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Mom's Night In


Writer's notes: Romance- what does it mean? To some it means chocolate and roses, jewelry and dinner in a fancy restaurant. But for most women, I think true romance is being appreciated and known. A romantic gesture is not a formula to follow, it's personal. It's about remembering little things, showing that you have been paying attention, and a real desire to touch the other's soul, to bring them happiness and pleasure and to connect. There are no roses or chocolate in this story, it is a simple story of two people, taking a break from the demand of 'the real world' to rediscover each other. So come and escape with them and enjoy...


When I came home from work, the first thing I notice was that everything was very clean. The next thing I noticed was that it was quiet.

“Where’s the baby?” I asked my husband, Kurt.

“She’s staying the night at Grandma’s,” he told me. “So we have the house all to ourselves.”

He led me into a sparkling clean kitchen I vaguely recognized as my own. Our table had been set with a crisp red tablecloth and two place settings of our good china and crystal. A flower centerpiece was flanked by elegant white taper candles in silver holders. Steam rose from the food, tastefully arranged in serving dishes rather than pots and pans.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked lightly.

“I just wanted to show you how much I love you,” Kurt said, putting an arm around my waist. I could only look up into his deep blue eyes and smile.

“So what’s on the menu?” I asked as he pulled out my chair for me.

“Mmm,” he said grinning. “Don’t make it so easy for me.”

I grinned back. “All right then, what’d you cook?”

“Baked rolls, shrimp and scallop pasta, steamed vegetables, twice baked potatoes and chocolate torte,” my husband listed. I should mention that Kurt is a professional cook, but rarely has time or energy to cook fancy meals at home.

I look at my husband from across the table and my eyes fill with adoration. “Why don’t you slide your chair over by me honey. You’re just too far away.”

Kurt scooched over close and brought his plate. We took turns feeding each other, like we had in our early dating days. We spent some time reminiscing about what great times we had when we first met.

“You know, I still love you as much as the first day I saw you,” he told me with a beaming happy face. I threw my arms around his neck, impulsively, as if I were still that 19 year old girl.

“I love you too. And I love this diner- but I think it needs to cool off before I can eat it. Why don’t you come in the other room with me?”

My hubby got up and followed me to the bedroom. I was overwhelmed by all that he had done for me. My job is very stressful but so it his. He had arranged for a babysitter, cleaned the house and cooked dinner, all in the time that I was on my commute home.

“I want you to know, that I appreciate you,” I told him. “Not just this, but everyday. You work so hard, and you are so good to me. Emily is lucky to have you as a father.” My face must have been glowing with pride.

Kurt reached up to cup my face in his palm, and stroke my cheek with his thumb. Suddenly I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world, and he was the strongest man. He leaned in to kiss me with so much tenderness, I thought I was going to cry.

When the kiss ended and I looked at him again, the tenderness was gone. What I saw instead was a hunger, a passion that had been missing for so long in our marriage. He kissed me again and I could feel the urgency of his embrace. I wondered what could have brought this on, but I didn’t question. I returned his kiss, letting myself be swept away as I had when I first realized that I was falling in love with him. The years seemed to melt away, and we where back to a time when the universe existed just for the two of us.

His nimble fingers where unbuttoning my shirt. His lips blazed a trail over my now revealed flesh. My body felt cold and hot, tingly. Anticipation was surging through me. His lips worshiped my cleavage, his hands explored my torso as if for the first time. Rather than grabbing only at my breasts, he touched me everywhere. I had forgotten how good his touch felt, how it had thrilled me.

I had forgotten how it made me forget all my promises, not to go to far to fast, to take it slow, to make him wait. We appreciate more what we have to wait for, I had tried to tell myself. But his touch had been more than I could resist. I had fallen in love, and in lust. But I had forgotten all of that in the day to day grind.

But I was remembering now. His hands flew over my body, removing my clothes with lightning speed. If I had wanted to resist, I couldn’t have, but I didn’t’ want to. I only wanted to bask in this newly returned passion as long as it lasted. I realized that I was behind, I went to work undressing him.

I lifted his shirt over Kurt’s head, and kissed his chest. I loved the way he thrilled at my touch as if it were all new and exciting to him as well. I felt as if I where bursting inside to have him close to me, to join in union with him. I wanted him to make love to me, truly make love; not as a euphemism for sex, but as a creation of something so beautiful it was beyond words. That was how he made me feel, how he made the moment feel; beautiful beyond words.

I let him pull me up to a sitting position. There I was, legs wrapped around his waist, sitting on his lap in my bra and panties; him naked from the waist up with an enviably sexy bare chest. I could feel his mounting excitement through his jeans, and ground my body against him. He groaned as I teased him through his clothes, sucking on the tender spot on his neck. His hands where busy unclasping my bra, a skill he had long ago perfected. But now he fumbled a little as his hands shook with desire and anticipation.

I blew softly over his ear and whispered gently, “I want you.” I continued to grind into his lap. “I want you,” I whispered again.

Now he was kissing my neck, and pulling me closer, into his throbbing erection. Electricity shot through my crotch; my panties where starting to feel damp. The friction formed by the bulge in his course jeans sliding over my silky briefs was frustratingly arousing. I tried to work his belt buckle and continue to rub myself over him, but it was slow difficult work.

Finally I got it free, and pulled the long leather strap from the loops that held it in place. The sound of his belt whipping loose caused me to tingle all over my body. I fumbled with his button fly, but it too difficult. I whispered again to him slowly. “I want you- to make love- to me.”

Something seemed to burst inside of him. He tossed me on to the bed and flew out of his pants in an instant. His boxer-briefs were quick to follow and then he was on top of me, quicker than lightning. His kisses now were filled with even more hunger and yearning.

The only thing between the two of us were my thin silky panties, damp with my excitement. I loved his kisses, loved his insistent touch; I wanted it to last forever. I tried to keep him from sliding my panties down over my thighs, I really did. I tried to resist as he slipped them past my knees. After that it no longer mattered that they were grazing my calves, tickling my ankles, brushing past my toes. It was a loosing battle, and defeat had never tasted so sweet.

“Take me,” I murmured as Kurt plunged into my eager sex. Our bodies came together in a way that was so familiar and yet so new. I felt an incredible sense of longing, of having missed him without even knowing or realizing it. Now our bodies were meeting in a delicious re-union of ecstasy. I wanted this to last all night.

As Kurt thrust in and out of me, his warm hands pushed my arms over my head, trailing from my shoulder sensuously up my slender arms. Stopping at my wrists to give them a slight squeeze, he sent a shudder of excitement traveling through my body. I adore the feeling of being oh-so-gently held captive, trapped beneath the weight of my strong masculine lover. The warmth of his skin against a tender pressure point, the primal feeling of being taken, the release that comes from feeling helpless; all this and more combined to make that gentle pressure such a turn on for me.

Following the wrist squeeze, his hands found and clasped mine. “Open your eyes,” he whispered. My lids opened and my gaze met his. In that moment, I felt a wave of love and intimacy. Flooded with emotion, I could feel the tears rolling down my face as we made love holding hands and looking into each others eyes. I smiled to let him know that they were tears of joy.

As his body moved up and down over mine, he returned the smile and lowered his head to gently kiss my lips. I knew that he understood and it increased my feelings of closeness. Our eyes locked and I whispered, “I love you.”

He searched my face, “I love you too. You’re all I need.”

The flood overtook me, washed over my body and beyond; through my essence and my soul. The words were so simple yet so profound to me in that instant. At that moment, we were everything to each other, an eternity in a moment, sufficient in every way.

What I experienced can only be described as a soul orgasm. The very essence of our beings joined as if to fulfill a purpose. My physical body responded but my awareness of my climax seemed to take place on a higher level, a plain of pure bliss. I could feel him filling me, shooting his warm seed deep into my womb. My mind spiraled through time and space, landing softly in my warm and tingling body.

The two of us lay snuggling together for quite some time, enjoying the warmth of each others bodies. There were kisses and whispers and loving banter exchanged. The smile I wore from ear to ear assured him that it was indeed ‘good for me,’ and even I could feel the glow of happiness warm my face.

After a time, he mentioned that he got the news that he finally received the promotion- and raise- that he had been hoping for.

“It’s a good thing, hon,” I said with a grin. “I think we just made Emily a little brother!”


Writer's note: I hope you enjoyed the story. Don't forget to vote, and send feedback. I appreciate feedback and always try to reply.

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