tagLoving WivesMom's the Mascot Ch. 01

Mom's the Mascot Ch. 01


Michelle Cox enjoyed her afternoons watching the local junior college soccer team games. Her son was a member of the team. She sat on the sidelines, near the top of a small set of bleachers that were not near where most of the students and other audience sat. The sun was shining from the opposite side of the field, so most people sat on the other side of the field. She always brought her son to the game since he had not gotten his driver's license yet, so she was there for warm-ups and practice. At first she had been daydreaming about the coach, who was younger than her, but soon noticed how attractive the young college boys were with their hard slim bodies.

Michelle noticed that the boys seemed to be paying attention to her as they practiced kicking on the sideline near where she was sitting. When the ball landed right at the base of the bleachers where she was sitting one of the tall young men ran over to recover it and smiled, staring at Michelle. She didn't think anything of it till she realized that she had probably been showing her white panties under her loose fitting shorts. When she looked down, she realized her panties had slipped to one side and she was showing one side of her pubic mound and a fair amount of pubic hair as well. She blushed when she realized what he had seen.

Before she could react, another player was standing at the base of the bleachers, eye level to her crotch, and staring, smiling at Michelle. She simply smiled back and opened her legs a little wider and slid down a little further, opening the leg of her shorts even wider. The boys were now taking turns kicking the ball over towards her perch on the bleachers and she realized she was putting on a show for them. The attention flattered and excited her.

As the number of people on the sidelines grew, Michelle decided to be more modest and closed her legs a little, but from the right angle on the field she knew the boys might still be able to see up her shorts. This made her day, and it was such a thrill that it was making her crotch wet. That night she masturbated alone in her shower, thinking about how these young men had wanted to see up her shorts.

Michelle was married to a bank executive who traveled most of the time. They lived in an expensive well-to-do neighborhood in the country club, but because her husband had only been transferred here recently she still didn't know any people in the neighborhood and was lonely for attention and friends. The house had a huge lawn, a pool, a fully-equipped downstairs entertainment area with couches and wide-screen television. It was lavish, nothing less.

At home, Michelle looked at herself in the mirror. The pretty, forty year old woman still had long smooth legs. She had been her high school prom queen but had only had one boyfriend before her current husband. She knew that beneath her bra her large breasts were not as firm as they used to be, but they had grown considerably since she was a teenager, and her hips had widened slightly as she had aged. She was still worthy of being a trophy wife. Thinking about the admiring glances she had gotten on the field, she started feeling like an attractive woman again. She thought about the young athletes even more.

At the next soccer game, Michelle chose to wear a short white tennis skirt and a tank top and dark sunglasses so she could watch the boys watching her. Again she arrived early and sat alone on the sidelines.. She deliberately picked a spot where the sun was shining towards her, figuring this would improve the view up her skirt. Soon the practicing players started moving closer to where she was sitting. Michelle sat casually and let her knees swing open. She saw Dave and Rick trying to look up her skirt. She knew that they could probably see her white panties between her bare thighs under her skirt, but she wasn't sure. She didn't own any really sexy panties, but she had put on a pair that had a narrower crotch, exposing more hair on the sides. She had even looked in a mirror to see if the cleft in her pussy lips was visible before she had left home, and knew her panties were pulled up tight enough to outline her female shape. As the practice continued, Michelle let her legs slide farther and farther apart, and allowed her skirt to hike up almost to her crotch. She was in a high state of arousal as the teens continually got closer and stole long looks of her panty-covered crotch.

After this game, thoughts of the horny teens occupied Michelle's thoughts much of the time. Her son was new to the neighborhood, and some of these teens were the most popular boys in school. She would love to have these boys come over to her house, but her son wasn't in with that group yet.

Before the next game, Michelle had been extremely horny all day. It was a weekday evening game. Her husband was out of town, as usual. Michelle decided to be daring and escalate her flashing game. She wore her white tennis skirt again, but today she didn't wear any panties. She found her same spot again, where the lowering sun would shine towards her. Even on this warm evening, she could feel a cool breeze whisk up her skirt over her naked pussy, causing her nipples to get visibly erect through her thin tank top. She couldn't hardly control her excitement.

She wasted no time. She spread her legs wide, wider than the week before, and let her skirt hike up high. Chad was the first boy to work his way over, and his open-mouthed stare told Michelle he had spotted her bare crotch. He knelt right in front of her, and tied both of his shoes while staring up her skirt. Her dark sunglasses made it easy to watch her audience. She knew Chad could easily see her brown triangle of pubic hair but pretended she didn't know he was looking. At that distance he could probably see her pink pussy lips. The way she was sitting, the cheeks of her ass were probably partly visible on the hard bleacher. Michelle had actually pulled the skirt up in the back so that she was sitting bare-ass on the rough wood. The only thing Chad couldn't see was how wet she was from the excitement of letting these boys see her bare crotch.

The practicing team began to hover around her. She started getting concerned that she was drawing too much attention, but nobody else seemed to notice her disturbance. The boys were doing their best to be subtle, but Michelle was sure they were staring at her crotch. Her heart was pounding, her breathing was heavy, and she had trouble suppressing a big smile as most of the team, except for her son, took turns looking at her naked pussy in public.

After the game that day, her son decided to ride home with some friends. As it turned out, Michelle had trouble starting her car. Luckily Dave came over and asked her if she needed a ride. She got into his SUV with four of the players. She sat in the middle of the back seat with a player on each side of her. She noticed when Dave adjusted the rear view mirror and to his delight, she opened her legs giving him a look up her skirt. Dave suggested they all stop for food and the four of them stopped at a pizza joint in town. While Dave ordered the food Michelle slipped into a booth in the back of the restaurant and the other boys slid in beside her. She decided she had to go to the girls room at the point the food was delivered and made it look accidental when she rubbed her big breasts up against Dave and Ron. When she came back she slipped into the booth and her skirt caught on something, lifting it above her bare butt and giving the boys a glimpse of her ass cheeks.

As the boys slid back in beside her she spread her legs and pressed against both Dave and Ron who sat on either side of her. As they all talked and joked Michelle let her hand slide over Dave's thigh. When he gave no sign of a reaction other than to glance at her and smile she knew it was okay to go further. She reached up his shorts and touched the cloth over his cock, whispering into his ear "If you take it out I'll touch it." He reached down and adjusted his shorts, freeing his cock for her to massage. In an instant he was hard as a rock and Michelle was thrilled to know she could do this to a young man. She didn't see the glance that Dave gave Ron but soon felt both Dave and Ron's hands on her own thighs. Dave was being more adventuresome and soon had his hand between her legs feeling her pussy. She put her other hand on Ron's thigh and found his cock as well. She turned and pressed her breast against Ron's arm as she whispered into Ron's ear, "If you take it out, I'll touch it and you can touch me too." She winked at him as he looked at her wide-eyed. Ron reached down and adjusted his jock so that his cock was out and hanging down the left leg of his shorts. Michelle slowly stroked it.

She took Dave's hand and placed his hand on her naked crotch, smiling at his suppressed reaction. He worked his middle finger into her wet pussy under the table. so as she got finger fucked by Dave, she slowly gave hand jobs to Dave and Ron. She whispered to both boys, "You should come over and visit my son." Ron had taken Dave's place fingering her wet slit and soon Ron jerked and shot a load into her hand. Dave soon did the same. She smiled at the boys as she lifted first her wet left hand and then her wet right hand to her mouth and licked their come off of her fingers. They were stunned but knew they were the only ones who realized what she was doing. They could not believe their luck to have both had a chance to finger Michelle's wet pussy and have her jack them off.

When they finished eating, Ron and Dave got up from the table. She slid over next to Chad and pressed her thigh against his leg. He glanced at her but didn't move away, having suspected something had been happening under the table earlier. When he put his hand under the table she took it and pressed it against her bare wet pussy, smiling at him as she did. Then as he got the idea of what she wanted she reached up under his shorts and found his hardening cock. Soon he too had come in her hand and she lifted it to her mouth and licked her wet fingers. He left his hand between her legs for a few minutes, exploring her private anatomy with his fingers. She winked at Chad and he smiled back, excusing himself as he got up.

When they finished eating and went back to the SUV both Chad and Ron sat on either side of her. It was dark now so Michelle felt comfortable pulling her short skirt up and letting both of them play with her pussy as Dave drove. Dave hinted to the other boy in the front to look at Michelle and he turned and watched as his two friends finger-fucked their teammate's mother. By the time they had gotten to the first house to drop off Chad, Michelle had her legs spread across the laps of both Chad and Ron and was panting from the attention she was getting. She leaned over and kissed Chad on the cheek as he started to get out, telling him she wanted him to come over to her house with the rest of the team after the next game.

Jeremy switched from the front seat to take Chad's place and as Dave drove away to drop of his next team mate, Jeremy reached over and with one hand began to finger Michelle's wet pussy and put his other arm around her so he could feel one of her tits.

"Here", she said, pulling her top up over her tits and pulling her bra down under her breasts, letting both Ron and Jeremy have a tit to hold. She was in heaven from all the attention. Soon both Ron and Jeremy had been dropped off and she moved to the front seat to sit near Dave.

"Before we get to my house, Dave, why don't I give you a blow job? Would you like that? It is the least I can do repay you for helping me get home today."

"Oh hell yes, Mrs. Cox, I would love that." Before he could pull away from the curb she leaned over and began pulling his shorts down and soon was sucking on his cock, bobbing her head up and down. It didn't take him long to come in her mouth and she swallowed it all, coming up to kiss him as she finished. He drove her home and before she got out she told him she wanted him to bring the team over for a party after the next game. She asked him to promise that he wouldn't tell her son. She smiled at him, and said she would promise that he would enjoy himself.

Later when her son came home, Michelle told her son that he should invite some of the team members over after a game to play video games. Her son was reluctant, because none of the boys had been to his house, and he didn't want to be embarrassed if no one showed up. There was a Friday evening game coming up the next week when Michelle's husband would be out of town. Michelle was insistent, so her son invited all the team members to come over after that game. To her son's surprise, all of the boys said they would come.

During the game, Michelle wore a tight, thin, white shirt that clung to her sheer bra, and her tennis skirt with no panties. Her white cloth shoes with solid high heels were the closest thing she could wear to spike high heels without attracting attention. She flashed the boys again before the game, making them all aware of her pantiless state. Her nipples were visible through the thin material, and were hard at attention for most of the game. All of the team members came over to her house immediately after the game. Michelle ordered pizzas, and served the boys soft drinks. They gathered in the lower level family room, playing video games and listening to music.

Dave was the first to wander upstairs, finding Michelle in the kitchen.

"I enjoyed the show at the game today, Mrs. Cox."

"I'm so pleased you enjoy that. I love knowing that you handsome young men can appreciate my middle-age body. I want to show you my appreciation, Dave."

"You are quite the hot mom, Mrs. Cox."

Michelle wasted no time putting her arms around him, French-kissing him, and putting her hands on his butt over his soccer shorts. Dave reached up and groped both of her big tits over her shirt and thin bra. He'd never felt tits this big before. His right hand slid down her waist, under her shirt, and up over her bra. He felt her left tit over her bra as he kissed her. He worked his hand inside of her bra, and felt her warm soft tit inside of it, tickling her hard nipple with his fingertips. His left hand slid down her back and cupped her right ass cheek over her skirt. He wanted to feel as much of her body as he could before she changed her mind. Much to his delight and surprise, Michelle took his hand, and led him down the hall and upstairs to her large bedroom.

The bedroom had a large four-poster bed in the middle. One wall was completely covered with sliding glass doors that overlooked the pool and back yard making the room feel like it only had three walls. Much of the golf course was visible from this vantage point as well. The bed was covered with a soft white comforter. There were chairs in the corners, and a large dresser on one wall with a huge mirror above it, and opposite the bed were more mirrored closet doors. The open curtains left the room brightly lighted.

She quickly closed the door behind them. She pulled up her shirt in front of the teen, reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, and let her big D-cup tits fall out of the white bra as it fell on the floor. Her shirt rested on her chest as the boy felt her big heavy tits and touched her hard nipples with their wide brown aerolas. He was amazed by the sight and the feel of her big breasts here in the light of day, stunned that this older woman was offering him this experience. She pulled her shirt off, pulled her skirt down, stepped out of it, and finally stood naked in her heels looking into Dave's eyes as he continued to touch her tits. He could hardly believe he had his friend's mom naked to admire and touch.

"Wow, Mrs. Cox, you are a really hot woman." Dave told her.

"Call me Michelle, Dave, after all you have seen me naked now." She smiled broadly. "Do you really think so?"

"Oh hell yes, Michelle."

Michelle pulled up the teen's soccer shirt, and he pulled it over his head and dropped it. Michelle knelt down and pulled his shorts off of his body, briefly admiring the wiry young man in just his jock. She pulled the jock down and his full-grown cock stood at attention. His slender body gave his penis the appearance of being even bigger than it was. She marveled at how hard his cock was, since her husband now had trouble getting an erection. Still on her knees, Michelle put her lips on his cock, and slowly licked it, looking upward and watching his expression in order to judge her effect on him. She paused, smiling at him, and asked, "Do your girlfriends give you blow-jobs?" He shook his head no. She was turned on by this admission and began to give him a gentle, slow, and warm blow-job. After several minutes of this she decided she wanted to give him more than just head. She still hadn't thought ahead to exactly what she was about to do but now knew she wanted to fuck Dave.

Michelle climbed on the big four-poster bed and laid down on her back, with her legs spread wide towards Dave.

"I will let you fuck me if you want Dave."

Dave quickly moved next to her and stared at her naked tits and open crotch. The evening sun was illuminating every part of Michelle's bare body with a warm inviting light. They kissed as Dave anxiously groped her entire body, squeezing her tits, her ass and touching her soft inner thighs in rapid fashion. Michelle ran her long fingers over Dave's bare shoulders, back, tight ass, and cock. Her large diamond wedding ring sparkled in the light. "Dave, fuck me," Michelle whispered. She spread her legs wider for him and lifted her knees, and the boy climbed between them. With Michelle's help, the inexperienced but eager teen worked his hard cock into her wet pussy, and laid down on her. She kissed him on the lips as he began to pump up and down in her slick hot cunt.

Jeremy and Ron slipped upstairs, looking around for Michelle. They knew something was up when Dave had snuck upstairs. They wandered down the hall and heard the panting woman and muffled moans through the door. Jeremy quietly turned the doorknob and cracked the door open. The bright light in the bedroom made it easy to see from the dark hallway. Jeremy and Ron silently watched Dave pumping rapidly into the naked woman. Once he got into a rhythm, it didn't take long for Dave to lose his load in the housewife, who was twitching and biting her lip from her own quick orgasm.

As Dave climbed off of her, Michelle noticed the door was cracked open, and realized that someone was watching. She panicked thinking it might be her son, and covered herself quickly with the bedspread. At that point Ron pushed the door open and she saw who was in the hallway, "It's okay, boys, come in." Jeremy and Ron entered the bedroom, as Dave got dressed. "Jeremy, do you want to be next?" she said, throwing off the covers and spreading her legs. She still didn't realize that she was about to give herself to the entire team.

Jeremy stammered an affirmative. Michelle looked at Dave and Ron and asked them to make sure that her son doesn't come in. The idea of fucking two more of the boys excited her. Dave and Ron left the room, and Jeremy quickly stripped out of his soccer uniform. He lay on the bed next to Michelle and engaged in some rapid foreplay, in particular enjoying her big bobbling tits, and wet hairy pussy. Michelle asked him to straddle her face and she gave him head for a few minutes. Finally she instructed him to mount her and he began fucking the older woman.

Word slowly spread about what Michelle was doing upstairs, and several more teens found their way upstairs, careful not to alert Michelle's son. Several teammates were standing at Michelle's doorway, as Ron became her third lover of the evening. When Ron came back in she asked him how many more were aware of her activity. He answered, "Everyone but Tommy." Suddenly Michelle realized that she was committed to fucking the entire team, because since they all knew her secret she was now obligated, and incredibly excited to share herself with them. She laughed realizing that she had to fuck them all to keep it secret. "I guess you all get a turn." The door was now closed, but the boys took turns slowly cracking it open and peeking in.

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