tagIncest/TabooMom's Workout Ch. 01

Mom's Workout Ch. 01


Now I'm sure every young man goes through the same age where every woman look so appealing, that he can't help but fantasize about them. Teachers, the woman at the bank, even the mailwoman. But, there comes a time where even those fantasies can only go so far. He needed more, he needed real. Damian was thinking these thoughts, when he looked down the hallway and heard his mother working out in her room. Being only 22, he thought that she was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen, but inside he knew it was wrong. He just didn't care at this point.

Alanna was just starting to really get into her work out, really sweating as she stretched and moved. Being a full figured woman, she wanted to try to lose a few pounds, but to her she looked great. It was her husband that was asking her to do this. It had been a long time since she had worked herself up like this, but she had disturbing dreams last night. Someone had been watching her as she slept, and in her dream she had woken to find them standing over her and jacking off. She was transfixed by their massive cock, and both her mouth and vagina started watering at the thought of having it. Her husband wasn't even that big, and didn't even care to have sex anymore. The dream ended just as the unknown person shot a massive load onto her exposed chest, and she cried out in pleasure. Crying out, she actually woke herself up, only to find it was a dream.

Working out seemed like the best way to cure this mental dilemma, so Alanna went right into it. She put on her workout tights, and popped in her favorite workout tape. Little did she know that her son Damian was standing just outside her door and peeping in on her. She knew that her son had become a man, and she also noticed that he spent a lot of his time either working out himself or on his computer looking at pictures of stuff. What stuff she never determined, but at least he wasn't moping around anymore.

Damian stood completely still and watched as his mom went step by step thru her daily workout. He noticed that her suit looked tighter than usual, and when she turned the right way, he noticed that her nipples were hard. He couldn't believe his eyes. Here he was ogling his mom, and she didn't even look his way. She was really starting to get into it, bending over, and Damian was checking out that amazing ass. As he was watching he also noticed a wet spot forming in the center of where her pussy would be. "Dear Lord, she's getting wet," was all he could think and his mom went on with her workout.

Alanna tried as she may, but couldn't take her mind off her dreams. She kept thinking about that stiff cock as it jutted out in front of her eyes. Her nipples were scratching on the fabric as she swung her massive tits from side to side, making them hard. As she was bending over, she thought about what it would have been like to take that massive cock in her pussy, and suddenly she felt warmth spreading through her pussy, making it leak her juices. "This was becoming too much," Alanna thought. Soon she would have to take care of this, or she was going to go nuts.

Damian quietly snuck back to his room to take care of his massive hard on that he got watching his Mom workout. Thinking back, he could always picture his favorite thought of her. Standing in the hallway, she had just got out of the shower and was walking back to his room. He had slowly opened his door, and saw her take her towel off before stepping in her room. He was always fascinated by bigger girls, and his mom was one of the best specimens he had ever seen. Not too big, but with enough around the good spots. Big tits, thick middle, and a perfectly smooth round butt. He often imagined what it would be like to smack her ass, or nibble on her large nipples. As these pictures and thoughts ran around his head, he pulled out his cock and started stroking it. He pictured his mom sitting next to him doing it for him, and that just made it feel even better.

"Oh Mom, yes. Please stroke it faster, please. I've wanted this for so long. Suck on it a little; put your tongue on it. Your young man needs this!!"

Alanna kept up her work out as long as she could, but lust finally won over. She pulled of her tights, and jumped into bed. Reaching over to her night stand, she pulled out her dildo, and slides it in her pussy. As she pumped it in and out she thought of the man standing over her, and suddenly she saw a face. It wasn't a stranger at all, it was her son. He was the one standing there and stroking his long smooth cock. Her first thought was revulsion, how could she even think that thought it was incest. But, at the same moment, she felt a jolt run thru her body, and pleasure ran amok. He did have a great body, and she had often watched him working out when he didn't know she was there. Picturing him stroking for her just made her hotter, and soon she was pinching her nipples, and feeling the dildo slide easier and faster out of her pussy.

"Damian, stroke it for Mommy. Slide your hand over your cock for her, and shoot my with your cum. Come on, Mommy wants it, she needs it. Please make Mommy happy. Make her cumm for you!!!

As both mother and son, sat in their rooms fantasizing about each other, neither realized that a new chapter in their life was forming. Both had these thoughts about each other, and soon both would find out how far love would go to win.

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