Mom's Stocking Stuffer


My face was coated in her juices, and the curls all around her pussy were damp. She continued to twitch from the aftershocks of the climax I'd given her, and I felt myself swell with pride. Something else started swelling as well.

When Mom's eyes finally opened, she beckoned me to her, and I leaned over her for a kiss. She kissed me deeply, and then let her tongue swirl over my lips and chin, lapping up her juices. My nearly hard cock tapped against her tummy, and she let out a moan.

A hand slipped between us, fingers curling around my manhood, and it sent a final surge of blood, bringing me to full erection.

"I need you inside me," she said in a breathless voice.

I scooted back a few inches, pausing to kiss each of her breasts in turn. Mom moaned, bending her knees and parting them wide around me. Supporting my weight on one hand, I used the other to guide my cock through her curls until the tip was poised at her entrance.

A push of my hips popped the head of my cock inside her, and Mom gasped, her head thumping into the pillow and her earrings jingling. She was wonderfully tight, hot, and wet, squeezing around my swollen helmet.

"Easy. Slow," Mom said in a rush.

I gave another little push, slipping an inch deeper into her satiny embrace. She growled, her walls contracting around me and her features tightening.

"S-so big. More. Please," she said. Her eyes were still closed, and she gripped the bedclothes tight in a clenched fist.

I felt a moment of lessened resistance, and my body took over. Mom moaned loud and long as a steady thrust buried me to the hilt inside her. When my balls settled against her, she gasped, and her eyes opened at last.

"Your pussy feels so good, Mom."

"So full, honey. Oh, stay there for a moment."

I bent one arm, lowering my body down enough to take her nipple in my mouth. Mom's legs wrapped around me, the slippery nylon caressing my back making me throb in her depths. When I switched nipples, I pulled back as far as I could and thrust again.

Mom grunted with every slow, short thrust. I released her nipple, looking into her eyes and seeing them widen whenever my tip settled into her depths for a moment before retreating. I kept up the slow, sinuous motion, knowing that I'd never felt anything as wonderful in my life as Mom's tight pussy wrapped around me.

After a minute or two, the slightly pained sounds quieted, and her features softened. My need swelling, I pulled back a little farther, and thrust harder. Though she gasped from the initial shock, a long, sultry moan followed immediately afterward.

I kept up the pace, and between pants, Mom said, "That's it. Right there. So good."

I straightened my arm again, rising up above her. I could see her breasts quivering, and thrust a little harder. The quiver became a jiggle, and Mom let out a whimper.

"Mmm hmm. That's it."

Only a few thrusts later, I was past the point of self-control. I levered up onto my knees, curling my fingers around her thighs, and gave vent to my need.

Mom's body rocked beneath me, her breasts jiggling and quaking. A clap sounded every time our bodies came together, my balls slapping against her. I looked down to see a milky sheathe of her wetness coating the entire length of my shaft, encircling her vagina, and decorating the hairs around it. She was so wet that I could hear the sound of my cock sliding in and out of her.

She began to cry out. "Oh. Oh. Oh yes. Faster. Harder." Her head lashed back and forth on the pillow, setting her silver earrings to jingling.

The bed creaked in protest as I gave her everything I had, feeling the ache of an approaching climax despite having come so recently. I clenched my teeth, grunting from the effort of holding back my seed.

"Almost... Oh! I'm going to come, honey."

"Can't. About to come too," I growled, knowing that I wasn't going to hold out much longer.

"Don't stop!" she cried out in a rush. "Oh! Yes, yes, yes! I'mmm!"

She squealed, and her walls contracted tight around me as she exploded into orgasm. Her back arched up high from the bed, and clawed fingers fisted into the bedclothes. She sucked in a loud, ragged gasp, and then screamed, "Yes!"

The rhythmic squeeze of her climaxing pussy was too much. I buried myself balls deep with an explosive growl and erupted inside her. I came so hard that I could feel it tickling the slit of my cockhead, flooding Mom's depths with great pools of cum.

"Oh, that's it, honey. Give it all to me."

When I finally ceased spurting, I fell forward onto my hands. Mom wrapped her stocking-clad legs around me again, and stroked my back as she quivered and moaned, still caught up in her own climax. For long minutes, we panted for breath, twitching from the aftershocks, with my cock still nestled inside her. I finally couldn't handle any more, and pulled free to collapse next to her.

Mom snuggled up next to me, pulled the edge of the comforter over us as best she could, and I drifted off into an exhausted slumber.


When I opened my eyes to the morning sun in Mom's bed — our bed now — she was running a finger through the sparse hairs on my chest, and wearing a brilliant smile.

"Good morning." She leaned down and kissed me, the customary peck of greeting we'd shared for so long. "Merry Christmas." The kiss that followed was deep and lingering.

"Merry Christmas," I said when our lips parted.

"Do you want to go open presents? See what Santa brought us?"

"There's only one thing I want for Christmas."

"Me too," she agreed, and tugged on my morning erection.

The presents remained unopened for quite some time as we shared our own Joy to the World.


Hope you enjoyed it!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/20/18

Sexual show

Love the seduction of him! Keep up the good work!

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by notunique09/25/17

One of the best!

What an incredibly sexy mom/son/nylon fetish story.!! Thanks. I couldn't have written it better. My nylon fetish started with my mom but it never evolved into anything like this although she knew I jerkedmore...

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