Mom's Roommate


"His naked wife laying all over their masturbating teenaged son...I think so." Kristen giggled.

Kristen's hip slid along Garrett's shaft as she straddled one of his legs. He could feel the heat of her genitals and a neatly trimmed patch of pubic fuzz tickle the top of his leg.

"You better start stroking that thing, sweetheart. It feels like it's gonna blast off like a rocket ship," she said with a little giggle.

Garrett reached down excitedly and starting yanking on his throbbing pecker.

"Do you need some spit, love?" Kristen asked softly.

"'s leaking plenty." Garrett answered.

"Mmm, that means being naked in the dark with mommy is getting someone excited..."

"Good," she said, laying flat against him and resting her head on his chest, just under his shoulder.

"Put your other arm around me." Kristen whispered.

Garrett stretched his free arm around her, feeling the smooth bare skin of his mom's back. The lewd creamy sounnd of cock-stroking filled the air.

"I noticed that you like to stroke your penis really fast. That must be how you like to make love to a girl huh?" Kristen said.

"Y-yeah, well no...I mean I don't like for it to end quick," he answered.

Kristen giggled. "Well of course you don't sweetie. Just because you like to make love hard and fast doesn't mean you're racing for the finish line. That's why they call it monkey sex."

"Monkey sex?"

"Yeah, monkey sex, you know, the kind of sex that leaves clothes all over the place, bed sheets torn, things broken, the nieghbors complaining...and an odd scatch or two." Kristen explained with a little giggle.

"Wow, well I'm not sure I've gotten to experience any of that yet."

Kristen lifted her head, stroking his shoulders with her long nails. "Maybe not, but I'm sure it's the kind of sex that you think about while you stroke...isn't it?"

Garrett got a big grin, continuing to jack his rock-hard dick. "Maybe."

He felt his mom's big squishy boobs slide up his chest as she brought her face above his. He sensed that her lips were very very close.

Kristen whispered soft and seductive. "I'm sure you lay there at night...pulling on it and thinking about a sexy girl...kissing you..." she said, then gave her son a wet peck, letting her luscious lips close against his.

"Licking you..." she said, then gave him another lip smacking kiss...then another...then another.

"Ummmhh" Garrett moaned, his body shuddering with wicked excitement as his hand flew up and down his cum lathered shaft.

After the last kiss Kristen stayed close, letting her lips barly graze against her son's. "Ssssucking you," she whispered, then fed him another kiss.

Kristen planted a few wet kisses on his cheek and moved her lips to his ear. Garrett's hips started rocking up and down as he stroked on his pulsing dong.

His mom spoke softly into his ear. "That's my baby, you're FUCKING her hard now, aren't you? You're fucking her tight slippery pussy hard and fast just the way you like to."

Garrett's head spund and his heart about leaped out of his chest. Never in his life had he heard his mom use the F word, especially not in the way she just did.

"Ohh geeez, Mom!!!" He muttered, as his cock seemed to stretch another inch.

Kristen gently slid her hand down the side of his body and down between his legs. She planted her middle finger between his balls and butt-hole and started to massage his perineum.

Garrett's balls jumped and he felt his scrotum tighten. "O-H-H-H WOW, MOM!!"

"Does that feel good baby boy?" Kristen asked.


"And you don't mind mommy helping a little?" She asked lovingly.

"Nooo way!" Garrett muttered.

She kissed back up his cheek and planted a series of soft wet pecks on his lips. "Oh sweatheart, I love you soo much."

"Oh God I love you too, Mom and I'm feeling really really good." Garrett muttered.

The whole situation, as mind-blowingly erotic as it was, seemed almost surreal to Garrett. Alone in the darkness, masturbating naked with his own mom, while his father was right down the hallway. What a rush!

Kristen's kisses were wet and tender. "Oh Garrett," ...kiss. "My baby,"...kiss. "My sweetheart,"...kiss, kiss.

"O-h-h Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

"YESSS,"...kiss, kiss. "Oh sweet baby, cum all over us!" Kiss...kiss...kiss...

It was all too much...his fingers, his mom's fingers, tender kisses, warm fleshy mommy-tits smothering his young chest.

Garrett grunted as the first huge milky blast rocketed out his piss-hole and sailed four-feet in the air. HHHUUUNNNGGHH!!!!

His young body jerked as rope after hot creamy rope squirted from his lance and splashed down on him and his mom.

"Ohhh honey, you're squirting sooo much." Kristen said, planting a few more kisses on his moaning lips.

Garrett had shot huge loads before, but never anything like this. As his mom's two fingers rubbed against his taint it was if she were pulling more and more cum from his balls.

"Ohhhh shit," he finally sighed, as the last of it oozed out onto his belly.

Kristen's finger stopped and her hand slid up and cupped Garrett's soft scrotum. She gently clutched his balls and let her long nails slowly rake across the tender meat of his nuts. "I bet they feel so much better now, don't they?"

"Yeah...oh God yeah." he answered, still catching his breath.

Kristen released his sack and let one of her long nails tenderly drag up the underside of her son's shaft. His cock twitched and his breath quivered as her nail scraped across the super-sensitive cock-head.

She reached the pool of cum on his chest and began rubbing it against him like a lotion. She could feel streams of spunk running down in between her tits.

"Sorry, I think I really made a mess." Garrett said.

"Mmmm, it's a good kind of mess." Kristen answered, coating her son's chest with it. "Here, open your mouth."

Garrett opened and his mom's finger swiped a big warm gob of his own cock-cream onto his tongue. "Gross," he said, swallowing it down.

"It is not." Kristen said with a giggle, scooping up more and sucking it into her own mouth. "It's yummy."

She fed him one more tender peck on the lips. "Let's go get back in bed."

Kristen stood up and after Garrett stood he felt his mom once again clutch her tiny hand around his scrotum. She tugged gently, leading him by the balls to the doorway.

"Shouldn't we get dressed?" Garrett asked.

"No," she whispered.

The moonlight placed a warm magical glow in their bedroom and the first thing Garrett made out was his mom's tan bare buttocks. It swayed seductively only a couple feet from his bobbing erection.

Kristen's cute little bare feet padded against the floor as she walked her son over to their big bed. She gave her son's balls a quick squeeze before letting them go and crawling up onto the mattress.

Garrett couldn't help but stand there , mouth agape, watching his naked mom crawl towards the center of the bed. Her luscious ass, her clean shaven snatch, her huge dangling tits...they were right before his eyes.

Kristen paused reached her hand back for him. "Come on," she lovingly whispered.

It was all like a wild erotic dream to young Garrett as he took his mom's hand and climbed in bed naked with her. Kristen slept close to him that night, her big squishy bare breasts plastered against him.

"Good morning." Kristen said as she joined her husband and daughter in the kitchen.

"Well, welcome to the land of the living. You're usually the first one up in the morning." Doug said.

Kristen poured herself a cup of coffee. "Yeah, I think all that work moving rooms around finally caught up with Garrett and I."

Doug took a second to run his eyes down his wife's luscious legs down to her sexy little bare feet. Just the site of her in that short silk robe always made his heart skip a beat.

"Well how bout a nice relaxing day at the beach. I can call the clinic, they can bring the van and wheel us right over."

"Oh honey that would be great, but Garrett and I have plans to go to the fair today." Kristen said.

"Well, cool bout we all go?"

"YEAAAHH!!" Cassie cheered.

"Uh, that's a no, young got to go yesterday," Kristen said.

"Well so did Garrett."

Doug tried to smile through his next comment. "You and him sure have been spending a lot of time alone together the past few days."

"And Mommy was sitting on Garrett's lap." Cassie chimed in.

Kristen gave her a stern glare. "Hush!"

"You were momma, you were sitting on Garrett's pee-pee."

"Young lady!" Kristen said in a scolding tone.

With an overdramatic pout Cassie turned and stomped out of the kitchen.

Kristen sat at the table and crossed her legs. "It's a good thing she's so damn cute, it makes all the whining half-way tolerable."

Doug noticed Kristen's robe had opened slightly when she sat, revealing a good deal of cleavage. " slept naked last night huh?"

Kristen took a sip of coffee, feeding him a quirky smile. "And what makes you say that?"

"Well last night when you came in and said goodnight I could have sworn you had on a nightie on under your robe."

Cassie peeked around the corner. "Please, please can I go?"

This time it was Doug who glared. "Cassie, you heard what your mother said, now drop it."

With a whine Cassie diappeared again.

Kristen took another sip of coffee. "You should go talk to her, see if you can cheer her up. She went almost two months without seeing you, Doug. It might be good for just the two of you to spend some quality time together today."

"Yeah, I suppose," he said, wheeling himself away from the table.

Before he could pass her, Kristen stuck out one of her legs, blocking his exit. She gave him sweet smile, batting her eyelashes. "I love you."

They both leaned forward and kissed. "And I love you...but you still didn't answer my question." Doug said almost playfully.

Doug found himself strangely aroused at the idea that his wife might have actually slept naked with their own son. The fact was, he himself was a horny teen once and could only imagine what is would have been like sleeping in bed naked with his big breasted mother.

Kristen smiled almost guiltily then gracefully curling her naked leg back under the table. "Stop asking a billion questions and go calm your daughter."

After Kristen and Garrett left Doug watched a Disney movie with Cassie, until she did what she always did while watching movies and fell asleep.

The fact that his wife was naked under her robe this morning was eating away at him so he decided to snoop through her and Garrett's bedroom a little.

Because they were in such a rush to get to the fair the bed was still unmade. Doug went to the closet, Aka. The Man Cave. Laying on the floor just inside the door was his wife's little nightie, the one he was sure she was wearing the night before.

A little further back was her panties, laying right next to Garrett's boxers. It was pretty clear that his wife and son were taking off their clothes together in here. Strangely, he found himself grabbing his own flaccid dick and giving it a few tugs.

He wheeled over to the bed and studied where his wife and son had slept. There was nothing out of the ordinary until he lifted the blanket and saw huge ribbons of dried spunk plastered against the underside of the comforter.


Misty, Doug's sister, arched her back as she came, thrusting her big tits up against the young man on top of her.

"OH, MISSES YOUNG...OH SHIT!!" The 18 year old cried as his dick went off like a cannon inside her.

A few minutes later the youngster was throwing his clothes back on as Misty lay there sucking on a cigarrette.

"Wow, Misses Young, that was soo awesome," he said.

Misty's cell phone began to go off. "Well don't think that just because I'm giving you an A on that test that you don't have to do your homework. I want those assignments turned in tomorrow."

The young man threw on his shoes and hurried towards her bedroom door. "Right on, Misses Young. See you at school."

Misty answered her cell. "Hello."

"Hey Sis, it's Doug."

Misty got a big smile. "'s my big brother? Glad to be home I bet."

"Yeah, that damn hospital food just wasn't doing it for me." Doug said, making his sister giggle. "Say are you um...busy today at all?"

"No, I have to grade a few papers, but Steve's still out of town on business so no big plans. What's up?"

"You still good with that camera?"

Misty laughed. "Are you kidding, photography is my passion, you know that."

"Well I have a huge favor...and it may seem kinda weird, but I...uh...I promise I'll explain later."

In the late afternoon Doug greeted Misty at the door.

"Hey," she smiled, seeming her cheery self.

"Aunt Misty!!" Carrie shouted, giving her Auntie a big hug.

"Hey Kiddo, how are you?"

Cassie was all smiles. "I went to the fair yesterday and it was fun."

"Awesome." Misty answered.

"Pumpkin, I need to talk with Aunt Misty so I need you to play in your room for a bit ok?" Doug said.

Carrie threw on her trademark pouty face. "Awwww!"

Misty rubbed her cheek. "Tell you what, when I'm done talking to your dad I'll come hang out with you for a bit ok?"

Doug and Misty went to the table in the kitchen. "Well, how did it go?" Doug asked.

His sister seemed a little hesitant. "It went well...I guess. Not really sure why you had me following them all day."

"So you got some pictures then?"

Misty gave her brother a quirky smile. "Yes, I got your pictures."

Misty propped her ipad up on the table and opened her images. The first picture was taken a little distance behind Kristen and Garrett as they strolled through the fair. Garrett was in his usual shorts and t-shirt. Kristen was wearing a tan mid-thigh length crochet sweaterdress and matching wedge heeled flip flops. As they had been a lot lately, they were holding each others hand tightly.

"I followed them through the fair most of the morning." Misty said, flipping to another picture.

This one was of the two embracing as they stood inside a little alcove between two tents. Kristen had her armed wrapped loosly around her son's neck and stared up into his eyes. They definitely looked more like lovers than mother and son.

"They were kinda hard to follow. They seemed to wander off into these private little spots a lot." Misty said, flipping to the next photograph.

Doug glared at the picture. "Yeah that's kinda what bothers me."

"Bothers you? What do you mean?" Misty asked.

"Well, don't you think they look a little too...intimate, for a mother and son?"

Misty giggled. "Dougie, what are you trying to say?"

"Nothing, just umm...let's see the next one.

This was a closer picture of Kristen standing in the same spot, but laying her head against her son's chest. It was completely obvious by her content expression that this was a woman who was absolutely in love.

"So is that all those two did was stand around and hug all day?" Doug asked.

Misty flipped to the next picture which was of Garrett and Kristen sitting off by themselves at a picnic table with a big umbrella over it. Kristen was sitting sideways with her smooth tan legs crossed over her son's lap. She had the tip of a big popsicle in her mouth and seemed to be giving Garrett a naughty stare.

"How's your popsicle?" Garret asked.

The tip slipped from between her pouty lips. "It's long hard and juicy. Kinda sounds like something else we were giving some attention last night, doesn't it?"

Garret giggled. "Sure does...and I think the juice part was pretty much all over us."

"Well, this popsicle juice would get all over us too if I let it. That's why I'm licking it..." Kristen said, then ran her long pink tongue up the length of the popsicle.

"And sucking it..." she continued, stretching her ovalled lips around it and sucking it into her mouth. "It keeps the yummy juice sliding down my throat and into my tummy."

As Garrett's sat marveling, Kristen stared into his eyes and slid the entire treat into her mouth. Seven inches of icy goodness disappeared in her warm mouth and throat.

Garrett's heart was racing and his cock had already become a throbbing slab of iron in his shorts.

She slid the popsicle back out of her mouth. "Long hard things don't make as big a mess if they're being licked and sucked on properly," Kristen said, squeezing the tip of her son's lump between her fingers.

Misty flipped to the next picture of Kristen excitedly pulling Garrett towards one of the carnival rides. "They did go on a few rides. Their favorite seemed to be this one, called the tunnel of love."

"How do you know it was their favorite?" Doug asked.

Misty raised an eyebrow. "Well for one, they went on it two times, back to back."

She flipped to another picture of Garrett and Kristen sitting inside the car of the ride, which was shaped like a giant heart. Kristen looked excited and was snuggled up next to him.

"As long as their no ghosts or ghouls in this ride I'll be fine." Kristen said as she squeezed her son's arm.

"Wrong ride, Mom. This is the tunnel of love, not the tunnel of horror."

Kristen poked him in the ribs. "Smart ass."

The car moved forward through some double doors painted like a big box of candy. "HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR SWEETHEART...HERE WE GOOO!!" A voice on the speaker said.

Once inside, the car moved along a tunnel with a painted scene of Lovers Lane, which was fluorescently lit.

The chorus of "Do you love me?" by the Contours was playing loudly. Kristen rocked her body to the beat of the music, making her soft tits brush back and forth against Garrett's arm as she held it.

A painting of trees opened up and their car continued into another tunnel. This one was of clouds and little flying cupids, warmly lit so it seemed as if they floating through the sky. Soft romantic music filled the tunnel as the car slowly moved through it.

The voice again came over the speaker, calmer this time. "ARE YOU HUGGING LOVERS...BECAUSE THIS IS THE TUNNEL OF PASSION."

The entire car leaned back a little. Kristen giggled then looked at Garrett playfully. "You heard what he said."

She slid one of her legs across his lap and coiled her arms around his neck. The feeling his Mom's huge breasts flattening out against his chest never failed in making his heart leap.

Mom and son rested in a passionate embrace as the car of the ride seemed to hover through the tunnel.

Suddenly doors in front of them opened and the music became a fast paced disco beat. Big lips, of all colors seemed to fly across the surface of the walls. "IT'S TIME FOR KISSSSSSSEEEEESS!!!" The speaker voice announced.

Garrett and Kristen's heart shaped car began to slowly spin and rock. Kristen let out a cute little SCREAM and started giggling as they were swung around.

"Now just how am I suppose to kiss on you if they're gonna swing us around like this?" She asked playfully.

"Guess they wanted to make it a challenge." Garrett answered.

She brought her face up close to his. "Well I'm kissing you dammit and I don't care how difficult they make it."

Kristen started planting kisses on her son's lips. A few times as they were rocked around she missed and kissed his chin or forehead. The two them giggled at her failed attempts.

The car suddenly leaned way back and froze. Multicoclored lips raced by above them. Kristen's face hovered over Garrett's. This was his mom and he could see the thrill in her eyes.

"Finally," she said, then planted a wet kiss on his lips, then another...then another.

Pecking kisses were a commom thing his mom gave him growing up, but these were different. With each smacking kiss Kristen seemed to be closing the wet of her lips around him. There were many times that he even felt her tongue. They were more like sucking kisses.

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