tagBDSMMom's New Boyfriend Ch. 05

Mom's New Boyfriend Ch. 05


I wondered what Carol, Richard and Thomas had in mind as they led me to their house next door to my Master and Mistress. I didn't have explicit permission to go with them, but had been told to take care of them so it seemed reasonable that I should follow them. Once inside their home Thomas disappeared to take a shower. I sort of expected Carol and Richard to rip my clothes off and ravage me. OK, I wanted them to rip my clothes off and ravage me. But instead they started talking to me like they were concerned parents looking out for their son. It was a unique family dynamic that was for sure.

Richard and Carol seemed like your typical suburban family. Their house was neat and organized and I saw no hint of their kinky activities or any other suggestion that they were the wild and crazy couple I experienced next door. I asked them how I could be of help.

They explained that while they don't partake in Master and Mistress' bondage and submissive lifestyle on a regular basis, they do swing on occasion. Master Peter had seduced Carol (I was hardly shocked to hear that) and Mistress Dasha had seduced Thomas (Again no surprise) so they got together as a group on occasion. Their problem was Thomas. While he wasn't my Mistress' sub, they explained, he also wasn't as aggressive as they felt he should be when he was with the seemingly never-ending parade of young women that came to the house for auditions. They explained that Peter and Dasha frequently used Thomas to try out the girls. They saw how Peter treated the girls and figured it would be good for Thomas to learn how to be a dominant.

"I'm not sure that can be learned," I opined.

"Oh, he's got the right genes for it," Carol replied. "In sports and with his guy friends he is plenty aggressive. He just lacks confidence with women. He's got a great cock as you found out. There is no reason he shouldn't have women crawling all over him and begging to be with him."

I found it very strange that Thomas' mom was describing how great his cock was and I wondered if she had sampled it herself. She was right. He had felt great inside of me and I hoped I would get to fuck him properly soon. But can you learn to be a Dom or do you have to be born that way?

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Carol walked up to me and unsnapped my pants. She then let them fall to my ankles. Then she slid her fingers under my panties and pushed two fingers inside of me. My hips began to shake and I couldn't help but to begin to fuck myself on her invading digits.

"You're a born slut. You proved that next door. If I told you to go fuck Thomas in the shower or to pleasure my husband or me you would do it without question. But Thomas knows you are doing it to please your Master and Mistress. I need to find him his own sub. But for now, I want to tie you to his bed and let him feel what is like to be alone with someone completely under his control."

"So you will not be there to supervise?" I questioned.

"No, this is for him alone."

I wasn't crazy about being alone with him. I trusted Master Peter implicitly which is why I wasn't scared of being tied in his house. Carol and Richard seemed sane, although weird in a kinky way, but I wasn't sure about Thomas. But Carol's moving fingers and her promise to make me orgasm if Thomas did not was all the incentive I needed to agree to their plan.

Carol escorted me up to Thomas' room. As we passed the hallway bathroom I could hear the shower still running. Once in his room she had me strip. As I was neatly folding and placing my clothes on his desk I noticed several pictures, obviously taken by a cell phone, of a young woman I recognized. The pictures were not composed well as if he had snapped them in a hurry or was trying to be discrete and not let her know she was being photographed. I was surprised because the woman was my math teacher from last year. She was a few years out of college and very cute. Rumors had spread throughout the school that on weekends she had a wild streak. I heard she had been fired from my former high school but I never gave it much thought. Back then I had never thought of another woman in sexual terms. Looking at her picture now I could see myself between her legs if her rumors of a crazy side were true. Carol noticed me looking at the picture at little too intently.

"That's Thomas' new math teacher. She just started at his school. He has a crush on her. Actually it's kind of creepy as I think he is stalking her. I've talked to him about stopping that, but he keeps taking pictures of her."

"She's adorable," I offered. "Maybe she should be his first sub," I said jokingly, although inside I wasn't really kidding.

"I doubt that would happen," Carol responded. "She's too prim and proper. He needs someone like you."

"I'm taken," I reminded her.

"I know," she replied as if it was stupid for me to mention. "What's your roommate like?" she said almost sounding hopefull.

"No chance there," I told her. "She's way to uptight."

"Pity. Oh well, up on the bed please."

I jumped up on the bed and she quickly tied my arms above me to the headboard and tied my legs spread to the corners to the footboard. She then left the room. I wasn't sure if she was going to warn Thomas or if he already knew what his mother's plan entailed, but all I could do was wait. The plug in my ass holding back the torrent of cum was starting to get irritating. I wondered if he might remove it and make another deposit. My pussy on the other hand was lubricating quite nicely at the thought of being used again by this young stud. I tested my bonds. My arms and legs had very little movement. Carol had done a fine job. I wondered how many other girls she had tied up.

The look on Thomas' face was priceless when he found me bound to his bed. He was still glistening with drops of water from the shower and had a towel wrapped around his mid section. I started to explain what his mother had told me but he just held up his hand.

"Do you think I don't know how to take care of a slut like you?" he asked clearly rhetorically. "Mom's convinced I lack confidence, but only because I am playing that role so I can fuck Dasha three or four times per week. She wouldn't want me if I stood up to her."

He dropped his towel. He cock was already starting to stir. I licked my lips. Thomas moved over to the bed and straddled my body so he could feed me his cock. Freshly washed, I was happy to take him into my mouth. He wasn't aggressive forcing himself into me. He just let me leisurely suck him back to full hardness. He reached back to check my pussy for wetness. I'm sure he knew I'd be ready for him, but it was thoughtful of him to check before he popped himself out of my mouth and slid down my body to mount me.

Without having Mistress Dasha to guide him, he was much more assertive with me. Maybe this was really his nature or maybe having just cum in me half an hour earlier he wasn't worried about cumming too quickly, but after sinking is cock deep inside me with a single thrust he began to really pound me.

With the stamina and enthusiasm of youth he began to really let me have it. I wished my legs were free so I could have wrapped them around his back to give him better leverage. His public bone was hitting my clit just right with every thrust. I was definitely caught up in the moment and not thinking about my instructions to only cum when given permission and to call or Skype my mistress before I orgasmed. Thomas was just too good. I'd been craving a good hard fuck ever since Mistress had pulled her strap-on out of me. Even Thomas' taking of my ass earlier in the afternoon had only inflamed my pussy's need to be mastered by a powerful cock. But now I was getting that.

I no longer worried about Thomas' ability to control a woman. Even though his mom had tied me to his bed, I had no doubt I would willingly do anything he asked, providing my Master and Mistress approved. As he ground his pelvis against me I even thought for a moment that maybe he should be my master as we were only a year apart in age. Then I came. I came hard and I came loudly.

But that didn't slow down Thomas. He continued to pummel my pussy right through my orgasm. I became hypersensitive and he was really starting to hurt me now, but I didn't care. Fireworks continued to explode in my mind. Over and over he thrust, each time seemingly harder than the last, until he finally buried himself deep inside of me and shot another gooey load. I should have been worried that he just blasted his semen deep inside of me, but at the moment all I felt was warmth spreading through my body. He lowered his body out of the pushup position he had been holding himself in and I felt his sweat mixing with mine as we both enjoyed the afterglow and intimate contact. His cock stayed hard for longer than I expected but he didn't move until he started to deflate. He just held me. I longed to be able to return his embrace, but my bonds prevented that. Finally he pulled out and got back onto his knees.

"Let me clean you," I whispered hoarsely. I was so blown away I couldn't speak any louder.

I was licking his cock clean when his mother entered the room. He was deferential to her much like he was to my Mistress. I wondered if it was an age thing with him. I was older than him but not by much. He had probably been raised to respect his mother and had obviously transferred some of that feeling to Dasha. He didn't seem embarrassed that his cock was in my mouth once again and his mother was looking. He let me finish cleaning our shared fluids from him and then got off the bed. He wrapped the discarded towel around his body again and left the room. Carol was just looking at my bound and well-fucked form when I heard the shower again. Then she removed her skirt.

"Dasha told me you were good at cleaning up my husband's cum. Let's find out for ourselves," she announced before climbing over me and straddling my head. I was happy to eat her again and I willingly dove into my task as she rubbed her dripping snatch over my mouth. There wasn't much evidence that Richard had given her a cream pie. After the large load he deposited in my ass that didn't surprise me. I'm sure her real reason for sitting on my face was for her pleasure not just her cleanliness. So I did my best to get her off. I think I was getting better at eating pussy as her moans began sooner than my Mistress' had and she came quicker too. Then she really surprised me and gave me my gift. She dismounted from my face and got between my legs.

I rarely had any boyfriend who wanted to go down on me. (Bastards just want their cocks sucked without reciprocation.) Those who did go down on me were not very skilled in making me feel good. Carol was neither of these things. She genuinely seemed happy to bury her mouth on my pussy and eagerly lapped up her son's cum as it leaking out of my sloppy hole. Beyond her incestuous thrill she also went to work on my clit. Although I was still sensitive from Thomas' fuck, I found Carol's tongue thrilling. She was obviously experienced pleasuring a woman and I began taking mental notes on how she skillfully brought my arousal back to another peak. I was definitely worn out from cumming so hard three times in a row. After I finally calmed down she untied me and told me to get dressed. Carol drove me back to campus. The entire time she held her hand between my legs. She didn't move her hand or become more intimate than that, but the mere fact that it was there and my knowledge of how skilled she was at bringing me off kept me wet and ready the entire half hour drive. When we reached the dorm she gave me a passionate kiss and told me it had been nice to meet me. I told her I thought I could help with Thomas' issue, as long as my Master and Mistress approved. She told me she would talk to them about it. I walked back to my room happy but still horny. Looking at my watch I still had 3.5 hours to go before I could remove the plug. I hoped my roommate wasn't around because there was no way I was going to keep my hands outside my pants.

When I got back to my dorm room I was relieved that my roommate wasn't there. I sent her a text to tell her I had returned. Really I was trying to gauge when she would be back. She said she was out with her boyfriend (she had met him at a party last week and they had been going hot and heavy ever since) which pleased me because she would be back late. I lay back on my bed and unbuttoned my pants.

I must say it was difficult not to bring myself off right then and there. My ass was sore and a constant reminder of what happened a few hours ago. My pussy has a good memory and was thinking about how Thomas had fucked me and how his mom had licked me. As I rubbed my tender clit I started thinking about what Master and Mistress had done to me earlier. My mind kept coming back to crawling like a dog and eating out of the dog dish. My pussy was dripping at the memory of that humiliation. Why did that turn me on so much?

I was desperately close to cumming just minutes after I put my hand in my pants. This was not good. I had to find something else to take my mind off sex. I pulled my hand away from my pussy. Is it worth the punishment if I just cum now? How will they know? I thought to myself that I could just lie and say I was a good girl, but I knew that wouldn't work. Carol undoubtedly will tell them I came with her and Thomas so I'd already been bad. I'm sure they would ask if I'd cum since she dropped me off and I knew I'd admit that I had. I suppose I probably wasn't in too much trouble for having served the neighbors again since they had told me to do so earlier. But if I just did it on my own that probably would warrant a major penalty. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head.

I knew the plug would not allow my mind to escape thoughts of sex completely, but at least if I was out in public it would be easier to resist playing with myself. Or so I thought. I wandered off campus. I didn't want to run into anybody I knew given my wound up state. I was walking around aimlessly. I still wanted to masturbate. The feeling was exquisite. I was so horny I even thought about hiding behind some bushes or behind a garbage dumpster in an alley and getting myself off. Finally I couldn't take it any more and called my Mistress.

She seemed amused by my state, but she wasn't in a generous mood or ready to let me cum. I pleaded with her, but she was resolute.

"Maybe if you had not cum when Thomas fucked you I would be more agreeable," she told me. Then she had me give her the address where I was. I heard her typing on the keyboard.

"There is an adult bookstore about 7 blocks west of you. I want you to walk there. I'll send you a text with the items you are to purchase. Send me a picture of the sign when you get there and I'll send you the list."

She then hung up the phone.

I really didn't want to go to an adult bookstore. But I also didn't want to piss off my Mistress. I was sure she had some humiliating task in mind for me, but in my aroused state all I could think about was orgasming (and quickly) so I set off for the store. Hopefully it would not be crowded on a Sunday afternoon. When I got there I was surprised to find the building looked very upscale. I was expected a dingy brick building. This one had mannequins in the windows displaying sexy clothes and didn't have the vibe of a place dirty old men would hang out. I quickly took a picture with my cell phone hoping nobody would notice and think I'm weird.

Then I waited. And then I waited some more. The anticipation was killing me. My ass was squeezing the plug and my pussy was juicy. I had to get some relief soon. Finally I got a series of texts from my mistress. She said she had talked to a nice sounding man named Jake who worked at the store. I was to ask for him and he would help me locate the following items. I texted back a protest that I couldn't afford to go shopping (poor student athlete don't you know) but she assured me that she would cover the expense before my credit card came due. I read the list of items.

"Slut, I want you to buy the following," Mistress Dasha's text began. "8" dildo (size of my Master I reckoned) a C-battery powered vibrator, a remote controlled vibrating egg, nipple clamps of your choice, neoprene Velcro cuffs (both wrist and ankle) a leather collar (with D-ring connector) and finally a leather blindfold."

I read the list three times. Individually none of the items were particularly weird or even embarrassing. But taken together as a shopping list I knew I would be humiliated buying all these toys. Then I looked at the time stamp of the message and knew I had to complete my task and get headed back to campus in order to be in my room to called Master and Mistress at the appointed hour. I summoned up my courage and walked inside.

I was right about the shop being upscale. It was like being in a fashionable boutique, only beside the racks of sexy lingerie were racks of naughty costumes, display cases with fancy toys, adult movies for sale, bondage gear and fetish items. It was a cornucopia of adult pleasures, probably not unlike 100 different stores in LA, but this one was bright, airy and totally non-threatening. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. There were several other people shopping. A few couples, two other single women and four single guys were milling about checking out the products. A handsome man approached me and asked if I was Brittney. I said I was and he introduced himself as Jake. I'd been expecting to find Jake to be a dirty old man, unshaven and unkempt whose only career option was to work in a porno shop. Clearly Jake was not that man. First impressions can be wrong but he looked like he was probably college educated, was articulate and well spoken and probably could work someplace better. I went so far as to tell him so as my shock for seeing somebody as clean cut working here was clearly showing on my face. He explained he only worked there on Sundays to earn a little extra cash. But he quickly added the weekday staff were also nice and that I should come back sometime during the day and meet the girls who own the place. I wasn't sure if he was hitting on me or if since my Mistress had called him that he knew I was into women.

Jake was a perfect gentleman and showed me around the shop. Although I had my list of what to buy, I wasn't prepared to have to comparison shop for each item. The shop had a wide variety and I had to think, often with Jake's input, about which brand or style was right. I think that was more demeaning than just walking into the shop. Have you ever discussed the relative merits of a particular style of vibrator with a stranger? Did you ever have to use the words "I'm not sure my Mistress will like this one?" Well I did.

And of course after picking the dildo, vibrator and egg, Jake was acting as a good salesman and tried to upsell me to an anal plug. I thought about just grabbing one to shut him up, but then I figured perhaps Mistress had told him of my current filled state and he had been instructed to see if I would tell the truth about already being plugged.

"I don't need another one, thank you," I told him. "I'm already wearing one."

"Really?" he questioned.

"Really," I replied.

Jake wrapped his arm around me and patted my rear trying to see if I was telling the truth. He smiled and I knew he enjoyed checking my claim.

Chosing the rest of the items on my list was easier and thankfully quicker. I was getting desperate to get home and play with my pussy before it was time to call my owners. As we were walking back toward the register a silver item caught my eye. (I know, please don't say the bright shiny object distracted me.) When I looked closer it was a small "pet play" section. Instead of ball gags there were bone gags, various dog and cat themed items and the one that had caught my eye. I big silver bowl with the words "slut puppy" emblazoned on the front. I creamed a little bit when I saw it and I had to have it.

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