tagBDSMMom's New Boyfriend Ch. 07

Mom's New Boyfriend Ch. 07


Author's Note: No big bondage scenes in this chapter but plenty of sublime submission and breaking down the barriers needed to embrace one's inner slut. This chapter is a necessary bridge to chapter 8 where I promise plenty of bondage sex including more mommy/daughter servitude.


My focus had transitioned from serving Master Peter and Mistress Dasha to seducing my former high school teacher Jenni into submissive service to Thomas, my Master and Mistress' neighbor. Oh I was still on call to my Master and Mistress ready to serve their every kinky and lustful need, but my own personal cravings were more focused on bringing another woman into our happy band of kinksters. Renee was all for helping me as the best plan we came up with was to give Jenni the opportunity to join us based on her own wild reputation. We would just subtly (ok maybe we were not so subtly) let her know we were pretty wild and see if she took the bait. Jenni had already been fired from at least one school that we knew of for extracurricular activities on her own time. From the rumors I heard the incident involved dancing on a table in a bar. Apparently the school board felt that wasn't appropriate for a high school teacher. My plan was to draw out her wild side and then invite her to a party at Master and Mistress' house where she would be exposed to all manner of kinky fun.

Thomas was doing his part to try and track her schedule to find an opportunity for Renee and I to strike. He was trying to be discrete. We all understood that if word got out that she was involved with a student that her career would be over and none of us wanted that. We knew that would be our biggest hurtle so we had to get her so excited that she wouldn't care that he was in her class. But first things first. We had to make contact.

It took Thomas a couple of weeks of detective work but finally he ascertained that besides seemingly random bars and dance clubs on the weekend (those would have been perfect but he was never able to find out the location until after the weekend was over) the only regular social event she had was a Wednesday night bowling league. This was far from perfect as far as I was concerned, but it was all we had to work with so we began to formulate a plan. Unfortunately neither of us knew much about bowling. I mean, we'd both done it and understood the mechanics of the game (thank you gym class) but knew nothing about how leagues worked. As a result, our first part of operation "Seduce Jenni" was to go to her bowling alley on Tuesday to observe a different league.

From what we could gather, there were different teams playing each other and they would switch alleys to play a different team after their first set of games. Of course it also looked like drinking beer was the primary activity with the actual bowling coming in second. That could work in our favor. There were a couple of open lanes at the end of alley which apparently were not reserved for the league, but they were busy all night as well. Renee came up with the idea that we had to get one of the open play lanes and somehow get Jenni playing of the lane next to us. We then could "accidentally" meet her. But how to accomplish that?

I should say while we were sitting at a table behind the lanes observing the action, the older guys in the league had been happy to be buying us drinks in hopes of "scoring" off the alley after league night was done. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was just in Renee's nature, but she said she "knew" how to make our plan work. I watched as she disappeared to the counter and began talking to the guy running the place. She pointed to the end of the alley where the open play lanes were located and then pointed to the league bowlers. He kept nodding. Finally he pointed toward a door behind the counter and Renee walked around the counter and disappeared with him. She wasn't gone long. Maybe five minutes or so. When she returned she walked back to me and gave me a passionate kiss. I could taste the guy's spunk.

"We need a picture of Jenni for the manager. He will make sure her team is on the last lane. He said we have to get here by 6:30 if we want to get one of the open play lanes as they are taken soon after that."

It was amazing how cooperative a guy could be for a simple blowjob. The picture was no problem. Thomas had been cyber stalking her and sent my phone several. Renee and I planned our wardrobe to look casual, but show off our assets. That meant tight jeans, t-shirts with no bra and high heeled shoes. And of course she was wearing her remote butterfly and I was wearing the devilish dildo panties. I also borrowed my mom's dildo panties for Jenni just in case, although I doubted I would need them during our first encounter.

Things got off to a rocky start when we arrived to find the manager Renee had arranged our plan with had not showed up for work. There was a kid (well he was my age but looked younger) working the desk on Wednesday night. Renee asked if the other manager had filled him in on our needs. He said yes, (I felt temporarily relieved) but then he said he would need an incentive like his boss had received yesterday.

"Your turn, Brittney," Renee said without a moment of hesitation.

I shrugged my shoulders and started to walk around the counter.

"Take lane 4," the kid said to Renee.

I'm guessing the kid didn't have a lot of women offering to suck his cock in the office. He was hard before I knelt before him and unzipped his pants. He also came way to fast. I didn't even get a chance to enjoy sucking his cock before I was slurping down his gooey goodness. Of course he thought he had done good and offered to fuck me if I'd let him. I told him maybe if things went well tonight that we would have around until closing. Of course I had no intention of letting him in my pants. But I figured having him on our side couldn't hurt. I also knew Renee would be teasing me without mercy tonight (we agreed to tease each other to entice Renee) so if I didn't find someone else to take care of me, maybe this would be the kid's lucky night.

I returned to Renee and made sure to give her a kiss the same way she had done to me the night before. She didn't seem surprised that I wanted to be sure she knew I'd done the same thing she had to further our quest. I didn't tell her about the offer for sex. The league bowlers were starting to filter in so I ordered a pitcher of beer and we started rolling. As I was about to release my first ball the dildo and clit buzzer sprung to life. Needless to say I through a gutter ball. The vibration stopped. Renee let me throw my second ball and I hit eight pins. Of course I wasn't going to let that kind of behavior without a response so I buzzed her during her first arm swing. She must have been expecting me to buzz her, or without the dildo and butt plug her butterfly just wasn't as distracting as my toy because she managed to hit three pins on the left side of the lane. She shot me an appreciative look and then promptly knocked down the rest of her pins for a spare. We continued bowling and teasing each other as the leagues got into full swing. But the fair Jenni was nowhere to be seen. I took a short break when the desk was empty and confronted the kid I'd blow about 45 minutes earlier. I was a little buzzed from the beer and completely buzzed from the remote under Renee's control. He told me that he put her team next to us but apparently she didn't show up. I returned to tell Renee the bad news. She took it in stride.

We finished up our game. I was prepared to leave (I needed a certain itch scratched) but Renee insisted we get another pitcher and bowl another game. I wasn't thrilled, but since she drove I didn't have much of a choice. When I returned with the beer she was busy flirting with the guys on Jenni's team. Suddenly I figured out the method of her madness. We didn't tell them our secret of the remote vibrators, but by the time league night was over they were putty in our hands. Renee and I both enjoyed discrete public orgasms and we even brought two of the guys (both teachers at the high school with Jenni) back to the apartment to fuck.

The next Wednesday found us back at the bowling alley. The price to arrange the lanes was the same. This time Renee made the payment, again with the manager. She was gone longer this time and when she returned and kissed me I didn't taste his spunk. I must have looked confused. She told me I could taste it later when we got home and I could go down on her. Then she giggled.

That night went much better. Jenni was there and recognized me. She was friendlier than I remembered when she was my teacher. I guess since she was off duty and I wasn't her student anymore she could let her hair down, metaphorically. Her teammates seemed happy that by "coincidence" we were next to them again. Between matches their team stayed put and the other team moved to join them. The guys were buying us drinks, which seemed to confuse Jenni because she assumed they had no shot with us. I could tell she was watching us flirt with them. I'm sure the two guys were hoping for a repeat post bowling party and I'm sure they told the other two guys on the team what had happened as they were hitting on us as well. I could also feel Jenni's eyes on my ass when I stretched to roll the ball. Of course Renee was using the remote frequently. I wondered if Jenni had any idea what was going on and why some rolls of mine were right down the middle and some went straight to the gutter.

I was getting horny from wearing the vibrator but I didn't know how to bring that subject up with Jenni. She was being very attentive to watching how Renee and I interacted with her teammates. I think she was jealous. They were all teachers at Thomas' school and I got the sense they didn't want to mess around with Jenni for the same reason we knew she would resist getting involved with one of her students. I could tell she wanted them to give her the attention they were giving me. I could also tell she knew when Renee came sitting on the bench seat waiting for them to finish their match. We ended up leaving with all four of her male team mates. Of course she was invited to join us, but she declined.

Back at the apartment while the guys were taking turns fucking us, I pictured the sweet innocent Jenni at home right then masturbating while fantasizing about being a fuck toy like Renee and I were at that moment. I envisioned her laying on her bed furiously fucking herself with a big dildo and then licking her own juices off of hit after she came. It wasn't much different than Renee and I were doing, although we had a nice selection of cocks to choose from and we didn't have to wait for one to be finished before sucking another.

The next week Renee and I were back at the bowling alley, although we were not playing this time. We figured the manager had enough of our free attention and everybody on the team knew us so we just sat at the rail and watched. Watched and gave each other public orgasms while the guys bought us drinks. We watched as they whispered to the guys on the other team while pointing in our direction and soon they were flirting with us and offering to buy the next round. That got Jenni's attention. Finally between matches while I was heading to the bathroom she confronted me. I made believe that it was just a happy accident that we picked her team and I just told her Renee and I liked to go out on Wednesday and blow off steam from the "hard college class load."

She seemed to buy my story. Then she seemed to get nervous and leaned in close to me. She whispered, "What's up with your friend? She looks like she had an orgasm sitting there in front of us."

I chuckled a bit which through her off guard. I think she expected me to be as embarrassed as she was asking the question.

"She did just cum," I said without any pretense of being embarrassed. I also said it in a normal voice. "I came sitting there too twice tonight so far. That's why we're so horny to take your teammates back to our place."

She just stood there stunned. Finally she blurted out "How?"

I pulled Renee's remote out and handed it to her.

"Look at Renee and press the button. She has a remote butterfly over her clit. You can toy with her if you want. She loves it."

Jenni stared at the remote for a few minutes. Then she looked up at me. "Are you wearing one too?"

I let the question hang in the air letting her think maybe she had gone too far.

"No, I don't have a butterfly," I told her. I waited a couple more seconds to give her a chance to ask how I got off, but she didn't. Finally I gave her the information she wanted, even if she didn't know to ask. "I'm wearing something a little more complex. But before you ask, yes, Renee has the remote and she's been teasing me for the last two hours." That was really all I needed to say, but I wanted to mess with her mind a little more. "I'm so horny right now I'd take the entire league home to gangbang me if they would allow me to get off." As fortune would have it, Renee chose that moment to buzz me. I jumped a little, something I'm sure Jenni noticed, and shot Renee an evil glance. It was all for show of course.

I wasn't sure if she would pick up on the "allow me to get off" portion of the sentence. I had no idea if she was into or had fantasized about dom/sub but I figured I'd plant the seed at least subconsciously. She just nodded although I don't think she really grasped what I said. Her team was calling her back to start the next match. Renee had switched seats to follow them. I headed into the bathroom. After I removed the torture panties I thought about getting myself off. Jenni was so cute and I was totally turned on from trying to seduce her. I peed, which was a necessity after all those beers and gave my clit a little attention. It wouldn't take much to make me cum, but I decided to wait in case Jenni wanted to take our game further. I carefully pulled the panties back on inserting the two dildos, headed back out and sat down next to Renee ready to continue the game.

I was paying close attention to Jenni waiting to see if she would take the bait and start playing with Renee. Jenni kept looking at her, but she wouldn't press the button on the remote. Renee finally whispered in my ear wondering why I had not turned on the butterfly for so long. I whispered back that Jenni had it. I also told her to let me have an orgasm to see if that would entice Jenni. Renee was happy to turn my vibe on high and watch as I sat there being teased and brought closer to climax.

Jenni was watching too. I made sure to exaggerate my movements. By now I could cum pretty easily unnoticed but I wanted Jenni to think about the power holding that remote represented. I also wanted her to think about cumming in front of a group. If the stories about her were true, she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her. Her bowling skills decreased the longer I held out from cumming. She was obviously distracted. At the end our eyes were locked as by body quivered. I mouthed the words "I'm cumming," and shut my eyes.

I rode out my orgasm in sightless bliss. I didn't want to look at her right then, but I was sure she was still watching me. I felt the vibrator slow and then stop. When I opened my eyes Jenni's eyes were still locked on me and she had a look of disbelief on her face. Renee whispered in my ear that Jenni had finally turned on the butterfly.

I held Renee's hand while Jenni went back to bowling. She was obviously still distracted, although she wasn't cycling the butterfly on and off. She was letting Renee take the full ride which I'm sure Renee enjoyed, but it didn't let Jenni enjoy the pleasure of truly being in charge. I had hoped that would give her a thrill which I could exploit later.

Jenni did watch Renee's inevitable orgasm with interest much like she had watched mine. Then she discretely gave me back the remote. The matched ended soon after. Jenni's team lost, mainly due to her poor play. The guys didn't know why she was playing so poorly, but the implied promise of another night with Renee and I tempered their anger. I was more interested in furthering our seduction of Jenni so unless she joined us I was not interested in going home just yet. Of course the boys asked. Jenni declined again. Renee seemed excited at the prospect leaving me to cast the deciding vote.

I took Renee aside and whispered to her. "I want to play with Jenni some more. Give me my remote." Renee was quick to hand it over. Then I got another idea. "Can you handle all four guys?" Renee scoffed that I even needed to ask. "When you get home fire up the camera. I'll get Jenni to watch."

Renee was quick to accept my offer and told the boys to follow her. They seemed disappointed Jenni and I stayed behind but they were not going to turn down Renee either. Jenni seemed confused why I stayed behind. When everyone else left I asked her to join me in the bar. I think Jenni thought I was hitting on her. She gave no indication if that would be a problem. She walked in front of me to the bar. I got to watch her tight little ass wiggle side to side in the black stretch pants she was wearing. "Thomas is going to enjoy fucking that ass," I thought to myself.

In the bar I directed Jenni to a booth and sat opposite of her. I then slide my remote across the table. "This one is for me," I told her with a smile. She picked it up and looked at it. It had two buttons instead of the one on Renee's remote. "Why two buttons?" she asked.

It was my turn to look embarrassed, although it was just for show. "The top one is a nub vibrator nestled on my clit," I told her. "And the lower button?" she asked. "A vibrator in my pussy," I said proudly.

"Is that it?" she asked.

"Well, there's a plug for my ass, but it doesn't do anything but make me feel full."

"I see," she replied. "So I can buzz your clit," she said before hitting the button. I shuddered as the vibrations hit my nervous system. Just a quickly though she turned it off. "Or I can tease your pussy," she said before doing just that, again too briefly. "Or I could probably do both."

I was about to say "Yes" when both vibrating devices sprung to life. I looked at Jenni. She seemed to be enjoying herself much more now that we were alone compared to when we were in front of her team.

Unlike how she had simply allowed Renee to climax, she now seemed to relish teasing me, not that I was complaining. Jenni started asked me questions about my relationship with Renee. I usually answered her truthfully. Any time I seemed to be hiding something (at least in her estimation) my vibrator stopped. Had she been a Domme I would have thought it was on purpose as a training technique, but I think she was just having fun. I told her about how I discovered I was a submissive. To my disappointment she didn't jump on that topic. We talked about why she got fired and how she occasionally "cut loose."

I told her there was nothing wrong with a woman enjoying herself from time to time. She countered with "tell that to the school board." I told her she just needed friends who knew "how to keep a secret." She laughed that off but I could tell she was struggling with her inner demons. Then I pulled out my phone and fired up Skype.

"Renee and I have a reputation to protect on campus, but that doesn't mean we can't have some discrete fun. I think that's why we get along so well."

I dialed up the apartment and Renee answered the video call after a few rings. I handed the phone to Jenni. I hoped she wouldn't be shocked by the fact that Renee's face was already covered in cum. Or maybe I hoped she would be shocked. I wasn't really sure. I did notice that Jenni was giving Renee her full attention. I kind of had a feeling that Jenni wanted to be in Renee's place. From things she had said when we were talking I got the impression that Jenni really wanted to be wilder, but was holding back due to fears of her job. I suppose I could understand since she'd been fired before over something I considered fairly minor. I tapped on the table to get her attention and then pointed at the remote which she had left on the table.

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