tagIncest/TabooMom's New Job Ch. 04

Mom's New Job Ch. 04


This story could fit into a few different categories and future ones might end up in those. As always let me know if you want to see something and I'll try to work it in. This story contains incest, which is the direction I'm planning to take subsequent works in this series.

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


This would fucking happen knowing my luck. The last thing I want to do is work with my own Mom. I think, looking up from my phone. After having yesterday and today off, Amy had just texted Mom and I that we would be working in a private room together tomorrow night. I toss my phone onto my bed and walk out of my room with a huff.

Maybe if Mom and I both talk to Amy, she'll change her mind after seeing how we feel I think, walking to Mom's bedroom door. Getting close, I hear a faint buzzing noise, coupled with soft moans from Mom.

"Ohhhhh yes!" Mom sighs through the door, the pleasure in her voice very obvious.

"Well this isn't what I wanted to hear!" I mumble to myself, trying to push the image of Mom dressed in her very skimpy work outfits with some form of vibrator working her pussy. To my confusion, I feel my nipples begin to grow hard from the thought. What the fuck is wrong with me? I go back to my room and try to think of what I'm going to say to Amy.

A while later, I hear Mom's door open and her walk down the hall, followed by a gentle knock on my closed door. "Come in!" I say.

Mom enters the room, her curly brown hair slightly disheveled, probably from her masturbation. She is wearing a bathrobe, loosely tied, allowing her cleavage to be displayed. Mom asks, "Have you seen Amy's text?"

I nod, still feeling weirded out by it, "Yeah, I was going to talk to you about it. What do you think we should tell her?"

Mom sighs and sits next to me on the bed and I sit up next to her. It is fairly evident that she is not wearing a bra, as her bathrobe is open enough to give me a view of her far breast. "I was going to tell her that I'd love to do it." Mom replies.

I feel my mouth drop, "What? Why?"

"People with these... kinks... are always well paying. Think about all of the tips!" Mom replies, trying to convince me.

"Don't you think it's a bit weird for them to request a mom and her daughter?" I ask, not understanding how Mom could even be considering this.

Mom shrugs, "When Amy suggested you work there... I was hesitant at first for the same reasons. But then I realized you're not a baby anymore. You're an adult who can make these decisions and know what she likes. For me, this private room is... a chance for us to work together."

"But that doesn't change the fact that we're related! It's bad enough that we could see each other naked at work!" I almost yell.

Mom frowns, "Jess, calm down! You think I didn't think of that when you started? There was a reason I didn't want you to come there at first, but since you want go away to college, this is the way you need to do it."

I sigh, "Your right... but your still my mom and I just don't want to ruin our relationship for something like this..."

Mom smiles and puts her hand around my shoulder, pulling me close, "I don't want that either, but I still think we should take this."

I look up at her face while resting my head on her shoulder, "My only worry is that we'll get there and be asked to... have sex or something."

Mom sighs, "I can't blame you for that. That's why I've been thinking..." I feel a sense of nervousness and dread go through me. "...that we at least get comfortable around each other."

I try to swallow the strange mix of emotions before I ask, "What do you mean by that?"

Mom sighs, "We need to at least be comfortable being naked or semi naked around each other. We can set all kinds of limits after that but you know what that place is like."

I sigh, "So how do you suppose we start?" Mom does not give a verbal answer but grabs my hand and leads me out of my room to hers. Inside, the lights are on bright and her blinds are closed, ensuring no one can see us.

"Since it was my idea I'll go first, but you have to agree to take your clothes off too." Mom says, completely serious.

"I guess I don't have another choice." I sigh, almost regretting my choice in job. Mom gives me a small smile and unties the front of her robe, allowing it to fall open. Her breasts spill out, topped with large, pink nipples, both hard. Her shaven pussy mound has both large inner and outer lips, giving it a sexy look.

Mom now looks at me completely straight faced still and says, "Your turn. I need to get used to seeing my own daughter naked..." She sounds almost like she is trying to convince herself that this is a good idea.

I feel my face go red as I pull my shirt over my head and then drop my shorts. I am now in just my blue bra and panties, both of which I've worn for past boyfriends. "You look great sweetie." Mom says.

"Thanks..." I reply, unsure how to feel about being told this by my own mother while wearing only my underwear. I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, letting it fall to the floor without ceremony. My breasts hang firm and high on my chest, my nipples the same shade of pink as Mom's. Then I drop my panties, revealing my shaven mound. "Happy now?" I ask sarcastically.

Mom shrugs, her breasts bouncing with the movement of her shoulders. "I don't think happy is the term I'd use but this is probably a bit less awkward than tomorrow night being the first time we see each other naked."

I pull my panties up and begin to dress again, "I guess..."

Mom reties her bathrobe, "Don't worry... I'm sure it won't be that bad. Besides, we can set limits for what we do and don't do."

I pull my shirt back over my head, "Good... there's a few that I'm certainly going to want." As I say this, I am already beginning to think about all the weird things that could happen in this private room.


The next day, Mom and I reach Hilltop Manor earlier than we normally would. Walking into the office, Amy smiles at us, "So glad you two agreed to do this. The woman requested that you wear these." Amy hands both of us a package. Mom and I go into our separate changing rooms and I begin to change. My outfit is a red robe see-through that 'covers' from my shoulders to the middle of my thighs. The front of the robe ties in place with a black strip of fabric.

God I feel like a slut I think, leaving the changing room. A second later, Mom comes out of her changing room wearing a similar robe as me. "Ready to go?" Mom asks me, her voice almost sounding nervous.

"Yes." I squeak out, butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.

"The room is in the main building, third floor. Room 301." Amy says.

Mom nods, "Are they here yet?"

Amy shakes her head, "They'll be here in about 45 minutes. Now if that's everything, you two ladies have fun!"

Mom leads the way out of the building and I follow. The two of us make the journey to the main building and take the elevator to the third floor. There are two rooms, one on the left and the other on the right. Mom goes left and opens the door, and I follow her inside. I flick the lights on and gasp. The room has all kinds of toys, including anal beads, dildos, vibrators, several strap ons and restraints. There is a massive bed and a tub large enough for at least 6 people.

"What now?" I ask

Mom shrugs, "I guess we wait. You nervous?"

I nod, "Very! I'm worried that we'll get asked to do something that we aren't comfortable doing."

Mom nods, "Please just go with it. You realize how much money we'll make if we go through with their fantasies?"

I sigh, "I do... but is that really worth us potentially ruining our relationship?"

Mom sighs as well, "Jessica... it's only going to be a matter of time until Amy makes us do something we aren't comfortable with. We mind as well just go with it and try to prevent it from getting weird."

Fuck I think, "I guess we just have to wait and see how this plays out." I answer.

Mom gives me a small, encouraging smile, "That's the right attitude!"

The rest of the time waiting for the person to show up passes very quickly. Finally, the door creeks open and a lone woman walks in. She has short blonde hair that barely touches her shoulders, large D-cup breasts. She is wearing a simple black leather bodysuit, covering her from her feet to neck. Her bodysuit has a zipper going down the length of the front, from the neck to between her legs. Her eyes are a piercing blue and she smiles at Mom and I, who are sitting next to each other on the bed.

"Hello ladies. How are you tonight?" She asks, closing the door behind her.

"Good." Mom and I both say.

The woman smiles, "I'm glad. My name is Stella and... this is something I've wanted to do for a long time."

"What's that?" I ask nervously.

Stella's smile grows, "Have fun with such a beautiful pair of women of course. Now... one thing you need to know about me is I like to be in charge, give orders all of that fun stuff. Any problems with that?"

"No." Mom answers quickly, giving me a "don't say anything" look.

"Good, now let's spice things up. Both of you need to untie the other's robe and get naked." Stella says, her eyes traveling greedily up and down Mom and I's bodies. Mom moves first and unties my robe, opening it allowing my breasts and pussy to be even more exposed to the air.

"Your turn Jess." Mom says quietly to me, stepping back so I can stand also. I stand in front of her and quickly undo the not, and Mom lets the robe fall off of her body to the floor. My robe still covers my arms, sides and back. Mom then turns and stands next to me, saving me the awkwardness of looking at her naked body.

Stella looks back and forth between us, "So... I know you two are related but this is always a fantasy I've wanted to live out."

"What is that?" I ask, not liking where this is going.

Stella smiles, "Well... I want to play with both of you at the same time."

"What do you mean by that?" Mom asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest, covering her breasts.

Stella smiles, "Well you two don't have to do anything with each other. I would be playing with the two of you."

Mom sighs, "Jess... what do you think?"

I think for several seconds before I answer, "As long as Mom and I don't have to do anything with each other..."

Stella's smiles grows wider, "Excellent!" Stella then steps toward Mom and I, giving us a gentle push. I allow myself to fall back on the bed, as Mom falls next to me. Mom turns and looks at me as Stella drops between Mom's legs and begins to work pussy with her mouth. Mom lets out a soft moan, clearly enjoying the feeling. Mom pushes herself up on her elbows and watches Stella at work.

I try not to watch, or pay attention to Mom, but there isn't much to distract me. Just listening to the forbidden sound of Mom's moans makes me begin to grow wet. I reach between my legs and slowly rub my clit, trying to resist looking at Mom. Mom's moans have grown louder as Stella continues to slurp her pussy. Suddenly I feel a hand grip my lower arm, just above my wrist. I look down and Mom is holding onto it. I follow her arm up, over her breasts, to her other arm. I then follow that and see it rapidly working her clit while Stella's mouth is firmly clamped over her large inner and outer lips. Stella then pulls away from Mom and begins to slide three fingers in and out of her quickly

I watch, half turned on and half disgusted at watching what was happening. Suddenly Mom cries out, "Ggggaaaaahhhh... Fuck!" I watch as Mom's pretty face contorts in pleasure as she cums. Looking between her legs, Stella is clearly watching Mom as well, as Stella's face has a large smile on it. Watching Mom begins to make me hornier than I was before and I ask myself, why am I enjoying watching this? What the fuck is wrong with me?

Seconds later, Mom's orgasm ends and she opens her eyes. Stella removes her finger's from Mom's pussy, sucking her cum and juices off of them. Stella then turns her attention to me, "Your turn Jessica!"

I jump slightly, having been focused on watching Mom cum and hoping both Stella and her didn't see anything. I try to cover my surprise with a smile, "Just make me cum..."

Stella gives me a teasing smile, moving her hand in between my breasts and pushing me gently down onto the bed. I lay back, spreading my legs far and find one of them pressing into Mom's bare leg. I shudder slightly as Stella's hand runs over my pussy. "Jessica... your dripping wet!" Stella exclaims happily, showing Mom and I her glistening fingers.

I feel my face go red and before I can reply, Stella's mouth clamps over my mound. Her tongue laps at both my entrance and my clit. I moan in pleasure as her tongue explores my pussy. I'm vaguely aware of Mom's elevated breathing as she lays next to me but I resist the urge to look at her. Things are getting weird enough between us without me watching her as I get eaten out. Sometimes, I feel her tongue penetrate me slightly, sampling my juices. She quickly works me to orgasm, pulling her mouth away at the last second and beginning to finger me.

As her index and middle fingers reach their maximum depth, I cry out in pleasure as she pushes me over the edge. I close my eyes and begin to cum. Mom's hand find's mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. In my orgasmic state, I no longer care that my own mother is lying next to me, possibly watching me cum. At the same time, my pussy clenches down on Stella's fingers, coating them in my cum. I feel the hot fluid begin to splatter out of my pussy and run down the older woman's hand. As my orgasm begins to subside, I feel Stella pull her fingers from my pussy and then feel her warm and wet tongue lap at me. Once she eats as much of my cum as she can, Stella pulls away and looks at Mom and I.

"So far this is really amazing, but I haven't cum yet. What do you say you two change that!" Stella says, looking between Mom and I.

Mom and I both agree. Nothing sexual can happen between Mom and I here I think, watching Stella begin to slowly unzip her black bodysuit. As the zipper passes her large breasts, they both flop out with little dignity. She has large, pale nipples both visibly hard. She continues unzipping her bodysuit, finally reaching the bottom where her trimmed pubes give way to a pussy with large inner lips.

Stella moves toward the bed and passes Mom and I, taking a spot in the middle of the bed. She lays on her back and spreads her legs wide, "Come on ladies, get to work!" I make my way between her legs, while Mom moves off to the side, taking one of Stella's large nipples into her mouth, while playing with the other. Mom's own breasts are visible, her pink nipples visibly hard.

Seeing Mom do this almost causes my jaw to drop. Here was my own mother, sucking on a woman's nipple right in front of me. To my surprise, this sight begins to make my pussy become even wetter. Tearing my eyes away from a scene that should not be turning me on, I focus on Stella's pussy. I start by rubbing her clit to stimulate her, causing her to moan slightly. After a second, Stella's moans are silenced. I look up and see another surprising sight, Mom and Stella passionately kissing, their tongue's exploring each other's mouths. Mom runs her hand down Stella's stomach and takes over rubbing her clit.

I take this as a sign to shift my attention to Stella's entrance. I begin to touch her soft inner lips, feeling some of her juices that have begun to leak out of her. I then begin to tentatively finger her, sliding my index and middle fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Stella begins to moan again as her and Mom pull apart and soon, Stella cries out as she cums.

Her pussy clenches down on my fingers, and her hot cum coats them. While Stella's eyes are closed, Mom looks at me and gives me a small smile. I mouth, "Are we done with this yet?"

Mom doesn't respond, but it is clear that our tip depends on how much Stella enjoys the two of us. As this thought runs through my head, Stella sits up and looks between Mom and I, "Well done you two. That's the fastest anyone's ever made me cum!"

"Thanks..." I respond, hoping that Mom and I are done working together.

"So Jess and Gwen, how would you two feel about doing something a little more... intimate?" Stella asks, with a smile.

I resist the urge to gasp in shock. I look at Mom, waiting for her to say something. Mom just asks, "Intimate?"

Stella nods, "I was thinking something along the lines of I use a strap on to fuck you two."

At least that's better than what I thought. I think before saying, "I guess that would be okay."

Stella smiles wide, "Great!" She goes to the edge of the room looking for one while Mom and I try to avoid looking at each other. After a minute, Stella comes back, her bodysuit zipped up to about her bellybutton allowing her breasts to jiggle as she walks back toward us. Attached to her waist is a tan colored dildo, about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. "Gwen I want you to go first."

Mom shrugs, "If that's what you want." Mom walks over to the bed while I just stand off to the side awkwardly. Mom kneels on the edge of the bed before bending over, her ass parting slightly, allowing her pussy to be visible.

Stella comes up to me, "I want you to guide it in. If you want to make me really happy, kiss her a bit or go further if you're willing..." She whispers in my ear.

"Really?" I ask her as the two of us walk over to Mom who is watching us with anticipation. Stella simply nods. Would I rather make money or cross a big line with Mom... I think, wondering what to do.

Stella closes the distance between her and Mom, allowing the tip of the dildo to brush against Mom's pussy. Based off of the glistening juices on Mom's inner thighs, she is clearly very wet and ready to be fucked. Stella grabs Mom's hips, positioning the dildo just far enough away from Mom where she wouldn't be able to feel it. I grab the middle of the toy and push the tip of it slowly inside of Mom.

Mom lets out a gasp as the toy penetrates her, Stella sinking about 6 inches deep on the first thrust. As she pulls out, Mom's juices are pulled out as well, covering most of the toy in a wet shine. Stella begins to slowly slide in and out of Mom, making her moan in pleasure. After several thrusts, Mom is taking the whole toy inside her pussy. Both her and Stella are breathing heavily.

Stella looks at me and mouths, "Do something now!"

I look over Mom's body before doing the one thing I can think of, I reach below her body to her swinging breasts and pinch her nipple, while caressing her other breast. Even this contact is enough to turn me on and I try to suppress this forbidden feeling. Mom moans loudly, and looks back at both Stella and I. I can see the surprise in her eyes as well as a look of lust. I feel my face go red in shame. A minute later, Mom moans, "Gonna cum..." Stella slides the toy deep in Mom's pussy causing her to squeal in pleasure. Mom rests the top of her head on the bed as she cums, clearly enjoying the feeling. I take my hands away from her body and try to forget all about what just happened.

Stella pulls the toy out of Mom. It glistens with her cum and juices, some of which are beginning to drip off of the toy onto the bed. Stella then turns to me and smiles, "Your turn! Gwen, sit up against the headboard and Jess you sit between her legs." Mom moves into position, spreading her legs wide I slide between her legs, and spread my own legs. Stella climbs up onto the bed and rubs the tip of the toy over my wet pussy.

I shudder at the contact and from the feeling of Mom's cum being spread on my mound. Stella continues to tease me for a few seconds before sinking the toy inside me. I let out a soft, "Oh fuck!" Stella grabs my legs and begins to sink in and out of me. I lay my head back against Mom's shoulder, her soft breasts pressing into my back, allowing me to feel her erect nipples. I feel Mom's arm reach over my shoulder and begin to rub my clit while Stella fucks me with the strap on.

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