tagIncest/TabooMoms Pool Suprise

Moms Pool Suprise


Carla Taylor pulled the Jeep Cherokee into the two car garage and turned off the engine. She had gone grocery shopping earlier than usual that Saturday morning as she planned on spending the balance of the day with her son Bryan.

Twenty year old Bryan Taylor had come home from college for the summer and his mother could not hardly believe the changes in him that had taken place over the last year. She never could figure why he wanted to attend at Berkely so far away from their home in Georgia but if one good thing had occured from her husbands death it was that he had left her a small fortune. Enough for her to retire on and send Bryan to the school of his choice.

Carla put away the items she had purchased then went upstairs to Bryans room. Originally she had thought about waking him but they had stayed up late last night catching up on the past year.

"Honey, are you up yet?", Carla called to her son.

She pushed the bedroom door open and found he was not there.

Carla then remembered that he had mentioned he could not wait to get in the pool today. The pool had been put in some years ago and though her home was in a rural area they had put up an eight foot high block privacy fence for further security. She missed the nights when she and her husband would take late night dips nuce and invariably make love under the moonlight.

The 40 year old mother went to her bedroom and pulled glanced out the large bay window that overlooked the back yard area.

Sure enough Bryan was swimming. Carla gasped as she noticed her son had decided to swim nude. She leaned against the wall taking notice of his tan muscular body as he slid through the water.

"Umm, not bad kid.", she thought to herself as she gazed down at him.

It had been along time since she had seen a male nude live and in person and as of late her sex drive had began to come back with a vengance. Carla and her husband had enjoyed a very active sex life but after his passing she did not know if she could bring herself to have sex with someone again. The last few months though, she had noticed her appetite for bedroom romance increasing though she would only allow herself any level of satisfaction by use of her collection of sexual toys.

Carla noticed her nipples becoming swollen and aroused as she admired her son. She even allowed a hand to trace the outline of it through her shirt.

"My god Carla stop it. He is you son.",she laughed to herself as she reluctantly pulled her hand away. Still she could not move from her spot remaining attentive as he swam to the side of the pool.

Bryan swam to the edge and began walking up the steps.

Carla gasped as she saw her sons full frontal nudity. She could see he was very well endowed much like his father had been. She felt her pussy tingle as he walked to the lounge chair and pick up the towel to dry his body. For a moment she had a mental image of herself keeling in front of him sucking his hard stiff cock.

Pulling herself away Carla sat on the edge of the bed. Closing her eyes she could not get what she had just seen out of her mind. Her fingers behan to unbutton her blouse as her mind began to run wild with erotic thoughts. She then stood removing the shirt then undoing the buttons on her short jean skirt. It fell to the floor and Carla looked up in the mirror at herself. Her outer clothes were followed by her panties and bra.

"Not bad yourself girl", she commented. Carla stood 5'6" and her half Italian heritage caused to have black hair that she had kept cut just above her shoulders. Her 34C breasts were accented by large nipples that loved to be sucked and played with. Carla glanced down at her vaginal area that she kept trim close. Yes even at her age she looked good.

Carla walked back to the window and glanced out to see her son laying back on the chair. "Mmmm", she gasped to herself as she could see his penis was semi hard. She again allowed herself to feel her breasts, pinching and pulling the erect nipples. Carla slid one hand down to find her labia were already moist from the forbidden thoughts she was having. It was wrong. She knew it. Then again he was a man and she was a woman. "Well if being nude is good enough for him its good enough for me.", the mother reasoned. Finding a short white terry cloth robe she headed downstairs toward the back door.

Carla put the robe on and loosely knotted it. "No sense in blowing his mind right off the bat." she told herself. "No turning back now." she thought as she turned the door knob.

"Hi honey", nice day huh. The mother called out to her son.

"Oh shit!", Bryan scrambbled off the chair and dove into the pool.

Coming up for air Bryans eyes focused to see his mother lauging.

"Damn Mom, I didn't know you were home." the young man said in surprise as he pulled his long brown hair back with his hands.

"Obviously not", Carla responded. "Its ok though. Your Dad and I used to swim nude all the time out here after you had gone to bed." his mother told him.

"Oh hell Mom, I knew about that.", Bryan confessed.

Bryan wathed as his mothers face reddened. "You saw..you saw us?" she inquired of him.

"well..uhh..yes Mom. I mean you two weren't exactly quite about it you know.", he told his mother.

"I guess you got quite a visual sex education then huh?" she asked.

"Yes to be honest..I hope you aren't mad at me. I just thought it was really hot what you and Dad were doing.", Bryan responded.

Carla laughed. "No...No its ok. I suppose you aren't the first one to see there parents fucking.", she told him.

Mom and son statred at each other for a moment as it seemed the word "fucking" hung in the air between them. Finally the silence broke

"Well I guess if its ok for you to swmim around out her nude its ok for me too. Do you mind?", she asked him.

Bryans cock began to harden under the water. His thoughts were flooded with memories of watching his parents have sex by the pool. His mother was beautiful and he had been sexually attracted to her for years. Now here she was giving him an opportunity he had only dreamed out. Seeing her naked up close and by himself.

"Ahh sure..yes..I mean its ok by me", he stuttered. "Hope you don't mind me being nude too.", he said.

"No honey not at all. I have seen you nude before and though its been sometime I could not help notice how nicely you have developed." she said.

With that Carla undid the knot in her robe and slid it off.

Bryan moaned out loud as he took in the sight of his nude mother. He could not take his eyes off her as she dove into the pool and then swam to the opposite side.

Carla came up for air. Looking through the clear wather she could see her son was now hard and she felt her own sensual feelings begin to pulsate.

"Soooo...you enjoyed watching us I assume.", she asked as she cleared the water from her face.

Bryans breathing was increasing a bit. "Yes Mom..very much to tell you the truth."

Carla swam back and forth in front of him teasing him a bit. She was feeling more brazen and erotic. Then she had in years.

"What did you like Bryan. What did we do that turned you on the most.", she asked seductively.

"All of it mom..I liked all of it." he said as he felt his cock begin to throb.

"There most have been something you must have especially liked", she said. Prying to find out more about his sexual interest.

"Welllllll", his voice trailed off.

"Well what baby.", the horny mother swam closer to him.

"I liked watching when you ...well..when you sucked Dad and he would ..well you know what he would do." Bryans face reddened as he tried to tell his mom what he loved to see.

"Ummm..let me guess.You mean when your Dad would unload his cum on my face and tits?", she asked wantonly.

Bryan could not believe this was happening. His mother was coming on to him and he was not about to stop it.

"Yes. I really thought that was hot Mom.", he confessed.

His mother walked closer through the water as Bryan backed up to the edge of the pool.

"Do your girlfriends let you do that honey? Do they let you cum on their face and in their mouths?", she asked lustfully.

"Ahh no Mom..I haven't found any girls who like that." Bryan was lying about it but he did not want his mother to know.

"Bryan..baby..I want you to sit on the edge of the pool.", his mother instructed.

Bryan did as told. Grasping the edge by his palms he pulled himself out of the wather and sat down. His rock eight inch cock standing tall glistening from the pool.

Carla walked up between her sons spread legs. She reached her hands out and slid her fingernails up and down the front of his thights causing his cock to jerk. The young man was breathign heavily now at the beautiful sight before him.

"Bryan when you watched us did you ever wish it was you instead of your Dad.", she asked. "Tell me baby. I want to know." she demanded.

"Yessss..Mom..mmmm..yes. So many times I watched wishing it was me." , he confessed.

"Well now it is", she said.

Carla slid her right hand up sliding her soft palm around the base of his cock grasping firmly. Slowly she pulled up causing a large amount of pre-cum to spill out onto the back of her hand

"Ohhhh my you must be horny as hell" she said as she began working his prick up and down.

Bryan could not say a word as he looked down at his beautiful mother firmly but slowly jerking his cock. His legs trembled as with her other hand she cupped and began fondling his cum bloated balls.

"Ummm..Mom that feels so good", Bryan moaned.

Carla continued pulling his cock letting the precum leak out over the length of his prick. Finally the mother leaned over and Bryans eyes widened as he watched her soft lips slowly wrap around swollen head of his penis.

"Oh shit Mom.....ahh damn", Bryan moaned as she sucked the entire length in.

Carla felt her pussy on fire as seh sucked up and down the length of his cock. She loved the taste of cum and it had been too long since she had been rewared with a hot facial. She began to increase the rate at which she sucked and jerked his cock. He was horn and leaking like hell and she knew it would not be long before her efforts would pay off.

After a couple of moments of his mothers expert cock sucking Bryuan began feeling the convulsions begin in his nut sack.

"Mommmmmmmmm..ohhhhhhshit..going to cummmmmmmmm.", the young man moaned in pleasure.

Carla felt his cock throb hard in her hand then suddenly she felt the head in her mouth flare and a thick stream of cum hit the back of her throat.

"Mummmm" she moaned as the cock began to unload between her lips.

Carla pulled back and began jerking his orgasming cock hard. Bryan was cumming like a volcane. Stream after stream of cock cream splashed her face.

"Ohhhhh shit mom..shit yessssss", Bryan emitted as his balls emptied on his mother face and tits.

Finally his penis stopped and his mother sucked it back in.

"Mmm,mmm, mm" she whimpered as she sucked his stil erect prick.

Satisfied he was done Carla backed up and allowed her son to look at her drenched face before sliding down in the pool. After a few seconds she came back up her face clear of his offering. She looked up at her son still breathing hard and his hard cock.

"Wow..still excited I see", she said.

"Oh god mom..you are great. Yes I am still horny as hell though". he said.

Carla pulled her self out of the water.

"Good" she said as she kelt down on a towel by the pool. Carla stuck her ass in the air high legs spread.

"Come on. Do you think you are the only one thats horny?", she moaned.

Bryan stood up and walked over. Kneeling behind his mother he admired the rose tatto on her left cheek.

"Do it baby. Fuck me. Fuck me now.", she demanded as she wiggled her ass.

Bryan grasped his cock and Carla gasped loudly as she felt him move it against her clit.

"Don't tease me please", the mother begged.

Bryan placed the again swollen cockhead to his moms wet pussy lips. Grasping her hips he began to slowly push into her tight honey.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yesssss..yesssssss.", Carla squealed at the feeling of her pussy being invaded by real male cock in years.

"God mom..your pussy is tight.", he said as he began shoving in and out.

He was turned on at the sight of her pussy lips as they seemed to be sucking his cock as her mouth had done earlier. It was as though her cunt was begging to feel his hot cream.

"My asshole..finger my asshole." Carla demanded.

Bryran began sliping his thumb in and out his mother tight back love hole as his balls hit her clit with each thrust. It was enough to put her over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhbaby.......mothers cummmmmmmmming", she screamed as her pussy began spasming in orgasm.

"Don't stop", she moaned. "Please don't stop."

Her vagianal walls again and again clamped down on his thick cock sucking at it.

Bryan again felt his own orgasm building.

"Awwww Mom..yessssssssss". Bryan shovedhis cock in deep and began shooting deep in his mothers cunt.

Carla could feel his cum which excited her even more. Mother and son came together for over a moment before Bryan pulled his driping cock from her. Carla turned around and before he could move sucked his pussy/cum coated cock keep in her mouth.

"Ummmm..Ummm", she moaned over and over as she cleaned Bryan.

Finally she stopped and looked up at her son. Bryans cock to her surprise was yet still hard. She grasped it pulling it slowly.

"Your girlfriends must love you but not as much as me", she said looking up at his brown eyes.

Bryan down at his sexy mom.

"You are awesome mom." he said as she continued to pleasure his cock with her hands.

"You know what?" she asked. "You've had my pussy and my mouth..that just leaves one hole."

Bryans eyes widened.."You mean you would let me fuck you in the ass.." His mothers voice stopped him.

Taking him by the cock she pulled him toward the door. "Hush and come on Bryan..I think I still have some KY Jelly in my bedroom."

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