tagIncest/TabooMom's Way Of Business

Mom's Way Of Business


We had a big business and my mother looked after the business. It was inherited and my father couldn't do it right so he drank and lived in the extra room near the factory itself. My mother took over and she did well, she had some knack of getting the orders and making sales pitches. This made my father feel more incompetent and he drank more.

I had just completed college and was just started looking after the business. I would accompany my mother to the office and see how the business worked. My mom would always dress up in crisp saris and behave so aloof as soon as she reached the office. She would fire the workers, speak with several people, change moods as and when required. It was a delight to watch her getting things done so efficiently. She was like a master, and things had to be done in perfection as she wanted it.

One day mom didn't come to the office, I came alone. I sat in her place and was just going thru the schedule. When a huge dark fellow walked in and asked for my mom. I didn't like him one bit as he didn't even knock on the cabin door, he just barged in.

Never the less I told him she didn't come and was at home only. He said "Ok, I will meet her at home", and he left.

I was just trying to think something to say till then he had already left. I sat there and tried the home phone number to tell my mother that someone was coming to see her and that he didn't even tell his name. The Phone was busy. I kept trying. I wasn't getting a good feel about this guy so I decided to go home myself, just in case my mother needed me.

I reached home and found a nice car in front of the house. The door to the house was open so I just walked in. I didn't find my mom in the living room so I thought she mustn't be well and would be in her bedroom. But what about the car?

I was going to step into her bedroom when I heard the guy's voice. He said "Thanks". I wanted to know what he was thanking someone about. So I peeped in. I was shell shocked to see my mom in her black bra, boobs bursting out, and matching black panties, serving this guy some drink. He was sitting on the sofa in the bedroom with his legs up on the centre table. My mother was bent down and was getting him some thing to eat from the tray. Her ass looked so big and round. This guy had his drink in one hand and with the other he was caressing her big ass cheeks. He was tracing her ass crack with his fingers while she arranged in to a plate whatever was in the tray for him to eat.

I stood there like a statue not knowing what to do. Meanwhile my mother stood straight and then came near this guy and sat on his lap. She had the plate in her hand and was feeding him very lovingly as she spread her wide ass on his thighs. He put his glass down and in between the bites unhooked her bra and freed her enormous tits. He started licking the nipples. He would take a sip of his drink and suck on her nipples again.

My mom's nipples were aroused and became so hard. They stood out like big guns. She started unbuttoning his shirt. He wriggled out of it to reveal his hairy chest. She kissed him on his chest several times. Then she got up and unbuckled his pants, he lifted his ass so that she could pull out his pants. She did it with so much expertise, in one smooth stroke she had taken off his pants with his underwear. His huge black cock was rock hard. She parted his legs and kneeled in front of him. This was so stunning for me to see my mom just about to swallow a huge big cock. She licked his cock tip first, then licked his whole length of the cock and in the end wrapped her lips over his cock and tried to take the whole thing inside her mouth. She could manage only the tip and a couple of inches. It was too thick for her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock, putting all her saliva on his rod.

He was about to cum when he caught her shoulders and made her stand up. He pulled down her panties. My mom had a hairy bush on her pussy which this guy neatly parted and shoved his fingers up her cunt.

My mom caught his hand when he started doing it very hard. It was hurting her the way he was shoving his fingers up her cunt. She pulled him towards the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs. She was facing away from me so all I could see now was her cunt spread out and her legs raised in anticipation. The guy was holding his cock while my mother held her cunt lips apart with her index and middle finger. He placed his cock into her pink cunt lips and rammed in till he was deep into my mothers cunt.

Then all I could see was his cock in a blur as he pistoned it in and out of my mother's pussy. Her cunt was tight around his cock, milking him. Soon his cock was covered with her thick white juice. It was becoming more with each of his thrusts and then it started trickling down her to her anus.

The guy was humping away, going up and down on my mother. Then suddenly he stopped. He wanted to change position. So he pulled his cock out and lay down besides my mom. She got up, climbed up the bed and impaled herself on his cock. Now with both her legs on his side, she bounced up and down getting his cock up her cunt.

I had had enough till then, so I decided to go in to the room. I came up from behind and stood at their side. They were so busy fucking that they didn't notice me for a couple of minutes. Then this guy saw me, I thought he would be surprised but he didn't even flinch. He just held onto my moms wide ass cheeks as pulled her down each time she rose up. My mother's eyes were shut in ecstasy as she pounded her ass onto his pelvis. After a while she opened her eyes and saw me standing instead of being ashamed and covering herself she just rode on. She was angry and yelled at me to get out.

I said "You shouldn't be doing this".

She got real mad and said "It is none of your business just get out and close the door behind you".

I knew I couldn't do anything more. My own condition wasnt so good with my cock hard and hurting. I just turned and stood in the corner still watching my mom fucking the man right in my presence.

It was getting too much for my mom to have me watching and the riding that she was doing, she started cumming. The man too pulled her ass down one last time and shot his entire load into her pussy.

The session was over, it was best for me to get out from the room before I got another firing. So I just sneaked out but not before knowing the secret to my mom's success in business. I knew now how she got all the contracts.

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