tagErotic CouplingsMona Lisa: Phoebe's View

Mona Lisa: Phoebe's View


SonofCallicious recently posted an intriguing story called Mona Lisa. This story retells his story, with his kind permission, from the point of view of one of the women. This is his story seen differently. The story is intended to be an exact parallel of Mona Lisa, but even eye witnesses often differ in their recollection of details.


Helen and Liz and I had been buddies for a long time. We have a drink sometimes, chat, coffee and gossip. We ended up married to three good looking blokes who were best friends, too. Helen always says it was because we were too lazy to look any farther. Since she was head over heels with hers, Tommy, that seemed a little out of line. Liz was married to Arthur. I was married to Richard. We were a lot the same, both mad for our man. I suppose it's not all that conventional to be in love with your husband. You should probably be hot for him and any other biped with a dong, but I was exclusive. Helen and Liz were, too. We sort of hid it, since it was an aberration, but we weren't about to change.

About our men. As far as we knew they were pretty much faithful as well. I'd have been sorry to find out that Richard had ever been unfaithful, especially since we hadn't had any kids yet. He wouldn't be able to have kids after, of course, which would have been a bit of a shame, especially since it's almost impossible to adopt nowadays.

The main thing about our boys was they had this unholy fascination with the thought of wife swapping. Just among us, mind you, and only because the three of us might almost have been twins - triplets, I mean. The boys were kind and said it was just because we were all so hot that they couldn't help themselves, but we were sure it wasn't that. It was more that we were all three so alike that they couldn't help but wonder what differences there actually were among us. Fewer than they thought, I expected.

Frequently the six of us would get together for a barbeque and a swim if the weather was half decent, which didn't happen all that much, or dinner and cards, or we would go out on the town for an evening. We all got on well. The boys thought that we three girls had become good friends, ignoring the fact that we'd known each other for ages. A man thing, I suspect. Nothing existed before we met them. We frequently shopped together and otherwise spent time together. The really amazing thing was our closeness in physical attributes - height, weight and critical measurements, so we were able to wear each others' clothes with aplomb. We often borrowed from each other, which gave each of us the equivalent of three wardrobes, though I wasn't any too pleased with Helen's choice of colours and Liz thought my taste in shoes sucked. The boys often joked when they saw one of us wearing one of the other's dress that they weren't sure who they were taking home for the night. It wasn't a very funny joke.

The three of us were chatting together a few days before Arthur's thirtieth birthday party. We'd all decided that we'd try for kids when we were past thirty, and that was starting to get close for all of us.

"Look," Helen said, "if we're going to get that stupid fantasy out of their heads, you know, the one about trading their wives off with each other, we have to get to work on it now. I don't want that coming back to haunt me when I'm sixty and Tommy starts up with that business about if only we'd all had the nerve to go ahead with it what a memory it would have made."

"They don't really want to do it, you know," Liz added. "They just think that as reasonably horny guys it's an opportunity they have to take advantage of, for the sake of the tales they can tell their grandchildren or something."

"They better not be telling my grandchildren anything of the sort," I snorted.

"Well, perhaps something they could think about telling their grandchildren, or maybe just sharing with each other," Liz amended.

"Look, this is what I think we should do." Helen's voice dropped into a whisper as she explained that we could get a little relief if we announced that we were prepared to go ahead with their idiot idea on strict conditions. Then she explained the conditions. Then she explained what she really meant. Liz and I giggled at the last, which was good because neither one of us enjoyed the thought of sharing our guys, even with our best friends, and had just about canned Helen's suggestion the same way we'd diverted all of the boys' efforts to get us to agree in the past. It had become a regular proposal.

"So when do you propose to announce this sudden change of heart?" I asked.

"At Arthur's birthday party. We'll all of us be there, and no one else."

"Sounds good," Liz agreed.

"Are you really up for it, though?" Helen asked. "It will mean getting naked and having sex in front of each other."

"I've seen you in the showers at the club often enough," Liz offered. "Besides, it's no more thrilling than seeing meself. And I suppose if I can wear your bra I can watch you have sex with somebody. Not that I expect I'll be watching. I expect to be far too busy enjoying myself to be bothered."

"I'll bet the forbidden nature of it all will have them hard as rocks and violently aroused. It'll likely be better sex than we usually get, though not likely the best ever," I added.

"Oh, that sounds good," Helen chuckled. "Tommy's pretty good all the time, so better will be worth playing the game."

Liz and I agreed.

When Arthur's birthday celebration came around a few days later, Liz surprised everyone after dinner by announcing that we were finally willing to put the group sex or orgy or wife swapping or whatever idea to rest by letting it happen.

"You've all been pushing this idea at us privately and when we're all together and for all I know you've taken out ads in the sexual encounters column. I'm surprised it hasn't come up yet this evening. We'll go ahead with it if that's what you want."

The boys immediately perked up. From what I saw in their pants, more than just their faces perked up. They'd convinced themselves they really wanted this.

"Here's how it will work, if we finally agree to go along with you," Helen stated. "Next month, when we get together at our house for a barbeque and swim. You blokes have to agree to abide by our rules. All of them, or it's no go."

The boys almost fell over themselves to agree. They were almost drooling. I could see Richard was thinking over the rules bit, but he was so anxious to get to the meat of the matter, so to speak, that he let his friends override what had to be serious reservations. I think he thought I was looking forward to maybe trying Tommy out, a test run as it were, but he should have known better. I only wanted him, but for his sake I was willing to go along with this foolishness, at least part way, though I supposed there wasn't really any way to stop short of what we'd more or less promised them.

I only hoped Helen's plan would work.

For the next few weeks Helen and Liz and I spent a lot of time on the phone refining our plans, taking care of the details, working out the best way to confuse the men. The idea would be that they wouldn't be allowed to see who they were with and no one would say, so there really couldn't be any infidelity. That meant we had a lot to think about to minimize our differences. The three of us looked a lot alike, certainly, but there were differences, too, and one job, perhaps the most important, was to cover those up.

One example was that while the other two shaved, I only trimmed enough to look decent in a bikini. I'd have to shave as well, but I couldn't do it until Richard left for work the morning of our get together or he'd find out. We had sex often enough that I couldn't even risk the night before. With the upcoming orgy, or whatever it turned out to be, Richard was hornier than he'd been for months, which was a most fortunate, if unanticipated, side effect of our promise.

Richard had suggested shaving a few times but I'd been reluctant. Being shaved might get me a little more oral sex, as I didn't seem to be getting as much as the other two from what we told each other. Mind you, they might have been lying. Girls boast as much as boys, and probably with the same regard to truth. Worth a shot, though.

Another was that we all smelled a little different. People do, you know. We decided we'd all wear some of Helen's scent to get that mostly out of the way. There are private parts deodorants, too. Since we were pretty sure they wouldn't get to that part of it, at least this time (and just when did this experience we were building towards develop a continuing life of its own?) we'd forego them.

Liz was a little more modest than Helen or I, and usually wore a one-piece suit. We'd talked her out of the ruffles a year or so ago but she hadn't given up the skirt part until a couple of months ago. I doubt the boys noticed. However, for this situation she'd have to wear a bikini like we did or it would be too obvious who was who. We went shopping for that together, and as it happened we all ended up getting new suits. They didn't look all that much the same, though you couldn't tell them apart by feel, which was the point, of course. The boys probably didn't notice that, either.

"What about things like nipple size?"

"We're all close enough, and if you think a guy ramming his cock into you is thinking at all, much less measuring small differences in nipple size and breast weight, you haven't been married as long as I know you have."

That seemed pretty definitive.

Of course, we were all careful to be sure the boys never overheard any of our plotting - I suppose I mean planning. Use whichever term you think appropriate.

Finally the fateful night was at hand and Richard and I drove over to Tommy and Helen's home. We could have easily walked it and often had, but I had some things to take with me and didn't want anyone to see that I looked like a bagwoman, or actually more like a courtesan on a call since my case was quite elegant.

The evening was warm enough to really enjoy the pool, which seldom happened. Mostly the sky was overcast or the air was too cool to enjoy lounging around in a couple of scraps of cloth, though the way Richard's eyes still bugged out when he looked at me in my bikini was quite warming. Today, fortunately, was one of those rare pleasantly warm, sunny days, with just enough of a breeze to keep one cool in the sun. The six of us played about for a bit in the water. The lads were obviously enjoying the sights. We did look good, each in the same small two piece bathing suit. I suppose keeping ourselves fit did pay off to judge by the attention we were getting. I was certainly getting a lot from each of the boys - a woman always knows when she's being ogled, no matter how hard the men try to disguise it - and the others were getting as much. I suppose there was a ton of speculation. I'd have been surprised if the boys weren't trying to figure out who would get who and would it be worth it. There was a little extra attention for Liz at first since she almost never wore a bikini. Tommy and Richard both made a special point of complimenting her. Liz blushed prettily at the extra attention. Perhaps she wouldn't be going back to the one-piece anytime soon.

Nothing overt or untoward happened in the water, although there was more physical contact amongst us than was normal, arms and legs brushing, stray hands, that sort of thing. There was a heightened sense of anticipation in the joking and comments. We've always flirted, nothing serious, just making sure the boys weren't dead sort of thing. That's where this damn fool idea had come from in the first place. It was probably Arthur, that first time. Tonight, though, with their goal in sight, as they thought, the flirting seemed a bit more directed, though nobody was at all blatant. I suppose they didn't need to be, did they? It was a sure thing. Sort of.

Dinner time came and we all got out of the water and toweled off, but before anyone went into the house to dress Helen suggested we all remain in our bathing togs. "After all, there is no point in changing our clothing when it won't stay on long anyway, now is there?"

"I suppose not," I moaned, "but I hate to eat in a wet suit."

"You're not in a wetsuit; you're in a bikini," Richard joked. I made a face at him but put up with the discomfort. It had been part of the plan. Getting dressed in street clothes would have increased the likelihood that we could be told apart. On the other hand, Richard knew all about my fetish about wet bathing suits, so I could hardly have let Helen's command pass without some sort of objection, now could I?

The blokes all raised their eyebrows at Helen's direction but no one raised a protest. It was likely the chance to continue seeing us in our bathing suits without the water in the way. A cooling evening breeze had given us all pokies and that drew their attention, too. I was quite sure Richard wasn't staring to figure out what differences there were in our nipples. He didn't know it might be critical. I blessed Helen's perception in making sure that we had bikini tops that would clearly show that our nipples had poked out, especially when wet, as ours were. At least our suits weren't the kind that went all transparent when you put them in water.

Tommy got some sausages going on the grill and it wasn't long before we were all ready to eat. I put up with a lot more ogling, but then the other two got their fair share of it as well. It did feel rather good to be able to attract male attention still at my advanced age. I'd be thirty in no time. We girls sipped at white wine while the boys each had a Guinness. I think they'd taken a vow to refrain from any more, since usually the boys would guzzle two or three each. Probably something to do with enhancing their endurance in case they each got to shag all three of us, though that wasn't going to happen. Not today, anyway.

Liz, in her unaccustomed two-piece, caught Richard's eye more frequently than Helen or I. I tried to tell myself that it was just the newness of her exposing herself, and maybe a touch of satiation with me. I wasn't at all jealous. I liked Liz. Richard, now . . . .

When we had all eaten our fill and had had a couple of beers or glasses of wine, Helen pushed her plate back and picked up an empty bowl. She set it in the middle of the table, then passed a small slip of paper and a pen to each of the men.

"Right, now this is how this is going to work. You will each write your name on your piece of paper, then you will fold it carefully in half and drop it into the bowl. We will each draw a name. We girls have agreed we will never reveal to you men whose name we have drawn, because we don't want any jealousy to spoil our friendships. Can you blokes agree there will be no hard feelings or repercussions after this evening? We don't want this to cause jealousy or upset or future unfaithfulness or, heaven forbid, divorce."

The boys looked at each other and nodded, obviously surprised that we thought there might be consequences from what was clearly just supposed to be a fun fling.

"Then this is how it will work," Helen stated. "Each of you will be blindfolded, and you will not know who your partner is."

The men seemed astonished.

"What's the point, then?" one of them mumbled. Helen held up a hand before any of them could say more.

"We agree to participate only under these circumstances. You agreed to follow our rules. If you don't agree, then everything is off."

Of course, the guys quickly agreed. After all, this was something they had lusted after for nearly a year, even if it wasn't going to work out exactly as they'd thought of it. Of course, they hadn't asked us what we thought of it, which is why we had always said no up to now.

I went into the house and returned with the overnight bag I had brought along. Inside I had cotton balls, tape, and strips of dark fabric. I divided the materials into three piles and handed one each to the other women.

Each of us went to our own husbands and proceeded to blind them, though not permanently. I suppose I'd had a brief urge when Richard was ogling Liz, but realized that he couldn't ogle me if I did. We had them each close their eyes. Then we taped the cotton balls over their eyelids to prevent them from opening their eyes even though they'd promised not to. It would be hard to hold them to their promises if all of us were having the massive orgasms we were planning. Then the black cloth was carefully tied around their heads over their eyes to rule out any possible peeking. It also served to block out any light penetration, leaving them as near to blindness as could be done and still be reversible.

"Right," Helen continued when we were done. "Now we will lead you into the den, where Liz and Phoebe have prepared pallets on the floor. When we arrive there, you blokes will remove your trunks for the next phase of the evening's entertainment."

"Wait a minute!" Tommy interrupted. "We're all going to be in there naked for you to see us, but we don't get to see you?"

"That's the way it works. You can always say no, and we can all go home. We think you'll enjoy yourself even so."

"I don't know that I like the idea of you girls all getting a look at me naked."

"Now you get an idea what we girls feel like when some bloke is eyeing us all the time, the way you three were ogling us at dinner. Or did you think we were going to get a ruler and measure you up? Are you in or not?"

None of the lads were too keen on the terms Helen had set forth, but if they didn't agree, that would be it for their big evening, and they seemed to be pretty sure we would never agree to anything at all again. "It'll be all right, Tommy. We get our fun, too, you know," Richard said. "Besides, we can always renegotiate the terms for the next time."

As if, I thought to myself.

Tommy reluctantly agreed.

We led the boys into the house. Each of us stood in front of our husband, adjusted their hands on our hips, and had them follow along, just like a parade. The simple touch of his warm hands on the bare skin above my bikini bottoms started heat flowing. I was almost as stimulated as the men were. Every now and again the man behind me would jostle me, and I felt his hardening erection. He was very turned on. I was his wife and he had this growing hard for me just walking along when he couldn't see me? This would be a very interesting evening.

It seemed to me that the other men, like Richard, were making chances to "accidentally" bump into their wives and demonstrate just how hot they were getting. Not just the men, either.

Helen made sure the men were all standing in front of their pallets, something like boot camp, I expect. "Right, now you blokes lose the trunks before the next phase can begin."

I watched Richard's hands go to the tie holding the waistband on his trunks, but he was slow about it. I suppose he found it difficult to expose himself in front of three girls in this way, but it likely had something to do with not being able to see exactly who he was exposing himself to.

"You know, Richard," I whispered to him, "I can't see how you're going to get through the rest of this with your trunks on."

That was enough to get him started, by reminding him of what was at the end of the rainbow. It got him moving, but his penis had flagged somewhat at the thought of all the attention he was getting, somewhat like a small boy who is suddenly the focus of his aunts' attentions.

We left the men standing there for a few moments, breathing in vulnerability: blind and naked. Liz had thought it might heighten their senses. We murmured among ourselves, somewhat surprised that there wasn't as much difference among our men as we'd expected. From what Liz had said, I always thought Thomas was hung like a horse, with Arthur possibly a millimetre shorter, according to Helen. In fact they were all three roughly the same size. I couldn't figure out whether it was the way they used the tools of their trade or the fever of their wives' imaginations that led to the discrepancy between what I'd heard and what I saw.

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