tagIncest/TabooMom's Oral Body Massage

Mom's Oral Body Massage


Chapter 1

I could not believe that here I was, a recently divorced 50 year old father of two grown children, giving a 72 year old woman dressed in a flimsy nightgown, a lower abdomen massage. What was even more unbelievable, it was my mother and I was getting aroused.

She had her eyes closed and murmured, "That feels so good. I think it is working. The pain is easing. I'm so embarrassed that you have to do this. Please don't tell your sisters or your children."

I said, "Don't talk. Please don't be embarrassed, just relax and fall asleep. I'm glad to do this for you after all the times you cared for me." I occasionally let my fingers slide lower and lightly touched and felt her mound of Venus through her nightgown.

I could tell by her relaxed breathing that she was falling asleep.

When I was positive she was sleeping I gingerly opened the top of the nightgown and took a long look at her large pendulous breasts.

Her dark nipples were large and long and were perfectly centered between large brown aureoles. I was mesmerized by her tits. I wanted to kiss them but I was afraid. Before I left I for work I jerked off in the bathroom and cleaned up.

After my divorce I moved back into the house I grew up in. Mom lived alone and the house was comfortable for both of us. She was happy that her baby boy was back home and she waited on me hand and foot.

I often caught her at night in bra and panties and walked in the bathroom one night when she was getting out of the shower. She is attractive, slightly heavy but still shapely. Her pussy hair is a thick beautiful salt and pepper color that matches her hair. Her tits are large and slightly pendulous but still very suckable.

.Let me try to put this in perspective, I fantasized about having sex with my mother since I caught her and my father fucking when I was in grammar school. For years I hated my father for fucking her. My father died 36 years ago. Mom never remarried and never dated. As far as I know she has been celibate.

The last 10 or 15 years she has suffered from severe migraine headaches. She would actually get sick to her stomach. That is what brought us to the abdominal massage I just described and had just administered. I was positive sexual frustration was the cause of the headaches.

Prior to that first massage, I tried to explain to her that I had researched the condition on the internet and discovered on many occasions migraine headaches are caused by the vapors or hysteria, a common malady onset by middle age. She always fluffed it off and continued to suffer.

My research showed whether real or imagined an awful lot of women in the late 19th and early 20th century were treated by the local doctor who administered lower abdominal massage. I never told her that the abdominal massage was in effect a vaginal massage and today the malady is called sexual dysfunction...

In reality the doctors were masturbating our mothers and grandmothers. Our fathers and grandfathers were actually ignoring the sexual desires and needs of this horny woman. Most of the husbands were simply fucking the gals without regard to the sexual satisfaction of the gals. As dutiful wives they remained subservient and simply kept their mouths shut. The really horny gals went to the doctor.

The morning after that first massage, she said she felt great. I told her, "Momma the next time you feel a migraine coming on or you even think you may get one, tell me. I will gladly give you an abdominal massage. Please don't be embarrassed. Besides I really enjoyed it."

She told me, "Stop talking like that," and playfully hit me on my shoulder. She had no idea how much I enjoyed it.

Six days later she said she felt like she was going to get a migraine. I massaged her again. In the next three weeks she asked four times for my help. I was getting excited as hell during the massages and my hands were lingering longer and longer at the top of her mound of Venus.

Chapter 2

I knew she was enjoying this as much as I, so I made my mind up to go for broke the next time she asked. It was a Saturday morning and she told me she was getting a migraine. She was lying on the sofa with her upper torso resting against the arm. She had a summer robe on and a wet washcloth over her forehead. I sat down right next to her. She was holding my right bicep with her left hand as I started the stomach massage.

She was very relaxed and she smelled great. Unlike all the other times, I decided to put my hand under her robe and on her bare abdomen. It was like an electric shock to both of us. She shivered from my touch. Her skin was as smooth as a baby's ass although it was a little flabby. I was getting a hard on from massaging my chubby 72 year old mother's belly.

To my delight and surprise, she did not have panties on under the light summer robe this morning and my hand brushed her generous pubic hair. It was long and very soft. I mustered up the courage to move my hand to the top of her pussy. She unconvincingly said, "Please stop honey. Don't go any lower. Don't you be dirty? Don't touch me any lower."

I told her to relax and I used the weight of my arm to prevent her from getting up. I knew she was really enjoying it and her breathing was beginning to get heavy. I knew she was getting hot.

I got bolder and bolder as her breathing was getting labored. I was actually rubbing the top of her pussy and her pubic hair was making me crazy. I know she wanted me to stop but the pleasure she was feeling and my arm was stopping her from jumping up.

The feel of a man's hand rubbing her near her crotch was stronger than her common sense. She was reluctantly and involuntarily spreading her thighs, giving my hand full access to her pussy. I took advantage of the opportunity. I boldly moved my hand even lower and started to actually rub her beautiful pussy.

She gasped, "Please don't do that Peter. This is filthy. Oh shit this is wrong honey."

She said no but she did not try to fight me and I began rubbing up and down and in a circular motion until I was cupping her entire pussy in my hand. Her hand gripped my arm like a vise and the rocking motion of her pelvis soon took possession of her.

She completely surrendered to the hand on her cunt. Her eyes were shut tightly and she was biting her lips as she started to gasp and twitch from the pleasure I knew I was giving her. She kept pleading, "No! Stop Peter, please stop."

After a few minutes of this rubbing, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy as I continued to rub up and down the entire length of her cunt. My finger was coming out and then sliding in her fuck hole as I moved my hand. Much to my surprise and delight her pussy was dripping wet.

On the outstroke as I finger fucked her, my finger was rubbing her clit and alternately sliding into her honey hole. She was getting the vaginal massage of her life. I knew she wouldn't last long. Her clit was sending electric jolts throughout her pussy and then through the rest of her body. She was hugging my right bicep with both hands and arms.

She had a tremendous orgasm that made her shake and shiver and writhe on the sofa. She was gripping my bicep so hard; I thought she was going to break it. I was breathing so hard I thought I would have a heart attack. She tried to suppress her moans but was not very successful.

She was not pretending to be asleep this morning. She said, "My God! I'm so sorry honey. Please forgive me. What did I let you do to me?" She was hugging my right arm tightly to her beautiful soft tits. "Do you, ahhh.... I'm sorry; do you play with yourself when you go into the bathroom?"

I got up with a bulge in my pants that was straining to get out and smiled and said, "Yes. But it really isn't playing."

She said, "Please sit down sweetheart and let Momma massage you too."

She started to fumble with my belt and I quickly helped her and dropped my pants and slid my jockey shorts down. I never imagined that I would see my chubby Mom at eye level and staring at my erect prick.

I placed her hand around it but I didn't have to show her how to jerk me off. She was a natural and knew what she was doing. She was sliding one hand up and down the shaft of my prick and cupping my balls with the other. I came faster than I ever did in my life and spurted all over her face and lips. I said, "I'm sorry Mom."

She laughed and said," please don't apologize. This is another first for an old woman." I wiped her face with the washcloth. She hugged me around my waist and asked, "This isn't incest is it? Please tell me it isn't incest."

I assured her as long as we didn't have intercourse it wasn't incest.

She stood up and her robe was wide open. Her tits were magnificent although they were somewhat pendulous.

Mom whispered in my ear, "Good! I will never let you do that to me."

I replied, "I will never do that to you, even though I desperately want to. At least not unless you ask me to make love to you." I looked straight into her eyes and asked, "Mom, can I kiss you?"

Her reply was like a jolt of adrenalin and I kissed her deeply. She was apprehensive but she opened her mouth and gave entry to my tongue. We necked like school kids instead of a 50 year old man and a 72 year old woman. She then said, "This has to stop. It will lead to incest."

Chapter 3

We continued "massaging" each other at least twice a week for the next four or five weeks. It was clear she needed and wanted the "treatment" as much as I wanted to perform it. After one especially delightful morning session, I explained that perhaps she really should have a full body oral massage.

Her eyes widened and she said, "My God would you do that to me? I'm 72 years old and fat."

I quickly answered, "In a fucking heartbeat, you're beautiful. Believe me you would really enjoy it. Are you up to it next week?"

She looked at me with her big brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity, smiled and sheepishly and almost inaudibly said, "What about tonight when you come home from work?"

I don't know how I concentrated on my work. I wanted the day to end so badly. I called to tell her I was on the way home and be ready for her oral massage. She said she would be in her bedroom and not on the sofa.

I went into the bedroom... She was on the bed with a sheet covering her body and her eyes were closed tightly. I undressed and sat next to her on the bed. I pulled the sheet away. She was beautiful. Her tits were resting on her torso and almost reached her upper stomach. The cool air or the excitement and anticipation already had her nipples like bullets. Her pussy hair was combed neatly and waiting for my mouth...

Her eyes remained closed as I held her tits. They were so soft and had a hefty weight. I felt her nipples and ran my fingers over them. I rolled them between my index fingers and my thumbs. I lowered my head and sucked each nipple in turn. After a few minutes of my lips and tongue covering her tits I lowered my head and kissed and licked down to her belly.

I slipped my tongue into her belly button. I placed my hand on her puffy pussy and firmly squeezed it. I said, "Mom you are going to get a massage you'll never forget." I spread her legs wide open and finally planted a kiss on her pussy.

I licked every centimeter of her crotch including the area where thigh joined pussy. I licked and kissed her ass hole. Her pubic hair was long and coarse. I inhaled it and rubbed my face in it and licked it and even sucked it into my mouth.

With the flat of my tongue I licked her oozing pussy. Her outer lips were loose and opening with each pass of my tongue. I kissed her pussy as if it were a mouth. When I slid my tongue between her inner lips she gasped and whispered, "Oh my fuck! That feels soooooo good honey. Ohhh fuck. Ohhh Peter. Please don't stop."

Her pussy smelled sweet and pure and tasted like honey. I licked and slurped and sucked her pussy softly. She was trying to remain still but it was impossible for her. I sucked her entire clit and hood into my mouth and gently flicked my tongue across the exposed tip. She started to come and her cries were agonizing and building up. When she came, it was the most beautiful sound and sight I have ever seen or heard or experienced.

She held my head in both hands. Her eyes were closed tightly and she was moaning and cooing. My face was dripping with her juice. I was taken aback by the beauty of a 72 year old attractive woman in the throes of a volcanic orgasm.

She pulled and coaxed me up from between her legs with her hands still on both sides of my face. As I slid up her torso my erect prick lingered at her drenched cunt and I was humping and rubbing it without actually entering it. She smiled, "Oh no baby. I told you no. I will never let you do that to me. Every fiber of my being wants it but I will never let you screw me."

She pulled me up until my prick was between her tits and she removed her hands from my face squeezed her two humongous tits around it. I started fuck her chest. After a few thrusts she moved her hands and grabbed me behind my hips and brought my prick to her mouth. I was straddling her chest and neck,

I was in heaven but she stopped and said, "I'm uncomfortable honey. Please lay down and I will try to give you an oral massage."

When we switched positions she was kneeling with her head between my legs. She put her lips around the head of my cock. She continued to suck just the head with her lips. She eventually alternately ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Her lips looked beautiful sucking the tip of my prick.

I was in heaven. She cupped and gently squeezed my balls. When she took my entire cock in her mouth I shot a load right then. She didn't swallow my cum. It flowed out of her mouth and down my prick. She continued to lick the head of my prick with her tongue and lips.

I finally said, "Mom, did you enjoy your oral massage? I loved mine."

She smiled, "I loved it. It was the most wonderful and incredible thing I ever felt. I not only enjoyed it I want to do it again and again if you aren't turned off by my age and body."

I told her I would never get tired of her body. I also told her how long I fantasized about making love to her.

She said. "Please don't be disappointed. I want it to but I will never let you make love to me. Your father is the only man I ever did that with."

I made my mind up not to press the issue and to bide my time.

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