Mom's So Hot! Pt. 04


So good….shit that’s good!!!” I moaned as I kissed her neck, my cock still spurting and shooting the last of my load deep inside her. She rocked her hips up against mine, savoring the last dying embers of our mutual orgasm. She continued to climax and her juices streamed liberally from her body as my dick fired off its final round. She pulled my head down to hers and locked her mouth onto mine, kissing me deeply with a burning passion. I returned her kiss, shoving my tongue deep into her mouth as my cock continued to twitch long after the last of my cum had spurted inside her. We lay there wrapped tightly in one another’s arms, kissing soulfully, tongues mingling, for several minutes.

Chapter 4

Aunt Mary and I parted, she going to bed and I retreating down stairs. When I got there I heard a crowd in the dinning room and made my way there. A group consisting of Mom, Nan, Jim, Dave, and Pete were playing cards. It was so bizarre to see Pete here, but Mom insisted that he come to try and heal things over. They asked me if I wanted to join the game, but I declined, preferring to watch and roam around. As I made my way out to the kitchen, I glanced out the window over the sink and saw that Uncle Jake and Marianne were now sitting at the edge of the pool, their feet in the water, drinks in hand. It hit me as an odd pairing and I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. I went out the front door and quietly made my way around back, being careful not to be seen or heard. They were chatting away, Marianne cackling at something Uncle Jake had said every few minutes. I made my way closer so I could hear the conversation.

“Well, I can’t believe we spent the day yakking by ourselves” Marianne said, smiling at Jake.

She had pulled the hem of her dress up high on her legs, giving Uncle Jake a good look at her legs and thighs, not to mention her big tits straining against the halter top of her dress.

“Yea” Uncle Jake laughed. “I can just imagine what the family was thinking. What is that old fool doing bothering that nice, young lady?”

“You know what I think the ladies were thinking?” Marianne asked.

“What?” he asked.

“I think they were thinking what a lucky gal I was to have the undivided attention of such a gracious gentleman” she answered.

“Oh, don’t be silly. They hardly see me that way” Uncle Jake replied.

“Oh, don’t be so sure. I saw them giving me the jealous eye” she said.

“Now I know you’ve had too much to drink! My days of catching someone’s eye are long over” he insisted.

“That’s not true. You’re still a very handsome man, Jake” Marianne countered, putting a hand on his knee.

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say” Jake responded, putting his arm around her shoulder and pressing his cheek against hers. “You know how to make an old man feel good” he said and gently kissed her on the cheek.

Marianne seemed to like the kiss and Uncle Jake held her a little tighter and kissed her again, this time right on the side of her mouth. His hand was gently caressing her arm and he pulled her body close to him.

At first Marianne jerked away without freeing herself, but then relaxed back into him as he kissed her cheek again.

“Marianne, you are a beautiful woman” he said.

Her breathing was getting heavier and she moaned slightly as he kissed her again on the side of her mouth. His hand was still caressing her arm, gently and slowly making small circles downward.

“You’re a very exciting woman, too.” he said softly.

“Thank you Jake, but we better stop this” she said, her body leaning against his.

Uncle Jake made a trail of kisses up her neck and behind her ear. His arm was now holding her body tight to his as his hand made bolder moves to explore her hip and thigh.

Her hand was holding onto his, but she made no effort to stop its progress.

“We have to stop Jake” she repeated.

“Why? No one can see us.” he replied.

“Because it’s not right. I’m you nephew’s wife” she argued.

“Alright. Tell me your not enjoying it and I’ll stop.” he challenged.

“I….I…can’t” she muttered.

That was all the encouragement he needed. His kisses on her neck became more intense and he was using his tongue to lick behind her ear. His hand was creeping higher and higher up her leg. His mouth covered her cheek with warm kisses, his tongue teasing her ear. She was pressing her face to his when suddenly she turned her head to face him.

“Please…sto.mmmmphh.” she began, but before she could finish her half-hearted plea, his mouth covered hers. Her hand came up to push his face away, but quickly relented and held it instead, her mouth opening to allow his invading tongue in.

She pressed her mouth to his, their tongues dueling and caressing as their mouths sucked on each other’s lips.

“Please Jake” Marianne moaned as she broke the kiss. “We have to stop this…we’re family…”

He didn’t say anything, he just kissed her again, his mouth covering hers.

“Mmmmmmmmm!!!” Marianne groaned as her lips parted wide to accommodate his tongue, her cheeks concave as she sucked on it.

All signs of protest from her disappeared as his hand went up her dress and excitedly massaged her upper thigh and crotch. She was moaning loudly and unashamedly writhing and thrusting her crotch back at his caressing hand.

He swiftly removed his hand from beneath her dress and slid it inside the halter-top. She was not wearing a bra and her tits were loose and inviting to his exploring hand. She turned her body completely towards him without breaking their kiss, her groin coming into direct contact with his. Uncle Jake managed to push the material of her halter towards the center of chest, uncovering both of her huge tits. He pressed her body to his and I could almost feel the weight of them as they were crushed into his chest. They were kissing like two young lovers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and his hands flew down to grab her ass cheeks and grind his crotch onto hers.

Their mouths were passionately fused together, his hands squeezing her ass through her dress and pressing his shaft against her as she wantonly ground her crotch into his.

Suddenly, she froze on the spot and then vigorously pushed him away, freeing herself from his arms.

“We…we…can’t….” she moaned and got up quickly, fixing her dress and walking back over to the lounge chair they had spent most of the day at.

Uncle Jake seemed unfazed as he watched her walk away. He slowly got up and started making his way towards the lounge chairs. As he walked, he first removed his shirt, letting it drop to the ground and then undid his belt and zipper of his shorts, allowing them to fall to his ankles before stepping out of them. By the time he arrived at the side of Marianne’s chair, he was only wearing his boxers, his dick straining mightily against the material.

She was lying prone on the lounger, her arm draped over her eyes, breathing rapidly.

He just stood by her side until she could sense he was there. She slowly raised her arm from across her face and focused on in on him. Her gaze went from his face down his chest and finally came to rest on his obvious hard-on, tenting the front of his boxers. Her eyes became wide at the sight and she seemed to have trouble tearing them off his straining dick.

“Uhhhhhhnnn!” she moaned, shaking her head as if to decline his invitation.

He sat on the side of her chair, his hands planted on either side of her hips as he slowly lowered himself towards her. She watched him come closer and closer to her, her eyes roaming wildly over his face and chest.

“Ohhhh, Jake…..don’t….” she moaned and then quickly threw her arms around his neck, jerking him down towards her, smashing her open mouth against his! They devoured each other’s mouth in a furious kiss, like two animals in heat. He was on top of her, kissing her fiercely as he ground his needy cock against her groin, her legs splayed apart to cradle him. Her hands were all over him as he kissed her neck, his hands uncoupling the halter behind her head and pulling it down to expose her huge tits once again.

They were big, very sexy and the type that curves up, making the nipples stand up proudly. Her nipples were big as well, with large areola that just invites you to suck and kiss and bite them. She was moaning loudly now as he went to her tits, kissing and sucking them as she flailed beneath him. Her dress had worked its way high on her torso until her entire crotch was exposed and in contact with his. She began pushing her panty-covered mound at his dick as he wildly sucked and bit her nipples, her hands on his ass, pulling his boxers off. She gasped when his hard dick popped out and hit her thighs.

“Oohhh, Jake…my panties!!! Please take off my panties!! Hurry!!” she groaned in unbridled lust.

Without a word, he pulled at her panties, working them off, caressing every inch of her ass and thighs as he slid them down her hot and writhing body. They were totally naked except for her dress, which was now a band around her midsection. He was between her gorgeous legs as she parted them and pulled him back down on top of her. He kissed her hot mouth again and then eased his body up on his arms to get into position. Her hands were all over his torso, caressing him and telling him he had a beautiful, hard frame.

His cock found the entrance to Marianne’s love hole and plunged in.

“OOHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” she let out a loud yelp as his dick sliced into her glistening gash, wedging itself half way up her canal.

She put her hands on his ass to pull him further in to her hungry cunt, her need overwhelming. Her body was writhing under him, her breasts crushed beneath his chest, her hands squeezing his ass as her nails dug into his flesh. She was wild with passion as she let him fuck her and at the same time she was fucking him. She was completely consumed by lust, as if nothing else existed in the world except his dick sawing in and out of her drooling slit. It was just them and their bodies, pumping, squeezing, scratching, and caressing, their mouths licking and sucking.

She had a body made for fucking, as her huge tits scraped back and forth across his chest in rhythm with his thrusts. Her sculptured, toned legs were wrapped around his hips and her firm, round ass rose and fell to meet each plunge of his swollen member into her saturated slot.

They were on the verge of exploding, her legs squeezing his waist as he was pumping wildly and plunging himself as deep as he could get into the fiery recesses of her body. They both moaned loudly as their fucking took on a frenzied pace, working up to an all consuming orgasm, her arms and legs wound around him in a smothering embrace.

I could see the lips of her pussy begin to contract and suck around the base of his cock as her whole body began to tremble in sexual heat. He plunged hard into her, driving his cock as far up her steaming canal as he could as it pistoned over and over, shooting his cream deep into her ravenous pit.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she quietly screamed at the same time he exploded inside her, spasming wildly, as her cunt contracted, milking and sucking at the base of his firing cock.

He continued to flood her love hole with his juices as she was still tremoring and seizing in orgasmic delight. She moaned loudly and writhed her body with every load that shot out of his dick. Then everything was calm as the last shiver of orgasm ran through them. They rolled over without breaking their lovers embrace, holding each other, their hands caressing each other’s ass.

“Ohhhhhh, Jake…..that was so great!” Marianne sighed, breathless, as she furrowed her head into his chest and prod her cunt up on his cock, still buried deep inside her.

Knowing a man of my Uncle’s age was probably only good for one round a night, I decided to make my way back into the house before they spotted me. I guessed right, for shortly after I was back inside, they made their way in. Uncle Jake headed off to the dinning room while Marianne told David that she was tired and retreated down to their room in the basement.

This is just the beginning, as this family continues to slide toward a sexual free-for-all, with everyone getting into the act!

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