tagLoving WivesMona Continues to Grow

Mona Continues to Grow


Most of you wonder as I do if the stories you read are real or fantasy. The stories I submit are real, so there may be a distance between submissions while I wait for another experience to occur to share with the readers.

Moan and I have been friends with Paul and Shauna for some time. I went to school, worked with Paul, and have known Shauna for a few years longer than Paul. Mona and I have been married for more than 13 years and she met Paul and Shauna after our marriage.

Mona is a beautiful 38 year old woman 5'7", 115 pounds, long brown hair, measuring 34 25 34, and she has an incredible smile. Shauna is 28 years old and looks similar to Mona with measurements nearly identical.

Paul recently retired because of an injury he suffered while working. Shauna arranged a surprise party for him at a local restaurant, and what a surprise it turned out to be! The evening started, as you would expect, guest dressed in casual wear and the women wearing dresses that showed their figures off very well. Mona wore a black short dress that wrapped around, no bra and black nylons. Shauna wore a pair of tight black pants, and sheer blouse with a sheer bra.

Toward the end of the night, with copious amounts of wine and beer consumed, we began singing and dancing. During one song, Mona and Shauna began dancing the "Nasty Dance" with Shauna standing behind Mona and grinding her mound into Mona's ass. Near the end of the dance, the two girls had an audience shouting encouragement to get nastier. Shauna took the cue and began lifting Mona's dress up exposing her nylon-covered ass and spanking her between thrust.

When the dance ended Mona came up to me, gave me a very passionate kiss, and told me that she had an orgasm and wondered if anybody could tell. I assured her that she did not let on at all, although her breathing was very heavy. I looked at Shauna as she passed and saw that her nipples were erect and that she too was breathing quite hard. As she passed, she grabbed Mona's ass and slid her hand between her legs. She gave her a small kiss on the neck and told her she hoped to have another dance a little later. Mona gave her a quick peck on the cheek and told Shauna she would like that.

The night continued with Mona and Shauna sharing another dance, however this time they grabbed Stacy, another friend’s wife, and sandwiched her between them. The song was "Brick house”, Mona, and Shauna wanted everyone to see that the three of them are just that. By the time the song ended, Mona had caressed Shauna's and Stacy's tits, played with their ass and even put her hand between Stacy's legs under her dress, which we all saw when Shauna lifted the dress up. Shauna and Stacy also enjoyed nearly every inch of the other girls’ bodies while dancing.

The night ended and while saying goodbye to Paul and Shauna in the parking lot, Shauna asked Mona if she wanted to end the night at their home in the Jacuzzi. Mona told her that sounded nice but that we did not have our bathing suits in the truck. Shauna giggled and asked, "who said anything about suits."

Mona asked me and of course, I accepted. The water was extremely hot but not nearly as HOT as Shauna and Mona. At the house, Shauna, Mona, and I walked directly to the Jacuzzi while Paul got drinks for everybody from their bar.

Shauna was surprised when Mona walked up to her and began helping her out of her clothes. Mona slowing lifted Shauna's tight shirt off exposing her beautiful tits beneath the sheer bra she wore. Mona reached around and caressed both tits while making her way to the front clasp of the bra. Once unhooked, Mona began playing with Shauna's nipples making them even harder than they were at the party. Next, Mona unzipped Shauna's pants and kneeled as she pulled them down her body with Shauna's nylons and panties going at the same time.

Mona knelt in front of her and when Shauna's pussy became exposed, Mona inhaled deeply and lightly kissed the top. Paul joined us just in time to see his wife’s pussy kissed by mine.

Shauna told Mona it was her turn and untied Mona's dress and let it fall to the ground. Knowing Mona did not wear a bra, Shauna grabbed Mona's tits and began tweaking the nipples and pulling on them making them erect. Shauna then knelt behind Mona and pulled her nylons down, lightly kissing Mona's ass cheeks as they became exposed. Once the nylons were off, Shauna had Mona bend over at the waist and kissed her exposed pussy. As she finished, Shauna said, " I thought you had cum while we danced."

The four of us then stepped into the water and talked about the party, how long we had known each other, and how interesting the evening had become. Mona and Shauna looked at each other, smiled and almost simultaneously said it was very interesting. Shauna asked Mona if she had ever been with another woman before and to her surprise, Mona admitted that she has fantasized about it for years but was always too afraid to try. Shauna then said that she has told Paul for several years that she wanted two men or a woman but that it was always in fun.

Both admitted they enjoyed the other and Mona made her move. She leaned over and started kissing Shauna as if she were a hungry tiger. Of course Shauna returned the kiss. The kiss turned to touching, which turned into each of the girls fingering the other to an orgasm in the water. Wanting more, Shauna told Mona it was time to go to the bedroom.

Watching both women-walking nude, hand-in-hand to the bedroom was exciting. Mona and Shauna leaned on one another and laughed the entire time.

Shauna started up the stairs first followed by Mona. The sight of these two was incredible. As Shauna stepped up, Mona placed her hand on her ass and said, "you know I'm going to fuck you here don't you!" Shauna turned and replied, "Wait until you see what I have for you" and blew her a kiss.

In the bedroom, Mona and Shauna faced each other and began kissing passionately. From where I stood, I saw their tongues dancing as if fighting for control. Shauna moved Mona toward the bed and gently laid her down. Without hesitation, Shauna kissed her way down Mona's body spending time at each of her tits, navel, and pussy. Mona dripped with her juices as Shauna licked and sucked on her pussy. My view was great because as Shauna licked Mona's pussy, I saw deep inside Shauna's pussy and that she too was dripping with her juices. It did not take long before Mona began screaming that she was going to cum. Hearing this, Shauna began licking and sucking even faster, and as Mona arched her back, Shauna slid a finger into Mona's pussy and then into her ass. That did it, Mona came in waves, and when Shauna Finished, we all could see that her face was covered with Mona's cum.

Mona told Shauna it was her turn and traded places with her. Mona went straight to Shauna's pussy and began licking and sucking. Much sooner than Shauna had done, Mona inserted two fingers into Shauna's pussy and fingered her while licking her. As Shauna's breathing became heavier, Mona inserted both fingers deep into Shauna's ass. Mona pumped her fingers in and out of Shauna's ass while continuing to eat her pussy. Shauna soon began yelling that she was coming and tried to push Mona back. This only encouraged Mona to push harder, lick, and suck faster.

When Shauna said she was going to cum, she was not kidding. As the cum squirted from deep inside her pussy, Mona acted like a cat having a fresh bowl of milk. Mona attempted to catch every drop of Shauna's sweet cum.

Having both had an orgasm; Mona and Shauna lay side-by-side and shared another kiss. Shauna asked if they could just lie there for a while before continuing. Mona agreed saying that she needed to recover just a little.

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