tagIncest/TabooMom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 04

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 04


"Don't forget, we've got fucking pictures whore."

"Ahhhh!" Mom shot straight up; awakened by the sound of her alarm clock, she was a sweaty sticky mess. "What a terrible dream.." Mom thought to herself. She laid in bed and continued to recount what had just occurred in her dream; blackmailed by my roommate and his friend, she was horrified.

Around lunch time I received the following text:

"Matthew, please give me a call. It's urgent. Love, Mom."

I called Mom several times; no answer. I even called her work; nothing. Perhaps something serious was going on. I figured I'd make the drive once again up to Palmdale to check on her. It appeared Mom was home, her car in the driveway; the front door was unlocked yet again so I decided to let myself in this time as opposed to knocking.

"Mom?" I called out; again no response. This was all too familiar.

I made my way up to her bedroom; the door was open. It sounded like she was just getting out of the shower.

"Mom, it's me." I shouted from the doorway, so as not to startle her.

"Matthew?" She called back. "Oh my god, what are you doing here?"

"You texted me earlier and said it was urgent; you weren't returning any of my calls so I got worried."

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry Honey. Let me throw something on, I'm just getting ready for a date with your father." Mom yelled through the bathroom door.

"You know, you really should start locking your front door. You never know who could drop in." I said, jokingly.

Mom emerged from the bathroom in a smooth silk purple night gown; a cloud of steam from the hot shower followed behind her and quickly evaporated. She had on her black leggings and garter belt; her face was fully done up in make-up. Suffice to say, Mom was looking sexy as all hell; I was truly jealous of my dad.

"Oh, you know how forgetful I am." Mom laughed.

"So really, what was so urgent?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, baby. Really it's nothing." Mom told me, "I had a bad dream last night and I got caught up in my head. I'm sorry you drove all this way. I didn't mean to scare you."

"A bad dream? That's it? About what?" I attempted to pry more information out of her.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Mom stopped me, dead in my tracks. "What did your roommate say about the other day?"

"Oh, God." I said, "He was freaked out."

"What did you tell him?" She asked.

"The truth. I simply told him the truth."

"Matthew.." Mom started.

"No, don't worry. I explained it all. I told him there was a mix up and I was hired for your birthday party; I told him how things got carried away and by the time we realized it it was too late."

"Yeah but what about the other day!!" Mom said, anxiously.

"I placed it all on myself; I told him you were angry that I've been hiding the fact I was a stripper for all these years and somehow convinced him that I took advantage of you and seduced you, right there in my room."

Mom couldn't believe that I admitted to my friend that I seduced my own mother; she seemed to truly regret the entire situation. Mom sat down on the bed and tried to find the right thing to say.

"Here, have a seat." Mom instructed me to sit on the bed beside her. "Look, I'm really sorry this all happened in the first place."

"Mom, it's fine.."

"No, it's not." She interrupted. "Your father has been working late night overtime a lot lately and we haven't been seeing each other much. I've kind of been going through a mid-life crisis, I guess. With all the stress of getting older and not having your father around as much to talk to, it's been.. Hard."

"I.. I didn't realize that, Mom." I tried to calm her nerves.

"Of course not! You shouldn't have to deal with these things. It's my fault; I should have stopped things that first night at my party but I just couldn't.." Mom continued, "I took advantage of you! I needed someone to fulfill my needs and I ended up using my own son as the outlet. I am a terrible Mother."

"What?! No you aren't. Mom. If anything, you're the greatest mom on the planet. You're certainly the best woman I know. You didn't take advantage of me, I wanted you just as badly as you wanted me." I explained.

"Aww, thank you sweetie. I really needed to hear that." Mom said, resting her hand on my thigh. I could feel my cock begin to twitch beneath my pants; this was not the time nor the place.

"Well, I guess I should get going. You need to finish getting ready for your date." I told her.

Mom leaned in closer; she stared down at her hand which was still on my thigh. The closer she got, the further her hand went up; she skipped straight passed my cock and ran her hand up my chest. She reached the top of my shirt and her finger swirled around the top button; carefully undoing it.

"Well.. Maybe you should stay for a while?" Mom asked, indecisively.

"Mom, I don't think we should.." I said, as Mom unbuttoned the second button down my shirt. I pulled back and said, "Seriously, I don't think it's a good idea."

Just as I pulled back Mom pulled me closer by the shirt and ripped open the rest of the buttons. She could tell that I wanted her and my will power was growing weaker by the second.

"Mom! What about Dad?" I asked.

"He won't be home for another hour.." She said as her hand caressed it's way up my chest until she reached my neck; she pulled me in and began kissing me.

Our tongues met and we kissed passionately, "Fuck, I want you Mom." I moaned through a deep breath. We both paused, our faces so close to the other that our noses were still touching; I could feel Mom's mouth begin to widen as she tried to hold back her smile.

"I'm all yours, baby." Mom said, as she held me in her arms and carefully fell back onto the bed.

We continued to kiss but Mom was quick to get my cock in her mouth; she pivoted on the mattress and unzipped my pants, yanking my cock out as quickly as possible. She grabbed the base of my cock and ran her tongue around the head; I could feel the warm tease of her breath. Mom's ass was sitting right beside my head, almost in a 69 position except she was beside me; I pulled the night gown up over the curve of her voluptuous body and admired the view.

"Fuck.." I moaned as Mom started to slide the head of my cock into her mouth; I could feel the slight pressure from her teeth bearing down on the shaft as she let out a slight giggle.

Mom ran her other hand over my thigh and grabbed a tight handful of my balls and started to lick them while stroking the shaft.

"You like it when your Mom sucks your cock, don't you?" She asked, already aware of the answer.

I couldn't take it; my instincts had taken over yet again. I reached under and grabbed Mom around the waist and lifted her off the bed and onto my face; she sat back on her knees with my cock still in hand as I pulled her thong to the side and my tongue found it's way inside her wet hole. I could hear the clench of Mom's jaw slamming shut as her teeth grinded against themselves; the arch in her back weakened and she fell forward as she softly moaned.

I feasted upon Mom's sweet pussy for the first time with no regret or shame; for the first time we both knew what we were doing and we both wanted it. Mom continued to suck my cock as I ate her vagina; her strokes became shorter and shorter until she could no longer handle it. She released my cock from her mouth and screamed out in ecstasy; her legs trembled and I felt the spit from her mouth dripping down my shaft and balls.

With all her strength Mom broke the grip I had around her thighs and hopped off my face; she pivoted once again and pulled her thong off quickly. Mom positioned my cock at the base of her cunt, cowgirl style and shoved the soaking wet thong into my mouth.

"I want you to taste my pussy as I cum on that cock." She whispered in my ear, lowering herself down upon my shaft.

Mom hugged me tightly; her arms wrapped around my head as she slammed her throbbing vagina up and down taking every inch of my cock down to the balls. I could literally feel Mom's cunt throbbing with every last pump; tightening and squeezing as it gushed upon me until finally her strokes slowed down. Mom's speed became more sensual as her entire body started to tremble; she sat all the way down, her pussy swallowing my cock and screamed.

Mom lost control of her body as she started to cum so I hugged her tightly as she had been hugging me and started thrusting my hips as hard and as deep as I could to send her orgasm over the edge. Mom continued to scream, attempting to make out the words "I'm cumming" but to no avail; she had lost all motor function.

I could feel my cock begin to tighten inside of her vagina; I rolled Mom onto her back and quickly switched to a missionary position, with both of her legs cradled over my shoulders. I pumped slow and deep making sure to get every inch inside of her; Mom knew it was time.

"Cum for me, baby." Mom said, softly caressing my face with her hand. "Look me in the eyes, while you cum inside me."

Mom held my face tightly so that our eyes were locked; my mouth dropped wide and I struggled to find my breath as I pumped my final strokes into Mom's pussy before my cock erupted inside of her. I exhaled deeply as I started to cum and when I did Mom pulled my face even closer to hers and buried her tongue deeply in my mouth as I continued to push all the way inside her.

We made out long after my orgasm ended until I was lying on top of her motionless, with the exception of a slight twitch in my cock; we were both a sweaty mess.

Mom glanced over at the clock.

"OH shit! Your father." She said, pushing me off of her, "I forgot about our date." Mom stood up and checked herself out in the vanity mirror beside the bed. "Oh my God, my make-up! I have to take another shower and get ready. He'll be home soon. Will you lock the door on your way out?" Mom asked.

I nodded as Mom rushed to back into the bathroom to get ready; I was in a complete state of euphoria. I laid there completely relaxed in a pool of our juices, in my parents bed and just thought about how lucky I was. As per Mom's request, I got dressed and made my way out; locking the door behind me.

As Mom was getting out of the shower she heard a knock at the door; she rushed down thinking I must have forgotten something. She opened the door to find her best friend; the one who originally hired me for Mom's birthday party.

"Kristy! What are you doing here?" Mom said, surprised.

"That's all I get! What are you doing here?!" Kristy asked, "I hadn't heard from you in a while and I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd drop by."

"Oh, I just thought you were someone else.." Mom explained.

"Oh really? Like who? Like that young man I just saw leave your house?"

"Kristy! Are you kidding? That was just my son." Mom continued explaining.

"Sure, whatever you say Ari." Kristy teased.

"C'mon in, I'm just getting ready for a date with Dan. Grab a drink, make yourself at home." Mom invited her guest inside.

Mom rushed back upstairs to finish getting dressed and Kristy did indeed make herself at home; she grabbed a drink from the refrigerator and made her way to the couch in the living room.

"Hm.. What the.." Kristy said to herself, sipping her tea; she had noticed a photo on the wall. A family portrait. She moved in to get a closer look at the picture and began to analyze it

"Oh.. My.. God." Kristy said to herself almost spitting her tea out.

"So what have you been up to lately?" Mom shouted on her way down the stairs.

"OH MY GOD!" Kristy shouted back at my mother.

"What?!!" Mom said frantically rushing to the living room; she found her guesting examining a photo and she could feel the look of embarrassment begin to overtake her face.

"Is this your son?!" Kristy asked.

"Umm..." Mom struggled to answer, "Yeah.. it is."

"But.." Kristy was at a loss for words. "Isn't this the stripper I hired for your birthday?!"

Mom was also left speechless.

"I... Um. I.." She stumbled over her words and slowly took a seat on the couch.

"Well! Is your son a stripper or not?!" Kristy continued.

"Yeah. He is." Mom said, ashamed of herself.

"OH MY GOD!! I knew he looked familiar. I've only seen pictures of him so I couldn't place him!"

"Look, just please.. Don't tell anyone." Mom begged.

"Wait so you seriously.. Had sex with your son in front of a room full of your friends?!" Kristy asked, sincerely.

"Yep.." Mom had no choice but to tell the truth just as I had with my roommate.

"FUCK! That is so HOT!" Kristy yelled.

"... Are you serious?" Mom asked.

"Yes! Ari, you really ARE such a slut!" Kristy responded. "None of us really thought you were a sexual person but my God.."

Suddenly, Mom's phone rang.

"Hello" Mom answered, "Oh, hey Honey. Yeah, I'm ready to go."

It was Dad.

"What? Oh, no. Really? Again?" Mom sounded disappointed. "God damn it, Dan. I can't believe you're cancelling on me AGAIN!" Mom yelled into her cell phone before aggressively hanging up; Mom was pissed, to say the least.

"I'm guessing Dan can't make the date?" Kristy asked.

"Yeah, he's working late as usual. He's never around anymore and I'm getting really fucking sick and tired of it." Mom replied.

The two of them sat in the living room as an awkward silence filled the room; Kristy could feel the tension in the air.

"Say.. Do you think I could maybe watch you and your boy make love again?" Kristy couldn't help herself. "Sorry, if that's a bit forward.."

Mom didn't answer; it was almost as if she ignored Kristy entirely.

"Oh, forget I asked. I was just joking." Kristy tried to break the silence.

"Actually.. I have a better idea." Mom finally answered. "I'll give you a call later this week once I have it all figured out."

And that was that, Kristy finished her tea and said her goodbyes; Mom washed her face and called it a night. Before falling asleep, Mom sent one last text message for the night.

"Hey Tiger, your father stood me up again tonight. What's say you come by one night this week and keep your ol' Mom company? I'll make it worth your time. Love, Mom."

I responded in the early morning after I saw the text:

"Sure thing, Mom. Just let me know what night works best for you. Love, Matthew."

"Friday." Mom texted back almost instantly.

I didn't hear from Mom for the rest of the week and when Friday finally rolled around I received another text, reminiscent of the instructions she had left for Dad on the table for their anniversary.

"Come over tonight at 10 PM; Your Father is going to be out of town this weekend for a conference. The door will be unlocked and the entire house will be pitch black; make your way into the living room and closed your eyes. I'll be waiting with further instructions.."

Mom sure did have a way with building suspense, that's for sure.

I did as I was told and showed up at 10 PM; the house was pitch black as promised. I found my way in to the living room and heard Mom's voice from across the room.

"Get undressed and close your eyes, baby." Mom instructed.

I removed my clothes and closed my eyes just as Mom had asked; she slowly approached me and placed her hands on my chest and rubbed all over my body. As usual my cock grew immediately with her touch.

"Now, get on your knees and stick your tongue out as far as you can." Mom continued.

I dropped to my knees and my tongue fell out quicker than you could imagine; I could feel the warmth of Mom's body directly in front of me.

"Are you ready?" Mom asked.

Before I could even answer, I felt two hands on the back of my head shoving me forward; I fell face first into Mom's ass.. Or so I thought. My eyes flew open as soon as I felt the hands on my head, I was startled. The room was still pitch black and I could only make out the curves of a silhouetted body in front of me.

"Ah-ah-ah" Mom said, in my ear as she knelt beside me. "Keep those eyes closed.." She reminded me. "Good boy, now lick her ass."

Mom kept both hands on the back of my head and gently guided me up and down the crack of the woman in front of me; my tongue exploring her slit top to bottom, from her asshole down to her increasingly wet vagina.

I felt the woman in front of me spread her ass with both hands and Mom stopped guiding me and left my mouth right are the entrance of her cunt; suddenly she shoved me forward again and my tongue was forced inside of the woman's vagina. My nose was buried in her asshole; Mom held me there until I struggled to breathe before finally releasing me.

"You like that, baby?" Mom asked as I struggled to catch my breath.

"Yes!" I exhaled.

"Yes, what?" Mom asked as she pulled my head back and leaned over to kiss me, tasting the pussy juice that remained on my tongue.

"Yes, Mommy!" I exhaled once more.

"Lay down, Baby. Mommy is gonna suck that cock of yours." Mom instructed.

I laid down and I felt Mom take her place between my legs; she slowly teased my cock with her hands and mouth gently gliding over it. After teasing me for a brief moment, Mom jammed my cock all the way down her throat; my heart was pounding out of my chest. I inhaled deeply as Mom devoured my cock and before I knew it I felt the other woman take a squat position over my face.

She placed her hands on my chest and lowered herself down until she was in a seated position on my face; my head was pushed to the floor with the weight of her body on top of me. She grinded her pussy back and forth across my face until she finally sat all the way back and forced my nose into her asshole once again and smothered me in it. Mom continued to furiously fuck her throat with my cock until I had to lift the woman from my face to take a breath.

She bounced up and stood over me crouched until I was ready for her to come back down; I grabbed her thighs and pulled her back over my face. This time my tongue shot all the way into her asshole and she bounced her ass up and down so I was essentially tongue fucking her. She stood up and took a step back so she was standing over me and I sat up a bit to look at Mom; Mom smiled and asked:

"Does she look familiar?"

The woman leaned over me and looked directly into my face before kissing me; it was Mom's friend, the one who had hired me for her birthday party.

"This is Kristy." Mom informed me.

Kristy knelt above me once more and leaned forward grabbing a hold of my cock; she held it tightly while Mom slid her throat up and down it slowly before moving aside and allowing Kristy to take it in her mouth. Mom made her way down and sucked my balls while Kristy took her time playing with the tip of my cock.

Mom cupped my balls with her hand and sucked them both until they filled her mouth and Kristy showed me the extent of her deep throat skills while attempting to take my cock all the way down; she couldn't go down as far as Mom but she easily took more than half. Kristy raised up once more and walked around until she was sitting between my legs beside Mom; both beautiful women who were in their forties were currently on their knees staring me in the face ready to please my every need. I'm not sure how I got so lucky but I sure was enjoying it.

They both took their turns swallowing as much of my cock as they could before slowing things back down; each of them placed their mouths on one side of my cock and slid up and down. They ran their tongues along the shaft of my cock up and down until the reached the head and their tongues met; to my surprise they ran with it and started to kiss for my enjoyment.

"Do you like watching Mommy kiss another woman?" Mom asked.

I didn't even have to answer before Mom continued to kiss her friend deeply; Mom stood and allowed Kristy to have my cock all to herself and asked if I'd like to have a taste of her pussy. Of course I did; Mom's cunt was already so wet that her juices were flowing down her thighs. I felt Kristy pumping my cock as fast as she could and I had to stop her.

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