tagIncest/TabooMom's Secret

Mom's Secret


All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


When Mom and Dad got divorced, I was actually kind of glad. I don't really remember a time when the two of them weren't fighting about something Dad had done. When it came time for them to separate, I was 15 and chose to live with my Mom.

She is a great woman, nice and friendly, always willing to help someone else and a fun person to be around. Not to mention, all of my friends find her hot. Mom is 45 years old, is 5 feet 5 inches, has tan skin, long curly brown hair that reaches halfway down her back, D-cup breasts, a toned body, a medium sized ass and a beautiful face. She worked as a secretary for a movie studio big shot, which paid the bills well enough. But since I started looking at colleges Mom seemed worried about not having enough money.

"Don't worry! I'll do two years at a community college and go from there." I tell her, but countless times, she would respond by saying that I deserve better than that. A few weeks ago, Mom suddenly started working a second job, but was kind if secretive about it. She would be there late on weekends, so I figured she was a bartender or something. Until that one fateful Friday night almost a year ago...

I open the door to the apartment, smiling. It's Friday, I don't have to get up early tomorrow and I can just relax! I think, setting my backpack down in my room. I take a quick look around the apartment for Mom, hoping to see her, but no such luck. Guess she's working that other job again, I think, starting up my play station to kill some brain cells with video games. Eventually, I get tired of this and decide to go masturbate while Mom is still out.

I go into my room, grabbing some paper towels along the way. I open up my lap top and pull up the porn cite I usually go to. Looking over the recently uploaded videos, I see nothing that really stands out. So I click on the search bar and type masturbation. This brings up a lot of results. I scroll past the couple I have already seen and look for something new.

Suddenly, I see a video titled, Sexy MILF Rides Fake Cock. The thumbnail for the video only shows the dildo, which is flesh colored, probably about 7 inches long and is realistic, with fake veins running down the length. I click on the video and take my cock out, hoping to not be disappointed with it.

The thumbnail wasn't misleading. I think, watching as the camera focuses on the dildo for several seconds. Several seconds later, A woman steps into the shot, sitting down behind the dildo, her face out of the shot. She is wearing a lacy red bra and matching panties. The camera pans up so the viewer can see both the toy and the woman pulling her panties to the side and starting to rub her clit. Using her other hand, she gropes her own breasts, tugging her tits free, revealing her large, pink nipples.

After rubbing herself and slipping two fingers in and out of her pussy several times, the woman gets up above the dildo and slowly lowers herself onto it. As it sinks inside of her, the woman lets out a soft sigh of pleasure. I start stroking my length, enjoying this video. The woman has a fantastic body and moans softly as she starts to bounce on the toy faster. I watch more of the video, realizing that it has had parts cut out of it.

Disappointed, I scroll down, finding the name of this woman. Alison Love, the website tells me. I click on the name and it links me to all of her other videos. There are only a few and all of them appear to be masturbation videos, both with and without toys. I find a video that's about 15 minutes long and called Alison Love vs. Sybian. I click that link and it starts in a similar way the other video did. The same pornstar, completely naked steps into frame and sits down on the Sybian. The small dildo on top slips inside of her pussy and she picks up the controller. She gives both dials a small turn and starts moaning softly.

She sounds familiar... maybe I've seen her in other videos... I think as I stroke my cock. Having seen her before or not, I masturbate to this video. Unlike most pornstars, her moans seem genuine and it seems like this Alison Love seems to really be into what she is doing. She grabs the controls and turns up both knobs, upping the settings on the sybian. Her moans become louder and she reaches down to rub her clit.

Finally, just as she cums in the video, I cum as well, shooting my load into the waiting paper towel on my floor. Once I finish cumming, I move to almost the end of the video, hoping to see this woman's face. The last minute or so appears to be one of those interview portion of a porn scene, where the director is talking to the actress. The screen fades in from black and the camera pans up the body of the same woman in the video. She is now wrapped in a loosely tied bathrobe that exposes almost her whole body and is sitting in a chair. As it pans up, the director asks, "So, Alison, how was your first time on a sybian?"

By the time the camera gets up to the woman's face, I already feel disgusted with myself. Alison Love answers, "It was amazing! I haven't cum that hard in... a really long time!" I pause the video and look down at the cum covered paper towel before looking back up at the screen in disbelief. This Alison Love's moans sounded familiar because I know her, she is my Mom.

As this realization crashes over me, several questions shoot through my head. Why is Mom doing this? Was she planning on telling me ever? Should I say anything to her? Does this mean that every time she works late she is really in a porn shoot? I close out the tab and start cleaning up, feeling mixed emotions about my discovery. On one hand, I am disgusted with myself for jerking off to my mother, the woman who raised me, but the kinky part of my mind keeps thinking, she's so sexy though. Once I finish cleaning up, I lay on my bed and start doing homework in the hope that it will distract me from the memory of seeing Mom in porn and jerking off to it.

About an hour later, I hear the apartment door open. Do I say anything? Does she think I had no way of finding out? Should I just move on and pretend I didn't see anything? I ask myself, feeling nervous to even talk to Mom. Before I can decide what I am going to do, there is a soft knock on my door. "You in there?" Mom asks.

"Yeah, come in." I answer, swallowing nervously.

Mom enters the room, a smile on her face, "How was school?" She asks in her usual cheerful manner.

"Okay I guess." I answer, closing my laptop and looking up at her. She is wearing tight jeans and a blouse, her usual Friday outfit. Only question is which job are you coming from? I think.

Mom moves into my room and frowns at me, "Are you alright, you don't seem normal? Feeling sick or anything?" She asks.

I shrug, "I'm not sure."

Mom nods, "Well I'm going to go cook dinner if you want anything."

I nod, "Thanks." Mom leaves my room and once again, I am alone. She goes about her routine while I just lay in by bed, lost in my thoughts. Do I say anything to her? How would I even bring that up? These questions keep running through my head as I think about cumming to one of my mom's porn videos. Even though I feel guilty, I find the situation turning me on in a way. Like I know she's my mom, but she's sexy and looks amazing. I push these thoughts out of my head and decide to go spend a bit of time with her.

Entering the kitchen, I see Mom has changed into shorts and a tank top, what she normally wears when she is doing something around the apartment. Her legs look amazing in the shorts and her tank top shows off just the top of her cleavage. I shake my head as I sit down at the table, I shouldn't be thinking about Mom like this! I tell myself. Mom turns away from what she's cooking, "Feeling better?" She asks.

I nod, "A bit yeah." The two of us make small talk while Mom finishes cooking and while the two of us eat.

As I start cleaning up dinner, Mom stops me. "Is something bothering you? You seem distracted by something."

Do I tell her or try to play it off like it's not a big deal? I ask myself. Mom's blue eyes look me over. Finally, I sigh, "I... um... saw something today."

Mom nods and with a neutral tone says, "What did you see?"

I swallow nervously, wondering how Mom is going to take this. "I was... watching porn and saw someone who really looked like you..." I trail off, waiting for her to explode in anger at me watching porn or me masturbating.

Instead, Mom blushes, her cheeks burning a bright red. She mumbles something to herself before she sighs and says, "Well, I was trying to figure out how to tell you about that..." She looks me in the eyes, "Sit down at the table and let's talk about this okay?"

I nod, "Sounds good." I sit down across the table from her. Mom does not appear to be as embarrassed as she was a moment ago.

Mom sighs, "I was going to tell you about my other job but I just wasn't sure how to do it. I didn't plan on you stumbling across it, but I did want to give you a heads up about it. I decided to get into it because one of the girls at work was saying about how she made decent money doing it, so I asked her to put me in contact with one of the directors. He said there was always a demand for a sexy... MILF he called me. I decided to do this to give you some money for college."

"So is that you work late Friday nights?" I ask, feeling happy that Mom was willing to put herself through that to help me pay for my education.

Mom nods, "Yes. Sometimes it's to shoot a scene, but most times it's more about planning the next one or doing a bit of editing on one that was already shot. How do you feel about hearing this?"

"It's hard to say. On one hand you're my Mom and it's kind of weird, but I really appreciate how much you're willing to do for my future. I'm just worried you're going to get hurt or something!"

Mom laughs, "I appreciate your concern but I only do solo scenes so there isn't really a risk of me getting anything. Besides, I don't have the sex life I used to and this helps me relieve myself."

I mime vomiting, "Way too much information Mom. Listen, at the end of the day, I appreciate what you are doing but I don't expect you to put yourself through all this without at least talking to be about it."

Mom smiles, "Alright then man of the house! I'll make sure to tell you how my porn career is going!" She pauses then says, "On a more serious note, I will talk to you about this in the future if it will make you feel better about me doing this."

I nod, "It will. Why did you pick the name Alison by the way?"

Mom laughs, "I always liked the name, so it seemed like a good fit." I start cleaning up from dinner again until I hear Mom say, "Oh, one last thing, did you enjoy seeing my video?" Mom asks, a teasing smile on her face.

I feel my face start to burn with embarrassment, "I... umm..."

Mom laughs, "Only joking!"


The next couple weeks pass as normally as they can between Mom and I. I tell her about my friends and school and what I'm looking into doing for college. Mom tells me about her main job and her second job. Occasionally, I look her up and see her newest video, which I sometimes decide to masturbate to. I never tell her that I do this and I don't know if she thinks I do or not.

About three weeks after we have the initial conversation about her new job, Mom asks me, "So, I was talking with one of the producers and he wants me to expand what I do."

"Expand?" I ask, confused.

Mom nods, her face turning slightly red. "Like go from just solo videos to actual sex scenes. You know like the stuff where the girl gets fucked by some guy. The producer said there is more money in that. I just wanted to get your opinion on it."

"Are you asking my permission to have sex?" I ask, laughing slightly.

Mom shakes her head, "I'm asking what you think I should do. Playing with myself on camera is one thing, but having sex is something completely different."

I sigh and think for a moment., "If you want to do it, then I think you should go for it. You're an adult and haven't had a boyfriend in years."

Mom nods, "Thank you for your opinion. I'm going to let him know soon and see what kind of scenes he wants me to shoot."


The next night at dinner mom says, "So I talked to the producer and told him I would do it depending on the type of scene. He told me it was a husband-wife scene and showed me the guy it would be with. He said they all of these actors get tested before every scene, so I should be good when it comes to... that."

I look up from my food, "So are you going to take it?"

Mom nods, "I think so. There's just one thing, I want you to be there for it."

I look up in surprise, "What? Why?"

Mom puts her fork down, "I'll say you're my assistant. All I want is you there to remind me why I am doing this. Could you please do that for me?"

I think for a second, feeling a strange feeling fill me. Part of me wants to say that I'm her son and that this is weird, but the other part of me wants to do it. After a moment's hesitation, I say, "I'll do it for you."

Mom smiles, "Thank you sweetie! We film on Friday."

As Mom and I get into her car to go to the filming location, I feel nervous almost to the point of almost being sick. "How are you feeling?" I ask Mom as we near the location.

"Not going to lie, I feel pretty nervous." Mom replies, pulling up to a large house with a van and two other cars parked out front. Mom parks behind the van and gets out of the car. I do the same and follow her up to the front door of this mansion. She is wearing a tee shirt and tight jeans, nothing too revealing.

"You film here all the time?" I ask.

Mom shakes her head, "No, we usually just do it in a studio. This is the first time I'm doing a location filming like this. Now remember, you're not my son when we walk in, you're my assistant."

I nod, "Got it." Mom gives me a reassuring smile and then knocks on the door.

A few seconds later the door is opened by a man in his early 30's. He does not look like what I expect a porn director to look like. He is fit, has long blonde hair and looks fairly friendly. "Alison! Good to see you as always. Who is this?" The man asks, motioning to me.

Mom smiles, "This is my assistant, Scott. Scott, this is the producer I work for, James."

"Good to meet you." We say to each other shaking hands.

"You eighteen?" James asks me. I nod. "Alright then, let's go get you dressed Alison." James leads the way into the house and Mom and I follow him. He points up the stairs, "Filming is going to be in the master bedroom, but we set up a makeup and dressing room in the guest bedroom. We are going to start filming whenever you are ready."

Mom nods, "Alright. I'll go get changed and we can get started. Come on Scott." Mom goes up the stairs and is directed into the changing room. "Come on, you come in here too."

Did she just say that? I ask myself following Mom into the room and closing the door behind me. Mom looks at the outfit that has been picked out for her. It is a black sports bra and matching black mini bike shorts. "Why do you want me in here?" I ask, just loud enough for Mom to hear.

"Well you've already seen my videos and I'm going to want one last hug for good measure." Mom answers, pulling her shirt over her head and then pulls down her pants. I can't help but stare at Mom's body. She is only wearing a matching red bra and panties and she looks amazing. I feel my cock grow hard and find myself hoping that Mom doesn't notice. Mom then turns her back to me, "Can you help me undo my bra?" She casually asks, tugging down her panties and bending down to start working on tugging up the shorts.

"Really?" I ask.

"You are my assistant..." Mom says, looking back, a smile on her face.

I roll my eyes and I walk up behind her and unclasp her bra. "Thanks." Mom says, tugging her shorts all the way up. They are so tight that it looks like she just put black paint on her body. Mom then puts on the sports bra and turns around. It is so tight that her nipples are visible through the material. I shift slightly, hoping Mom didn't notice my erection. Mom pulls me in for a hug. I feel her soft breasts press into my body as I return the hug. I hope she doesn't feel my erection...

"Good luck." I whisper.

Mom pulls away and kisses my lips quickly. "Thank you sweetie." She whispers back, before leading the way out of the room goes into the makeup room. About 15 minutes after that, Mom comes out and walks over to the main bedroom. I follow her, watching her hips sway side to side. There is a bed in the middle of the room, with camera and lighting equipment all around. The male actor is dressed in a dress shirt and slacks. He is about Mom's age and is in decent shape.

"Ready to get started?" James asks.

Mom nods, "Yeah." She goes and takes her place near the closet in the corner of the bedroom.

"Action!" James calls out.

Mom walks over to the male actor, "Baby, my spin instructor canceled the lesson and now I can't get my workout in today." Damn, she's a pretty good actress. I think, watching the scene unfold.

"Well can you go tomorrow?" The man asks, sitting down on the bed.

Mom sits next to him and begins rubbing his thigh, "Yes, but I want some exercise today..."

The man reaches down and begins rubbing Mom's upper thigh. "What kind of exercise is that?" He asks. Oh god, this isn't even a well written script! I think, trying not to laugh at the asinine dialogue.

Mom starts rubbing the man's cock through his shorts, "Well I think I can get some good cardio in if I stay here..." She says, starting to unbutton the man's shirt. Mom and the man begin to kiss each other, as the man begins to feel Mom's body through her clothes. I sigh and turn away, feeling a sense of jealousy. Why did she bring me here to watch her fuck some random guy? Did she really want my support? I go into the hall and occasionally look over. The man and Mom are now both completely naked and the man is busy lapping at Mom's pussy. I start looking at my phone, quickly losing interest in what is happening.

"Cut!" James calls, causing me to look up. Mom was about to lower herself onto the man's cock. "Let's take a quick break folks."

Mom comes out the room, still completely naked. I try not to stare at her firm breasts, topped with large pink nipples or down at her bald pussy and its soft pink folds. Even though I'm trying not to, I feel my cock grow hard. "Can you grab me a water bottle? There should be some in my changing room."

"Sure." I answer, walking into the changing room, trying to resist looking back at my naked mother. I grab the bottle and bring it over to her. Mom takes a long drink and hands it back to me.

"Thank you!" She says, walking back over to the bed. The man gets back into position laying down on the bed and Mom positions herself above him once again.

"Action!" James calls out and Mom sinks down onto the man's cock, letting out a moan as she does so. This goes on for almost an hour, with the occasional break. Sometimes, I look up from my phone and watch for a minute. Mom's constant moans keep my cock hard. The man cums on Mom's tits and she walks off the set, his cum covering her tits and starting to drip down onto her stomach. I follow her back into the changing room, annoyed she brought me here.

Mom showers quickly and dresses in the clothes she came in. I open the door for us to leave the room, but James is standing there. "You two are just who I was looking for! Can we talk a minute?"

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