tagIncest/TabooMom's Son Ch. 03

Mom's Son Ch. 03


Hello, guys and gals, viewers of literotica, here is the last parts of the story that you were waiting for, and of as earlier don't forget to post me your opinion.

The next morning the sun woke Raju up. He was immediately disoriented. He looked around and saw that he was in his mother's room; he looked over and saw his mother naked sleeping next to him. Panic set in. What had he done? What should he do? Raju lay there next to his mother staring the ceiling. He discovered that he too was naked. He must have removed and kicked off his shorts during the night. He felt his mother stirring. She opened her eyes. Their eyes met and Raju looked away guiltily.

"Morning, Raju" she said softly in a flat voice.

"Morning, mom" replied in reply.

"Mother, I am sorry........." She pressed her finger to his lips.

"Don't be sorry, Raju. I should have known that it was going to his. It just felt...good, Raju, better than I could have imagined. But we can't let this happen again. Its wrong. You have done so much for me, and now I feel I've taken advantage of you."

"M-Mother, your didn't" he started to stutter. She cut him off.

"Raju, lets not discuss this again, please" she said firmly. Raju nodded in agreement.

"Now Raju, you please give me some privacy while I get dressed?" Raju got up of the bed, and quickly grabbed his shorts and shirt form the floor, which were lying next to his mother's cloths.

He left his mothers bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Sometime later his mother came to the kitchen carrying the baby. They ate breakfast together silently. He tried to busy himself reading as newspaper, while his mother fed the baby with a milk bottle all the while she ate her breakfast. Raju looked at the clock and got up.

"Mother, I would rater get ready for college otherwise I would be late." He was almost out of the door as his mother called out to him.

"Raju, you are coming back at lunch time, right?" He looked back at his mother rather puzzled.

"You have to..." she cupped her breast, you know."

Raju did not know what to say. "Ah, sure mother" replied. His mother gave him a sly look and in a whisper she added, ."... I'll need you, but like yesterday, not like last night."

"Yeah, sure" he nodded. Raju was so confused that he muttered a good bye and closed the door behind him.

In college Raju was listless, and had trouble concentrating. Raju kept looking at his watch nervously. He rushed out of the door as soon as the noon bell rang. He found himself speeding again, and had to make a conscious effort to slow down. Raju was coming home fore his noon feeding?

His mother was sitting on the bed waiting for him. Her sari, blouse etc., was lying on the floor. She was stark naked exposing her breast and pussy for her son. As she saw him, she lay on the bed inviting him. With his eyes Raju traced the outline of his mother s smooth legs up to the soft blond fuss of pubic hair, then her flat tummy with deep navel, then her big breast to her face. She looked at Raju somewhat sheepishly and seductively at the same time.

"Surprised Raju?" she looked at him

"Raju, I don't know whether if what we did together was right or wrong, but I'm know I don't want it to end." His mother sat up more on the bed, which caused her breasts to juggle delightfully.

I've been thinking about all since this morning, Raju, god helps me, but I know I don't want to stop what we had done. I don't know if it is wrong to be intimate with my own son. It should be wrong, but it feels good – and not just the physical kind of good" She looked at him with pleading eyes.

Raju's cock was throbbing so badly that he was afraid he was going to come in his pants just standing there. Without saying a word he stripped in front of his mother. He surprised himself by not feeling any embarrassment. He threw his clothes ion the floor and joined his mother on the bed. He grabbed his mother tit with both hands, firmly and almost roughly, and his mother's milk poured into his mouth, and he drank deeply.

"Oh, Raju", she moaned as he relied the pressure for her breast. Raju heard himself making loud slurping sounds as he hungrily sucked at his mother's breast. Raju almost jumped out his skin as he felt his mothers cool hand on his cock. She tenderly and expertly stoked it as if he might have done it for himself. He almost felt him self-climaxing, but his mother backed away just at the right time, leaving his cock quivering with excitement and frustration. She guided him to the source of her warmth between her legs. His cock slid into his mother pussy effortlessly. She was hot and wet.

"Ooh, Mom" he moaned with sheer pleasure, as he suckled he let his teeth scrap lightly against his mothers nipple. She bucked against him, pushing him further into her pussy. Raju reaches under his mother and felt his mothers rounded buttocks.

"Come on, Raju, FUCK me, your mother" she said in a strained whisper.

He was shocked and also a not a little turned on by his mother's use of the word. Raju drove his hips into his mother as he bit gently on her nipple. His mother returned his thrusts, and soon their bodies were moving in a heated rhythm by themselves.

"Fuck your mother" she moaned, Raju switched breasts and felt fresh spray of warm milk in his mouth.

"Mom,..My mom... my lovely mother" he heard himself moaning involuntarily. Their hips bucked wildly against each other as mother and son came together in a shuddering, cathartic orgasm.

"God, that was good, very god, Raju" said his mother.

"That was so good, tat I don't feel any guilt, do you?" Raju shook his head and couldn't help but smile back.

It was true. He didn't feel guilty or ashamed. He actually felt a genuine love and closeness to his mother that he had never dreamt of. There was absolutely nothing wrong with making love to this beautiful and lovely lady who gave him birth.

"I love you, mom", he heard his voice crack as he hugged his mother tightly.

"I love you too, Raju, my son." His mother replied. They embraced and hen could actually feel him stirring again.

"Oh, Raju, I wish if we could do it once more, but you've to get back to school." His cock was erect again. "I could tell I was sick...." He said.

"No, Raju, we cant let this part of us displace other things on our life, besides we have lot more time tonight" she said playfully as she ran her hand s through his hair. He looked down at his mother without doleful eyes.

"Tonight." She reminded him.

In the college Raju appeared to be distracted. I actually fucked my mother, he thought with a mixture of excitement –and shame. He realized that this was the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy he had long suppressed. He did not know that what his meant for him and his mother but he knew he didn't want it to end. Finally the last bell rang and Raju quickly darted out of school.

Aruna Devi room was dark. For a moment he thought that his mother was not at home and panicked. But when he perked into his mother's bedroom he saw that she was waiting for him.

The soft night light from the wall outlines his mother's nudity as she lay across the bed smiling up to him. Mother and son fucked slowly in the night-light. He started to know how to sense responses in his mother's body and respond accordingly. Raju and his mother took time exploring their bodies; they slowly built up their passion as they fucked until they came in together in a warm embrace. Later that night they changed tactics and teased each other mercilessly as they fucked each other hard, almost rough and came together in a violent orgasm.

Throughout the night they took turns waking up one another and fucking. In the morning they were exhausted and sweaty, and the bed sheet was full of cum stains and milk. Raju woke up with a raging hard on brushing against the crack of his mother's bare ass. His mother, feeling him stirring against her, awakened; and they proceeded to fuck in the morning light. Raju and his mother could not keep hands off each other. They fucked every four hours during Raju's feeding sessions and often find time in between. They tried everything together; and were constantly finding new ways to tease and excite the other.

She introduce him to oral sex; and Raju was surprised to see just another way of make their feeling know, his mother played with the thick of his meat with her tongue and lips, sometimes taking it whole in and sometimes chewing at it, until he shot his load intro her mouth in a screaming orgasm. Raju also tried oral sex on his mother which he did not particularly like himself but he did get off on how exited his mother was when she locked her legs around his head and bucked her hip's widely. Raju and his mother-enjoyed when he massaged her body with lotion. They would spend hours together lovingly rubbing the creamy lotion on to her swollen breasts, rounded hips and buttocks. They would always end up fucking after their massage session.

One time his mother greased up his cock with lotion, and got down on all fours so he could fuck her ass. Raju had heard of anal sex and always considered it somewhat perverted. He was not prepared for the pleasure of his mother's tight ass as he pushed his Tarzan past his mother's sphincter and deep into her rectum. He fucked slowly at first because he was concerned about the pain he might cause his mother, but she encouraged him which caused him to start fucking his mother anal orifice harder. He finally came in an intense orgasm in which he pumped his mothers ass with his semen.

After that first time, anal sex became one of their favorites. Aruna Devi enjoyed teasing her son, Raju. Knowing his fascination with her bra and panties, she would dress up in a sexy bra and panties around in the house until Rau grabbed her and took her to the bed. Since his mothers breast were to cup sizes large, her cleavage would overfill many of her old bras-which of course enhance the effect it had on Raju. His mother would wear a transparent sari and blouse which would clearly show off her sexy bra and panties and do slow seductive acts in front of him. Some time she would dress just blouse and petticoat without any undergarment, which would revel her pink nipple and the dark bush between her thighs. Or sometimes she would wear just sari without blouse and petticoat or even undergarments – anything to drive him wild.

Not surprisingly, breast play was a regular part of their sexual repertoire. They would frequently fuck with Raju lying down and with his mother sitting ion top of him with her pendulous breasts hanging over him. In this position they would comfortably fuck while Raju sucked his mothers enormous tits. He would usually end soaking with him mother milk as his mother rode him to blissful orgasm.

When Raju and his mother discoursed the delights of anal sex, they found that they could use the same position. He would stick his cock in his mother's tight ass while he suckled milk from her breast. She like the control that his gave them as they butt fucked; and Raju thought this gave him the best – or was it the breast – of both worlds.

One day after Raju and his mother were going at it hot and heavy on the bed, his mother suggested something new.

"Sure, Mom" Raju said eagerly.

He was always willing to try something new. She lay on her side, which cause both her heavy breasts to flop together.

"Raju, lie on your side facing me, and slide up a little, son" She took his engorged cock and inserted it between her tits.

"MMMM, Like this mom." He said as he reveled the feel of the smooth, warm breast flesh against his rock hard cock.

"Now just fuck mom fits, son" she said.

Raju needed no further instruction and started fucking his mothers cleaves. This was true delight. Warm milk started oozing from her nipples and ran down his cock and testicles.

"God, mom", he squeezed both of her breasts tight around his cock. Milk started squirting in the air and on his abdomen. She was squirming now. Raju new his mother could orgasm just from the heavy breast play. With both his hands he kneaded her breasts and fucked her cleavage.

Hear breasts were heavy and full and possessed inner warmth that radiated into his cock. His mother breast was slick with milk, which provided the much-needed lubrication as he fucked her tities. Raju did not survive this ecstasy for long because he soon came into orgasm. Alarmed suddenly, her tried to move himself away from his mother; but he discovered it was too late as he shot wave after wave of his white cream into his mother tities and face. Raju sat up suddenly and looked at his mother rather concerned. Big wads of semen hung from his mothers left cheek and chin.

"Sorry mom!" he said.

"Don't be silly, Raju" she gave him a smile that warmed his heart.

"It is supposed to be good for the skin." She said as she rubbed the mess on her face and her swollen tities."

She saw his horrified reaction and smiled.

"It is ok Raju," she said reassuringly.

Aruna Devi was washing her dishes as Raju entered the kitchen.

"HI, dear son." She said turning around. Without saying a word he reached around his mother and cupped her breasts though her blouse. He reached into the front end of his mothers blouse and slipped his hand into the top of her brassier, feeling the warmth of her bare breast inside.

"MMMM, Lets go to the bedroom, Raju' she said.

"No, I've got a better idea, Mom" with the other hand he lifted the back of his mothers sari to her waist. He pinched his mothers nipple and felt the warm milk drop down his fingers while he yanked down his mothers panties over the swell of her ass.

"OOOH, Raju," his mother moaned.

Raju took the plastic bottle of dish washing detergent from the counter and squirted a biog glob of the green liquid onto his palm. He unzipped himself and spread the goo into to his erect cock; he transferred the remainder of the glob into his index finger, and then, rubbed it into the crack of his mother's bare ass.

His mother squirmed.

"Br, it is cold Raju" she said.

"I will warm it for you, Mom" he replied. His finger found his mothers anus, he pocked it into his mothers ass and spread the goo with a circular motion. Used to anal play now, she relaxed her sphincter and spread the legs at his intrusion.

"Raju, do it, fuck your mothers arse she said in growing excitement. Raju placed his cock against his mothers arse and pushed, it slid without any resistance to her ass. He kissed the back of her neck as he pushed into her butt.

"Oh Mom," her heard himself moan. He bit her earlobe lightly as she stated fucking her arse.

"Mother fucker," she goaded. She knew calling him a motherfucker always exited him.

"You love it, Mom?" he was thrusting harder now. His mother was bucking her ass back against him.. He knew they were both close now.

"Oh, oh, oh!" he grunted as he came in his mothers arse.

He felt his body tighten and relax under her embrace. They both collapsed to the cold kitchen floor and held each other tenderly.

Their lives changed forever with their new relationship. They were still mother and son but so much mire, they were lovers to. The intensity of their sexual relationship scared them at first. Raju and his mother knew that they have to control their flames of their passion to keep it from consuming their lives. And when her husband, Raju's father will return back at home. They still fucked like rabbits around the clock., but his mother was always careful to make sure that the all other matters of day to day life was attended to. Raju not only kept up at school but also actually started excelling. Raju news at the end of each day his mother would be waiting for him – usually with some new sexual kink that would drive them tom new sexual height as they fucked together.

So, guys and gals, here ends my fantasy of a continued affair between mom and son.

What are you waiting for; please send me your responses.

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