Mom's So Hot! Pt. 06


"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Jim pleaded, stepping in her way, his hands lightly on her arms.

"Let go!" Mom insisted.

"Sure, sure, just...just hear me out" he asked, looking very nervous.

Mom stood there, angrily trying to decide what to do. "Go on" Mom said, leaning back on the couch arm.

"I...I just wanted to ever thought about that night" he asked, his eyes drifting down to the generous cleavage Mom had on display.

"What is this, another scheme?" she asked, sarcastically, following his sightline and realizing what he was looking at and quickly snapping up.

"No,no, no...I'm...just find out if you ever thought about it" he replied.

"Well, you bring it up enough!'" she shot at him.

"I...I...know I have and I'm sorry. Really." he said, apologetically.

"Yea, well get to the point!" Mom demanded.

"Ok. I...uh....came to realize something since that night that I needed to tell you. I know in the beginning I used it to help me get to Maggie....." he started.

"Which it seems you succeeded!" Mom interrupted.

" saw us?" Jim asked, embarrassed.

"It was hard to miss from my bedroom window!" she spat.

"Oh...well I can tell you that that's when it hit me. I..I haven't been able to get that night out of my head. I...I can't remember being that turned on or experiencing such intense feelings...." he said.

"What is this?" Mom asked, suspiciously

"I'm...I'm trying to tell you that I can't stop thinking about you, not just that night, but ever since then. I think I always felt something towards you even though we didn't seem to get along, but that night really brought them to the surface for me. Ever since then I've been dying to find reasons to touch you, come near you.......I think I blackmailed you just so I had an excuse to come near you without fear of being rejected." he said.

"WHAT?" Mom asked, incredulously.

"Let me..let me just ask all honesty...have you thought about me and that night at all, aside from what I asked you to do as a result?" Jim asked.

"'s hard to forget do something foolish" she answered.

"Yea, but....have you ever had any thoughts about it that...were pleasant?" he asked.

"I...I...don't think we should be talking about this....." Mom mumbled.

"Please.....I just want to know.....If you can tell me that you haven't I swear I'll never bring it up again." he promised.

"I......I...suppose..I times....but not the way you think!" she snapped.

"I know your angry with me, but please, tell me, in what way?" he pleaded.

"I....I....suppose....on's been hard to wasn't the worst...encounter of my life." she answered, head down, tone barely audible.

"Do you....could you...have feelings for me?" he asked.

"What? Don't be redic..." she started.

"No, honestly. Have you ever thought about me in an amorous way?" Jim asked.

"I....I......this is ...just...too..." Mom stammered.

"Have you?" he asked again, reaching up and running his fingers lightly up her arms.

"Don't!" she replied, shrugging her body in a half-hearted way to escape his caress.

"I can't stop Vic. I want to touch you all the time. I think I'm in love with you" he blurted.

"Wha......What..? Mom asked, taken by surprise, her eyes darting up to his.

"'re my son-in can you..." she stammered.

"I know, but I am. If you just say the word...I'll..uh..leave you alone.." he said, still caressing her arm.

"I....I...don't believe..this.." Mom replied, her mind whirling.

"Maybe you'll believe this" Jim said and slid his hands onto her waist, pulling her to him and lowering his lips towards hers.

"Don......." Mom started. But she never finished as Jim's lips pressed against hers in a gentle, firm kiss.

"mmmmpphhhh" Mom murmured as she stood there, hands at her side, as he kissed her. Jim slowly broke the kiss and pulled away, leaving his hands on her waist.

"That's how I feel." he said.

"'t...shouldn't....have done that..." Mom stammered.

"I had to" he answered. "And unless you give me a good reason, I'm going to do it again." He pulled her back to him and started lowering his head towards hers. At this point I was begging Mom to give him a good reason, but she seemed dazed.

"It''" she stammered, watching his lips as the came back towards hers. "I......I.....don"t....."

As Jim's lips came close to hers, Mom's parted and closed her eyes. They met and sealed in another firm, tender kiss.

"uhmmmmmmmm" Mom moaned, standing there, at first just letting Jim kiss her and then slowly returning the kiss. Finally, she gently pushed Jim back, breaking their kiss.

"We....I.....can' this. What about Nan?" she asked

"I...I haven't figured it out yet." Jim said. "But do this, please. Think about it. No pressure and as I said, if you tell me no, I'll never bring it up again. I'm going up to my room to read" And with that he left and went up stairs, leaving Mom behind totally bewildered.

I went back into the kitchen to wait for her to come out. After several moments I heard her shuffle into the kitchen.

"Everything all right?" I asked, my heart pounding.

"Uh...yea...I guess." she replied, deep in thought.

"Mom" I called, trying to break the spell she was under.

"Huh....oh..yea, everything's fine." she replied, finally looking a bit clearer. "Anything I can do?" I asked.

"No, I don't think.......uh.....well....maybe.." she said, looking at me as if she were assessing me.

"What?" I asked. "Uh...could you do me a favor?" she asked, walking over to me.

"Sure" I replied "What?

"Kiss me?" she asked.

"Huh? I replied, looking outside and then back to her. "Now?"

"Please?" she asked and reached up, unsnapping that snap, once again revealing half her breasts to me.

"Uh, sure" I replied.

I reached out and slid my arms around my Mom's waist, pulling her towards me as she snaked her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to her waiting lips. Our mouths met and fastened in a deep french kiss. A ton of memories ran through my head as we kissed, reminding me of days when we would kiss this way all the time.

Mom tightened her arms around my neck, pulling me deep into the kiss as our tongues started caressing back and forth. I felt my cock spring to attention as it came into contact with Mom's covered bush.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" Mom moaned into my mouth as we slid our lips back and forth, heads bobbing. At some point, I couldn't help get the feeling like I was auditioning, as Mom kissed me eagerly, as if she were trying to confirm something. Finally we broke off the kiss and stepped back, Mom straightening herself out.

"Wow, that was some kiss." I said.

"Uh, yea, it was." she replied, smiling, but unconvincingly.

"Is there something wrong Mom?" I asked, deep down afraid of the answer.

" uh..just need to...take care of something.." she answered. "I'll be back"

Chapter 5

She left the room and went upstairs, obviously in search of Jim. The only question was, what for? I gave her enough time and then followed her, catching sight of her at the end of the hall as she hesitantly stepped into the open doorway of Jim and Nan's room. I moved up close enough to hear her, but not so close she would see me.

"Uh...I...think we should talk about....this" she said to Jim. "Settle things."

"Uh, yea, sure. C'mon in." I heard him reply.

"Uh..I...don't think that's a good idea. I wouldn't want Nan to walk in and overhear us." she said.

"Oh, oh right" Jim agreed. "Where?"

"Uh...I guess we could go to my room" Mom said hesitantly.

"Uh, sure" Jim replied.

I heard the bedsprings groan as he got off his bed and started out of the room.
I quickly darted into the bathroom and watched them go into Mom's room. I quietly made my way into the bathroom next to Mom's room and found the door leading into her room slightly ajar. I could see perfectly inside as they settled in, Mom and Jim standing by her bed.

"I....uh....I don't really know what to say...." Mom started.

"Well, let me then." Jim interrupted. "I know our relationship has been fairly antagonistic in the past, but I really think this could work"

"I...I don't see how" Mom replied. "I...I can't even believe we're standing here discussing it"

"It must mean that there is something between us" he said.

"Oh, I don't know. Yes, in all honesty, what happened between us was.....intense, but you're talking about sex. That's all, just sex. It doesn't mean that there is anything beyond that" Mom said.

"How do you know?" Jim asked.

"I...I can't imagine..." she said, her voice trailing off.

"Well, I think we should find out" he stated.

"OH? And how do we do that? Do we date?" Mom asked, sarcastically.

"No...I...I..just meant...." he mumbled.

"Yea, I can guess what you mean" she said, annoyed. "Is this another cheap trick to get me in bed?

"NO!" Jim insisted. "I told you, this comes from the heart. I...I can't stop thinking about you. I'll do anything you want to prove it to you. Just tell me"

"I....I ...." Mom stammered. "I....don't..know...maybe..if we...could..."

"What?" he asked, anxious.

" know....I don't think there been very many civil moments between us. It's been pretty raucous since you married Nan." she started.

"True" Jim agreed.

"I'm....just saying" Mom continued, turning away from him and moving to the dresser in her room, looking at him in the mirror. "Maybe if we could have some sort of kind moment..."

"Ok. Like what?" he asked.

"Uh...some sort of..test, maybe" she answered.

"A test? Like what" he asked.

"I..I'm not sure" Mom stammered. "Even our....encounter....was rough and sort of conflicting, like our whole relationship."

"I can see that. What did you have in mind?" Jim asked.

"Well...if just once we could be kind and decent to one another...try something.." she rambled nervously.

"Sure." he agreed. "It would be different between us. You have an idea?"

"I...I'm thinking....maybe...a kiss" Mom sighed. "That might reveal something if it's done in the right way."

"Yea, I can see that." Jim said, walking over to her.

Mom turned to face him, her eyes scanning up and down Jim's torso.

"We have to agree that if there's nothing there that you put this behind you" she said, her breathing quickening.

"Absolutely" he said as he slid his hands onto her hips and gently pulled her towards him.

Mom reached up and put both hands up on his chest, maintaining some small distance. She seemed reluctant even though it was her idea. Jim leaned down and pressed his parted lips firmly against Mom's. At first Mom just stood there frozen, allowing him to kiss her. I thought maybe I had a chance after all, she didn't seem to be responding to him. I should have known better.

"mmmmmm" she moaned softly and I noticed that her nipples were stiffening beneath her cover-up. Jim pulled back, breaking the kiss.

"Well?" he asked, grinning.

"I...I..don't....know...I...." Mom rambled.

"Liar" Jim cut her off. "You know you felt something. Look how hard your nipples are" Mom looked down at her eraser tipped breasts, her body betraying her words.

"That...that...doesn't necessarily mean...." she started.

"Yea, right" Jim interrupted. "You don't lie very well. I can prove it"

"I..uh........." Mom started. He leaned back in and cut her off by covering her mouth with his, kissing her hard.

"Uhmmmmphhh" she moaned into his mouth, protesting slightly.

Jim ground his mouth against hers, swaying his head back and forth. Mom soon started reacting, returning the kiss, but keeping her hands on his chest. He reached and started rubbing his thumbs across each of her nipples, raising them until they looked they may burst through the material.

"Uhmmmmmmm!" Mom moaned and returned his kiss more passionately.

He reached down with one hand and began tugging at the snap on Mom's cover-up, trying without success to pull it apart. Mom reached up and grabbed his hand pulling it away while breaking their kiss.

"Don't....." she breathed looking down at the snap. In the next instant she pulled on it, unsnapping the first two buttons.

She looked up at Jim all glassy eyed and then looked back down at her partially undone cover-up. She slowly grabbed each side and pulled it apart, exposing her full, creamy breasts. She looked back up at Jim, her breathing ragged. He was focused on her newly exposed tits, but then looked up into her eyes. An explosion of lust went off between them as they lunged together, mouths meeting and fusing, grabbing at one another in a hungry, desperate kiss! Jim wrapped his hands around Mom's waist inside her wrap as she clutched at his hair and neck, kissing him ravenously.

"UHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM!!" she moaned into his mouth, clutching at him.

Jim reached down and grabbed her ass, pulling her up against his crotch, grinding it against her. Mom raised her left leg, wrapping it around his hip, and humping her groin back at him.

"OHHHH, GOD JIM!!" Mom cried, ripping her mouth from his. "I want you so bad!!' I have for days!!"

"SHIT!!" Jim cried, grabbing at her cover-up and pulling the rest of the snaps apart.

"OHHhhhh! I'm going out of my mind!!" Mom cried as she violently began tugging at his shorts, pulling them down.

She managed to get them over his hips and quickly reached down, capturing his throbbing dick in her hand and furiously pulling at it. Jim pulled at the straps of her cover-up, sliding them over her shoulders and let gravity do the rest as it slithered down her frame and into a puddle at her feet. They grabbed at each other, mouths slamming together in a voracious kiss, as they moved towards the bed.

Jim pushed her gently down on the bed and climbed on top of her, her head nearly hanging off the edge. They started grinding their pelvises together as their arms coiled around each other. Their dry humping became frantic as if they were struggling to somehow get closer.

"OOOHHHHhhhhhhhhh, JIM!! You Set Me On Fire!!" Mom groaned, tearing her mouth from his. "Get Inside!! Hurry Darling!!"

She spread her legs beneath him and lifted her ass off the bed, thrusting her damp twat up at him. He flexed his hips and in one easy motion sent his cock slicing up her gapping slit, causing them both to moan in pleasurable anguish.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! FUUCCK MMMEEEEEE!! Mom moaned, pulling his head down and sealing her mouth to his in another searing kiss.

In an instant they were thrusting and churning at one another in a wild, uncontrollable rhythm. Jim started pumping, fucking his cock into her with powerful strokes. His mouth moved to her neck, sucking at it as she writhed beneath him.

"YESSSSSSSSSSsssssssss!! Mom groaned, thrusting her cunt up in rhythm to his as she wrapped her legs over the small of his back.

His hands slid beneath her, cupping her round ass cheeks as he jerked her body up against him, rutting into her. Mom's body was aflame with sexual fever, uncontrollably propelling herself up at him, focused only on the feeling radiating from between her legs.

"OHHhhhhh God, Jim!!" she groaned. Her hands slid down his back and onto his ass, her fingers digging into his flesh as her lips sought his.

She was rabid with lust, utterly lost to conscious thought beyond the fulfillment of the desperate sexual passions surging through her. Her tongue shot into his mouth, meeting his. They ground together furiously, his cock pumping in and out of her.

"OH GOD!! OH GOD!!" she gasped as her oncoming orgasm grabbed at her.

Then her back arched high off the bed and she slammed her slushy crotch up onto his thrusting cock. Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped as a massive orgasm rolled over her.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she moaned as it started in her volcano like cunt, then flooded like lava up into her belly and chest, then through her neck to her brain. Her limbs twisted and jerked uncontrollably and her senses reeled.

Jim couldn't hold back as Mom's cunt clutched and grabbed at his throbbing dick, pulling the cum up out of his balls.

OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!" he groaned as his dick spewed a load of white, hot cum deep into Mom's molten canal.

For long moments they went completely rigid as their orgasms washed over them, Mom's hungry cunt draining Jim of every last drop of his illicit seed. When the final twinge ran through them, Jim collapsed on top of her, hugging her as she wrapped herself around him. Their lips met in a long, open-mouthed kiss as they gently rutted together.

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