tagIncest/TabooMom's New Recipe Ch. 03

Mom's New Recipe Ch. 03


I appreciate all feedback I get on these stories... here's another one

Two months went by without much changing in our little universe. Mom, Alison and I all slept together now and nothing felt better than lying in bed with a beautiful woman on either side of me; one young and pert, the other mature and voluptuous. I rarely got angry with anyone now, I did well in school and found myself whistling on pleasant days.

Megan slept over at our house often and Alison would tell mom and I the things they did together. Mom took a strong interest in this, especially when it became apparent that Alison had somewhat of a controlling hand in the relationship. Megan had always been shy and very quiet around anyone she didn't know well, but apparently in the bedroom she was much more outgoing and enjoyed being dominated by my sister. On her birthday Alison showed us what Megan had given her and we were surprised to see her pull out a lifelike rubber cock attached to the front of a pair of flesh coloured panties.

My relationship with my mom and Alison had never been better, but sometimes her and mom butted heads. Deep down I suspected mom was insecure about me losing interest in her in favour of my sister, and Alison may have been jealous of the new freedom I was enjoying as mom had ceased to tell me what to do or to punish me for any misbehaviour after her first attempt ended with me buttfucking her over the bathroom sink, while she moaned like a slut.

I did my best to give them equal attention when we were together and to make them both feel special when the other wasn't there, but mom –despite her endowments, and the milk she produced that I could not now do without- still seemed insecure and was constantly buying new outfits and tantalizing lingerie, which she would wear whenever Alison spent the night at Megan's; often filling our living room with scented candles and lying in wait for me in some new negligee barely able to hold her big milky breasts; and we'd fuck slowly as I drank her tits by candlelight.

Summer arrived and one Saturday afternoon I stepped outside onto the hot cement of our patio thinking it was the perfect day to lie around and work on my tan. Lying on a lounge chair with my eyes shut under a pair of sunglasses, I heard the patio door slide open, stop and then close, and bare feet approach. It was mom's voice, "Hey handsome, mind if I join you?"

I opened my eyes and didn't even try to hide the look on my face; mom was wearing a tight black string bikini, barely covering anything as it pressed into her mammoth tits like a couple of eye-patches, with soft flesh bulging around them, the straps seeming poised to snap. After a silent moment she asked "You like my new bathing suit?"

"Oh Yeah,"

"Good, 'cause I got you a new one too, so go change out of those old trunks; it's in the yellow bag in the living room."

I stood up slowly, looking at her figure as I did so, then turned and went inside. I opened the bag and found a navy blue Speedo. I looked doubtfully at it, but then through the glass door saw my mom bending down and taking a sip of my drink in her new bikini and figured it was a small price to pay. I dropped my shorts and slid the Speedo on; it was very tight fitting and my cock was outlined in them as an impressive bulge. I did have a bit of pubic hair showing which didn't look good, so I ran upstairs and grabbed the electric clippers in the bathroom and trimmed the area a little, I checked the tag on the inside and saw they were one size too small, though I'm sure she'd been fully aware; again the consolation was that her bathing suit was one -if not two- sizes too small, so I didn't really worry about it and headed back down.

Mom sat in the chair next to mine and was wearing her own stylish sunglasses and laying perfectly still with a relaxed look on her face. Her head lifted a bit as I came near, "Oooh yeah," she laughed, "that's what I like to see."

I smiled and pointed at her in an absurd pose, giving her the Zoolander cold steel expression. She laughed and I took a sip of my drink, then sat down in my chair, leaning back and closing my eyes once more. I heard my mother sit up and turn toward me, then the snap of a bottle opening. I turned my head and saw her squirting a glob of suntan lotion into her hand and the faint smell filled the warm summer air.

"Just stay like that, I don't want my man getting burnt," she said as she set the wet palm down on my chest.

The lotion felt cold after the warm rays of the sun and she began rubbing it in in circles, then using both hands she began to rub it all over my torso. Coming from the side she was stretching awkwardly and soon stopped and stood up next to me. I opened my eyes and stared at the dark fabric wrapped tightly over her pussy just above me. She lifted one leg and brought it over to the other side of my chair so that she was straddling it; her legs were amazing. She then picked up the bottle and began to drizzle it over me with a big smile. Then she clicked the cap shut and sat down facing me, sitting between my legs. She began rubbing it into my thighs, then sliding her hands down my legs right behind her, nearly making her giant tits fall out of her top before coming back and rubbing the white line off my semi erect cock leaving a greasy smear across the front of my Speedo.

She then began slowly on my sides and abdomen, moving gradually upward until her arms were stretched out and the mound of her cunt pressed against my balls through the fabric of our bathing suits. She shifted around as she rubbed my chest and the new Speedo felt almost painfully tight. As she started on my shoulders she lifted herself up and sat directly on the bulge in my bathing suit. The tightness and pressure felt exquisite and on either side my mom's thighs and butt cheeks pressed softly against me. She rocked back and forth as she rubbed the lotion into my skin, repeating areas that were done and focusing mostly on my chest and abs, while her giant tits bobbed with the movement of her arms. Through my sunglasses and hers I couldn't see her eyes, but her face seemed fixed as she swayed back and forth, her lips slightly puckered.

Suddenly she stopped and began wiping her hands off on her bare thighs, creating reflections along the contours of her leg muscles, "Alright," she said, without sitting up, "I'll do your back quick and then I need you to do me."

She shifted a bit on my bulge but didn't stand up, "...Does that sound good?"

"Yeah mom."


She stood up and I rolled over. From the same position she rubbed my back and legs, giving me a nice massage but finishing quickly, then stood and got into her chair. I straddled her then and sat between her legs as she had done, but with my legs out and my dick as hard as it had gotten the Speedo was getting to be very tight and I kept shifting uncomfortably as I began rubbing her arms, but found no real relief.

When I got to the shoulder strings of her bikini she pulled them down to hang loosely over her arms and I began sliding my oily hands across her collar bone and neck as well as her shoulders. I moved slowly down her chest in circles, gradually pushing her bikini downward. Mom lifted her back and shifted her shoulders until the top fell down and her big milky breasts hung in front of me, seeming to reach out to me round and full. I massaged the lotion into them and milk leaked out of the nipples as I did so. Mom bit her lower lip occasionally, and although she seemed to crave my lips on them, sucking the milk from them, I resisted, keeping her in anticipation. I kept massaging her breasts though and milk ran down from her nipples and into the fabric of her bikini or into my hands and mixing with the lotion I was rubbing into her tits. I shifted several times in discomfort as I did this, then pressed the fabric of my Speedo against her inner thigh and shifted over to one side. I moved a little too far though and my hard cock, sprang upward hitting mom right between the legs. I looked down and pivoted back awkwardly until my dick sprang free and then rested on top of her mound, pressing my balls against her cunt I worked on the sides of her tits and under her arms.

Mom reached up and massaged her own tits until her hands were wet with oil and breast milk, then brought them down and slowly began stroking my dick with both hands, just pulling upward from base to tip, and then grabbing the base with the other hand and doing it again, over and over as I began kneading her tits roughly, spraying both of us with milk. I stopped and grabbed the lotion and began drizzling it over her glistening body, then set it down and lifted myself up, standing over her.

Mom kept pulling on my cock until I set it down against her stomach and began rubbing it in the lotion, pressing my cock and balls against her and rubbing them around in circles and random directions, covering her skin with suntan lotion and streaks of precum. I got up to her tits and slid my dick up between them. Mom reached down and pressed them together, enveloping my cock in her soft oily flesh. I fucked them steadily feeling the oily friction on my cock, the sun on my naked back and watching my mother stare down at her tits with her jaw jutting out as she rubbed them up and down and shook them. The sight of her massive breasts sliding back and forth against each other as I slid my cock up and down between them was incredibly erotic.

We were both panting hard when suddenly we heard voices coming from the front of the house. One was Alison's and the other quieter one sounded like Megan. Mom and I froze staring at each other. I pulled back and my greasy cock stood out in front of me; there was no way I'd fit it back into my Speedo now. The voices were coming up the side yard, there was no time. Mom scooted forward in the lounge chair and I moved in behind her, straddling it. She was about to stand up when I grabbed her and pulled her down, sandwiching my cock between her asscrack and the rubbery straps of the lounge chair. I grabbed the bottle of lotion and began squeezing it onto her back as the girls came around the side and through the gate.

They both stopped when they saw us, then Alison said, "Hi guys, going for a swim?"

Mom was leaning forward, holding the top of her bathing suit loosely over her breasts, "Yeah, in a minute we will... uh, why don't you girls come out too?"

"Oh I should have brought my swimsuit," Megan said looking down at my Speedo.

"Oh well you can wear Alison's, Alison I bought you a new one just this afternoon, it's in the living room." As she said this mom shifted her butt down and forward, milking my dick against the straps of the lounge chair. I felt a thick drop of precum make it's way out the tip and drip slowly onto the pavement below -hopefully not leaving a visible string.

"Really? Alright, thanks mom, we'll go get changed then." She turned to Megan, "C'mon."

Megan looked down at my mom's ass now; pressed against my pelvis in only a G-string I couldn't help but think we looked awfully suspicious; but Megan just stared a moment and then followed Alison inside.

The door slid shut behind them and I breathed a sigh of relief as I slowly continued rubbing lotion on mom's sides. She groaned and began to rock back and forth on my cock, which actually felt really good against the rubber straps, but after a moment I laughed and said, "Mom, seriously, stop, let me up."

"Fine," she said faking exasperation, "go get in the pool quick, you're not going to get that Speedo back on like this."

"Yeah, I can barely fit into the thing as it is..." I said, raising an eyebrow.

Mom raised one in reply, "Imagine that... Well we can't return them now so we'll just have to live with that."

I crossed the pavement with my dick bobbing in front of me and jumped into the cool water, trying to think random thoughts of ice and winter and math equations. I got the stubborn erection to go most of the way down and stuffed it back into my bathing suit when I saw the patio door slide open and the two girls step outside. Alison looked incredible, wearing a one-piece black bathing suit that fit closely and showed off her tight gymnast figure and perky breasts; in the center was an egg-shaped hole revealing the dimple of her bellybutton and the smooth skin surrounding it. Megan was wearing Alison's old purple and white bikini, which was a little tight on her, but emphasized the virtues of her figure, and seemed to be a trend in our backyard that day anyway. Some of the guys at school thought Megan was fat, but there wasn't any flabbiness to her, she had a full figure but carried it well and looked to be in good shape, especially her abs and lower body. I began swimming laps while they sat down, then got out and toweled off while Megan rubbed lotion onto Alison's back and shoulders. I sat in my spot and took a sip of my drink, "Where's mom?" I asked Alison as she stood up.

"She said she's gonna make daiquiris." Alison then ran and dove gracefully into the pool.

I looked at Megan who pulled her eyes suddenly away from my crotch, but realizing she was busted remarked, "Not a lot of guys wear Speedos,"

"Yeah my mom bought it, I wouldn't wear it in public I don't think, but around the pool you know; I don't want to hurt her feelings."

"You're so considerate. I like it, personally."

"Well thanks."

She looked down at herself, then at me, "Could you do my back Nick?"

"Sure, turn around."

She got up and came to my chair and went to sit right on my legs, which I spread at the last minute, shifting back a bit. But Megan shifted back as well, bending forward and pushing her smooth back and wide hips towards me, evidently wanting the same backrub she saw my mom get. Alison's bathing suit fit her snuggly and as she pushed back it slid along her smooth ass cheeks and now covered only half of each of them. She pulled her pigtails over her shoulders as I poured some lotion into my hand and got started on some long division. As I began rubbing her back she reached around and unclasped the top of her bathing suit. Holding it loosely against her breasts she slid back right into my lap. My dick and balls were pressed into the crack of her ass and no differential equation was going to stop her from noticing my steadily growing cock. I wasn't going to try to stop it either, if she was going to put herself in this position she must expect it, she couldn't blame me. Besides, if she didn't get a lot of attention from the boys at school it might make her feel good to give her best friend's brother a killer erection like this.

The door slid open and mom came out with a tray of daiquiris, setting them on the table and looking over at Megan and I. Megan reached back and refastened her top, thanking me over her shoulder with a red face. She stood up and walked straight to the table, not looking back either out of embarrassment or in the hope that there would still be a question in my mind of whether or not she'd noticed. Mom noticed though and looked a little jealously at the stiff dick outlined in her brand new bathing suit. Megan kept her back to me as she took a sip from one of the glasses, "Wow, these are really good Mrs. Palmer."

"Thanks Megan, they are good, I should probably make them more often, but I always seem to forget."

They talked casually with their backs to me and I looked down at Megan's ass; to be honest I wanted her to come back and sit in my lap for the whole afternoon, Alison's faded purple bathing suit was wedged between her cheeks, but unlike a lot of girls her ass maintained a nice round shape without any support and as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other a small crease appeared on one side where her leg started. However she was standing next to my mother who had turned her back to me and had an ass that could put any to shame, big and round with wide hips contrasted by a tiny waist that only served to emphasize her gorgeous behind. The black thong bikini ran seductively down the crack, revealing in the center a dark spot –only slightly visible- that puckered inward towards her asshole.

I pulled my eyes away and walked to the pool, jumping in immediately. Alison splashed me in the face as I came up for air and a splash fight ensued that ended with me picking her up and tossing her -with her cooperation- and then mom called us to come out before the ice in our drinks melted. We drank the daiquiris and talked for a while about ordinary topics and soon we were all sitting silently in our lounge chairs enjoying the calm weather and sunshine.

We were all wearing shades now and I turned my head to survey the three sexy women surrounding me. Alison lay on her stomach to my right with her face turned toward me and I couldn't tell if she could see me ogling her through my sunglasses until she raised her head a bit and looked out at me over the tops of her own raising her eyebrows and flashing me a smile. Over her mom lay on her back with her big tits resting on her chest round and firm beneath her beautiful tight bikini; from the side I could see her eyes were shut.

Slowly I looked up at the drifting clouds and then turned to Megan on my left; she lay on her side facing me, her broad hips stuck up seductively with Alison's bathing suit drawn tightly around them. The faint outline of her abs drew my eyes, though I couldn't see if she was watching me through her dark rectangular sunglasses.

Mom went inside and got some hamburger patties and put me in charge of cooking them. And so I stood there and barbecued in front of these three women in nothing but a Speedo and a pair of sunglasses. I got spattered a couple times in the process and looked back at them all lined up in front of me, "Hey mom could you get me an apron or a t-shirt maybe?"

She replied immediately, "Oh don't be such a wimp, you're fine."

"Besides," Alison added, "You'd look ridiculous in an apron."

We were all on our third daiquiri by now and the three of them cracked up at this comment and then had a hushed conversation between them that was even funnier.

"I feel like a piece of meat out here," I called.

Megan replied, "...You are a piece of meat," quieting towards the end and looking uncertain if she should have said it.

Alison jumped on, "Yeah work that grill baby!"

"Slowly now!" mom called out, "make us forget our troubles."

They all burst out laughing and I came back and sat in my chair, taking a long sip from my glass, "Ugh, I can't work under these conditions."

I leaned back again and they quieted down. Mom asked, "So are they almost done?"

"Yeah, maybe five more minutes tops."

"We'll set the table then; ladies!"

The three of them got up and went inside and soon returned laughing again and carrying plates and napkins and such. We ate as the sun dimmed and then went inside and watched some TV. Mom left the living room saying she had some work to do on an article and I stayed for another half hour before excusing myself and slipping off to her room, knowing her breasts would be full and she'd be waiting for me to come take care of them. When I got there mom had me lay down on her bed and then climbed aboard, stuffing my dick into her pussy and riding it slowly while I sucked her big heavy breasts.

"Oh fuck baby, I was so horny all afternoon... Those girls have the worst timing."

She started fucking me faster and faster as she said how horny she got watching me cook, and massaging that little bitch as soon as she turned her back, "What were you trying to get me jealous? 'Cause it worked."

She started slamming her hips down harder, and I grabbed her hair as I finished sucking her right tit and pulled until her head bent back sharply. I was thrusting up into her hot pussy now, "Yeah, did you imagine me fucking her right there in that deck chair? Making that little bitch moan,"

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