tagIncest/TabooMom's Recovery Pt. 01

Mom's Recovery Pt. 01


"Ouch! Yah that hurts." My mom said, wincing in pain.

My mom was laying down while the doctor examined her leg. Two weeks ago she and I were involved in a car crash which broke my mom's leg and gave me a concussion.

"And how about this?" The doctor asked my mom as he squeezed her big toe.

I felt bad for my mom, she was clearly in pain. Her doctor had prescribed her pain killers, though she didn't take them, she claimed they made her sick. For the last two weeks (and likely the next four) she was essentially bedridden.

After the doctor completed his exam he and I helped my mom get into her wheelchair. As we exited the exam room and entered the lobby she mentioned she needed to go to the bathroom.

"Sure, do you need help?" I asked her.

"Oh honey you don't have to do that." She replied.

"I want to help! Let's go." I commanded as we made our way to the ladies room in the empty lobby.

I opened the restroom door, she wheeled herself in and I closed and locked the door behind us.

"Let me help you up." I said.

I took her crutches and rested them against the wall. My mom was such a proud woman, she hated depending on others, which is why I wasn't surprised to see her struggling to stand up on her own when I turned around.

"Mom, let me help you!" I said with a smile on my face.

I helped her stand up, holding her hand in mine as she raised up. She was wearing a loose white t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts (it was July after all). As she got to her feet she lost her balance and fell into my arms.

"Careful, take your time." I said.

As I helped her regain her balance I realized I was holding her arm with one hand and the other hand was supporting her lower-back. I couldn't help but look down and notice how nice her ass looked in those jean shorts. Without even thinking I placed my hand squarely on her left ass cheek and helped her finally regain her balance.

"Thank you sweetie." She said with a smile and a look of exhaustion.

"You're welcome Mom." I said as I slowly took my hand off her ass. "I'll be outside in the lobby, let me know if you need help."

As I sat in the lobby waiting on her I noticed I had a boner.


Once we got home from the doctor's office I helped my mom lay down on the couch in the living room. She and I had been living in this house for the last eight years. My dad left her when I was young and ran off to live with his girlfriend in the Phillippines. It had always been just me and mom.

I was 19, living at home and taking computer science classes at the local community college. My mom, 44, worked as a legal assistant at a law firm just down the street from our house.

"What sounds good for dinner Mom?" I asked as she got comfortable on the couch.

"Oh honey I hate that you have to take care of your mom all the time. We can just order pizza if you want?" She replied, adjusting her wrinkled t-shirt.

"Pizza sounds good to me! I'll call it in." I said with enthusiasm, I could eat pizza everyday I thought to myself.

After calling in the delivery order I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer, then sat down next to my mom on the couch in the living room to watch tv.

"Ugh, this t-shirt is disgusting." My mom said. "Sweetie would you mind grabbing another t-shirt from my closet? I'm too tired to take a bath."

"Sure Mom" I said as I moved swiftly up the stairs to her bedroom.

I opened her closet door and began sifting through her shirts. I took my time until I finally settled on one of her t-shirts and made my way back downstairs.

"Will this work?" I asked as I handed her the fresh t-shirt.

"Perfect! Thank you." She said with a smile as she grabbed the shirt. "Close your eyes mister." She said with a wry smile as she began to take off her shirt.

"I will." I said as I turned my head away.

After a few seconds there was a knock at the door. Surprised I quickly glanced at the door, then at my mom. She was topless but had covered herself with her blanket.

"Dang that was fast!" She said.

I went to the door, paid and thanked the delivery driver, and walked back into the living room with our pizza.

Once I returned to the living room my mom went back to putting her new shirt on. She had one arm through and was struggling to get the other arm through.

"Here mom, let me help." I said as I rushed over to her. "Arms up." I said.

She gave me a puzzled look then reluctantly raised her arms. As I finally got her other arm through I looked down and couldn't believe what I saw: my mom's bare tits. They were bigger than my girlfriend's, way bigger. Thankfully my mom swiftly pulled her shirt down herself and said "thanks sweetie" without noticing a thing.

"Would you mind putting these in the laundry room?" She asked as she handed me her shirt and her bra.

"Sure thing." I said and made my way to the laundry room.

I looked at her bra and without thinking buried my face in it. I was in such an aroused state. I regained my composure and went back into the living room.

When I sat down next to her my cock was rock hard.

"You ever held a girl's bra?" My mom asked me with a grin.

"Oh yah, I mean I'm sure I have, just not one like that." I said.

"What do you mean?" She asked, puzzled.

"Well I have obviously held Ashley's (my girlfiend) bra." I repied.

"And what's so different between hers and mine?" She asked.

"Well her bra is, uhm..." I said shyly, unsure of how to explain myself.

"Go on..." My mom said.

"Her bra is smaller than yours." I said.

"Ha! Well I do have her beat in that department." She said jokingly with an air of confidence that further excited me.

"That's for sure!" I said excitedly. "I wish she had breasts like yours."

"Oh stop! They aren't that great." She said as she looked down at her chest.

"Are you kidding me? They look great! Plus Ashley's nipples are weird, yours are perfect." I exclaimed.

"My nipples? How do you know what my nipples look like mister?" She asked.

"Well I might have seen them when you changed just now." I said.

"Oh my, how embarrassing." She said with a sigh. "I've had huge nipples my whole life. That's why I always wear a bra."

"Well you're not wearing one now." I said as I gazed down at her chest. "I think it looks fine."

"You don't see them?" She asked as she turned to me and pulled her shirt tight against her chest. "Look at them! It's so obvious!" She said as she looked my directly in the eyes.

"I can see them now I guess, but they look fine." I said. Her nipples were huge, but gorgeous. Her areolas weren't particularly big, but her nipples themselves were huge, almost exactly the size and color of a hot dog.

"Well thanks honey." She said as she slouched back into the couch and directed to attention back to the tv we were watching.


"Hey sweetie." I heard as I woke up.

"It's late, we should go to bed." The voice said, who I now realized was my mom's.

I had fallen asleep on the couch.

My mom was leaned up against me, almost as if she had fallen asleep against me. The blanket was covering the both of us; did we sleep together? I thought.

We both sat up on the couch.

"Ok, bedtime." I said to my mom with a sleepy smile.

I helped my mom stand up and wrapped her arm around my neck, supporting her. We slowly made our way up the stairs. I helped her into her bedroom and sat her down on the side of her bed.

"Thanks sweetie." My mom said.

"You're welcome. Is there anything I can get you?" I asked.

"Could you hand me that silk shirt hanging on my closet door? I wear it when I sleep." She asked.

I took the shirt off the hanger and handed it to her. Without a word she took her shirt off. Her DD tits bounced when she threw her shirt on the floor. The main light in the room was on! I was standing in front of my topless mom, staring at her bare breasts. My mom had never done anything like this before.

She quickly had her silk shirt on and began climbing under the covers, as if nothing had happened.

"Good night honey. Thanks for taking care of me." My mom said.

"Good night Mom." I said as I bent down to hug her. She hugged me tightly, I could feel her breasts and those huge nipples pressed against me. Suddenly my mom began to giggle.

I abruptly stood up.

"You were poking me in the stomach." She said sheepishly. I looked down and realized my boner was obvious.

"Sorry mom, I...uh..." I stuttered nervously.

"Oh stop, it's perfectly normal. Plus if you take care of it you will fall asleep easily." She said in a very motherly tone. "Sweet dreams honey."


I woke up to my alarm going off. It was 7am.

I threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt and went to check on my mom.

"Knock knock" I said quietly as I opened her bedroom door. She was still asleep in her bed. I slowly walked toward her bed, which made my heart start racing. I immediately had a flash-back from the night before of my mom's tits. As I crept closer the floor screeched, which woke up my mom.

"Good morning mom." I said.

"Good morning honey." She said, stretching her arms in the air and yawning. "How'd you sleep?"

"Fine. I hardly remember falling asleep." I said.

She began to sit up. Suddenly I saw my mom reach her hand out towards me.

"Honk Honk" I heard my mom say laughingly as she squeezed the tip of my cock with her hand. I was shocked! My mom was squeezing my erect penis.

"Uh, uh..." I sputtered.

"Can you help me up sweetie?" She said, disregarding the cock squeeze.

I helped her up and supported her as we made our way to the bathroom. Once I sat her down on the side of the tub I asked her if there was anything else she needed. Because I was standing and she was sitting I realized not only did I still have a boner, it was right in front of my mom's face.

"I'm good thanks honey." she said, and without hesitation reached out and pulled my pants down with a quick jerk. My cock literally "popped" out of my shorts, which were now down around my mid-thigh area.

I quickly yanked my shorts up, my face turning bright-red.

"There! We're even. You've seen my boobs and I've seen your cock." She said as she turned around to draw a bath. She turned both the hot and cold dials, the sound of a running bath always soothed me.

"My goodness mister! I had no idea how big my son was." she said as she glanced up at me. "Your cock is still hard as a rock!" she said as she reached back out and pulled down my shorts.

My cock popped out again, but this time I didn't pull my shorts back up, I actually stared up at the ceiling. After a few seconds I looked back down to see my mom staring at my cock.

"Your head is SO big!" she said, and reached out with her hand. Rather than touching my cock, she reached for my balls. She gently pressed her hand against them, then cupped them in the palm of her hand. "Your balls are big too honey!" she said.

After about three seconds of having her hand on my balls I felt an overwhelming urge and knew I was about to orgasm. Without warning cum shot out of my cock. I felt my mom take her hand off my balls as I shot load after load. During the orgasm, as I do with most orgasms, I was looking up at the ceiling.

Once my orgasm subsided and the pulsating of my cock died down, I caught my breath, opened my eyes, and tilted my head back down.

In front of my was my mom, barely clothed, with her face covered in my cum.

"Oh my god mom! I'm sooooo sorry!" I said in a state of disbelief.

Cum was dripping from her nose, in her eyes, in her hair...it was everywhere!

"Wow!" My mom said, as she started to laugh. I couldn't help but laugh as well.

"I wasn't expecting THAT." she said as she wiped cum from her left eyelid. "Good thing I'm about to wash up. Go eat breakfast honey." she said. I quickly vacated the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

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by chytown03/22/18

Great Start****

Thanks for sharing.

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by toJohnny703/19/18

Too short.

Really liked the story but in my opinion the story needed to be a bit longer. Give us a little more before you conclude the chapter. Great story concept.

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by Anonymous03/19/18

hotdog nipples

her nipples were the same size as a hotdog...have you ever seen a hotdog before?

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Looking forward to Pt 2. I hope it's soon. :)

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by ole69boy03/18/18


Great start. Good to see Mon playful and opening up.
Well written. Thanks for sharing.

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