tagIncest/TabooMom's Second Chance

Mom's Second Chance


If you arrived here from the contest page, stand warned that this story is in the incest category.

This is an entry in the 2012 Literotica Summer Lovin' Contest


I rolled out of bed fairly early, even though there was no real reason to. I wouldn't be starting college until the fall, so I could have slept in if I wanted to. The view out the window when I opened it was still strange to me. Born and raised in Iowa, the sight of the ocean off in the distance on a summer morning in Florida was a far cry from what I was used to.

Mom had told me the story several times about her and my Dad — whom I'm named for — scheming a move to Florida as their ultimate goal. Even though he died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver when I was eight, she'd followed through as soon as her investments and the tanked housing market had made it possible.

I'd been the man of the house ever since Dad died, and I took the job seriously. It meant that I didn't have a lot of time for friends or being a kid, but Mom eventually gave up on changing my mind. The steadily increasing load of chores I took on let her concentrate on working and building on the money from Dad's life insurance policy. Despite the recession, Mom had been able to leave her office behind two years ago.

I stretched and went to the dresser to grab some clean clothes. As I thought about it, I changed my mind and grabbed my new swimsuit instead. A few laps in the pool sounded like a good start to the morning, and the newness of having one in the back yard — along with a hot tub — hadn't quite worn off on me.

"Morning, Mom," I said as I came down the stairs to find her sitting on the couch doing something on her smartphone.

"Morning? I've already had breakfast, a workout, and a shower. Where have you been?" Her stern expression, which I already knew was fake, faded. "Just kidding. You should get all the sleep you can before college. It will be a precious commodity then. Going for a swim?"

"You think?"

"If you're going to sass me, at least come here and give me a kiss."

Chuckling, I walked over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I was just wondering if maybe you were going to go to the beach. We've been here for months, and you've barely left the house."

"Just trying to get settled. I'm still not completely unpacked."

"Excuses, excuses," she said, and then gave me a swat on the butt.

"Have you skimmed the pool yet this morning?" I asked as I backed toward the hallway.

She shook her head.

"I'll get it and check the filters and stuff."

"You don't have to do all that. You know, I'm going to have to get used to taking care of myself again eventually."

"Who says? I'm only going to be like ten minutes away this fall." With that I turned and headed down the hallway to the sliding glass doors at the back of the house.

I grabbed the skimmer and took care of that first, even though there were only a few odd bugs and a lonely leaf floating on the surface. It didn't take long to do the rest of the pool maintenance, but I was already dripping with sweat when I finished.

A dive into the blissfully cool waters took care of that.

I swam laps for a while, and then climbed out, headed for the diving board. Curiosity had me wondering if I could hit the second floor windows with a can-opener splash. About the time I climbed up, I heard the sliding door open.

"Well, what do you think?"

I couldn't think at first, let alone answer. I'd never seen Mom in anything but a one-piece swimsuit, so the sight of her in a white bikini with large black polka dots just locked my brain up.

She'd always worked out a little, but since moving to Florida and having the space to set up a room for it in the house, she'd really picked up her workouts — and it showed. Though never really fat, she'd dropped a couple of dress sizes over the winter and spring. I'd already noticed, but there was no way to miss it with so much of her body on display.

A breeze stirred her short blonde hair as she stood with her hands held out to the side in a modeling gesture. The top strained to contain her boobs, which looked even bigger now that she had toned the rest of her figure. Though her tummy wasn't flat, she had trimmed it a lot, and there were only a few faint stretch marks. The bottoms hugged her hips, though they were relatively conservative as bikinis go, leaving her long, smooth, gorgeous legs bare.

Right here is where I have to admit that this wasn't the first time I'd looked at her and thought things a guy really shouldn't think about his mother. It's probably because I had a thing for Milf porn.

Or, maybe it was the other way around.

Anyway, back home, my friends had constantly teased me about how hot she was. It embarrassed the hell out of me, because I always felt a bit of jealousy every time they talked about her. They were trying to rile me up when they talked about how big her boobs were, or how hot her butt looked in jeans, but the truth was that I'd noticed the same thing.

Over the last couple of years, I'd been noticing it a lot more. At various times, I'd felt so dirty and disrespectful that I could barely talk to her. Dealing with it day in and day out had taken some of the edge off, but never completely eliminated either my attraction to her, or the feelings that caused in turn.

While I stood there stunned with a million thoughts racing through my head, she let her hands fall to her side, sighed, and said, "I knew it. I look ridiculous, don't I?"

I managed to find my voice upon hearing the disappointment in hers. That absolutely cut to the bone. "No, you look great, Mom."

"Don't just say what you think I want to hear, Chance."

"I'm not. You look great."

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "Really? I'm not too flabby?" She laid a hand over her tummy. "Or saggy?" Her hand moved to her left breast.

"No, it looks great on you. Can really tell you've been working out. I just wasn't expecting it."

"I almost believe you." She walked over toward me. "Mind if I join you?"

Realizing to my shame that I was about half hard and my dripping swim trunks weren't going to do much to hide it, I quickly said, "I was just going to take one more dive and head back in. See if anybody is online looking for a game."

"I swear, you live on that computer." She shook her head and laughed. "So much like your father. Go on then. It's hot."

I dived in and made absolutely sure I was facing away from her when I popped up on the other side. As soon as she dived, I hurried to the door to grab a towel from the shelf inside, letting it fall in front of me for cover. I glanced back to see her slicking the water out of her hair. Streams of water cascaded down her body and into her cleavage, plainly visible at the surface.

I passed the halfway mark at that point.

Trying — unsuccessfully — to shake the image out of my mind's eye, I dried off and hightailed it to the safety of my room, and the online world.


I'd been online for a couple of hours when I heard a knock on the door. "Yeah?"

Mom opened the door and peeked in. "You didn't have any breakfast. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, actually," I admitted, as I had just been thinking about going downstairs and nuking a hot pocket or something.

"I'm craving pizza."


She rolled her eyes. "Okay, I'll order it and call you when it gets here."

About ten minutes later, I heard someone pull up and looked out the window. A guy walked around to the back of a delivery truck and emerged with a large, skinny box. He pushed it toward the house on a cart, and I wondered what it was as I turned back to the computer. When the pizza arrived, I went downstairs and saw the box propped up near the front door.

"What's that?"

"My new deck chair," Mom answered as she sat the pizza box down on the coffee table.

"Cool." I plopped down on the couch and reached for a slice as soon as Mom opened the box.

She sat down next to me and took her own slice. A chill ran up my spine when she moaned with the first bite. "Oh, I'm so going to regret this, but it's so good."

Still trying to shake off how sexy that moan sounded, I stood up and asked, "Do you want a Coke?"

"Yes, but get me a glass of tea instead. At least then I'll only have this going straight to my hips," she answered, gesturing with the pizza before taking another bite.

I brought back our drinks, then I polished off most of the pizza, since Mom only had two slices.

"Don't get too used to that metabolism," she teased as I finished. "Before you know it, you'll be old like me and have to run for half the day just to keep from turning into a blimp."

"You're not old, Mom."

"You're sweet," she said, and flashed me a brilliant smile before kissing me on the cheek.

"Uhm, you want me to take that box out back by the pool?"

"Could you, please? There's no way I can lift it."

"No problem," I answered, and popped up from the couch. As it turned out, it was a bit of a problem. The box was big, awkward, and none too light.

"Don't hurt yourself, Chance," Mom said as I struggled to find the right grip.

"I've got it," I said, my pride taking a bit of a hit. I finally got it picked up, and did my best not to show how much I was struggling with it as I carried it to the back door.

Once I finally got the thing outside and leaned it up against the house, I sighed in relief and leaned right next to it. Knowing that Mom wasn't exactly the handiest with tools, I decided to put it together for her. My friends back in Iowa had said they were headed to the lake and wouldn't be online, so I didn't really have anything better to do.

I grabbed the toolbox from the house and went straight to work. I pulled off my shirt because it was boiling hot, and I was sweating like crazy in only a few minutes. Fortunately, the chair had good instructions, and came together without much trouble. I'd just finished checking to make sure the reclining back worked right when the back door opened.

Mom tapped something on her phone and said, "I wondered what you were doing. Thank you."

I gestured at the chair in full gameshow fashion and said, "Ta da."

Mom gasped, and immediately lifted her phone. She snapped a picture and laughed when she looked at it.

"What?" I asked.

"Come in and I'll show you."

Puzzled, I followed her into the house. She walked into her bedroom and waved for me to follow when I paused at the doorway. She tossed her phone down on the bed, and then headed over to the walk-in closet. When she emerged, she was carrying a box, which she sat down on the bed and opened. Right on top was a photo album.

Mom opened the album and flipped through it, finally saying, "There it is." She put her thumb on the page and closed the album, picking up her phone again. After a couple of taps, she sat the album down and put the phone right next to a picture.

The picture was of my dad in almost the exact same pose, also shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts, but presenting my crib. The resemblance was uncanny.

"I swear you're the spitting image of your father at your age. I have to look twice sometimes to be sure you're not him. So handsome, and such a geek," she said, and then let out a sad-sounding sigh.

"I've never seen any of these before," I said as I looked at the rest of the pictures on the page.

"They're mostly from when we were dating. I didn't think you'd want to see them."

It was all I could do to contain myself as I looked at the images of my mother at probably eighteen, guessing by the crib photo. I knew she'd gotten pregnant with me right out of high school. She was incredibly hot, and dressed like she absolutely knew it.

"Your dad was just like you — all wrapped up in his computers and nerdy things. I was only flirting with him for fun at first, but when he didn't really seem to notice, I took it as a personal challenge. The next thing I knew, I was falling in love with him. And I still had to all but throw myself at him before he realized it."

"I miss him too," I said when I looked up to see that her eyes were misty. I held out my arms, and she accepted the hug, sniffling once or twice.

"I just had to show you those two pictures," she said as she cupped my cheek with one hand and wiped her eyes with the other. Then she slid a finger down my still bare chest. "You're all sweaty from being out in the sun. You should go take another swim and cool off."

"Yeah, maybe."

"I love you, Chance," she said as she smiled at me.

"Love you too, Mom."

"Go on then, and thank you for putting the chair together for me."

"You're welcome."

I walked out of the room, but glanced back over my shoulder for a second as I crossed the threshold. Mom had sat down on the bed to flip through the album, wearing a wistful smile.

I knew the feeling — in more ways than one.


I had just finished whipping a buddy from back home in a fighting game that night when Mom knocked on my open door.

Trying to ignore how good she looked in her rather clingy, satiny nightgown, I said, "Yeah, Mom?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to do some shopping and take my car in to have a few things done tomorrow. I probably won't be here when you wake up."


"I probably won't be home until afternoon, actually."

"I can find something to eat. No problem."

"Just wanted to let you know. Good night, honey."

"Night, Mom."

My friends steadily vanished from online, until I was eventually all alone in cyberspace. I walked over to the door and listened carefully. It had been a couple of hours since Mom had gone to bed, and the house was quiet other than the air-conditioning running full blast. I closed and locked the door, then returned to the computer.

I clicked through the pages of one of the many porn video sites I visited, until one of the preview images caught my eye. I moved my cursor over it and the flash of images made the decision for me. The woman in the video was older, with short blonde hair and large breasts, and she was going at it with a young guy. It was exactly the sort of video that got me off hard. I pulled out a box of tissues and plugged in my headphones, then clicked on the video.

It started with a point of view from the guy, showing him jerking off while looking at a porn magazine. Only a few seconds in, a door on the other side of the room opened, and the woman walked in, wearing a barely-there negligee.

My eyes widened and I sucked in a hard, fast breath through my nose when the guy in the video covered up and said, "Mom, you're supposed to knock."

The woman apologized, and then sauntered over to the bed. They bantered back and forth with some really bad dialogue about how it was bigger than Daddy's, until the woman moved the guy's hands and said, "Why don't you let Mommy help?"

I knew that one of the reasons I'd picked the video was because the woman looked a little like my mom. Having her play that role had me as hard as a rock. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking.

I kept it slow as the woman jerked him, eventually pulling off her negligee to show off her body. Then, she started sucking, taking him all the way into her throat. All the while, they called each other mother and son almost to the point of distraction with how forced it was.


The woman had a hairy pussy, and that really turned me on. I stroked a little faster as she straddled the guy's hips, playing with herself, and then sat down on his dick.

She rode him hard, telling him how good it felt. Her tits bounced all over the place, and as the video neared the end, she cried out, "Mommy's coming for you, Son."

"Oh, Mom. I'm about to come too," the guy groaned.

"Do it. Come in Mommy's pussy."

At the same time as he grunted on screen, I exploded into the tissues held over the head of my cock. I just kept coming and coming so hard that it made my head swim as the woman on screen said, "That's it, Son. Give Mommy all your hot cum."

I was panting for breath when she lifted up off his cock to rub the cum dripping from her into her hairy pussy. The video ended with a still screen of her licking cum off her fingers.

My body was as limp as a noodle, but my cock was still mostly hard and hyper-sensitive. My fingers were covered in cum just like the woman on screen, because the tissues hadn't been enough to hold it back. Wearily, I pulled out more tissue to clean up, cleared the browser history, shut down the computer, and then shuffled off to bed, where I dropped off almost instantly.


I was glad when Mom wasn't home the next morning. I'd woke up as hard as a rock from a dream that had expanded on the video. The only difference was that in my dream, the woman didn't just look like my mom, she was my mom.

I grabbed a sock out of the drawer and gave in to the inevitable. I didn't have as much cum this time, but I still got off just as hard. Once I recovered, I took the sock and its mate down to wash them in a load of whites before Mom got home.

I felt guilty, but something had broken loose inside me. Somewhere between Mom's bikini, the sexy pictures of her, and that video, I had finally — completely — admitted to myself that I was hot for her. It was cold comfort knowing that I'd only have a harder time not thinking about it when I was around her. I turned on the washer, tossed in the socks, and then opened the whites hamper to finish out a load.

Right on top were a pair of Mom's panties.

I just stared at them for a few seconds, and felt a little twinge between my legs, even though it hadn't been anywhere near long enough since I'd got off for me to get hard again. I bent down, picked them up, and saw a single, curly blonde hair resting inside the crotch.

It was faint, but I could smell a musky, hot scent as I lifted them to my nose. It was strangely off-putting, but at the same time, incredibly exciting. I breathed deep of my first scent of pussy, my cock tingling, but still unable to do more than swell slightly.

I don't know how long I held them to my nose before I finally dropped them in the washer, although I know it had completely filled. I pulled everything else out of the hamper and closed the lid on the washer, still a little spaced from sniffing Mom's panties.

I needed a major distraction.

Fortunately for me, if not for him, I found out that one of my friends had run afoul of a hacker who had brute-forced into his website. That was exactly what I needed as I cleaned up the hacked pages, updated, and secured all the code for him. It took most of the day, and thankfully kept my mind off dirtier thoughts when Mom called me down to eat.

Once she'd gone to bed for the night, though, it was a different story.

I loaded up the same video from the night before, but before I started it, I crept down to the laundry room. Sure enough, a pair of Mom's panties were in the hamper. They felt slightly damp as I ran my fingers over the crotch, and smelled far more deeply of her.

I went off like a volcano watching the video and breathing in the scent of Mom's pussy that night.


That was pretty much the pattern for the next few weeks. For the first few days, I was always nervous around her. She added more fuel to the fire by laying out in her bikini every day, right below my window.

Eventually, I was able to get a grip when I was around her, mostly because she said she was worried about me. She'd noticed I was acting weird, and that wasn't going to help me hide what I was thinking. It was the incentive for me to bring our relationship back to where it had always been — though any time she asked for a hug or a kiss, I couldn't resist lingering a little longer than usual.

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