Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 01


I eyed up her foot whilst fiddling with the nail polish. I was going to apply the first coat on her big toe when...

"Wait..." please don't have second thoughts now you MILF "'s better if you hold my foot with your hand when you do this. After all, if you're going to paint my toes, you may as well do it properly."

I gulped and felt a dry sensation in my throat when I replied, "Sure mom."

As slowly as possible (so I could take all of this in for my many next jerk off sessions) I took her right foot with my left hand, and what I felt gave me an instant boner. Thank God my dick was positioned to the right side of my leg so that I wouldn't have to realign myself from being in an awkward position. I was in heaven! Her foot felt like silk, it was so soft to touch and her toes were perfectly shaped and in height order.

I finished applying the first three toes of her right foot when I felt her left foot rest high upon my right leg. I flinched slightly due to this sort of contact.

"Do you mind if I rest my foot here. It feels awkward where it was before." She smiled at me, how could I resist, WHY would I resist?

"Sure Mom, no problem. Get as comfy as you like."

With that being said, she did get more comfy. She loosened the belt to her robe slightly and opened up the top part a bit. When she loosened the robe, I noticed cleavage. I finished the first coat on her right foot. And with her left foot on my right leg I was sooo not ready to lift it up from the position it was in to work on it. I took some initiative and started to slowly blow on the painted toes.

"Mmm that feels nice. But don't forget about this one." She said patting higher up on my leg with her foot left.

She was pretty close to the head of my boner. It felt great.

"I haven't forgotten Mom." Still holding her right foot in my left hand.

I let it down gently, then took her left foot into my right hand and began applying the nail polish to those scrumptious toes. She did the same thing with her right foot as she did with her left when I wasn't tending to it. She rested it on my leg. It was soooo soft; my boner was never going to go down at this rate, and I didn't want it too.

I began to paint her left toes and from time to time I would see in my peripheral vision that Mom was biting her bottom lip a little bit. Was this turning her on? Was my own Mom getting turned on by her son painting her toes?

She started to rub her right foot on my leg, going back and forth then slid her foot up my leg till her foot was extended to see what her toes looked like.

"Hmm, good job hun. My feet look lovely now don't you think?"

I tilted my head to the right to see what they looked like. Her foot was about four inches from my face!

"Oh absolutely. You should show them off more often..." I said whilst finishing off her little toe. "...all done Mom. How did I do?"

She put her feet out in front of her; as when I took off her slippers. While she did that I positioned myself to the side so that I could get a better look of those sexy toes.

"Wonderful hunny!"

I could tell she was drunk now because I have only ever heard her say 'hunny' to me when she is drunk. I noticed her glass was nearly empty and asked her if she'd like a refill, but she declined and asked me to put the glass down on the table for her. I stayed seated on the floor with a hard-on and pre-sperm in my pants watching T.V. for about five minutes when...

"Hunny, I'm on my feet all day. And although having you paint my nails felt great, I was wondering..."

"yeah...?" I said looking up at her from an angle which made her look like a goddess.

"...would it be too much to ask if you gave me a foot massage?"

"Sure!...(uh humm) I mean no problem."

Yes!! So with the confirmation for me to caress my Mom's feet I swung back around to the position I was painting her toes in.

"But, not yet. I don't want the paint to smudge. Do it when I'm in bed."

"Oh, yeah sure, that's cool." I replied.

She gave me a cute smile and said thanks, then patted on the seat next to her.

"Come and sit next to me...unless you prefer the view from down there."

I think there was an underlying tone in her voice regarding her feet rather than the T.V. So I thought I would get up from there and sit next to her for some reason. It was difficult to try and cover up my hard-on, but I think I did a good job of that.

"That's cool, I'll sit up here for a bit."

So we sat and watched T.V for about 2 hours till it was 11pm.

"I'm going upstairs now."

As she got up she put her hand on my leg for support; I got another glimpse of the inside of her tits. No bra!! I knew it! What was going through her mind today? I mean I know it's hot and everything but, damn! She is acting a bit loose if I may say so myself. All day I've been getting shots of cleavage, tits, camel toe, ass and I even painted her toes! I did feel a bit bad though, as if I would be taking advantage of her by massaging her feet knowing she was drunk. It killed me to think it, but I had come to terms of not being able to massage her feet tonight. Instead I thought I would just help her get to her room, then jerk off reminiscing the amazing day I had with Mom in my room.

"Here, lemme help you Mom."

"No, I can do it." She mumbled.

She managed to get herself up and put her slippers on. But I followed her anyway, just incase. She was holding the banister as she walked upstairs and walked straight passed the bathroom, and into her room.

Her clothes were still in the same pile on the floor. She slumped straight onto her bed and started giggling. I walked around her bed and drew the drapes. When I saw her on the bed she closed her eyes.

Mom: "Put the fan on! It's soooo hot in here!"

To tell you the truth, it was quite hot in the room, it didn't help that she had a sheep like robe on in the summer. know...whatever. So I put the fan on and was about to leave the room when she said, "Hey, I thought you were going to do my feet?..."

She kicked off her slippers then shook them as if to say, 'here I am, you can't miss me!' She turned her head, opened one eye, looked at me then winked. She bit her bottom lip and smiled giggling.

"You're very giddy Mom." I started to smile as well.

"C'mon...and turn the light off."

Turn the light off!? Oh yeeeah! Now I don't have to feel ashamed for taking advantage of Mom, because she wanted me to massage her feet and turn the light off! The landing light was still on so I could see what I was doing as the door was quite ajar.

I was bracing myself for the moment to come. I kneeled at the end of her bed and just looked at her feet...watching them in the light that was entering the room, getting harder and harder.

"Are you day dreaming hunny?"

When she said that I snapped out of it and she giggled some more.

This is the moment I've been waiting for...I positioned my cock so it was facing up and I was comfortable...

I gripped her right foot first with both my hands and she let out an "(inhale)ooh."

I pressed my thumbs into the bottom of her arch and rode them all the way up to the ball of her foot, then spread my thumbs in the opposite direction and eased off the pressure. I did this a couple of times.

"mmmm, just what I need." She whispered.

I pressed my thumbs into the middle of her arch and rode them all the way up to the ball of her foot and did this a few more times. I looked up to see mom's facial expression. She had a neat smile on her face and her eyes were closed, her arms by her side. As I was massaging mom's peds, I found myself grinding the bed.

I decided to move on to her toes. I started with her big toe. I pulled her toe slowly, then did the thumb thing from the bottom of her arch. I did this with every single toe, in descending order, taking my sweet time with it too.

"Mmmm, this is soo goood." She whispered.

As she said that I looked up at her and she placed her hands on her thighs.

I carried on with her toes, and got really close to her feet to the point where my nose was centimetres away. I was so close to them I could've stuck my tongue out and licked them. I sooo wanted too, but knew that would end off this session tonight. I wanted it to go on for as long as possible.

I held her foot at the heel and with my other hand I ran my fingers through the gaps in between her toes as softly as I could and Mom gave out another soft "mmmm" she wiggled her toes when I did this too. I noticed how her hands were moving slowly in my peripheral vision on her thighs. I held her foot up by the heel and began to slowly blow circles into her arch.

"Mmmmmm that feels sooo goood!"

I carried on blowing circles then traced my finger horizontally between her luscious toes.

She surprised me by gripping my finger with her toes! I just imagined that was my cock, and nearly climaxed in my shorts right there and then! So I stopped that foot instantly (I didn't want to end this satisfying feeling too soon) I had released my finger from her toe grip; it was like releasing the hoover suction on carpet.

Mom giggled.

I moved onto her left foot and carried out the exact same routine. As I was massaging this foot she began to lift her knee to the pyramid position with her right foot and rubbed her foot into the bed, oh how I wish I was the bed! I was mesmerised by the motion of her foot that I totally missed her bare leg. Even in the dimmed lighting I could still make out her sexy legs. Man they looked so fucking firm! I quickly averted my attention to the foot I was massaging. Massaging? More like caressing, fondling, shit you could even call it groping! Whilst I was touching up my mom's foot she started to flatten out her 'bed-rubbing' foot, and man I swear she was beginning to rub harder the more I fondled her foot...was she? she couldn't be...was she doing this to create friction between her she couldn't's just a massage...I looked up and saw she was rubbing her lower belly and upper thighs!...was she getting off on this?!!...fucking hell!!...this is crazy!! I can't believe receiving a foot massage is giving my mother these feelings!??

"Oh yeah hunny, put your finger between the toes...I like that..."

I fucking did what she wanted quicker than she finished the damn sentence. I wanted to see where this was going, man this shit is hot! I held her foot up by the heel and with the other hand practically glued to the bottom of her toes by one finger I began to gently blow and breathe on her foot and toes.

"MMmmmmm, yeah hunny, keep doing that. Mommy likes that..."

I could see her right knee moving up and down and now even in a slight circular motion. I noticed how when she moved in the circular motion her robe was undoing itself little by little and her panties were starting to show. The more she moved her leg that way the more of her panties showed; they were aqua blue with a pink or red flowery rim...rim...oh how I would like to...'snap out of it' I thought to myself 'you'll come!'

She began to slow her knee movement a little and just blatently move it further away from her body...the shot I got of her panties showed a spot darker than the colour of her panties forming in the centre...she's wet! I made Mom wet!! How awesome is this! She started breathing heavy and wiggling her toes slightly, leaving my glued finger to detach.

"...put it back in..." She whispered.

WTF?!?! Put it back in? I looked at her face and her eyes were slit (like where that patch on her panties was growing) and I could see a little bit of her retina. Her eyelids were flickering a bit...

"suck them..." She gasped.

WHAT?!! Suck them!? What does that mean?

"...suck my toes." She whispered.

Mom needn't say any more. I stuck my tongue out and licked from her heel to her toes then dived right onto those little piggies. As soon as I wrapped my mouth around them,

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, suck mommy's toes..." "(ngh)mmm." I murmured with her succulent toes in my mouth.

Now Mom is grinding her hips into the bed; it's like I'm sending shockwaves from my tongue to her toes to her crotch!

"oooh, mmmmm" she continued.

I looked up to see the show she was giving me of pleasing herself. The wet patch now covered the majority of her camel toe and I was in euphoria! With one hand she reached into her robe and started playing with one of her tits! I could see her tugging and rotating something, it had to be her nipple! With her other hand she traced her finger up her mid-section to her lips and began sucking a finger or two. She traced it back down and started to rub her pussy! I was watching my Mom masturbate!! And I was sucking her toes!

I carried on sucking her toes, from one toe to the other. Tracing my tongue through every single one of them! She wiggled her toes periodically and "mmm-ed" and "aaah-ed".

I watched her push her fingers into her vagina through the panties, right then I opened my mouth in awe. When I did this, saliva from my mouth dripped down her foot. I looked at the saliva dripping right down past the ball of her foot down to her heel. I licked the saliva from her heel straight back up to her toes and lathered her whole upper foot in my mouth!

I switched feet and did the same thing with the saliva and licking of her foot and sucking her upper foot. I thought I would go for it now...I pulled my cock out. Obviously, she thought I couldn't see her considering she is masturbating, otherwise why would she want the light off right? But then again, why would she say 'suck my toes?' Stop thinking too far into this boy, just whip it out!

So now I have my cock out and I'm licking and sucking mom's sexy feet and toes. I placed her feet together and put two of my fingers through the hole between her arches, just to see how she would react to the sensation of this member like object moving in and out of her closed feet.

I looked up at her face.

She just carried on with what she was doing. She was rubbing and fingering herself with one hand and tugging at her nipples with the other. I fingered her arches for about 2 minutes and within this time Mom was moving her feet back and forth on my two fingers...

I couldn't take it anymore. My virile member was pulsating!

I slowly got up from my knees, still fingering her arches. And as soon as I was in a comfortable position (kind of squatting) I thought I would go for it...

I took out my fingers, licked her arches one last time (man they were wet!) then I did what I thought I would never be able to do in a million years.

I slipped my penis between her feet and started to slowly fuck her feet!! I could see she was really digging into her pussy from this position and playing with her tits!

WOW! This is amazing! I couldn't believe this is happening. But soon enough my thoughts ran so wild in my mind that I was nearing climax. I was just taking my cock out to jerk it into a tissue that I had in my pocket when she gripped onto my cock even harder! When she did that I couldn't contain myself...


...shot string after string of hot semen all over mom's legs and feet...oh the feeling...that animalistic lust I had buried in my sack for this woman...I let it all out on her sexy legs and feet!

I stayed where I was with my soon to be limp dick between her arches, feeling a bit dazed.

She started to breathe deeper and deeper and play with herself more and more. She let go of my cock and put both her legs up with her knees in the pyramid position...All of a sudden...

"NNNNGGGH, NNNGGHHH, nnggghhhh!"

She squirted juice everywhere. It went all over her sheets and some of it got on to me!!

My Mom's a squirter too!!! OMG!

I didn't know how I got myself into this situation but I had to get out before she realises what she has done and starts to feel ashamed of herself or some shit. I grabbed my things and went straight out of the room. I closed the door behind me.

To be continued...

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Love it

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You've got to be kidding. 35FF.

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