Mom's Roommate


Garrett got home about 11pm that night to find his mom sprawled out on the couch. "Hey sweetie, how was the fair?"

"The bands were awesome."

Cassie stood at the end of the hallway in her PJ's. "I saw Garrett and his friends flirting with girls, Momma."

"Shut up, I was not." Garrett snapped.

"What are you still doing up, young lady?" Kristen asked, standing from the couch.

Cassie put on her sad face. "I can't sleep."

Kristen gave her son an almost jealous smile as she passed him. "Flirting with the girls huh?"

"We were talking to them...we weren't flirting."

Cassie nodded. "Yes you were."

Kristen guided her daughter away. "Come on, back to bed for you, young lady."

Garrett went into the mancave and sat in the swing on his laptop to check his email. Through the silky curtain he saw his mom stroll into the closet.

"That little girl. I think she had way too much sugar at the fair today." Kristen said.

Through the curtain Garrett could see his mom sliding the halter dress off. His mouth fell open as he realized she was now in just her bra and panties. "Probably," he muttered.

He couldn't make out much detail, but he could see just enough through the semi-transparent cloth to send blood rushing to his teenaged cock.

Kristen reached around and unclasped her strapless bra. "So tell me about the girls that you were flirting with."

Garrett could see the shapes of her her big mommy-boobs wobbling as the sprung free. He could see the large dark circles of areola on the tips. "They're just girls from my school...but I really wasn't flirting."

Kristen grabbed the hem of her little panties and slid them down her legs. "So you haven't had sex with any of these girls?"

Garrett watched for a second as his mom stood there completely nude, brushing back her hair with her long nails. "No, I don't even really know any of them that well."

Kristen threw on her white short silk robe, tied it around her waist, then walked over and peeked around the curtain.

Garrett looked up to see her smiling down at him mischievously. "Are we enjoying the benefits yet?" Kristen asked.

Garrett recalled their discussion the day prior and his mom's comment about the benefits of sharing a room together. He giggled a little under his breath, looking a tad embarrassed. "I guess."

"I'm gonna grab a shower and put on my nightie. Then I'll come back and we'll go to bed, okay?" Kristen asked.

Garrett nodded, his penis starting to throb, his heart starting to race. "Yup."

After her shower Kristen peeked in on her husband. Doug was watching some sports when he heard her tap at the door.

"Garrett and I are going to bed. I just wanted to say goodnight."

Doug felt a surge of jealousy as he looked at his gorgeous wife standing in the doorway in nothing but a tiny robe. Her hair was still damp and slicked back and her smooth tan legs had a light sheen from having just been shaved and lotioned. "I'm sorry about ealier today. I may have overracted I guess," he said.

Kristen strolled over to her husband's bedside and smiled down at him lovingly. "It's been a stressful time for everyone."

"You know I love you right?" Doug asked.

"Yes I do...and I love you too," she answered, then leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips.

When she did this Doug's could see inside the open slit in her robe. He could tell she had on something very sexy and very scanty underneath it. "I'll see you in the morning," she said.

Doug watched his wife stroll out of the bedroom, the pillowy swell of her meaty buttocks swaying gently. He heard her little bare feet pad down the hallway, then his wife and son's bedroom door click closed.

Garrett had just crawled in bed when his mom returned.

"Hey, handsome, you warming that bed up for us?" Kristen asked as she sashayed over to her side.

"Well it's another hot night. Don't want to warm it up too much," he answered.

Garrett watched his mom untie her sash and let the robe slip to the floor. Kristen was wearing a white sheer dainty baby doll nighty with spaghetti straps and matching G-string panties. The set had beautiful detailed butterfly applique.

As she crawled into bed Garrett watched her tits flounder as they strained against the flimsy top. She moved under the big fluffy comforter and slid over against him. "Mmm, I need some snuggle time."

Garrett couldn't help but SIGH as he felt her warm soft flesh smother his side. Kristen lay her head down against his chest and Garrett felt one of her smooth legs slide across his.

"I missed you today," she whispered.

"Missed you too. Did you still wanna go to the fair tomorrow?"

Kristen lifted her head and gazed into his eyes dotingly. "As long as I'm with you I'll go anywhere."

"What if I wanted to hang out at the sewage treatment plant?" Garrett joked.

Kristen giggled and poked him. "Smart ass."

"Well, you said anywhere."

There was a short period of silence before Kristen got a quirky smile. "You're hard again."

"Huh?" Garrett muttered, trying to act stupid.

Kristen gazed down at the obvious protrusion in the blankets. "You have a hard-on silly...just like you did yesterday and last night....and this morning...and this afternoon and dozens of times in between I'm sure. " she giggled flirtingly.

"Yeah, it does get like that a lot." Garrett blushed.

"Well, that's because it's trying to tell you something."

"Tell me what?"

Kristen looked into his eyes with a innocent smile. "What do you think? When a penis gets hard it mean it needs to be masturbated to orgasm. Sweetie, when was the last time you took care of yourself?"

"Yesterday morning," he answered.

"Yesterday morning?! Garrett Hill, you can't be serious." Kristen said sympathetically.

"Well, we've been kinda busy, Mom."

"I know, baby, but you need to make sure you always take time out of your day for things like matter what's going on." Kristen said.

Garrett glanced towards the door. "Well, I guess I could go into the bathroom and take care of it real quick."

"Don't be ridiculous. This is your bedroom. You shouldn't have to retreat down the hallway every time you need to masturbate." Kristen said.

"I know, but now that we're sharing a room and everything, maybe I..." Garrett started then his mom cut him off.

"Hey, we had this discussion yesterday. Erections and masturbation are a perfectly natural part of life and we're both grown adults, remember?"

Garrett still seemed a bit uncomfortable. "I know, just seem a little weird, that's all."

Kristen smiled as she sat up and tucked her legs to one side. "You're just silly. Scootch over here and lay your head on my lap."

Garrett slid over and rested his head against his mom's legs. He felt the breath being sucked from his lungs as he caught site of the underside of her protruding breasts through the flimsy nightie looming over his face. Kristen peeked over the swell of her enormous boobs, smiling down at him.

"Are you comfy?"

"Yeah," he whispered.

"Which hand do you use to stroke yourself off with?" Kristen asked.

"My left."

"That's what I figured. Bring it up here to my mouth," she said.

Garrett brought his hand up and Kristen spit out some saliva into it. "That should get you started until your penis starts leaking out it's precum."

"Ohh umm...okay." Garrett muttered, his heart pounding. "Holy fuck, was this really happening?" He thought.

Kristen stroked his cheek tenderly. "Hey...I want you to just relax and give yourself some pleasure okay? Just like you would if I wasn't here."

Garrett nodded, then reached under the comforter, where his hardness had already found its way out of the fly in his boxers and was standing tall and proud.

He coated the tip with Kristen's spit and started to twist his fist around it. As he began jerking on his rod he looked up again to find his own loving mom smiling down at him.

"There, now doesn't that feel better?" She whispered.

"Yeah." Garrett muttered.

Her big gleaming green eyes were enough to make him melt. "I'm so glad we can share this," she said.

Kristen looked over and watched the blanket rise and fall from her son's jerking. He gradually increased his pace and she looked back down at him, then again at the blanket. Garrett could see the thrill in her expression.

"Oh that's it...make it feel good, sweetie," she said.

Garrett gazed up at the underside of his mom's breasts. Two huge curves of tit-flesh that he was making tremble from his steady fisting.

A lewd creamy sound filled the room as precum now trickled in a constant stream from Garrett's piss-slit and lubricated his shaft.

Garrett mustered up enough courage to ask his mom the unavoidable. "What about you, Mom? You must need know, masturbate too sometimes."

Kristen giggled. "More times than I like to admit."

" can always join me you know."

Kristen fed him a quirky little smile. "That wouldn't...bother you?"

Garrett smiled, still stroking steadily. "Why would it bother me? This is your bedroom too right?"

"True...guess I shouldn't be afraid to follow some of my own advice huh?"

"Lift up a sec." Kristen slid out from under him and replaced her lap with a comfy pillow for her son.

She sprawled out on her back right beside him and slid under the covers.

Kristen turned her head and kissed Garrett on the cheek. "Are you sure you don't mind if I masturbate with you?"

"Of course not," he answered, trying to conceal his excitement.

"And promise me you won't tell anyone we did this. I mean it sweetie, it's just between us okay?"

Garrett nodded as he watched his mom slip her hand under the blanket. "Don't worry, Mom...I'm not like Cassie. I can keep my mouth shut," he giggled.

"Your sister has the biggest mouth on the planet." Kristen joked.

"I won't argue with that."

"Mmmmhhh." Kristen sighed as she started rubbing her engorged clitoris.

If Garrett's penis wasn't throbbing before, it certainly was now. He felt it flex in his gooey fist.

Mom and son looked up at the ceiling as they stroked on their genitals. Garrett could hear his mother's sharp QUIVERING BREATH as she pleasured herself beside him.

"O-o-ohh yeah, this is soo nice!" Kristen said in a sighing whispered.

Garrett kept a steady pace, jerking on his throbbing cock-rod. "Yeah it is."

Kristen lets out a SHARP BREATH, jerking her head to one side and throwing her knees back. Garrett could see her arm shaking rapidly and knew that she was frantically rubbing her pussy beneath the covers.

"Ohhh...feels soooo good," she whispered.

Garrett felt his mom's free hand slide into his and they interlaced their fingers together. She squeezed his hand tightly as she let out another quivering GASP.

Suddenly Kristen winced and arched her back. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!!!"

It was the most amazing thing Garrett had ever seen. There he layed on his back stroking his big dick and watching his own busty mom flop around like a fish beside him. It was almost surreal.

"OH SHIT SWEETIE, I'M CUMMING!" Kristen's little voice cried, trying not to be too loud.

She continue her relentless assault on her clit. Her gorgeous mommy-body bounced on the mattress a few more times, then she rolled onto her side against her son.

The hot mom let out a muffled grunt against his bare shoulder. "UUUNNGGHH!!"

"Oh wow, Mom!" Garrett muttered, stroking furiously. His peter was so fucking hard it felt as though it was gonna take off like a rocket.

With her hand still tucked down between her legs, Kristen rolled up against her son's chest. She stared off into space, her eyes glazed with lust, a look of wild euphoric pleasure washed acrossed her face.

"I need more," her voice quivered softly.

One of her silky legs slid across Garrett's dick and before he knew it, his mom was litererally on top of him with her face against his neck. He could feel her little hand tucked inside her panties, rubbing swiftly across her love button. He was now reaching up under one of her legs, keeping a tight stroking grasp on his cum-lathered organ.

Kristen let out a little WHIMPER and Garrett could see her luscious ass start to do a little bounce up and down beneath the covers. He slid his free hand across her back, as if holding onto her. His entire bare chest was plastered in soft squishy tit-flesh and he could literally feel them sloshing between them.

"OH DAMN!" Garrett's voice muttered.

Kristen's fingers were pushed down between her clean-shaven labial meat, frigging her clit in rapid little circles. "Ohhh sweetie, I'm gonna cum again!"

Her ass flew up and down as if it were riding an imaginary cock. Garrett bucked his hips as if he were fucking up into an imaginary cunt. The bedspring began to squeek as their clinging bodies bounced together in wild mutual masturbation.

"Oh shit, Mom!" Garrett sighed, his balls churning.

He felt his mom's warm smothering flesh begin to convulse. She let out a muffled girlish cry into the nape of his neck. "OHH GARRETT!!"

Kristen was struck with one of the strongest orgasms of her life and Garrett was no question only moments away from experiencing a rush of pleasure he never dreamed possible.

"Ohhh, I'm gonna cum too, Mom!" He muttered.

"Oh God...Ohh shit, baby cum with me!" Kristen said in a crying whisper.

Kristen's sexy mommy-body bounced atop her teenager as thick ropes of semen erupted from Garrett's piss-slit, splashing up against the comforter. "UUUNNGGHH SHIT!" He grunted.

While his penis spit gysers of gooey semen, Garrett thust his hips, making his mom's voluptuous body bounce and her big tits CLAP against his chest. The headboard began to BEAT repetitiously against the wall.

Doug was almost asleep when he woke to the THUMPING against the wall. "What the hell?"

After about a dozen dull KNOCKS the noise stopped. Doug carefully slipped out of bed and into his wheelchair. He pushed himself out into the darkened hallway and to the closed door that was Garrett and his wife's.

He listened for a moment and could barely hear what sounded like heavy breathing. He tapped lightly on the door. "Kristen?"

There was no response so he KNOCKED a little harder. "Kristen!!"

"Doug? Honey, what's wrong?" Came his wife's voice from inside the bedroom.

He tried the door, but found it locked. "Can I come in for a second...the door's locked."

After about a half a minute Kristen opened the door just a tad and looked out. She was back in her silk robe. "What is it, what's wrong?"

"I just heard a knocking...sounded like it was coming from in here."

Kristen could feel gobs of cock-cream seeping into the crack of her ass, cascading across her butt hole and down the backs of her legs. "A knocking?? Honey, Garrett and I were almost asleep. Whatever your heard it wasn't coming from in here."

"Well I could have sworn it was coming from the other side of the wall."

Kristen fed her husband patient smile. "Sweetie, this is your first night back home in months. I'm sure it's gonna take some time to get used to all the creaks and knocks again. Just try to get some rest okay?"

"You're right babe. I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight." Kristen said as she closed and locked the bedroom door.

Garrett watched his mom step over and turn on the bedside lamp.

"Well someone had a strong ass is absolutely drenched." Kristen said with a giggle.

"Sorry. Want me to go grab a washcloth?"

"No, probably not a good idea. You're father heard the headboard pounding against the wall. If he saw you fetching a washcloth I think it would be pretty obvious what we were up to in here, don't you?" Kristen asked.

"Yeah I guess your right."

Kristen placed one of her bare feet on the bed and started rubbing Garrett's cock-cream across her silky leg as if it were a lotion. "That's ok...semen is rich in vitamin E...makes a great moisturizer for the skin."

"Are you serious?" Garrett giggled.

"Yes I'm serious. A lot of women love using male ejaculate on their skin. Not only that, but I've read articles that say that semen ingestion is also good for women. It has sugar-based enzymes that help lower stress." Kristen explained.

Garrett couldn't tear his eyes away from his mom's shapely tan leg which seemed to shimmer with silk-softness as she reached out and applied a healthy dose of spunk. "So by mean swallowing it?"

Kristen giggled. "Yes swallowing it, goof-ball. How else would a woman ingest it?"

"Yeah but doesn't that stuff taste nasty?"

Kristen gave him a questioning look. "You mean to tell me you've never tasted your own ejaculate."

"No way...that's just seems gross!"

Kristen giggled playfully. "It is not gross. You just need to try it and you'll see what I mean."

"Too late,'s already all over your legs."

Kristen lowered her foot back to the floor and placed her hands on her hips, making her big busts protrude outward.

"Oh what a shame...well I guess we'll just have to make more then, won't we?"

"Right now?"

"Yup, right now buster...and don't tell me you can't. You're a healthy teenage boy, so I know better." Kristen said, grabbing his hand and playfully pulling him from the bed.

"Where are we going?" Garrett giggled.

Kristen jumped up on his back piggy-back style, making her son reel back and forth for a moment. "Into the mancave, loverboy!"

Garrett carried his Mom over to the closet. He started to turn on the light, but she stopped him. "No, leave it off."

"Mom, it's pitch black in there."

Kristen nibbled on his earlobe. "So what's wrong with afraid to play in the dark?"

"Fine," he said, stepping into the closet.

Kristen slipped off his back but took his hand and held it as she reached back and closed the door behind them.

"I can't see a thing now." Garrett said.

Garrett's mom giggled and gave him a wet smacking kiss on the chin. "I isn't it?"

She grabbed the waistband to her son's boxers and slipped them down his legs until they fell to his feet.

"Geez, Mom!"

"You can't masturbate with boxers on, goofball." Kristen said.

Garrett felt his mom twist around and his erection bumped against her ass and slip up under her nightie. As she backed against him, Kristen took her son's other hand and guided both his hands under her gown and onto her soft hips. Garrett felt the tiny straps to her G-string.

"Your turn...pull em off," she whispered.

"Pull what off?" He asked, even though he already knew the answer.

Kristen giggled. "My panties silly."

"Oh," he muttered, then slipped his thumbs under the straps and pulled them down until he felt them fall to her feet.

Kristen quickly pulled off the nightie and stepped out of her panties. She turned towards toward her son and threw her arms around his neck. As her big bobbling breasts melted against his young chest Garrett's breath quivered with excitement.

"Guess what?" Kristen said softly.


She hugged him tight, mashing her warm tits against him and bringing her lips to his ear. "We're both completely naked," she whispered excitedly.

Kristen felt her son's cock twitch and throb against her tummy. "Are you ok with that?" She asked.

"Yeah umm sure." Garrett answered.

"Me too," she said softly, then pulled him deeper into the darkness, past the silk curtain. "Let's get to the swing."

They blindly felt their way to the swing and Garrett stumbled onto it and sat down. Kristen let out a playful little SCREAM as she fell forward onto him, her big naked tits mashing up against his lean teenaged chest.

"Shit, I hope that wasn't too loud. This certainly isn't the time for your father come investigating strange noises again," she said.

"That's for sure. I think he'd be a little shocked." Garrett said.

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