Mom's So Hot! Pt. 03


“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPEEEEEETTTTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!” she screamed, her pussy convulsing wildly around his large staff as her legs strained to keep her clenching gash tight up against the root of his cock.

“AWWWWWWWWFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” Pete bellowed, as he thrust himself into her with all his might, his own orgasm triggered by her clutching twat! His prick began spewing its hot load deep inside Mom’s seething pit as he held his cock thrust up inside her as it fired again and again and again! With every volley it sent another tidal wave of his boiling cream spurting out into the deep core of her hot, clinging cunt! He held himself inside the fiery, spasming depths of her pussy as tremor after tremor seemed to shake her body, her hands gripping Pete’s arms for dear life!

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHGGAAAAAAWWWWWWWWDDDD!!!! Mom cried, her head flung back, her frame stretched to breaking as an overpowering orgasm wracked her

body sending her reeling into the depths of unconsciousness!

Pete continued to pump his life essence into her, shuddering and moaning, muttering unintelligible animal-like sounds! I could tell by his facial contortions that he was still being consumed by the nerve-wracking passions of his own orgasm as he continued to grind his cock into her pussy! I could see the tense muscles in his back and legs begin to quiver with fatigue as the intensity of his ejaculations began to decline with every spasm that ran through his cock. Finally his dick gave out one last, feeble shudder, unloading its last drop of cum deep inside the drenched core of Mom’s pussy.

“Oh, Fuck!” he groaned as his legs gave way and he fell to his knees between Mom’s widespread legs, wrenching his cock out of her flooded cunt as he fell.

He looked down at Mom’s prone body, passed out cold from the pure pleasure of their act and smiled. He quickly got up and grabbed his shorts, put them on, slipped into his docksides and made his way out of the room. He was shocked to find me standing there just looking at him with a bewildered expression.

“Hey, man, look, I’m sorry, but your Mom is one hot piece of ass. I couldn’t resist” he explained.

What could I say? “You just fucked my woman”? As far as Pete was concerned Mom is divorced and unattached and therefore fair game. I couldn’t tell him the truth.

“What about your wife?” I asked.

“Hey, that’s my business Tom. We’ve been friends a long time and we never tell each other how to lead our lives. Let’s just say I’m a little board at home and leave it at that.” he said and then walked away.

He went into the kitchen to grab a beer as I stood there trying to think of something to say, but what? This is what you get when you’re fucking your own Mother and can’t tell a soul. What was really beginning to bother me was how much Mom enjoyed it and how little fight she put up. I followed Pete into the kitchen and then back out to the car, all the while trying to look like the whole thing didn’t bother me. Pete went on about how hot Mom is and what a great fuck it was and how if he had known he would have been after her a long time ago.

“You know, Tom. all this action has worn me out. I think I’ll head home.” he said.

“We’ll finish up another time. Later dude”

“Ya…well…..” I started, not knowing what to say.

Chapter 2

Mom didn’t come out of the guestroom for nearly an hour and when she did she said she wasn’t feeling well. She went to bed and never came out. The next day was Sunday and she was scheduled to work at the hospital and left very early. Around noon she called to tell me she volunteered to work an additional double shift and wouldn’t get home until late. I stayed up as late as I could, but finally gave in and went to bed. She arrived some time later and quietly got changed and slid into bed.

I had to work the following day, but Mom was off and she either was sound asleep or pretending to be. I left feeling as if my whole life had come apart after being so happy and I didn’t see how we were going to fix it.

I went to work, but couldn’t concentrate. I knew Mom and I had to talk this out, so I made some excuse about not feeling well around mid-morning and left. I figured Mom should be up by now. As I was approaching the entrance to the complex I happened to see Pete’s car just turning in. I couldn’t believe it! He was back for more, no doubt.

I quickly made a turn and wound my way through the complex so that I would arrive in the back of my unit. I parked and quickly cut through my neighbors yard and went in through the garage.

I got inside the kitchen as the doorbell rang and heard Mom making her way out from the bedroom to answer it. She was wearing a wrap-around dress that clung to her nicely and tied at her waist. As she opened the door I could see by the look on her face the surprise to find Pete standing there.

“What…..what do you want..Pete?” Mom asked as she opened the door.

“I want to talk to you.” he answered

“Well…it’s…uh…not a…good time…I have to…uh….get ready for work soon…” Mom answered.

“It won’t take long. I just want to clear things up between us.” he said.

“Oh…oh….uh…o.k.” she replied as she opened the door, letting him in.

At this point I thought that Pete may have regretted what happened and might be worried about his marriage, should it get out. I could sense that Mom was thinking the same thing. He stepped in and looked around, probably to make sure I wasn’t around. Then he looked at Mom and I could see his eyebrow arch as he scanned her entire frame, taking in the way the dress showcased every inch of her figure.

“Well….uh…what…what is it?” Mom asked, looking somewhat annoyed at the once over he was giving her

“I…uh..thought I would come over and clear the air…” he said, trailing off.

“Oh…uh huh…” Mom said softly.

“But…but after seeing you…I think I’ve changed my mind.” he said.

“What…what do you mean?” Mom asked, nervously watching him as he continued to sweep his eyes over her entire length.

I…I…just mean that I guess I wasn’t as out of line yesterday as I thought.” he replied, as he stepped towards her.

“Pete..I..uh..think you had better go!” Mom insisted as she took a step back.

“I have to see something first” he said as he continued to move towards her.

“Uh..what..what..are you talking about?” she asked nervously, as she tried to step back again, but bumped into a small table, giving her nowhere to go.

“Just this.” he said and reached for her waist, gently pulling her towards him.

Mom seemed to resist, but her body glided towards his as he leaned down and placed his lips gently on hers.

“Mmmmmmmmpffhh!!” Mom moaned as he kissed her firmly, her hands up against his chest.

The kiss lingered for a while as Mom didn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight, her hands simply resting on Pete’s chest. He finally pulled back, peeling their lips apart,

and looking into Mom’s eyes. She had a glazed look about her, the kiss obviously getting to her.

“Unless you tell me otherwise, I’m going to kiss you again.” Pete said looking for an objection from Mom.

She didn’t say anything, she just stood there glancing up to his face and then down to his mouth and then back up again. Pete moved in again, parting his lips and as they got within an inch Mom parted her lips as they sealed again in a steamy kiss!

This one lasted longer and was much firmer as their heads swayed slightly in unison, Mom’s eyes shut and her hands gripping his arms.

Finally the kiss was broken as they pulled back a few inches, their noses nearly touching.

“I’m glad I came over.” Pete said. “I can see you can’t resist this either.”

“Oh…I..I..don’t know why…but I can’t help myself” Mom breathed, running her hands up and down his arms. “Kiss me Pete!!”

With that he pulled her towards him and their lips collided in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss! Mom clutched at him, her arms encircling his neck as her entire frame was pressed against his. Their lips grinded together as their hands, constantly in motion, swept over one another.

Pete quickly reached for the belt at Mom’s waist, untying it, and pulling her dress apart. She helped him by lowering her arms allowing him the ability to pull it over her shoulders and down her frame. He immediately reached up for her bra and easily unsnapped it, pulling it off as well, releasing her soft, round tits.

Never missing a beat with their kiss, Mom quickly unbuttoned his shirt, practically ripping it as she desperately worked to get it off him. Meanwhile, Pete had shoved both hands inside the back of her panties, grasping a hand full of ass cheek. I could see him work one hand down and between her legs and cup her bush, sliding two fingers across her gash.

“MMMMMMmmmm!!!!!!!!” Mom moaned into his mouth as his fingers sank into her quickly flooding slit.

He removed his hands and began tugging at the lace panties around her hips, working them down until they fell to the floor. At this point Mom began moving, slowly walking backwards down the hall, pulling Pete with her. As they maneuvered their way into the guest room, Mom broke their kiss and anxiously turned towards the bed. She hopped on, lying on her back and spreading her legs, looking up at Pete with wanton desire. She motioned for him to join her as she caressed her breasts and pulled at her nipples.

Pete stepped out of his shoes and dropped his shorts, his cock sticking straight out, hard and ready once again. He made his way onto the bed and between her scattered legs, taking one in each hand and aligning her gapping hole with his bloated manhood. Her bared femininity was positioned directly in line with his cock. He pushed the head of his dick down, finding the opening of Mom’s weeping gash, and pushed forward, his bulbous head knifing its way into the entrance to her dripping slit.

“OOOHhhhhhhhh!!!” Mom moaned, feeling his large, stiff penis slowly penetrate her hot, willing womanhood once again.

Gently, Pete pushed his distended, rigid cock into her inch by inch. As he did you could see her gluttonous pussy devour his aching prick until at last his belly came to rest once more on hers.

He grabbed a cheek of her ass in each hand and lifted it off the bed, burying his shaft farther towards the hilt of her unprotected vagina. She cooperated by spreading her long, tapered legs apart for him as he gently lifted her buttocks farther up in the air. He responded by continuing to force his throbbing manhood even deeper into her pussy. As his cock slid into her, she was already wet and ready for him and raised her knees up and over his hips, pushing back up at him.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” Mom groaned as she felt him pushing his cock into her.

Thrusting herself up against him, she was being filled to the limit by his swollen staff as it slid deeper and deeper into her cunt until his hairy belly softly thud up against hers.

Pressing herself up against him, she seemed to revel in the feel of his thick, heavy love sword penetrating deep into her steaming cunt for a few moments. Then she quickly backed herself off him, letting his dick slither back out of her wet slit. She stopped only when the bulbous head of his cock rested in the opening of her itching slit. Pausing for a second, she suddenly launched herself back up onto him, swallowing his entire length back into her womanhood in one rapid gulp.

“OHH FUCK!!!” Pete grunted as he felt my Mother’s burning gash envelope his thrusting maleness in one lightning lunge.

As she rocked away from him a second time, he leaned down over her, reaching under her and taking her soft, round ass in his hands again. This time as she thrust herself back up onto his cock, he hunched himself into her and their bodies crashed together like two battering rams.

“OOOAAAAAAHHH!!! FFFUUUCCKKK!!!! Mom gasped as she felt his cock knife back into her pussy. “YOU’RE SOOO FUCKING BIG!!!!”

“Do you want me to stop?” Pete asked, afraid he was hurting her.

“NNO….OOHHH…NO..DON’T…STOP!!!” Mom blubbered, pushing herself back up against him and wiggling her butt. “FUCK ME!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME, PETE!!!!!

Responding to my Mother’s pleading, he immediately began to saw his hardness in and out of her soft, slippery womanhood with a vengeance. As he pounded his cock into her, she arched her back so he would get the clue to fondle her soft, round breasts as he fucked her. Leaning down over her, he teased and pulled on her nice, quivering tits as he thrust in and out of her.

As he hammered his stiff dick into her throbbing cunt, she quickly increased her pace back up at him, a telltale sign of an oncoming orgasm with her. Her whole consciousness seemed to be focused in the flesh that was now wrapped around my best friend’s engorged cock. It looked like every nerve ending in her tight, hot channel had been overcharged and was now pulsating with pleasure. Pete’s penis was no doubt battering places inside her pussy that had never felt the hardness of a man’s cock before. She looked to be on the tottering edge of another cataclysmic orgasm. In and out, in and out, his cock looked like it stimulated the entire length of her drenched love gash. It looked like his cock was growing larger and larger with every stabbing penetration. Then, beginning with a small tremor, a tidal wave of pleasure seemed to gush out of her pussy and wash over her entire body.

“OOOOOHHHHH MMMYYYY GGAAAWWWWDDD!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried as her body was consumed by the unholy flames of another illicit orgasm. She looked like she was being lifted right off the bed as the intense pleasure was boiling up and out of her pussy like lava from a volcano.

Just as before, Pete felt my Mom begin to quake and shake below him as he continued

to slide his cock in and out of her. I could see the muscles of her cunt clenching and clutching at his manhood as it rocked in and out of her. As their bodies smacked together, her wetness coated his thighs and you could hear the wet, lewd sound of their bodies slapping together.



PEEEETTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Mom blubbered like a crazy woman as she tossed her head back and forth. “OOHHHHH…..SSHIITTTT…..PETE….NEVER…FELT…..OHH…


Pete never stopped as Mom writhed and groaned beneath him. With steady, rhythmic strokes, he sawed his huge cock in and out of her salivating slit as she climaxed beneath him. At last the throes of her orgasm faded away.


….wond……unnnhh…wond…unnnhh…er…uunnhh….ful!!!” she stammered out between the jarring thuds of his attack as he fucked her.

“Unhuhh” he mumbled, releasing her tits and taking hold of her hips, roughly pulling her pussy into him every time he slammed his cock back into the hot socket of her pussy.

Basking in the warm, fuzzy afterglow of fulfillment, she spread her lovely legs apart wider and wider to accommodate him, taking him into her deeper and deeper. Her excitement was evidenced by the amount of lubricating juice that was flowing out of her cunt. There was so much of it, it was almost embarrassing, as it coated and was even spread out onto the cheeks of her ass by Pete’s pounding attack of his balls against her derriere.

ahhhh…good!!” Pete blurted out between thrusts.


beast…..ohhhhh….I…..uunnhhh….love….oohhhh…it!!!!!” Mom echoed him.

Time seemed to be suspended as the incessant sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room. Still looking dazed and reeling from her orgasm, Mom’s body once more began to tremble, issuing a warning of another oncoming orgasm. She had already had two by my count and now another one was building inside of her battered and abused pussy.


UHHHHH…..THERE!!!!!!” she gasped as she felt the flames grow higher and higher.

Pete was gripping her hips tighter and tighter, pulling her into him harder and harder with each hammering impalement.

Almost imperceptibly, the rhythm of his attack on her cunt had grown faster and faster. Like a steam locomotive laboring up a long, steep hill, his hips worked back and forth laboriously, driving his stiff dick in and out of her hot box over and over again. He was beginning to sound like a locomotive as he huffed and puffed from the effort of maintaining such a driving rhythm.

On and on they fucked, Pete thrusting himself into my Mother again and again. He seemed to love the feel of his granite hard manhood sliding in and out of her effortlessly, greased by the gusher of her fuck juices exuding from the lining of her cunt. Grunting and straining, they climbed the long, steep grade toward the peek of perverse gratification. Moaning her approval of his efforts, Mom thrust herself back up at him at every time he sent his dick slicing up into her cunt. She was taking the entire length of his bloated cock with every hammering penetration and loving it! Suddenly, she began to tense up, being drawn closer and closer to the fiery conflagration of another climax!

“ALMOST……..Uuhhhhhh…..THERE!!! WANT…..Ughhhhh…TO….Uhhnnnn…..

Uhhhhhhnnn!!!!!” she groaned, trying to hold off her impending orgasm to coincide with his.

She seemed to try as hard as she could to control it, but she was unable to stop herself from reveling in the feeling of Pete’s cock plunging in and out of her throbbing cunt! Her whole body turned crimson red as she was consumed by the flames of another blasphemous orgasm. She began to shake as if her pussy had burst into a million points of flame and Pete’s engorged staff was creating a burning pulsation of pure pleasure inside her!


UHHNNNN…..OOHHHHHHHH….HONEY…..UNNHHHHH….UUNNNHHHHH!!!” she blubbered, as she dug her toes into his ass and her body shook and trembled.

Mom’s tight, hot cunt clamped down around his plunging cock, making penetration of her desperately clenching cunt more and more difficult! But, even as tightly clenched as her pussy was, the abundance of fuck juice flowing from her lubricated the smooth, slippery walls of her cunt enough that he could still drive his cock into her.

Mom slowly regained her senses as she emerged from the stupefying influence of her mind-numbing climax. As she did, the muscles around her cunt began to relax and Pete responded by fucking her faster and faster. His endurance was almost demonic, I thought, as he continued to hammer his cock into her mercilessly. He had been fucking her for a good half hour by now, yet he showed no indication of stopping other than fucking her harder and faster. What great generators of cum his huge, swinging balls must be, I thought, as I heard them slapping up against her ass every time he penetrated her.

Then, astonishingly, I saw Mom’s body twitch ever so slightly and knew that telltale sign of another orgasm was beginning inside her pummeled pussy. Had Pete broken something inside of her making her unable to stop having orgasms, I wondered. And, how would I ever be able to satisfy her again after she had experienced such a thorough fucking? Mom’s twitching increased as the need for another orgasm grew deep inside her as Pete continued to brutally fuck her.

FFUUUUCKKKKMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” she begged loudly, wanting to feel the exquisite pleasure of another climax overwhelm her.

Pete responded by increasing the tempo of his thrusts to another level that I didn’t know existed! His distended cock was tearing in and out of Mom’s slobbering cunt so fast that it looked like a great, flesh colored dildo drubbing the insides of drenched cunt. His dick was so expanded that every time it tore out of her pussy it pulled her clit down against the harsh top of his cock, driving Mom wild with pleasure.

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