tagIncest/TabooMom's Sweet Ass

Mom's Sweet Ass


Very important note: as the title implies, this is very much a fully anal story. If it's not your cup of tea, check my other stories. Enjoy!


"This could actually be one of those glorious mornings!" thought Mark. He was sitting at the kitchen table looking at his mother, hoping, dreaming and praying. He had crossed all his fingers, both his arms and legs and any toe he could. Would she make her tea? Her tea? What was so special about her tea?

Before we get to that, we have to realize that the morning was already special. Even if Mark's mom didn't make her tea, Mark would still be glad he got up this early. Eyes barely opened, hair tousled and with pillow marks on his face, he had ambled to the kitchen expecting to be alone. But he hadn't been alone. His mother was there. His mother and her bikini. Her small bikini.

Ten minutes later Mark was staring at his mother's body every chance he got. Every time she turned around, every time she looked away as she was talking to him, every time she fucking blinked! Mark's mother, at 37, was still remarkably beautiful and sexy. Not too tall, rather curvy but never chubby, she had decent curves in all the right places.

Her breasts were still firm and they still filled her D cup bras. In fact, the fabric was so stretched that he could see her nipples even though they were not hard. Below those stunning breasts, her slim waist enhanced her smooth hips. The soft, delicate curve of her belly made her look even more feminine and her legs were still strong because of all the zumba. The long shock of black hair on her head, falling to the middle of her back, was icing on the cake.

But although his mom's body was very sexy from head to toes, Mark knew he was obsessed with one thing. Her ass. Seeing it from this close in that small bikini was already a blessing. But if she decided to make her tea, it would make Mark's entire week! From time to time she took her time to make a complex chai tea. To make that tea, she would need a few ingredients that were easily accessible in the kitchen. But there was one of them, the ginger root, which she always placed on the top shelf of a cabinet. Very high. And in order to reach it, Mark's mom had to reach as high as she could, standing on tiptoes.

When that happened, even when she was wearing pants or skirts, the sight was breathtaking. But on the very rare occasions that she decided to do it wearing her bikini, oh dear gods in heaven! And so this morning Mark was taking his time to eat his breakfast and read the news on his laptop. The angle at which his laptop was turned wasn't an accident. And the fact that his reversible camera was also pointed away from him wasn't an accident either. If his mother decided to reach up for that jar of ginger roots, there was a hotkey ready to begin recording.

As time went by, Mark was beginning to despair. His mom was now drinking a tall glass of orange juice. Fuck! Mark had recorded a few minutes of video of his mom walking around, but he already had a bunch of those on his computer. He even had a few videos of her as she sunbathed on the deck outside. But having a video of her stretching up for that— "What? Really? Here we go!" Mark thought as he saw his mom getting the bottle of cinnamon.

Mark hit the record button and felt his heartbeat accelerating. Mark's mom had what you called a perfect heart-shaped ass. She had a small waist, flaring hips and a very curved and wide apple line. Very few young girls Mark had seen at the municipal pool had true heart-shaped asses. And when women got slightly older and rounder, few kept their small waist. In front of him though, his 37 year old mom's ass was the perfect balance.

And now she was lifting her arms up to reach the jar of ginger. Oh dear gods. Stretched like this, her waist seemed even narrower. And as she reached up on her toes to grab the jar, her ass was pushed out perfectly. Blood rushed to Mark's cock and he moved his enlarging member to a better position. Mark stared at his mom's pink and white bikini, with its cyan knotted strings on either side. He happened to know, because he had played with it while she was away, that these were real knots. If he were to pull on them, the bikini would fall on the floor.

Mark often fantasized of doing just that. Actually, he could get up right now and pull on them to reveal the full glory of his mom's ass. But, of course, he didn't. Instead he stared at the most amazing bubble butt he had ever seen, amazed each and every time by the way it pushed outwards. It was as if she had too much flesh and it had nowhere else to go but out.

From behind, he could see that her ass's roundness reached all the way to the soft peak of her thighs. None of that flagging flesh, none of those asses that failed to meet the challenge of wide hips. Oh no. Mark's mom had an ass that kept on giving all the way to her hips.

Unlike some of the curvier women Mark had seen, his mom's hip peak wasn't sharp. It curved smoothly, a testament to the firmness of her ass. The long line between her very high waist and that hip peak was now dented by the tight bikini. But even then, it didn't create a sharp dip. Resisting the pull, her flesh was only slightly curved by it. From that point all the way across to the other hip, the tight bikini made her skin rise very slightly. Mark didn't mind that at all, as it meant that the rest of the bikini was skin tight all the way down.

Again from the two knots, the bikini cut a pretty straight line all the way to the sweet darkness between her thighs. As if those lines were made to draw the eyes in. From that dark and deep point also emerged her apple line. That tender line between her ass and her thighs reached more than halfway to that hip peak. It was what made the heart shape so distinctive. Angling downwards at about 45 degrees right from her cleft, the curve rose up and began going upwards before fading smoothly into that fuzzy, undefined area between her thigh, hip and ass.

Standing very straight with her legs closed one against the other, the line between those thighs reached up to the darkness and formed a pointy arrow with the two apple lines. Another invitation to the delights deeper in. On the outside, her thighs narrowed considerably until they reached her knees. Standing tall like this, with her arms up over her head, her silhouette was a geometrical marvel.

First it grew from her hands and widened until her shoulders. Then it narrowed to her waist before opening back up majestically on around her hips. And finally it narrowed even more until her knees. Mark liked his mom's smooth calves, but right now his eyes were too interested by what was going on above. So much flesh, so many curves! Grinning, Mark wondered if his eyes were not developing ADHD, unable as they were to focus on a single spot!

His mom finally reached the jar and turned around. Mark was glad that he had thought to push it a bit further on the shelf. When she did turn around, Mark saw her breasts sway left and right until they settled. Through her black hair he had seen that she had tied her bikini top in a lazy knot, which would be even easier to undo than the two on her hips.

Despite his best attempts, Mark had never seen his mom nude before, and aroused as he was, he wondered how she'd react if he did pull on those strings. Either of them. Or, even better, all of them! He knew that it wouldn't be a good idea. Would be fun though. For a moment at least!

He remained there for another five minutes as she prepared her tea. In any case, it wasn't as if he could just stand up with this erection wearing just boxers. Soon after, his mom went outside and reclined in a long chair. Mark stood up and stared at her through the patio doors. Because of the way the sun was hitting her eyes and the roof prevent it from reaching him, Mark knew she couldn't see him right now. He had tested this himself a few times. Reaching inside his boxers, he grabbed his cock and pulled it out. Maybe six feet away from his mom, he began masturbating.

She was so fucking sexy! Everything was perfect on her, even when he couldn't see her ass! The way her breasts stood proudly despite her position, the smooth line of her belly, the pronounced curve of her pussy under the bikini, the mouthwatering round thighs all the way to her delicate feet. Fuck! She was his own personal sexual goddess!

Why his dad had left, he had no idea. He didn't seem to be the kind of man to cheat on her, and given that no man had come to take his place since he left two years ago, it didn't look like his mom had fooled around either. Oh, she'd had a few boyfriends, but none of those relationships had lasted very long. He knew that they still loved each other, but none of them wanted to talk about what had happened.

As his pleasure rose and rose, images began flooding Mark's mind. His number one fantasy, by far, was imagining his cock sliding deeply and slowly into his mother's asshole. She was on all fours, he was staring at that heart-shaped ass as his cock slipped all the way in. What he wouldn't give to do that!? Breathing harder, he realized that he was about to cum and ran to his room. He barely got there in time, spurting his sperm all over his desk. Luckily, the desk had been empty. Laughing, he cleaned his desk using a few tissues and decided to put pants on.

For the next two weeks, Mark was blessed with many lucky opportunities. Usually his mother was careful to cover her body carefully. Like most mothers, of course. But for some reason he couldn't figure out, she was much more relaxed about it. Later that day she wore a pair of black yoga pants and a tank top to do her tai-chi, but for the first time he could remember the tank top she chose barely reached the top of the pants.

For an entire hour Mark invented reasons to go to the kitchen and back to his room, allowing him to look at her as she did her routine. The yoga pants, obviously, hugged her ass like second skin and the light from the living room window made those black pants glitter. If he had had a full on show earlier, this time Mark was graced by the stunning sideview. From this angle, her ass stood out very distinctly, almost half a sphere of succulent flesh resisting gravity's pull. Well, two half spheres to be precise, but they were side by side.

That generous curve stretched the fabric so that the long white line that ran down the sides of the pants was pulled backwards! From this angle, it looked like the elastic band was trying and failing to contain a lascivious explosion of flesh. Once, as he stood there frozen, not realizing that he was ogling her ass openly, his mom asked him if he wanted something. He almost blurted "I want to eat your ass, mom." but he didn't. Instead he mumbled something about thinking about something and fled to his room.

The next time he came out, he thanked his luck that his mom was getting out of the bathroom and he followed her out to the living room. As he did, he stared at her ass and watch it jiggle with each step. While it did jiggle a bit, because she was 37, it wasn't because it was too flaccid. He guessed that when his mom had been 18, like he was now, her curvy ass would have been firmer, bouncing only once before settling back. Right now her ass looked like fully ripened fruit, more like a juicy and sweet apple rather than a hard and acidic one bitten before it was ready.

As the warm summer days went by, Mark's sanity was pummelled by a constant assault of tight jeans, short skirts, thin summer dresses, bikinis and one piece swimsuits, tank tops that barely covered her ass... By the time the "morning of utter sexiness" arrived, as he came to think of it later on, Mark's mind was already dazed by all those lucky moments.

That morning of utter sexiness floored Mark even though he had seen more her ass before. But, as his pounding heart could attest to, there was a big difference between nudity and eroticism. When his mom joined him in the kitchen that morning, the first thing he noticed was that the tank top she had chosen was rather tight. The second thing he noticed was that her round breasts were free from any bra. That in itself wasn't very rare, but the fact that her nipples were trying to poke through the fabric was.

The tank top came right up under her ass, very barely. That was arousing enough and Mark began to pray to it would lift up higher. And, as if some god had heard his prayer, his mom lifted her arms and bound her hair in a ponytail. While he liked to see her mother's hair loose and wild, that ten seconds it took her to tie them was highly erotic. Her breasts swung around and when she placed her ponytail very high on her head, like she did that morning, it ended up being very erotic.

This morning though, there was a bonus. When she had raised her arms, she had pulled the tank top up with them. Now the tank top was covering just a bit more than half of her generous ass. Mark didn't know if his mom was wearing a thong, but in any case he couldn't see anything between her cheeks.

The effect was breathtakingly sexy. As she stood waiting for the water to boil, Mark stared at her ass, his mouth watering hungrily. The tank top was stretched taut between her very round but very firm asscheeks. The elastic material pressed down on that flesh, enhancing the apple line to a ridiculous degree.

For some reason, his mother didn't realize that the top had risen so much and she didn't fix it. Even when she turned around and rested her ass against the counter, she didn't pull it down. Damn! Even though he could less of her ass than when she's wearing her bikini, it looked like she had nothing under that top! Mark knew that she wouldn't come out of her room without panties, but because her ass was so rounded and fleshy, the panties were invisible between them.

When she finally left the kitchen to go take her shower, Mark was panting at the table, his cock painfully hard. So fucking sexy! What Mark didn't know at that point, was that the morning of utter sexiness wouldn't even be the highpoint of the day. Oh no. At the other end of the day, at around midnight, Mark heard his mother come back from a date. By the way he heard her throwing her handbag and keys on the table, he guessed that it hadn't gone well. He decided that he wouldn't greet her and ask how things went.

He turned his light off, knowing that she would think he was asleep. He heard her walking to the bathroom and then the bath beginning to fill. Sneaking out of his room, he walked to the bathroom and peaked in. Sure that he was asleep, Mark's mom hadn't fully closed the door. His jaw dropped at what he saw.

Standing in front of the mirror, his mom grabbed the hem of her very short dress before pulling it upwards. The bright red dress was barely covering her legendary ass and was stretched very tightly. When she pulled it up, her round ass resisted for a long moment before finally giving way. The dress then shot up to her waist in a fraction of a second, revealing a completely nude ass. No panties, no thongs, nothing.

From his point of view, sideways and behind his mom, Mark couldn't see all the way in to the hidden pussy. But her nude ass more than made up for it. The way it had bounced twice, solidly, before settling back down after being pulled by the dress was mesmerizing. In fact, it took him a moment to realize that the dress was now on the floor, joined by her black bra. Shaking his head, he looked up and saw he side of one of her breasts. Had his jaw not already been hanging, it would have dropped again. While Mark was definitely an ass man, a nice, firm and bulging D cup breast was always a sight to behold.

His mom was fully naked, mere feet away from him. If he got caught... But right now he didn't care. She turned towards him very briefly, just long enough for him to see the long strip of nicely trimmed black hair above her shaven lips. But she turned too fast for him to properly look at her breasts. It had been her pussy or her breasts. She vanished beyond what the slim opening allowed him to see, but he would have killed to see her open her legs to climb in the bath.

But even with the few seconds he had been graced, he was giddy with pleasure. He went back to his room silently and masturbated furiously, shooting his sperm all over his chest in the process. He spent the next day continually thinking about what he had seen the night before. He made more fantasies than he ever had before, masturbating three times before his mom got back from work late in the evening.

Mark smiled when he heard his mom's car pull into the driveway. He took a few deep breaths and tried to clear his head of all the naughty fantasies he had created. After 5 minutes, he got up from his chair to see what was taking her so long to come in the house. At that exact moment his phone rang and he was surprised to see that it was his mom.

A minute later he was outside trying his best to help her out of her car. Just as she had been about to get into her car at work, her back spasmed and she had felt a very intense pain lancing up her back. She had decided to get back home anyway, but now the pain was so intense that she couldn't even get out of the car.

After many failed attempts, Mark managed to pull her out. He was kneeling on the ground next to her and had slipped both his hand sunder her. One under her thighs and the other against her lower back. Despite his genuine concern for her, Mark couldn't help to notice that her skirt had ridden very high on her thighs. By the time he had managed to get into that position, he had seen her bright white panties many times. His mind was torn between worry and arousal as he slowly pulled her out of the car.

Carrying her in his arms, he brought her inside and, as per her instructions, carried her to the bathroom. "I don't think I can stand until my back relaxes... I need to take a very hot bath." she said. This had lead to a very awkward moment. He couldn't put her down on the floor and so had had to put her down directly in the empty bath. Then he helped her remove her clothes down to her underwear before opening the taps.

As the water slowly filled the bath, his mom said "I'm so sorry Mark for putting you through this..."

"Oh stop it mom," Mark replied. "You've helped me through some very bad stomach flus when I was younger... That was a lot worse than this."

"I know, but..." she paused, visibly reddening. "I'm so ashamed that you have to see me like this."

"Oh come on mom! No need to be ashamed. It's no different than when you wear your bikinis!" he replied.

"It is different!" his mom said, visibly nervous. "For one you've never held me in your arms, for two this lingerie set is pretty much transparent and for three I'm not as young and sexy as the cheerleaders you must fantasize about all day."

Mark was very surprised to hear his mom talking this way. Sure he did look at and fantasize about some of the cheerleaders, but if his mom only knew about who he really fantasized about, then she'd really be ashamed! On the other hand she was right: her lingerie was, in fact, very transparent since it became wet. And given that the urgency and worry had given way to a relatively long wait until the bath was filled, Mark was now fighting an erection. After a moment, Mark sighed and began talking. But his mom interrupted him "Please don't say anything, it will only make it worse if you try lie and deny it."

Mark frowned, feeling a touch of anger at her words. "Mom. I've tried my best not to look at your body," he paused as he turned the water off and stood up. "But I've failed because you are not that old, and definitely sexier than the cheerleaders." He saw that she was surprised and guessed that if he hadn't been slightly angry about it, she would have felt lied to. He couldn't really interpret her expression as he left the bathroom, saying "Call me when you'll want to get out."

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