tagIncest/TabooMom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 05

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 05


"Have you got any plans for this weekend, Mom?" It was the Friday before Mother's day weekend and I had already planned something special for Mom.

"No plans, honey. Why do you ask?" Mom texted back, innocently playing along pretending it wasn't Mother's day weekend.

"Well, I'd like to take you out for Mother's day.. Like a real date." I responded.

"Oh, in that case. I'm all yours baby." Mom texted back, instantly.

"Good. I bought you a little something special, it'll arrive tomorrow. I'm taking you to dinner tomorrow night, be sure to wear it for me." I instructed her.

And that was that, I hope to give Mom the best Mother's day of her life; one that she will never forget.

The next day I drove up to Palmdale and picked Mom up around 5 PM on Saturday; I stood outside her house anxiously waiting to see how she looked in the dress I'd bought her. Mom stepped out of the front door and onto the porch, locking the door behind her; the bright white dress I'd bought for her fit magically, hugging every inch of her curvaceous body tightly. The dress was long and classy but had a slit running up each side of her thighs, all the way up to her hips; exposing just the right amount of leg. The neckline of the dressed plunged deep and ended right below her huge 34E sized breasts; you could already tell Mom wasn't wearing a bra beneath the dress.

Mom made her way down the driveway to my car; I could have sworn she was actually glowing for a change. The sun was setting but she was still vibrant, illuminating with every step. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her in for a hug; she held me tightly before kissing me on the cheek.

"Thank you so much for the dress. I absolutely love it." Mom said.

"Aw, you deserve it Mom." I replied. I kept a hold of her hand and led her to the other side of my car and opened the door for her as any gentleman would on a first date.

"Did you tell Dad you wouldn't be home tonight?" I asked, before leaving her house.

"Oh, I must have forgotten to tell him this morning. Don't worry, I'll text him now." Mom explained.

"Honey, Matthew is taking me out for Mother's day in LA. I'm going to stay the night as his place tonight but I'll be home tomorrow. Love, Ari."

Thus begun the greatest Mother's day celebration of our lives.

"So, where are we headed?" Mom asked.

"We have reservations at LA Prime; it's the steakhouse at the top of Westin Bonaventura Hotel." I told her.


"There's a bar on the floor above that slowly revolves around giving a great view of the city, I figured we could end our night there." I added.

"That sounds wonderful." Mom replied.

"There's just one thing.." I began.

"What's that?" Mom asked.

"Tonight, you're not "Mom." Since it's not Mother's day, no one will expect you to be on a date with your son.. Tonight, I'm your date and I'm going to call you Ari, alright?" I asked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way baby." Mom answered.

We arrived at the restaurant right on time.

"Hi, I've got a reservation for two. Yeah, the last name is Butler." I told the hostess.

"Right this way, Mr. and Mrs. Butler." The hostess instructed us to follow her to our table.

The restaurant was dimly lit and there were candles on each table; the waitress filled our cups with water and we requested a bottle of wine.

Mom and I sat quietly in the candle lit restaurant gazing into each other's eyes surrounded by countless strangers who had no idea we were mother and son, not husband and wife. Mom sipped away at her glass of wine and I could tell she was already getting tipsy; I couldn't help myself, she just looked so god damn perfect.

"Ari.." I said aloud, Mom glanced up at me and smiled. "You look so fucking beautiful. There is no one else I'd want sitting across from me."

Mom blushed and glanced down at the table, she slowly slid her hand on top of mine and said, "Thank you, Matthew. I love you; this night means so much to me."

We finished our bottle of wine before our server could even make her way back to the table to take our order.

"Actually, could we get the check please?" Mom asked, as the server returned.

"Are.. Are you sure?" I asked.

"I.. I need you inside of me, right now."

My cock was rock solid and protruding through my pants already; the server dropped the check on the table and I quickly pulled out a wad of cash to pay.

"Let's get out of here." I told Mom, as I stood waiting for her to stand. I pushed the chair in behind her as she stood up and wrapped my arm around her waist while firmly grasping her ass in front of the entire restaurant.

Mom quite literally couldn't contain herself as we made our way to the elevator; as soon as the doors closed behind us she lunged forward and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me in to kiss her. She pushed me all the way back until my back was against the wall of the elevator; we made out passionately not caring if anyone was around to see or catch us.

Luckily the elevator was empty; I spun Mom around so that her back was facing me and pushed her up against the wall. I ran my hands down the sides of her voluptuous body, caressing every single curve as I kissed her neck. Once my hands made it just below her hips where the dress was slit, I yanked it up over her ass and gave her a good slap.

"Give it to me." Mom exclaimed, "Give it to me right now."

"First floor.." The monotonous tone of the elevator called out.

We quickly hurried to appear casual; Mom yanked her dress back down over her ass and combed her hair back to look less wild. Despite our best efforts the group of people at the bottom gave us an awkward eye; we looked.. Flustered to say the least.

I handed our valet ticket to the hotel valet and he took off running down the garage to fetch my car; Mom could not keep her hands to herself. Her hands explored my face and down my body as she kept kissing my neck and biting my ear; eventually her hands found her way to my cock which was hard as rock.

"This is all mine, Mr. Butler." Mom whispered in my ear, "This belongs to Mrs. Butler." She finished, as she nibbled on my ear with a slight giggle.

"Where are we staying tonight?" Mom asked as we got into my car. "We can't stay at your apartment, can we?"

"No, my roommate is home.. But don't worry. I got us a suite at the Standard Hotel." I explained.

Fortunately the Standard wasn't far from where we were supposed to have dinner; I'd already checked in earlier in the day before picking Mom up and already had a room key. We quickly by passed the lobby and made our way into the elevator once more.

"What floor?" Mom asked.

"All the way up." I told her.

Mom pressed the last button on the elevator and quickly turned her attention back to my cock; she grabbed a hold of it and began to gently rub and stroke it beneath my pants as I held one of her breasts in my hand and we kissed until the elevator came to a stop.

I opened the door to our room, making sure to lock it behind me; Mom lunged forward and latched onto me once more and kissed me as we made our way over to the bed. Mom fell back onto the bed and quickly untied the strap holding her dress up; she yanked it down just under her massive tits before hiking the dress up over her hips exposing the solid white lace thong she wore to match the dress. Mom sat up on the edge of the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could; her body was begging to be set free from that skin tight dress, she looked like an angel.

"Come and get it." Mom said, biting her bottom lip.

I extended my hand and pulled Mom to stand in front of me; I pulled the dress down all the way and took her by the hand again, spinning her slowly all the way around for me to admire her heavenly body.

"Not so fast." I said, cupping her vagina in my hand through her thong. "I've got another surprise outfit waiting for you in the bathroom." Mom's panties were already a soaking wet mess.

I stripped down quickly and jumped onto the bed, I gently stroked my cock to keep it nice and thick for Mom when she returned. Mom exited the bathroom, a total one eighty from her outfit for dinner; rather than all white, for her lingerie I went for all black. The black lace bra was the perfect fit, her breasts were hardly restrained and all but popping out; the bra had two lacey strings that ran down her toned core and attached to the garter belt around her waist. The black lace stocking hugged her thighs and stopped just below the fluffy black skirt that was over top of the garter belt, it was small enough that it didn't fit over half of her fat ass. The cherry on top was the black lace crotchless thong, which would give me easy access to my favorite hole.

Mom strutted her way to the wall directly in front of the bed where I sat, playing with my cock; she put her back flat against the wall. While still wearing her heels she leaned back and pointed the slit of the thong in my eyeline so I could get a glimpse of her perfectly smooth pussy; she pulled the lips back and spread it to give me a nice preview of what was to come.

She slowly turned her back to me and pushed her hips out, thrusting her thick ass in my direction before giving it a little shake; Mom was clearly enjoying herself.. And I must say I was too. She ran her hand down over her ass cheek and gave it a little slap, her ass bounced back and forth from the impact and she smiled.

"Like what you see?" Mom asked.

"My.. God." I responded.

Mom began to crouch down and extended one of her legs and went into a nice squat position before going onto all fours, doggy style; my tongue was probably hanging completely out of my mouth and I was all but falling into the floor at this point. She spread her legs wide, giving me a good view of her entire ass before looking back and pulling the thong to the side exposing her asshole; she laughed and winked as she released the strap and it snapped back into place.

Mom seductively crawled her way over to me on her hands and knees like an obedient servant; she sat up and placed her hands behind her back and stared me in the eyes.

"May I have it, Mr. Butler?" Mom asked. "Please, sir.. May I have it now?" She asked again.

I nodded for approval and Mom did not hesitate to grab a hold of my cock; she brought it to her lips, closed her eyes, and exhaled deeply. I could see her entire body quiver in ecstasy before she'd even put it in her mouth; she kissed it softly on the tip and ran her hand down to the base above my balls. She opened her eyes and her mouth wide and took it as deeply as she could; about halfway down. I quickly reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled it tightly; Mom did not pull back, instead she held tightly at the base of my cock and pushed it up higher.

My cock slowly slid further and further into her throat before she let out a huge cough and gagged; again, she did not pull back. Instead she just looked me in the eyes and attempted to smile; she closed her eyes and looked down at my cock before swallowing the entire thing. My other hand shot forward and I held her head in my heads tightly holding her in place with my cock engorged in her throat. I gently titled her head up to look at me once again and brushed the hair from her face; her eyes were completely glazed over, blinded by lust as spit started to drip from her lips and slide down the shaft of my cock.

"Fuck, I love you Mom." I exhaled.

Mom remained in place and kept my cock deep in her throat; I used both hands to slowly pull her head back up so that her mouth slid to the top of my cock before pushing it back down again. Mom had completely submitted and was allowing me to fuck her throat; she never once pulled back or took my cock out of her mouth despite the occasional gag. She held her mouth wide open for me, allowing me to have my way with her throat as all the saliva built up in her mouth poured out onto me. Tears began to build and it wasn't longer after the eyeliner surrounding her eyes began to run down her face.

"I am yours." Mom said, finally releasing my cock and gasping for air.

I stood up and placed my hand under Mom's chin and titled her head back.

"Open your mouth." I commanded.

Mom obeyed my directions and opened wide; I continued to slowly shove my cock down her throat before taking things to next level. I started to thrust in and out harder than before, I had a handful of her hair and was pushing and pulling her roughly along my cock.

"FUCK!" Mom gasped for air once again, "That's so hot." She continued.

I continued to get rougher and rougher with Mom and she took it like a champ, in fact she seemed to enjoy it.

"Hit me.." Mom asked.

I hesitated.

"Go on, slap me." Mom said, almost commanding me. "Go ahead, I'm yours. You can do whatever you want to me.."

I pulled Mom's head back by the hair and kissed her deeply before breaking the kiss and giving her a nice little slap to the cheek; she looked me in the eyes and forced her mouth back onto my cock. I couldn't believe it, what had gotten into her? Mom continued to fuck my cock with her throat.

"Again." She demanded as she took quick breaths between gagging herself.

I yanked her by the hair once again and slapped her harder than I did the first time; Mom quivered and let out a sigh of relief. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to be insider of her; Mom was truly ready to become my own personal slut tonight and I was going to take advantage of that. I stood up and wrapped my arms around Mom's waist to throw her on to the bed; the lace thong she was wearing, I ripped completely in half right off of her body.

I could already see the sweet nectar dripping down her thighs from her slit; I dropped down and licked a trail of Mom's juices just to get a little taste. The taste of Mom's delicious wet cunt sent me over the edge and I thrusted my cock deeply inside of her and paused; I held my cock as far as I could inside of her for as long as I could control myself, just to enjoy the experience.

I tossed both of Mom's legs over my shoulders; I could already feel her cunt stretching as it attempted to wrap around my thick cock, tightening with every second I held still. Mom placed her hand on my face and began to kiss me; as soon as her tongue entered my mouth I lost it. Without a second thought I began jackhammering away at the hole from which I was birthed.

I pumped harder and harder as I pinned Mom to the bed; I was penetrating her so deeply I could feel my cock rubbing up against her cervix. Mom's pussy clenched tighter with every thrust; her cunt gripped my cock so hard I could barely pull out. I could feel pressure beginning to build inside of her until out of nowhere my cock was ejected from her body as a gushing stream of her juices followed behind it; Mom was squirting all over my cock.

Watching her pussy seize and her body tense up drove me crazy; I immediately dropped to my knees at the bed side and began licking her pussy, drinking all the fluids I could. Mom's pussy was heaven and I couldn't get enough of it. I pulled her off the bed and fell flat on my back, dragging her onto my face; Mom sat upon my face and grinded her hips back and forth along my tongue until her pussy shot out another stream of juices.. All of which went right down my throat.

Mom spun around and lowered her dripping wet cunt down onto my cock reverse cowgirl style; her pussy swallowed my cock whole as she bounced up and down. Mom made sure to shake her ass back and forth as she pumped her cunt full of cock; Mom leaned forward as far as she could, with her face almost resting on the ground and reached back with both hands to spread her ass. Her beautiful asshole was winking at me as she slowly raised herself up before lowing herself back down.

Mom reached up and grabbed her cell phone from the bed; she held it in her hand and she continued to slowly grind along the shaft of my cock. Once the clock hit 11:59 PM..

"Cum inside me.. Right now." Mom commanded.

"Turn around." I told her, "I want to see that pretty face."

Mom spun around without removing my cock from her vagina and repositioned herself into cowgirl; that pretty face of hers was covered in runny make-up and dried up slobber but god damn did she still look like an angel to me. I grabbed Mom by the hair once more and pulled her close to kiss me; she did not stop bouncing her fat ass on my cock, in face she may have even started to thrust harder. I could feel her huge ass bouncing against my thighs and it took less than a minute before I pushed her all the way down on my cock as I pumped rope after rope of cum deeply inside her; my body continued to twitch as I laid there, with Mom's cunt still wrapped firmly around my cock. I could feel the cum begin to drip from her vagina and down the shaft of my cock to the balls.

Mom reached back and grabbed her phone from the ground; the clock read 12:01 AM.

"Congratulations, you just came inside your mother at midnight on Mother's day."

We were both sweaty and sticky and still neither of us wanted to move; I held Mom tightly in my arms without removing my cock from insider of her as we both briefly fell asleep on the floor of our hotel room.

A short time after Mom woke up and told me to get in the bed; the last thing I heard before I completely drifted off to sleep was the shower.

Only a few hours passed before I woke up; it was still dark out and I could feel the soft, soothing, moist touch of a tongue sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. My eyes were half open and I was still half asleep as I tried to adjust to the dark room; I lifted the sheet only to see a dark silhouette underneath the cover bobbing up and down.

"Mom?" I called out, "What are you doing?"

"Shhh.. Just go back to sleep baby. Mommy needed this." She responded.

I didn't question her nor did I stop her; I was still slightly confused about what was happening as I quickly adjusted to the tingling sensation that was building in the tip of my rock hard cock. I laid back unable to fall asleep and dropped the cover back over Mom's head and she immediately kicked it into another gear; this was unlike any blowjob she'd ever given me before. There was no sloppy throat fucking like there was the night before; this was more.. Tender. Motherly. Loving.

Mom softly sucked her way down my shaft to the balls before gently taking them one by one in her mouth, swirling her tongue around each before gliding her tongue all the way back to the top. I felt her jaw widen as she took my cock all the way down her throat as carefully as she could; once she got to the bottom she inhaled, flexing the muscles in her throat to calmly massage my cock.

"Fuck, Mom." I called out, throwing the sheet from over her head once more so I could see her.

Mom didn't stop or remove my cock from her throat; instead she just looked up to me and winked. I could feel her teeth grit against my shaft as she fought back her smile. Mom started to flex her throat harder, almost as if she was trying to swallow with my cock in her throat; the faint sounds of "gawk gawk gawk" could be heard coming from her mouth.

"Oh my God. I'm going to cum." I told her, trying to be as still as I could so I wouldn't cause her to gag.

Mom moaned almost as if she was humming to encourage me to cum; the vibration from her throat along with her swallowing my cock was too much to bear. My head snapped back and slammed into the pillow beneath me, my legs stiffened and kicked out straight, my spine began to curl as if I was being possessed. Mom swallowed as much cum as she could as I continued to flail around in bed; there was so much cum that her cheeks puffed up like a squirrel carrying nuts.

She swallowed as much as she could but it was just too much cum to swallow it all; the remainder of the cum burst from her lips and exploded back onto my cock, making quite a mess; Mom laughed.

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