tagIncest/TabooMom's Nighttime Surprise Ch. 06

Mom's Nighttime Surprise Ch. 06


I woke up feeling totally satisfied. I showered and got myself dressed. My husband was due home this morning.

I briefly thought about last nights encounter with my son, but that was over for now. I loved every minute of it, but I had told him we need to stop for a while, as nothing can happen while others are home.

I choose a tight dark sweater and a pair of tight light blue jeans putting together a look my husband would like. I spent a good deal of time in the bathroom getting ready. I was ready for things to get back to normal.

I walked down the stairs towards the front door thinking that he should be home soon. When I got to the front door, I raised myself slightly by standing on my tip toes to look out of the windows that were set high in the door.

Suddenly, I feel arms around me. It shocked me a little especially as I realized it was my youngest son. He said "Good morning, Mom", as he pressed his crotch into my ass and wrapped his arms around me. His inexperience showed as he moved very quickly. His hands started aggressively groping about my body. I could tell he didn't know what he wanted to touch first. One hand followed my zipper in my jeans tracing the seam that parted my pussy lips. His other hand squeezed my breasts feeling for my nipples though my bra. He pressed hard into my ass as he fondled me.

His grinding into my ass reminded me how tender my ass felt this morning. It would be too tender to take his fucking again this morning. I leaned my head back against him and his hands quickly lifted my bra and shirt all in one motion. My arms weakened with joy as I fell towards the door. I felt my exposed nipples and breasts mash against the door as he continued to hump my ass.

I suddenly came to my senses; what were we doing? I turned to face him and pushed him back a few inches. I said, "We need to stop. I told you we can't be doing this."

He said, "No one is home. It's just you and me." and started kissing me on lips like a lover. I pushed him back again. "Not, yet", I said with my hands on my hips.

I realized I couldn't look very serious with my breasts exposed like that. I started to pull my top and bra back down but he stopped me. He continued to fondle my breasts as I resumed my hands on my hips position trying to look serious. He bent to suck my nipples and it did feel good, but I push him back again.

"OK, look." I said. "I will help you cum, but that is it and you better be quick." I couched down and watched as his shorts dropped to the ground and his rock hard teen cock stared me in the face. I gently grabbed the base of his cock and balls, I pulled him towards me. His cock entered my mouth and the whore in me sucked him like a pro.

After a few minutes of sucking, I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I started to get up and push him away. Suddenly, I felt his hand firmly on my head keeping me down. He was restraining me. He thrust his cock into my mouth so hard I lost balance and fell back against the door. It was only an inch or two, but now my son had me pinned against the door, fucking my mouth like a pussy as he held me down.

I heard the car shut off and he fucked my mouth harder. If he was bigger I would have gagged. I struggled to get up but he overpowered me as he mouth fucked me. I tried to yell at him but my words were muffled and he couldn't understand anything I said. He pumped faster and faster as the trunk of the car opened and then closed.

I was in a total panic, ready to make him sorry he didn't stop, when I heard the screen door open. Just then my son groaned and the first burst of cum emptied in my mouth. He pulled out immediately, still cumming, leaving a string of cum on my chin, another drop landed on my arm.

I stood up quickly, pulling my bra and shirt down as my son ran out of the room. I took a few steps from the door to allow it to open as I scooped up the line of cum on my chin and slurped it off my finger.

"Hi, Honey", as I threw my arms around my husband and greeted him. I noticed the drops of cum on my arm as we hugged with my arms behind his back.

As I was reaching for the cum on my arm, he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head off of his shoulder. He kissed me deeply and I was very worried he would taste his son's cum in my mouth. He didn't seem to notice. I was relieved.

My husband and I fucked that night but I was almost happy when it was over, seems like that is all I have been doing lately. Several uneventful days went by and that was a relief.


About a week later after no contact with my son, something did happen. It was late at night, I was in my room sleeping, my husband beside me.

I must have been sleeping on my back, I'm not quite sure when it started but I woke up on my back. My breasts were being fondled. That is nothing new; my husband does that all the time in his sleep. This time it was different, I looked down and noticed my top was up and my breasts were bare. My husband was sound asleep, facing me, but sleeping. My son was fondling my breasts! I looked at him in shock, he was stroking his cock as he felt my nipples.

I pushed him away and motioned my hand to tell him to get out. He ignored me and kept stroking. He stopped me from pulling my top down . I mouthed "GET OUT" without saying it out loud.

I was torn about what to do as he ignored me and continued to feel me as he stroked his teen cock. He reached for my head; he wanted me to suck him. I shook my head no. He started to act like he was going to get on the bed to force me to suck him, so I let him move my head to the edge of the bed to keep him from waking my husband. He opened my mouth by pushing my chin down and aggressively pushed his stone hard cock into my mouth. I was terrified, the only sounds I heard in the room was the slurping cock sucking sounds coming out of my mouth. Fortunately, he came quickly and what a gusher it was. He pulled his cock out, bent down and kissed me good night and left the room.

I laid there for a few moments and realize I was turned on. I reached down, hiked up my tee shirt and rubbed my pussy thinking about what just happened.


My husband went back out of town about a week later. I thought about my son's stunts that he pulled in the bedroom and at the door. I had a surprise for him. I was horny; it had been a few days. I wanted to be fucked and I wanted it now.

I headed upstairs to his bedroom shedding my clothing as I went. I was topless midway up the steps. My pants were off in the hallway heading for his room. I dropped my panties at his door which was still shut.

I flung the door open. He had his back to me as I walked across the room nude. He was doing something on the computer as I quickly closed the gap. I made to his chair before he knew it; he was still facing the computer.

I forced myself between him and his computer desk. I jumped up on his chair, one foot on on his right side the other foot on the left of his chair as I balanced using his head to brace my body. He was shocked. I was looking down at him over my large breasts. My hairy pussy was eye level with his head. I grabbed the back of his head and said "Eat Mommy's pussy now" as I pushed his face into my bush.

He reached around me and grabbed my ass cheeks as he tongued my pussy slit. He parted my ass as far as he could, I could feel the cool air on my ass hole as he continued to lick me.

I ground my pussy into his face smearing my pussy juice all over his face. I placed my clit in his mouth and let out a loud moan as my first cum hit me.

He moved his face back. I said, "We are not done yet, sonny boy."

I got off the chair and turned my ass to him as he sat there in the chair. I parted my ass, bending, "Lick my ass clean". It was already clean as could be, but it turned me on to say that to him. He didn't hesitate, he was licking it clean.

I put both hands on the edge of his desk and pushed my ass into his face. He continued to probe my ass hole as I squirmed.

I told him to stand up. As he did, I plopped down in his chair. I st rattled him with my legs, my feet were resting on the desk behind him as he faced me. My pussy was wide open, propped up for my son to see. I pulled my pussy lips apart and then rubbed my clit as he watched.

"Are you ready to fuck your mommy's pussy?" I asked as I continued to rub. He said, "Oh, yes, Mom," as he rubbed his cock. "Pull that cock out and let me see it." "Drop those pants." I ordered.

As I was putting my legs down, he started towards the bed. I reached out and grabbed his arm, swiveling me around about a quarter of a turn. "Give me that cock, treat me like the whore I am."

He started face-fucking me in no time as i slurped his cock into my mouth. Just like at the door and in the bedroom, he was extremely aggressive and I was loving it. He pinched my nipples and my breasts swayed as he fucked my mouth.

He pulled out before he came, I was surprised, he does like to cum in my mouth. He said, "Stand up mom", "I mean bitch" I complied with a smile. He said "Turn around and bend over" I bent all the way over, legs parted. Smack! He spanked my ass hard. I jumped involuntarily and then rested back down with my hands on my knees as he positioned his cock near my ass.

He positioned me at a 45 degree angle from the desk. I said "Fuck me, I'm your whore," to speed him up. Finally, he push that young cock into my waiting pussy with long strokes, some all the way out and then back in.

I knew it wouldn't be long before one of the strokes slid into my ass, and just then, I felt him shove his way right in to my tight asshole. "MMMM", I said, "Ass fuck your momma whore."

He pumped both holes, switching back and forth, as I came a second time. He was fucking my pussy hard now; my breasts were swaying as he held my hips firm.

He pulled out as I felt his cum shoot on my ass, warm puddles of sperm covered my ass.

I stood up. "Wow, that was good," I moaned. I leaned my ass against his desk to rest a bit. Then it occurred to me that I still had cum on my ass and it was going to get all over his keyboard.

I spun around and saw the cum smeared on the desk. I reached down to clean it off and bumped the mouse. I noticed the screen saver kick off and the monitor came to life. I looked down at the screen, there were windows open, lots of them. Most of them had text in them. I started reading; he was in a chat room.

Horror began to dawn as I read the comments. "Fuck that whore." "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." Nice tits" " Wish she could suck me." "Wow." What was I reading? I noticed a windows behind the other, it looked different. I brought it forward and it was ME! NAKED! ON CAMERA! "WHAT THE FUCK!" I shouted, appalled.

I rushed to his bedroom door, out of view of the camera. "What the fuck was that!" as I turned to him totally naked. He explained, "I was chatting when you came in, my camera was still on."

"While we FUCKED?!"



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