tagIncest/TabooMom's Special Wedding - End

Mom's Special Wedding - End


As the lecherous trio departed the taxi and approached the boat launch, Don confided to his companions that the boat was owned and operated by another of his many relatives living on the island and that the trip across the intervening ocean would take a little over an hour, and that even though it was a warm and balmy night, the prevailing breeze blowing across the open sea could be a bit chilly.

As the three settled comfortably in one of the passenger lounges, Don retrieved a large, warm blanket to protect them from the chill during the short passage to the island. Carl, the boat's pilot had cast an approving eye over his cousin's new bride as he took her hand to help her into the launch and he grinned his appreciation of her briefly exposed pussy as her short skirt billowed around her beautiful thighs and above her waist in a slightly stronger gust.

"Not bad, Don," he grinned. "Any chance of sharing this gorgeous young ladies charms anytime soon?"

"Give us break, Carl!” laughed Don. "This is our wedding night. I'm sure you'll be charming your way into her pants soon enough...Or trying to at least. But that's something you'll have to work out with her when the time comes. Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce my new wife and her son, Robbie to you. We're going to be spending our honeymoon at the beach house so we'll probably be getting together with some of the family in a few days. And I've never known you to miss a 'family party'...Especially a wedding party."

Carl grinned again and winked at Sherri and Robbie as he shook the young Marine's hand. "He's got that right. There's not a whole lot to do on our island EXCEPT party and this is one family that KNOWS how to do it up right. I'm sure you and Rob will fit in just fine...From what little I've seen so far," he smirked.

"It sounds like fun, Carl," said Sherri, blushing slightly under the handsome seaman's intense scrutiny. "But, as Don said; give us a little time to get better acquainted before we get..."better acquainted!"

"Sure thing, kids," Carl replied as he turned to the launch's cockpit and prepared to get under way. "We'll be there shortly, so keep yourselves warm in the meantime."

Sherri settled back between Robbie and Don and snuggled into the blanket as the powerful boat pulled out into the open sea. The strong vibrations from the large, twin diesel engines reverberated up through the soft cushions and her pussy began to tingle in response to the stimulation. She slipped a hand into the laps of the men on either side of her and was not surprised in the least to encounter two warmly pulsating cocks waiting eagerly for her touch. Obviously, the boat's vibrations had a similar effect on them that it was having on her. She sighed deliciously in anticipation as she slowly began to massage the rapidly stiffing pricks of her new husband in one hand and her loving son in the other.

Both Don and Robbie seemed to have the same thought at the same time as they each ran their hand over the silky fabric of Sherri's pantyhose and caressed her soft inner thighs, searching for the opening that would give their questing fingers access to her sweet and inviting pussy.

Robbie's hand arrived at their mutual destination no more than a heartbeat before his step-father's and he cupped his mother's mound as he slipped inside her pantyhose. Don's hand covered the younger man's and his fingers began to assert pressure on Robbie's, so that both men's fingers slid easily between the lips of Sherri's, now slippery cunt and they began to alternately finger fuck the eager young woman in time with the devoted attention she was applying to their throbbing cocks.

The mutual masturbation of the incestuous three-some, accentuated by the powerful vibrations of the boat's engines soon had all three of them cumming again and again as they quickly crossed the ocean to their island hideaway and a wedding night that none of them would soon forget.

"We're going to have to buy Carl a new blanket," whispered Sherri as the launch approached the island's jetty. "We really made a mess of this one."

"That's alright," replied Don with a smile. "He's used to it. It can be a pretty boring trip usually, so he keeps the locker pretty well stocked. He's also been known to put her on autopilot and join in the fun on a few occasions...Almost ran her aground a couple of times...Right, Carl”?

"Are you telling lies about the old captain to your pretty young wife, me bucko?" drawled Carl as he helped Sherri onto the dock and held her a little closer and a little longer than absolutely necessary.

"By no means," laughed Don. "I just told her what everyone knows...That you're a lecherous old pirate who eats young maidens for breakfast."

"Every chance I get," Carl replied. "And for lunch and dinner too, if I can. And they don't even have to be 'young' OR 'maidens'. I dooo love to eat pussy, my dear. To that I plead guilty." With a leer at Sherri, he let his strong sailor's hands slide down over her ass and released her to help Don and Robbie with the luggage.

The bags were quickly loaded into Don's waiting Jeep and the three honeymooners waved good-bye to Carl and drove off towards their seaside hideaway with Don at the wheel and Sherri squeezed tightly between the two men.

"The house isn't far," said Don. "We'll be there shortly."

"Good," breathed Sherri. "I need a hot bath and a warm bed with two horny men catering to my every desire."

"I'm sure Robbie and I can provide the latter and the hot tub should be filled and waiting when we get there," Don replied with a leer in Rob's direction.

As they approached the large "cottage" nestled in a grove of trees overlooking the ocean, Sherri exclaimed, "I've toured smaller houses than that in Newport, Rhode Island!"

"It's not that big" laughed Don. "But it is comfortable and has all the amenities."

Following Don's directions, Sherri ran into the big house and went to find the whirlpool located next to the master suite while Don and Robbie carried in the luggage. Soon the two men could her laughing and splashing in the large hot tub.

"Shall we join her?" Don asked the young Marine. "I could use a hot, relaxing bath too!"

"I don't know how 'relaxing' it will be; all things considered," laughed Robbie. "But I'm willing if you are," and he began to strip out of his uniform as he headed in the direction of his mother's voice urging them to join her.

The two men slid into the warm, bubbly water and immediately enclosed Sherri's naked body in a tight sandwich between them with Robbie pressed tightly against her large breasts and Don's stiff cock sliding between her legs from behind and rubbing between her swollen pussy lips. Don slipped his hand between Sherri's and her son's bodies, grasped Robbie's hard cock and began to manipulate the younger man's cockhead around and around his mother's clit and back and forth over the engorged head of his own prick.

Any doubts Robbie had had about having sex with his new step-father vanished as the two men rubbed their cocks together between his mother's hungry cunt lips and he slipped his hands around his mother's luscious body and grasped the older man's ass cheeks and pulled him even closer against his mother's ass as he humped against her pussy and her husband's cock.

Robbie sank his tongue deeply between his mother's inviting lips and began sucking her's in an incestuous soul kiss as Don's hands kneaded her swollen breasts and tweaked her large nipples into full erection. Breaking the kiss, Sherri twisted around until she was facing her handsome husband and slipping her hand between their bodies, she grabbed his large erection and slipped it deeply into her waiting pussy, then reached behind her to take her son's cock and begin to rub it against her asshole. Robbie pressed the head of his dick harder and harder against his mother's resisting sphincter muscle as she groaned softly against her husbands neck. With a final push, the young Marine sank the full length of his hot poker deep into his mother's ass and the two men fell into a smooth rhythm as they simultaneously fucked the young woman, fore and aft.

Robbie could feel the full length of Don's big cock rubbing against his own through the thin membrane of his mother's rectum and knew that they were on all the verge of cumming. With a final thrust his balls slapped hard against his mother's ass cheeks and began to pump gobs of hot, sticky cum deeply into her dark tunnel and he felt his step-fathers cock spewing cum into Sherri's wildly contracting cunt as she screamed and writhed in the midst of her own orgasm.

As the three incestuous lovers began to come down from their incredible high, the two men's cocks slipped out of their respective love holes into the warm, swirling water, trailing gobs of cum between them. "I still want that warm bed." sighed Sherri. And with their arms around each other, the three honeymooners staggered off to the king sized wedding bed.

Crawling into the huge bed, Sherri grinned wickedly at the two men and said, "Alright, guys! Now it's your turn to get acquainted. I just want to lay back and watch my two men get it on. I've been fantasizing about the two of you sucking and fucking each other every since I knew that Robbie was coming on our honeymoon with us."

"I admit that I've had a few thoughts along that line myself," said Don as he reached over and began to stroke Robbie's now flaccid cock. "But I wasn't sure how my new step-son would feel about getting it on with his 'old man'."

"Neither was I," laughed Rob as he, too, began to play with Don's larger, but still soft prick and to gently caress his step-fathers balls. "But if that's what Mom wants, that's what Mom gets." And with that he swung around so that he and his new Dad could indulge in an incestuous, man to man 69.

Don wasted no time in taking Rob's soft, warm cock between his lips and running his tongue around and over the bulbous head of his son's prick, pressing the tip of his tongue into the younger man's tiny slit and sucking the rapidly growing cock further into his mouth as he deep throated the rapidly swelling member.

Robbie was every bit his father's equal at cocksucking and soon had the older man's dick buried deeply in his own throat as well, as he gently squeezed and rolled Don's testicles between his fingers. He drew in his breath sharply as he felt Don's fingers slip between the cheeks of his ass and search out his quivering bunghole. But his hesitation evaporated quickly and he pushed his ass back against his father's hand, inviting a deeper invasion of his nether region.

"Oh yes," he murmured around his father's cock. "Do it! Harder! Deeper" And as he squirmed against his father's penetrating fingers, he licked and sucked the older man's balls and ran his tongue over the sensitive region leading to Don's ass hole and tried to force his tongue into the tight hole. Don responded by gripping the young Marines head between his thighs, holding him tightly against his asshole and squirming against the boy's ravishing tongue.

After several minutes of furious sucking, finger and tongue fucking, Don broke the incestuous embrace, turned around and whispered into Robbie's ear: "I want to watch you fuck your mother while I'm fucking you in the ass. Do you think you can handle that?"

"You bet!" stammered the young man. His father's probing fingers had his asshole pulsing for more and he was certainly hot to fuck his adoring mother's pussy again.

"Hey," pouted Sherri. "I thought I was going to get to watch you guys for awhile."

"You are!" laughed Don pointing towards the ceiling.

Sherri was astonished to see herself and her two lovers reflected from the mirror covered ceiling as he adjusted the lighting with a remote control in the headboard of the bed. "Don, you are absolutely decadent! And I love every minute of it."

Robbie wasted little time admiring the lascivious scene reflected from above but began to suck and lick the still dripping cum from his mother's warm and inviting cunt while Don provided Rob's asshole with a similar treatment, each man lubricating their respective targets with lavish amounts of saliva and loosening them up with their probing tongues.

"Do it Rob! Fuck your mother! Fuck her now." rasped Don, coming up for air and reaching around to guide the young Marine's huge cock towards his mother's wet and willing cunt. Robbie did as he was told and sunk his dick to the hilt into his mother's pussy as his dad gently squeezed and massaged his swollen balls.

"Yes, Robbie. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." cried Sherri, watching her handsome son's ass reflected in the mirror above as he slammed his cock into her and ground his pelvis back and forth on her mound.

Don laid back and watched the reflection of the incestuous mother and son for a few minutes and then positioned himself between Robbie's spread legs and returned his attention to the young mans gyrating ass. He smeared some love oil over the head of his turgid cock and down the long shaft. Using his fingers, he applied some of the oil to Rob's ass cheeks and butthole and slowly inserted, first one and then two fingers into the boy's tight sphincter and began to spread the opening to accommodate his eager prick.

Taking his cock into his hand, he guided it between the cheeks of his new son's ass and began to press the head of it against Rob's asshole. Robbie, pushed back against the invading cockhead, pulling slightly out of his mother's cunt as he did so. A low moan escaped his lips as his virgin hole stretched to accommodate something that had never been there before.

At first, the young man's asshole resisted the attacking cock and clamped even tighter around the swollen head as it began to penetrate the constricting ring. "Relax, son," whispered his father. "It'll only hurt for a moment and I'm going to take it slow so you can get used to it...Just relax. You'll be fine."

Robbie found that what the lecherous, older man said was true. And soon, his father's cock was buried deep in his rectum and after the sharp and brief initial pain subsided, he realized that he had never felt anything so good in his young life. Not only was he fucking his beautiful mother...He was getting the shit fucked out of him by his new found father...And he was loving every minute of it.

Don allowed his full weight to press against the young Marine's smooth ass as he pressed deeper and deeper into his son's dark tunnel, beginning an in and out driving rhythm that forced Robbie's cock deeper into his mother's cunt with each thrust.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming!" screamed Sherri as she watched each driving thrust of her husband's ass reflected from the mirrors above. Her cries intensified the frantic plunging of her husband's cock into her darling son as Robbie's prick drove deep into her cunt time and time again. Simultaneously, the two men's cocks began to shoot huge gobs of hot, steaming cum into their respective love holes and they collapsed onto Sherri's body, exhausted from their mind blowing orgasms.

As the incestuous honeymooners lay back and observed themselves in the mirror above, Robbie said, "I think I'll get married and we can do this all over again. Do you think Darla might be interested?" he asked.

"I'm sure she would, " said Don, "But if not, I have a gorgeous young cousin here in town that is just dying to get married and have a traditional "island family" wedding."

The End

[Watch for further adventures of Sherri, Don and Robbie and their incestuous island family]

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