reading the paper and didn't seem interested in what his wife was doing. I truly had become a toy to be used for their kinky pleasure and I loved it. I wondered what I would be doing for their friends and what new accessories Mistress had put out for me.

I hurried into the house and back to my bedroom. I saw an outfit on the bed, but I didn't take time to stop and admire it, yet. I quickly washed up in the bathroom. I was about to walk back to the bed to grab the outfit when I caught myself and dropped to my knees. Nobody was watching (I think) but I wanted to crawl anyway. When I reached the bed I stood back up and picked up an unusual outfit. Then I recognized it. It looked like the suit I'd seen in the locker downstairs. It was made of a shimmering white material.

"It's latex," I heard my Mistress call out from the bedroom door.

I looked up to see her standing in the door. She had lost her robe between the pool and my door. I practically started drooling as I drank in her beauty. I examined the suit. I'd see catsuits before and had even worn one for working out. In a way, other than the material, it wasn't that different from the tech suit I wore for swim meets. But this one was different. (duh) Along the head were fake ears and by the hands and feet were fury paws. The back also had white fur. When I picked it up I also noticed the knees had a built in gel pad. I looked back at my Mistress.

"You didn't think I'd just give you a tail plug and that would be the end, did you?" she asked. "I know you saw Susan's suit in her locker. It is similar to yours, but it is a cat. You two are my pets."

I nodded that I understood, although I'm not sure I did. Mistress Dasha then walked into the room.

"I'll help you this time to get dressed," she said. "It can be tricky if you have never worn latex."

Mistress removed my collar and cuffs first. The second step was to liberally apply talcum powder over my body to allow the latex to slide a bit on my skin. Without it I think it would have been impossible to get the skintight material to slide up my legs. I'd never worn anything so constricting. My Mistress had me sit on the edge of the bed. The feeling of her hands caressing my legs was so sensual as she tugged and then smoothed the suit that I know my breathing became more shallow and rapid and I'm sure she could smell my appreciation, as her head was right in front of my pussy.

As she continued to work the suit up my body I continued to become more excited. God how I wanted her to bury her mouth in my crotch as she worked the thin, skintight material over my thighs. Her face was perfected positioned. All she had to do was lean forward. I could feel her hot breath over my pussy, but she ignored my needs. As the suit reached the back of my thigh, she had me stand up. My legs were a little wobbly, not from the cat suit but from the heat and ache in my pussy. Mistress was now kneeling in front of me. That was a switch in positions. She obviously knew the effect she was having on me. But unlike me, who would have never been able to resist grabbing her ass and pressing my lips to her wet, smelly pussy, my Mistress seemed unfazed by the aroused woman standing before her. She had me turn around and with little fanfare or care for my need to stretch, pulled my butt plug tail out of my ass.

She then had to tug the suit with force to get it over my swimmer's muscular ass. I wondered how I'd ever be able to do this by myself in the garage. As she tugged I "accidentally" leaned forward making contact with her face. For just a split second, I felt like my Mistress was eating me. Oh how I wanted her to bury her tongue in my pussy. I continued to sway accidentally on purpose as she tugged the latex over my backside. I'm sure she knew what I was doing, but she seemed amused more than upset and did not give me an order to stop it.

When the suit reached the small of my back she stood up. The suit had a long zipper up the back so it was more flexible now. She told me to bend forward and slid my arms into the sleeves. This was easier, but still a little bit of a challenge. When I stood back up the suit stretched pulling tightly against my crotch. Mistress then told me to exhale had squeeze my core while she zipped up the back. If I thought the suit was tight before it was nothing like it felt as she struggled to get the zipper all the way to my neck. But once it was in place, I had to admit as she had me spin in front of a mirror and look at myself, the suit looked incredibly sexy as it hugged my curves. OK, the fake dog parts were weird, but the painted on look of the latex was amazing and the sensory feel of it becoming a second skin had me tingling.

Mistress rubbed her hands over my chest "checking the fit" and the sensation was immediately transferred to my nipples. Looking again in the mirror I noticed that my small breasts had basically disappeared beneath the tight pressure of the suit, but my nipples were still prominent as she continued to rub her hands over my body. When Mistress slid her hand between my legs I gasped. This must have pleased her because she continued to rub me there with increasing pressure.

"I see my puppy likes her new suit," she cooed in a condescending tone. I knew she was asking me that rhetorically. There was no way to hide what I was feeling.

"Would doggie like her balls to play with?" she asked. At first I thought she was talking about a real ball she would throw and I would fetch. Then I realized she was talking about my Ben Wa balls. I nodded. This suit was much tighter than my swimsuit and I'd cum from the balls wearing that so wearing them now would be better, I theorized.

I wondered how she could put the balls inside of me after encasing me in my latex skin, but a hidden access flap built into the suit running from my pussy to my asshole easily remedied the problem. I guess I had been too focused on looking at my Mistress kneeling in front of me to notice it. When it was unhooked (I think it was Velcro) the suit lost just a little bit of its tension against my body, but not much. A strong whiff of my arousal reached my nose as she pulled the suit open. Instead of the balls, however, Mistress grabbed the butterfly I had slept with last night.

"I need to go get your balls. This will keep you occupied for a few minutes."

She put the butterfly on my clit, ran the control wire to the top of the opening, shut the suit and had me lay down on the bed. She must have reprogrammed the control box from sleep mode to tease mode. With me laying on the bed, the butterfly kept turning on and off in a pulse mode. On for 5 seconds, off for 5 second, over and over again. The latex kept the butterfly pressed hard against my clit. Much harder in fact than its straps had done last night. With this setting I felt like I could cum, but Mistress was far to skilled in teasing and controlling a submissive to allow that to happen. Still I could dream for a few seconds before she returned holding my devil balls. The butterfly control was switched off and I whimpered in disappointment. But I knew better than to complain. It wouldn't get me any nearer the orgasm I was craving.

With little pomp Mistress replaced the butterfly with the balls. My smell was even more overpowering when she opened the crotch access of the suit. By the time she was finally done with me I knew everyone in the house would be able to smell how excited I was from this treatment. Mistress then had me stand up and she put my collar and leash back on. As I was crawling behind her back to the living room I wondered how my ass looked encased in the shimmering latex. It must look great I imagined. Peter looked very pleased with how I looked when we entered the room.

Mistress ordered me to "sit" and I rocked back so my ass was on my feet, but my hands were still on the ground. This tightened the suit and my nipples really appreciated the motion. So did my clit. The act of crawling was so derogatory and humiliating, but the position also caused the balls to dance in my pussy. I would have followed them anywhere at that moment in order to get that stimulation. Master Peter walked around me to check me from all angles.

"Where's her tail?" he asked my Mistress.

"Oops, I forgot," she told him.

I never thought for a minute she had really forgotten. I'm sure it was just part of their game. Master Peter had me stand for inspection while Mistress went back to the bedroom to retrieve my tail. He'd already looked at me but I know he enjoyed running his hands over my body as I stood in front of him. He made sure to rub my nipples and then put his leg between mine and allowed me to rub myself against him. Much like when wearing the butterfly I'm sure I could have cum from this stimulation. But also much like when my Mistress was teasing me I knew he was too much in control to allow that to happen. He allowed me to put my arms around his neck for better balance so I could really start to hump his leg. Mistress seemed to be taking a long time retrieving my tail or maybe time was standing still has I humped and grinded myself shamelessly on his leg. I was getting close. I was whimpering and pleading with my eyes for permission to cum like the shameless slut I'd become in just two weeks. But of course they would have none of that.

Master Peter took my wrists in his hands. For a brief moment I thought he was going to drop my hands to his crotch and have me fish out his cock. After all what man could resist such as sexy young girl humping him? Instead he let go and pulled his leg back. Unprepared to support myself I fell to the floor. I was a crumpled mess of aroused slut when Mistress returned. She was holding my tail as I had expected but had also changed to what I would learn to call "full bitch mode" meaning a cat suit of her own (leather instead of latex though) with high heeled boots and holding a riding crop. She ordered me back to my hands and knees and kneeling in front of her. She then told me to hand her my leash, which I did quickly. She then led me to the couch where I stayed on my hands and knees in front of her when she sat down. She put her feet on my back and used me as a footrest.

"Do you know why I treat you this way?" she asked in a simple and direct way. I wasn't sure what kind of answer she was expecting so I just turned my head and looked at her inquisitively.

"Because I can," she answered her own question. "You are a needy little slut and I am your physical and emotional superior. You will do whatever I say without question and you will love me for it. The more sick and demented I treat you, the more you will love me and the more you will crave me."

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