tagIncest/TabooMom's Oral Servitude

Mom's Oral Servitude


I was absolutely heartbroken at the time.

My fiancee had recently left me just as we were about to move in together after college. It literally came out of nowhere. One minute she couldn't stop telling me how much we were perfect for each other, the next, she still needed space to find out who she is as a person (whatever that means) before should could settle down with someone.

So, we parted ways, and since I didn't want to move to a house that she had picked for us, I took up my mother's offer to stay with her for a little while. And frankly, I didn't mind doing that since I've always considered my mom and my sister to be some of my closest friends.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about them first:

My mother is a successful middle-aged woman. She's smart, classy, and outgoing, with natural curves to her voluptuous body that leaves no shortage of men gawking at her whenever she goes out. She's always had a somewhat decent career as a writer, but once she ventured in the realm of romance novels, her modest income grew to a small fortune thanks to her several best-sellers.

As for my 19 year old sister, Becky, she can be a real hand full. Growing up with her, there was nothing she loved more than partying and flirting with boys. She was thin, popular, stylish, and was on the cheerleading team. She was that kind of girl. Anything she wanted, she got. Ironically enough, as much as she loved her independence, she turned out to be a real momma's girl once she got older. She didn't want to move out of the house like I did and instead chose to live with our mother to attend a local college.

Sure they were always very close, but it wasn't until I moved back in with them that I realized how much things had actually changed.

Mom's Oral Servitude

"Oh, my poor boy," mom sighed as she greeted me at the door with a suffocating hug.

"I'm okay mom. I'm okay," I tried telling her. "You're overreacting. I'm fine."

She leaned back and gave me a loving smile. "I guess you're right. I probably am overreacting. You're a young man now, but my maternal instincts will always be there. You know that."

"At least I'll always have someone to spoil and pamper me when I need it. No one does that better than you."

"Very funny," she replied, slapping my arm. "I'm just glad to see that you're doing well. You know, your sister and I never did like that fiancee of yours. Trust me, us women are much better judges of other women than men are. So if you want my advice, make sure you get Becky's opinion and mine before you commit to anyone else in the future. I don't want to see you get hurt again."

"You got it mom," I smiled. "Speaking of which, where is that little brat? She always comes to greet me whenever I arrive home. I could use an extra hand carrying my luggage and it's fun bossing her around."

She gave me a playful wink. "She's been excited to see you all week, and I'll let her know that you said that. I'm sure she would be thrilled that you called her a 'brat'. But she isn't home right now. She's interning at a fashion design company for her summer break. She'll be back soon, just in time for a special dinner and dessert I'm making. Now let's get you settled back into your old room."


I did a lot of reminiscing that night. It felt wonderful to be home again and not having to think about how long I could stay. We had a fun family evening filled with laughing and conversations. It's always great to be around people you love, especially after a bad break-up.

But unfortunately, it also turned out to be one of those nights where it was hot, I couldn't sleep, it was humid, along with plenty of tossing & turning in bed, ect...

I was pretty far from being able to sleep despite the long day and it being late at night, so I got up and headed down the stairs for a cup of water.

Then suddenly, I heard it:

"Oh god..."

'What the heck was that' I thought to myself. Anyone with half a brain could have figured out that it was a female voice moaning in sexual pleasure. And if I didn't know any better, it sounded like Becky. Maybe that horny little brat was watching porn or something in the living room (which seemed like something she would do). And hopefully, that moan was from a woman who just sounded like her on the television.

"Oh god...mom..."

'Okay, that was DEFINITELY Becky,' I thought again. And why the heck would she be moaning out the word 'mom'.

When I took another step down the stairs, I found out why: My sister was sitting on the couch with only her pajama top on, and she was completely bare from the waist down with her legs spread wide open and her feet up in the air. What was even more jaw dropping was that our mother was on her knees performing oral sex on her!

My heart pounded furiously and I was absolutely stunned. I watched as Becky ran her fingers through our mom's hair, as our mom pressed her lips tightly against Becky's labia, doing all sorts of sexually explicit things with her mouth and tongue. Seeing a mother/daughter coupling is one thing, but having that actual mother be your own mom, and that daughter be your own sister, certainly adds a new dimension to things.

I didn't know what to think or feel and my mind was spinning like a roulette of emotions. Was I supposed to be angry? Was I supposed to be disgusted? Am I wrong for becoming aroused by the sight of incest?

Becky's feet started to shake in the air and her legs began to tremble. Her moans became louder and it was obvious that she was on the verge of an orgasm. I obviously didn't want to get caught, so I quietly went back to room and did the only thing I could do that point- take care of my erection.


I had just finished breakfast in the dining room when my mother came to greet me after having taken a shower. She looked refreshed, and she wore a loose blouse as she normally does. Becky was at her internship again so my mom and I were home alone.

"Good morning," she said in her usual cheerful self. "Did you sleep well? I bet it feels great to sleep in your old bed again doesn't it?"

"You're right about that mom," I replied. "It's good to be back."

"What's the matter? You seem a little distracted by something. Are you still upset about your break-up? It's always important to talk about your feelings as a way to cope, and to eventually recover. So now that we're alone and you're settled in nicely, you can talk to me about anything."

"I don't know if that's a good idea right now."

She sat down across from me on the dining table and gave me a concerned look. "I'm your mother. If you can't open up to me and trust me, then something is wrong in our relationship. You know how much I think honesty and being open is the most important part of making a family work. So please, if there's anything you need, or anything you want to get off your chest, I'm here..."

I mustered up my courage and replied, "Okay, there's something I want to talk about, but it's not about my break-up. Late last night when I went downstairs, I saw you and Becky...you know... strolling down the sapphic side if you know what I mean. I'm not judging or anything, but I'm still pretty shocked to say the least."

"Oh god..." she gasped to herself. "I...I'm so sorry you had to see that. I...I don't know what to say..."

"Weren't you saying something about the importance of honesty and being open to make a family work?"

"This is different..."

"How so?"

She sighed, "It's a long story. And I'd hate to bore you with it."

"First of all, there's no way that a story of why you were going down on Becky could be boring. Secondly, we've got nothing but time around here. I can't think of anything better to do."

She took a deep breath. "Here it goes, but first, I need to give you a little backstory on how this all came about: It started on my 20th birthday nearly thirty years ago. My mother had passed away a few weeks prior and my father was still grieving. As difficult as it was for me, it was even worse for him. He became so lonely and depressed. I tried my best to cheer him up, but nothing ever worked. Like I said, it was my birthday, and I just wanted us to have one day in that period of time where we could be happy together. Now, this is where the story gets a little dirty."

"Mom, I'm an adult. So I can handle an adult story. And frankly, this does sound kind of interesting. I never knew this about gramps."

"Good. So I'll get straight to the point; I used to spy on my parents having sex. Keep in mind that this was almost 30 years ago and it was a much different generation. We didn't have cable tv and sex was still a very taboo thing. I was 18 when I first started watching them. At that age, I knew what sex was and what it looked like. But what fascinated me the most was seeing my mother use her mouth on him. I had no idea that was even an acceptable practice, let alone seeing it done that often. My dad loved it, and my mom seemed to love doing it as much as he loved receiving. She used her mouth on him more times than they had sex. Anyway, on my 20th birthday, I decided to take care of my father orally to make him feel better."

"Grandpa?" I questioned. "Now when you say you took care of him 'orally', do you mean 'orally' orally? Or is there another meaning for 'oral' that I don't know about?"

My mother made a round shape with her fingers, an O-shape with her lips, and then she stroked her fingers in front of her mouth to simulate oral sex.

"Is that clear enough for you? Your grandpa loves his blowjobs. All men do. What, and you don't?"

"Okay okay, I get the picture," I replied, holding in my laughter from the humorous image she made. "So now that we've got that settled, please continue your story."

"Well, to put it bluntly, I gave my own father a blowjob to make him feel better. And it worked. I sat down and gave him a hug. Then I told him how much I loved him and how much I wanted to see him happy again. I told him that I could never replace mom, but that I wouldn't mind doing some of the things she did around the house; and that included cooking, cleaning, and sucking cock. He didn't try to fight or stop me when I unzipped his pants to free his manhood. In fact, he was hard as a rock at that point. The blowjob I gave him was my first time ever doing it. And it certainly wasn't my last with him. He sorely needed relief and I gladly gave it to him."

"Oh my..." I gasped. "You weren't kidding when you said it was a dirty story. Jeez."

She smiled, "Maybe you should try reading some of my romance novels. Some of the stuff I write about is actually based on fact, from either my own life experience, or from what other people tell me. I'm not a best-selling-author for nothing."

"Maybe I should. I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on some truly hot stuff."

"You'd be amazed," she grinned.

"So I'm assuming there's more to this story with you and grandpa right?" I asked. "I mean, there has to be more. Plus it's fascinating to hear this about you and him in some very strange way."

"Of course there's more. But we're talking close to thirty years of experience, so I'll give you a brief summary: After that day, we never stopped doing sexual things together. Neither of us wanted to stop. We never had sex in the literal sense, but I used my mouth on him regularly. He 'trained' me, and I became orally subservient to him. He taught me to suck, use my tongue, and to use my hand. I swallowed every drop that he produced, but that's something that someone has to accept on their own. Even when I became my own woman with my own life and career, my mouth was still his, and I loved that. He got a blowjob from me anytime he wanted. Even to this day, when I go to visit him, I cook, clean, and suck cock- just like I promised."

"Jeez...Now I can see why you've made so much money writing romance novels. You really know how to tell a story. And hearing this about you and your dad...I really don't know what to say. I don't even know what I'm feeling right now...It's...It's..."


I agreed. "Yeah, I'd say that erotic is the right word to describe this. I'm even starting to become...you know..."

"Well then you better go to bathroom and handle it," she smiled. "I'm sure at this age you're an expert in masturbation by now."

"True. But seriously though, how did it start with Becky? Does she know about you and grandpa?"

"She knows," mom replied. "I told her after the first time I gave her oral sex on prom night. She was 18 at the time. You were away at college, and contrary to what she told you about having a blast at prom, she actually came home in tears. I'll spare you the details, but her date turned out to be a real disaster. I tried my best to comfort her, and I resorted to the only way I knew how- my mouth. I'm not proud of it, but it worked. The results don't lie. I basically hugged her, kissed her check, lifted her dress and worked my magic while underneath. She went from sadness to pleasure in no time. Like I said, I'm not proud of it, but I couldn't stand the sight of my little princess sobbing because some asshole broke her heart. There's no handbook on what to do in these types of situations."

"And you two have continued it ever since...it all makes sense now. Growing up, she couldn't stop talking about how she wanted to move out when she was old enough so that she could finally be on her own and not have anyone tell her what to do. Then all of a sudden she decides to go to a local college and became a real momma's girl the way she's always hanging around you."

She shrugged. "What can I say? Your sister has a way of getting what she wants. If I didn't give her what she wanted, she would show me her pouty lips and puppy dog eyes. And before I knew it, I found myself becoming orally subservient to another person in my immediate family. I can't say that I mind though. Your sister is obviously a very beautiful young woman with a great body. And she occasionally returns the favor if she's in the right mood."

"I'm speechless. Just speechless," I proclaimed. "I mean, of all the thoughts swirling through my head since last night, the last thing I would have ever expected was to find out all this."

"Well I am a novelist remember? Telling long stories is what I do. And you deserved to hear a full and honest account of the truth after what you saw. And I'm sure I've left you with more questions than answers."

"You bet I have more questions; like why I didn't get the same treatment that grandpa and Becky got," I blurted out as a joke before realizing what it fully meant.

There was a slight awkwardness in the room as my mother just stared at me and I tried to figure out a way to walk back what I had just said.

My mother grinned, "Sooo...you want the same treatment that your grandpa and sister got huh? Is it jealousy? Or maybe you're curious about my oral talents? Perhaps both?"

"It's not what I...I uh...I didn't mean it like that..." I stammered.

"It's okay honey. Really, it is. I can understand if you're feeling a little left out, and frankly..."

Ring! Ring!

"Hold on a sec, I'm expecting an important call from my agent," she said, looking at her phone.

"Hello...uh huh...uh huh...Okay, great! I'll be there in an hour. See you then. Okay. Bye."

She smiled at me as she closed her phone. "I'm sorry for having to cut this conversation short, but I've got a meeting with people from the publishing company regarding a new book I'm working on."

"But we'll get to continue this conversation later right? It's too important not to," I quickly said before she got up to leave.

"Sure, of course we will sweetie. When the time is right..."


I was on my computer late that night before going to bed. It had been another typical night with my family as if nothing was out of the ordinary. We had dinner, talked, and laughed that evening as we always did. And unfortunately, I didn't have another chance for private time with my mother.

*knock* *knock*

"Come in," I said.

In walked my sister, dressed in a pair of pajamas like the night before. She didn't need any further invitation as she stepped inside my room and sat down on my bed.

"Don't worry, mom and her big udders are fast asleep, so we can talk freely here. I'd be fast asleep too if I had to listen to your boring dribble all day," she said.

"Thanks sis. Did you come here to insult me? Because if you did, you've succeeded and you can go back to your room now," I replied.

Becky rolled her eyes. "I'm joking you dolt. Anyway, I just wanted some alone time with my big brother. I'm sorry for your break up and you deserve a lot better than that cunt who dumped you. I never did like her you know."

"I know. I really should have listened to you and mom when both of you warned me about her. From now on, I won't make any commitments without both of your approvals. I've learned my lesson about not listening to the two most important women in my life."

"Do you really mean it?" she asked with an eyebrow raised. "Mom and I get final approval on whoever you date? Does that include making recommendations?"

"Why not? Despite your questionable intelligence and obvious lack of any real talent, you always did know a thing or two about relationships. And if I'm not mistaken, you've still got a great reputation for knowing a thing or two about sex."

She flashed her signature pouty lips. "If you're going to be rude to me, then you can kiss my recommendation goodbye. It just so happens that I know a girl who's been dying to be your fuck buddy with no strings attached."

"Whoa whoa whoa. I was just kidding sis. So who is it? One of your hot cheerleader friends? Jenny? Sarah? Anne!? I heard Anne she sucks the best cock in the west coast."

"Promise you won't laugh or be upset?" she asked.


"Her name is Becky," she stated.

"Becky?" I replied. "A new friend I don't know about? I don't think I've ever seen a Becky on your Facebook page."

"I'm talking about me dummy," she said with a hint of excitement. "I could be your fuck buddy. I could suck and fuck you better than that bitch you almost married ever could. Trust me on that big brother."

"What the---"

"You promised you wouldn't be upset remember?" she said in reminder.

I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. "I know. But can you blame me for being a little, you know, surprised by what you just offered? I mean jeez, you're my younger sister and..."

"...And I'm also great at sex," she said, cutting me off. "Come on, you know full well about my reputation. I have the best body, the best pussy, and I give the best blowjobs in California. I can even suck cock better than that slut Anne."

"You're calling her a slut after what you just said about yourself?"

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. The point is, I've been attracted to you for some time. You're single, heart-broken, handsome, and most importantly, we live in the same house now. Brother or not, that sounds like a great freaking deal for the both of us. And you'd be crazy not to agree."

"Sex always sounds like a great deal to me. But you're my..."

She suddenly stood up with attitude and said, "I'm getting naked, and if you want to throw me out, then throw me out. But if not, then I intend on getting fucked tonight. It's your call..."

I should have stopped her right then and there when she started unbuttoning her pajama top, but I couldn't. I just froze at the sight of my hot young sister removing her top to reveal her thin upper body, with its small upturned breasts and light pink nipples. I was also surprised to see that her nipples were pierced. She then pulled her pants down to reveal her equally thin legs, which were long and slender. Her crotch was cleanly shaven and her light brown labia was visible.

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