tagIncest/TabooMom's Special Wedding Ch. 1

Mom's Special Wedding Ch. 1


Sherri couldn't remember ever having been more excited in her life as she stepped out of the warm shower and gazed at her nude body in the bathroom's full length mirror. Not only was she marrying one of the most wonderful, handsomest (and SEXIEST) men in the world, one of the OTHER most handsome men was going to give her away to her new and horny husband. Robbie, her 19 year old son would be home from the Marines and was going to fill the role that her beloved father would have performed had he not died so many years earlier.

Sherri had not seen her darling son since he had left for boot camp shortly after his 17th birthday. Robbie's father had been killed in a tragic accident just weeks before he and Sherri were to be married. And Sherri had not even known at the time that she was pregnant with a son who would never know his real father. As a result, Sherri had lavished all the love and affection that she might have bestowed on her husband onto the only thing she had to remind her of her former lover. His flight from Camp Pendelton had gotten in late and he had called to tell her he would meet them at the ceremony.

All of this flashed through her mind as she stared at her naked body in the mirror. The reflection that returned her look seemed to say, "Not bad for a 37 year old woman," she thought as her eyes took in her long blond hair, shining in the sunbeams from the skylight above, like strands of fine spun gold. Her face was unlined and framed her full, red and sensuous lips that seemed to have been designed to suck a fully engorged cock or a wet and dripping pussy.

Sherri's eyes continued to stray downward to her full, beautiful breasts with their cherry red nipples just begging to be pinched, squeezed and sucked. Down across her firm, flat belly to the nest of yellow curls that gleamed just above the soft folds of her cunt and the, now tingling tip of her clit as it peeked through the heavy lips of her pussy. Her legs were long, tan and shapely, and she knew that she could draw (and keep) the attention of ANY man...And a good many women.

Sherri was not only excited about the wedding that was to commence in just over an hour or the fact that she would be seeing her loving son for the first time after so many months. She was also anticipating the reaction that Don, her fiancé and Robbie would have when they met for the first time. They were both very attractive men and she knew for a fact that Don, at least, was bi-sexual and she had no doubt that her son could be "seduced" under the right circumstances and she intended to "create" those circumstances to make this the most memorable night of her life.

She turned quickly from the enticing image in the mirror to begin dressing for the ceremony. First she slid a pair of transparent pantyhose with the open crotch over her slender feet and slowly worked them up over her shapely legs and tight ass. She pulled the antique silk wedding gown over her head and let it fall softly around her ankles. That, and a pair of spiked, high heels and a string of pearls was ALL she intended to wear.

Once again, she turned to examine herself in the full length mirror with a critical eye. Slowly she raised the hem of the pure white silk above the waistband of the pantyhose and was pleased to note that her blond bush and moist rich pussy lips were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. "That ought to turn them on, if nothing else does", she thought lasciviously. For she fully intended for her son to see this erotic sight, just as her new husband would.

Satisfied with her appearance, she glanced at the clock on the table beside the king sized bed and hurried into the other room where her bridesmaid, Darla was waiting to take her to the wedding hall.


Robbie stood nervously just outside the Bride's Dressing Room near the vestibule of the wedding hall, waiting for his mother to appear so that he could escort her down the aisle and "give her away" to a man he had never met. It was strange, he thought, that his mom not only wanted him to play the role that should have been his grandfather's, she had also asked him to stand in as Don's best man, since he was new to the community and did not know anyone to serve in that function. He was glad to do it because he knew instinctively that he was going to like ANY man who could win the heart and love of his mother. He had to admit, though, that he felt just a twinge of jealousy towards the man who would soon get to know his mother in a way that he could only dream about.

He also had to admit that he had "dreamed" about fucking his mother ever since the time he had quite innocently and unexpectedly come upon Sherri sunbathing nude in the back yard on a warm summer afternoon a couple of years ago. He had been so surprised that, at first, all he could do was stand there and stare at her gorgeous body with her full, ripe breasts and a bright yellow bush covering the entrance to the womb where he was conceived. He was conscious of the warming sensation in his groin as his cock began to grow and stiffen, crawling down the leg of his ragged cutoffs, but he was unable to tear his eyes from this vision of loveliness and he cleared his throat to let her know he was there...and hoped that she would not be too embarrassed at being seen by her son in all her naked glory.

Robbie remembered that she had not seemed to be surprised or embarrassed in the least at being "caught" by her son. She had casually reached over and picked up a large beach towel and draped it carelessly over her body and invited him to join her to soak up some rays onto his young, muscular body. He still regretted having declined her overture but he had known he wouldn't be unable to hide obvious lust for his own mother and so he had offered a lame excuse and hurried back into the house. But he had certainly never forgotten that lovely view and the exquisite fantasies that he had masturbated to ever since.

Now, as he waited, he inspected himself one more time in the mirror and examined his blue, red and gold, full dress uniform for any flaws that might mar the occasion. He was vaguely aware that he was very good looking...even without the uniform. His mother had told him often enough that he had inherited the dark, good looks of his father. He knew that he had no trouble attracting the attention of girls and women, and lately he had been getting more than a few approaches from men as well. He didn't quite know how to handle that, but he also knew that he was not turned off by these advances and was, he admitted, somewhat curious and turned on by some of the guys who had come on to him back at camp and in the bars outside the base. He suspected that he had gotten that aspect of his sexuality from his father as well, since his mother had implied that they both had experiences with same sex partners more than once.

He turned as the door to the dressing room opened and his mother swept into the foyer in a cloud of billowing silks and satin. His hungry eyes drank in this vision of beauty and settled on the deep cleft of her snowy breasts that were threatening to climb completely out of the low cut gown. He gathered her quickly into a warm embrace of welcome and lowered his lips to give her a chaste and tender kiss on the cheek. He was pleasantly surprised when she turned her face slightly and met his lips with hers. A shock coursed through his body and settled deep in his scrotum as her tongue darted swiftly between his lips and flicked so briefly against his own.

Before he had time to respond or even catch his breath, she withdrew slightly and whispered, "Welcome home, Darling."

"You're gorgeous," he stammered. "Don is going to be the luckiest guy in the world." He wanted to say more, but at that moment the organ began playing "Here Comes the Bride," and his mother slipped her arm under the sleeve of his uniform and turned them towards the door of the hall. He was sure that he just imagined that she had replied coyly, "So are you, Angel!"


Don stood anxiously next to the minister's podium waiting for Sherri to enter the hall on the arm of her Marine Corp son. He guessed that he was no more nervous than ANY new groom would be...But how many new grooms awaited their wedding night knowing that their wife to be was planning on sharing their bridal bed with a handsome, young stud who also happened to be her only son?

He had told her early on in their relationship, that he often enjoyed having sex with another man, especially when they were sharing a woman they both cared deeply for. He was concerned that she would be disgusted with his revelation, but felt that the only way to start a new relationship was with totally honesty. And there was no doubt in his mind that this was an important part of his sexual being and one that he did not relish giving up...Not even for marriage with such a beautiful and desirable woman.

His heart (and his cock) had jumped when she replied that having two men fucking her at the same time was a fantasy that she had for a long time. She and Robbie's father had often discussed having 3-ways with other men (and other women) before he had died and they had a chance to fulfill their erotic intentions. But she had REALLY blown his mind when she shyly admitted that she would love it if her first time with two men included her hunk of a son! Don had never given much thought to the subject of incest, but when he thought seriously about it, his conclusion was, "Well, why not...If it's between consenting adults, who's going to be hurt by it?"

Sherri had shown him several pictures of Robbie, some with him wearing not much more than a smile. Thinking about those pictures now, and especially the large bulge in the crotch of Robbie's tiny bikini swim suit was enough to get Don's cock stirring again if he allowed it to. He wondered if the real thing would look as good as those photographs did.

Don was resisting the urge to put his hands in his pockets and secretly rubbing his semi-turgid cock when "The Wedding March" began and all heads turned to the back of the room to catch the first glimpse of the beautiful young bride and her handsome escort. His heart began to beat faster as he caught sight of his bride to be with her big, beautiful boobs crying for release from the tight bodice of her wedding gown. He was equally thrilled with the young man whose strong arm she was holding as they walked slowly down the aisle. He decided that the pictures he had seen in no way did Robbie true justice...At least from what he could see and imagine was under that impressive uniform.

When these two people who were soon to become intimate members of his life reached the podium, Robbie stood quietly beside his mother as the minister began the wedding ceremony. When the minister asked "Who gives this woman in marriage?" he replied strongly, "I do!" and stepped over beside Don and held out his hand. Don grasped it warmly and the two men shook hands and looked into each others eyes for the first time. Then they both stepped beside Sherri as the minister completed the ceremony. Don was sure that he and Sherri both made a mental reservation when the preacher asked the question about "forsaking all others"...As he knew they had NO intention of living by THAT admonition. And when the minister said, "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife," Don knew that this was the beginning of a night never to be forgotten.


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