Mom's Sexy Feet


I licked my lips as I watched her toes stretch her nylons again and again.

Her feet were close enough that I had no doubt that she could feel my breathing on her feet. I tried to keep my breathing the same as my heart rate accelerated.

She stopped flexing her toes and lay still for nearly ten minutes. I so badly wanted to attack her sexy feet. I was then taken back as her right foot started inching it's way toward my mouth.

She stopped her foot when it was about an inch from my mouth. The teasing was almost unbearable.

My ability to keep my breathing the same was waning. One thing stood out with her foot an inch away from my lips.

It was the aroma that my nose noticed. I smelled the sweet smell of a pair of pantyhose but I also smelled the faint whiff of body perfume.

Her feet did not smell like those that were hidden in hose all day. I bet that when she went to her room earlier, she changed her hose and put on some body spray.

Would I get the go-ahead to go further tonight? After several more minutes, she finally rolled over. She moved her feet away from my lips.

I could tell she was laying on her back because her heels were on the couch and her toes were pointed to the ceiling. I watched closely as she again flexed her toes for several minutes.

Next, she started waving her feet from the left to the right. Each time she waived them to the right, they inched closer to my mouth.

She stopped her right foot about an inch from my mouth. I stared at her toes, thinking I could burst at any second.

She held this position for nearly thirty seconds, feeling my hot breath all over her toes.

My mom moved her foot away and whispered, "Wake-up little sleepy head"

I ignored this and she took her left foot and moved her sole an inch from my nose. What she did next shocked me.

Mom pressed the sole of her left foot against my nose while she pinned my head down on the couch with her right foot.

My head was held prisoner by her feet. My mom laughed and said, " That'll teach you not to wake up. Now you're my personal foot prisoner. If you try to escape, there will be consequences"

After she said this, she let off with the pressure from her feet. She told me "Slowly roll over my prisoner"

As I gladly did this, I took the pillow that was against my crotch and put it on my stomach. Next, she took both feet and caressed each side of my face. I was in foot heaven.

Mom finished the caressing and told me "there are two things I need you to do to get out of prison. First, I need you to kiss the ten little guards that are holding you prisoner. Secondly, you need to massage the guards until they're satisfied. Will you agree to the terms stated here?"

I paused and replied, "yes, I agree to the terms of surrender".

She lifted her feet from my face and said,"now you need to roll over and rest on your elbows"

I did as told, happy that my bulge was now concealed. There I was, with two hose clad feet inches away from my lips.

My dream was now becoming reality. I stared in a trance as she flexed her little toes in front of me.

Mom spoke next, "you have to kiss each and every one of the guards to their satisfaction"

I completely obeyed her wishes and lowered my head. I first kissed the pinky toe on her right foot. I then kissed each remaining toe, savoring the moment.

When I finished with all the guards, she said, "That was a good job, but not good enough. Go back and try again."

I went back to her pinky toe and this time I did what I longed to do. I took her toe into my mouth and lathered it with my tongue.

This caused the proper response; "mmmmmmm... the guards are very pleased."

I was having my fantasy come true, so I lovingly took my time lathering each and every toe.

After I finished, I happily started task number two. The pantyhose made her foot silkier than I dreamed of. She wiggled her wet toes over and over.

Her small toes were symmetrical in order with the look of perfection. I took my time kneading each toe, knowing that this moment will be etched in my memory.

I finished the last toe on her left foot and instead of stopping, I continued by massaging her arch. This caused her to let out a drawn out "mmmmmmmmm". I finished the foot and my mom offered me her right foot.

I held it with my hands and studied it. This time, I could study it and feel no embarrassment.

The perfection of the small, uniform toes and the gently wrinkled sole will be the standard to which I will judge all other feet.

Once again, I kissed each of the toes. This time, I went down on them like I was giving her head. This caused her to giggle with excitement.

As I kneaded her wrinkled sole, she took her other foot and took the nylon off. Then she took her foot and ran it down over my face.

I savored the smell of her foot as it inched its way down my face. She ended the journey with her toes on the edge of my mouth. She traced her big toe around my lips. To my delight, she slipped her big toe into my mouth. I took her cue and licked her toe over and over.

She smiled and pulled it out of my mouth. I then licked her foot from the heel all the way up to her toes. I eagerly encircled each bare toe with my tongue.

My fun was soon interrupted as the headlights of my father's car pulled into the driveway.

My mother got off the couch and said; "that was very, very nice.........too bad your father is home early. You had better get to bed because your father doesn't need to see what's been sticking into the couch" As she said this, she walked by and swatted me on the rear.

The turning point had been crossed. My mom decided to enhance our time together and I was grateful.

Several weeks had gone by and things stayed the same. I massaged her feet and several times got to nibble on her toes.

Things took a turn upward after the events of the next Sunday movie night. We were all watching the movie when my mom motioned me to lie on the couch.

The lights were off and my dad was in his custom recliner. He couldn't see me from where he was sitting.

Mom stretched out her legs and rested her feet next to my face. I was too scared to act first, so she set the tone.

She rested her sole up against my nose. The green light was on, so I took advantage.

I ran my nose all over her sole, swimming in the scent of her favorite perfume. I opened my mouth and traced little circles over her heel with my tongue. I then inched my way along her wrinkled sole.

The fact that my father was sitting across the room heightened the excitement.

I tongued my way to her toes and used my hand for positioning. I moved her foot and sucked on each toe.

I tenderly took my time, to show her how much I enjoyed her toes. I only got to do one foot and she motioned me to sit up.

Mom handed me her couch-cuddling blanket and she lay back down. What was she going to do now? I sat there puzzled waiting for what may happen next.

To my surprise, a nylon clad foot made an appearance in my lap. I opened up the blanket and laid it out. I reached for the foot and began to massage it.

This was great; I got protection from being caught. I then got an extra surprise. Mom's second foot went underneath the blanket and stopped an inch from my hard-on. I looked over at her and she gave me a devilish grin.

She proceeded to start rubbing her foot against my hard-on. I was in heaven. A minute later, she motioned me to open up my zipper and let it out.

This was going further than I definitely expected. I pulled my cock from my pants and her second foot joined the fun. Wow, what a night!

My mom was sitting on a couch with me and she was playing with my cock with her feet. She ran one foot up and down my shaft and then she did the same with the other.

All she had was a big grin all over her face. She put my cock between her arches and started pumping. This put me on the verge of shooting and being discovered.

I motioned for her to stop and all she did was stick out her tongue and roll it around her mouth.

I stopped her feet and removed them from cover before it was too late. I snuck away from the movie and went to the bathroom to finish the duty.

The next weekend was to be my best. My dad informed us that he was going on a weekend fishing trip.

We were going to be alone for the weekend. Thoughts of beautiful toes danced around in my head. My thoughts of forty-eight hours of fun were soon shot down.

My mom got a call from a friend and her and the girls were going out on Friday night. Friday came and my dad left on his trip. I fell asleep on the couch while my mom was out partying with her friends.

I was awakened when my stumbling mom came into the house with one of her friends. She was blitzed, so her friend was good enough to drive her home. We helped her get undressed and put her to bed. Her friend decided that she would spend the night.

I was getting ready to go to bed when her friend asked, "could you stay up a little longer and chat with me?" I said, "ok". As we started chatting, she took her heeled shoes off and rested her feet on the coffee table. I was immediately drawn to her black stocking feet.

She started flexing her toes and she shifted the conversation to foot massages. She spilled the beans that my mom had told her about my foot massaging. She said her husband never touched her feet and that she'd love a foot massage from me.

I first said no, until she sat down next to me and placed her feet in my lap. I began by massaging one foot. She took her other foot and immediately moved it to my crotch and began rubbing me.

She then replaced her feet and moved her foot up to my mouth. The taste was sweaty, but not too bad. My reward was soon coming.

She pulled her feet away and kneeled down in front of me. She opened my pants and started giving me a blow-job. This lasted to little and she rose up her skirt and sat on my pole. Up and down she rode.

She was a friend of my mom, a stranger to me and she was having sex with me. I only lasted a minute and shot my load into her. She thanked me for the fun and I gathered my things and went to bed.

I awoke on Saturday with a big smile on my face. I was looking forward to whatever fun I might have during the day and looking back at the unexpected fun I just had last night.

I got out of bed and decided that I'd go ahead and make some breakfast. My mom and her friend were gone.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to say goodbye before she left. Say goodbye? Who was I kidding? I was just disappointed that I didn't have another chance to play with her feet in those black stockings.

I sat down to my breakfast and my mom came back home. The attire she was wearing took me back. She had on a black skirt with sheer black stockings and boots.

She strutted past me and said, "Do you like?" My mouth open stare was enough of an answer for her. She sat down on the chair next to me and told me "I just felt like wearing something sexy for our day together."

My tent started to arise as I kept a constant stare at her crossed legs next to me.

Before I could speak up and ask my mom about how last night's events came about, she opened up and spilled the beans.

"I have a confession to make to you. I set up the encounter you had last night with my friend Tracy."

"She's a co-worker and we had been talking about your fascination of nylon feet. We decided that we would set the bait and see what transpired."

"I put back a few last night, contemplating if we really should try this but I wasn't as loaded as I looked. To be honest, I snuck out from my room and watched you and Tracy from the hallway."

This floored me. I wasn't floored about the set-up with Tracy; I was shocked that my mother was interested in watching her son have sex with a friend of hers.

We have only played foot games together, nothing else. Was she interested in having intercourse with me tonight? She looked at me, trying to interpret what I may be thinking.

The ringing telephone stopped the awkwardness. Mom got up and answered the phone. It was her boss. He was having troubles with the software programs and needed her help. I didn't know this yet; I just wanted to toy with her while she was on the phone.

I took hold of her leg and placed it in my lap. She smiled with her go-ahead, so I proceeded. I took hold of her heel and wiggled her boot.

My breath nearly stopped as I stared at her sheer black stockings. I ran my hands up and down her leg from her knee down to her toes.

The silky feel was heavenly. My stocking high was soon to be erased.

I heard my mother telling her boss that she's busy and she could take care of the problem on Monday. He persisted and finally she caved in.

Hanging up the phone, she told me the bad news. "I've got to go in for awhile and help him out. I'm soo sorry about this, I think I'll only be gone a few hours".

Before I could muddle a response, the phone rang again. This time it was my dad, checking in.

They started to talk and I decided to cop a feel before she went in to work.

I took off her other boot and held both feet to my lips. I licked both of her feet from the heels all the way up to her toes.

The leather taste was rather delightful. I then took one foot and proceeded to rub it all over my face relishing the silky softness of her stockings.

My mom surprised me by rubbing her other foot over my expanding cock. I took the initiative and opened my pants. I went back to her foot and sucked her big toe into my mouth.

I never got to suck on the next toe because her foot exposed my fully-grown erection. She then took both feet and started to play with my cock.

The constant stare of her eyes on my cock made the excitement grow. I then heard her say to my dad, "You would not believe what just came up".

She then told him about the phone call she had with her boss. I think she sensed that I was nearing the end of the line, so she cut him off telling him she'd better leave before he explodes. I was floored as she hung up the phone and dropped to her knees in front of me.

Without a word, she dropped her head and went down on me. Her mouth felt wonderful. She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes.

She proceeded to lick my shaft from my balls up to the head. She smiled at me, licked her lips and went back to work.

I certainly wasn't expecting this, but I wasn't going to lift her head and tell her to stop. I only lasted a few minutes even though the image of her lips on me made it feel like ten.

I shot my load and it greedily went down her throat. She didn't even spill a drop.

She looked up at me and licked her lips. "That was a down payment because I have to leave you here and go to work. I hope that will tide you over until I get back later" I smiled at her as she got up and got ready for work.

I sat around during the day, reliving the fact that my mother actually gave me a blow-job this morning.

This was the farthest we had ever taken anything. I still didn't hear from her so I decided to browse around her room.

I was intrigued by her collection of nylons and hose. There were multiple colors and styles.

I loved the garter belt and the pair of crotchless pantyhose. The onion was starting to peel. Did she use these now or were they from a day gone by?

She had a nice selection of shoes that I know she rarely used. I imagined how her sexy little feet would look in those heels. Maybe I might get her to wear some of these when we are home alone.

I was just about done looking around when I found one very interesting item. It was a black lacy teddy. I bet that was a sure turn on for the old boy. I would really like to see her in that sometime.

Dinnertime came and went without a call. Finally around seven she called and said she was on her way.

She asked, "I've had a rough day, will you be a sweetheart and draw me a bath so I can hop in when I get home?"

I obliged and went to work. I started her bubble bath and lit several candles around the tub.

I fixed her up a glass of wine and when I just finished, she came home. She thanked me for my work and headed for the bath.

She was in for some time when she asked for me to come in. "Will you be kind enough to give an old tired lady a neck massage?"

I replied with "You're not old and I'd be pleased to give a massage anytime you ask"

I massaged her neck as she told me about all the grief she went through with her boss.

I finished the neck massage and she said, "That was wonderful. Why don't you fix a few drinks and start the movie. I'll be out and join you in a minute".

I made a couple drinks and eagerly awaited her return. She came in minutes later and my jaw dropped.

She was wearing the black teddy I spied earlier today along with black four inch high pumps. Her legs were encased in sheer nude stockings.

I rose to my feet and embraced her. We kissed for the first time. Our tongues intertwined as we explored each other.

I took this time to pull her close and grope her fabulous behind. We broke the kiss and she spoke,

"You can feel me all you want but that's where it has to end. I really enjoy what you do to my feet and I don't want that to end".

I was fine with that now, but I had a feeling that my feelings would change.

She continued to talk to me. "Some time ago I found a book that you were hiding. It answered the question that I was wondering about."

"Why was my son constantly looking at my feet? I thought it was flattering, so I set out to see how far it might go."

She scooted up to me and placed her heels in my lap. I kissed her pumps and her toes as she spoke.

"After I found the book, I made sure my toes looked their best everyday. I looked forward to movie night where you would lie on the floor and stare at my feet all night."

"I wanted you sooo badly to come over and suck my toes in the dark. Your father even mentioned how I was so frisky toward him when we went to bed afterwards."

I unhooked her pumps and tossed them to the floor. Mom got in the game and starting playing with herself.

I held her feet and watched her finger play.

"And if you wondered, yes I really do like it when the dog licks my feet. His rough tongue on the sensitive sole is a great feeling."

"I nearly came when he was licking me and you had the total look of jealousy on your face."

"I knew it was only a matter of time until you would be the foot caretaker that your father never wanted to be."

With that I took her big toe and sucked it into my mouth. I ever so lovingly licked it looking her in the eye as I did it.

I moved to the next toe and swirled it several times with my tongue. Up and down I sucked it like it was the most cherished sucker.

As I moved down the line, she started rubbing her clit and inserting her fingers one at a time. Her moaning began to get louder as I began to lick and kiss her sole.

I thoroughly attacked her sole like never before. She started to buck and soon she was coming. "Ohhh baby, ohhhhh baby....mmmmm"

As soon as she came down, she crawled to me and put her cum coated fingers into my mouth. Then she pulled my boxers off.

She went down on me for the second time today. I let out a moan and motioned her to give me her leg.

I took her leg and pulled her ass towards me. She popped her head up and I spoke first. "Since you are pleasuring me, the least I could do is return the favor"

To my surprise, she gave in and rested her pussy on my face. I inhaled her musky scent and licked her cum covered clit.

She welcomed my tongue and held my head prisoner with her thighs. This was the first pussy I got to lick and it was heavenly.

I licked for all I was worth. I tried my hardest to hold out and couldn't any longer.

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