Mona, The Sluttiest Wife Ever


She nodded saying, "Yes I love being abused like that." He smiled and shoved his cock back down her throat and began fucking her mouth like it was her pussy. Each time he fully penetrated her mouth and throat, Mona gagged but never showed signs of wanting to quit. After about three or four minutes of this guy fucking her mouth, he reached a climax and just kept his cock fully inserted in her throat as he pumped her mouth full of cum. Mona was gagging all the time as he simultaneously was grunting. Once he removed his cock, Mona spit up cum and salvia that ran down her chin and onto her neck. She was also panting for air with her eyes becoming totally watered.

Once she calmed down she smiled and said, "That was awesome, but I did not get much of a taste."

Just then the barmaid walked up pushing herself between the guys who were standing around Mona stroking their dicks, she said, "I'll give you something to taste." She was totally nude and had a better looking body than I had expected. Although her face was not very attractive, her body was. Her tits were large and well shaped, sagging very little, obviously helped out by silicon. Her waist was small and her butt was nicely shaped.

Without hesitation, she got up on the couch above Mona's face squatting getting her pussy directly over Mona's mouth saying, "See those young studs over there." Pointing to where two young guys were standing with big smiles and large dicks hanging from their crotches. "They have just fucked me and filled my cunt with their hot juicy cum and I will let you taste them second hand. That is the closest you will get to them. You can have all these derelicts you want, you will not be touched or fucked by the young studly ones. They are mine tonight." She then lowered her cunt onto Mona's face letting Mona eat her out. All the guys got close to watch Mona lick and suck the barmaid's cunt.

The barmaid wiggled her cunt back and forth as she moaned while Mona sucked on her cunt. "Oh yes, suck on my clit, make me cum you fucking slut, eat me you shit ass whore, you nasty bitch, you cock sucking cunt." At that point she raised her ass up and moved it back so she could look directly down at Mona, she then spit on Mona's face a couple times and then let a long string of salvia drip from her mouth onto Mona's face.

The barmaid looked at a couple of guys standing real close with the hard dicks in their hands about ready to erupt. She said, "OK guys, cum on her face." The closest guy leaned forward and wanked off shooting a nice load of white cum all over Mona's face. When he was through, a second guy did the same.

The barmaid held off a third guy and then lowered her pussy over Mona's face smearing the cum all over, she then placed her cunt directly over Mona's mouth saying, "Eat me you cunt, suck me dry so I can get another load of young stud semen in me of which you will not get."

Mona's sucked and licked the barmaid's pussy until the barmaid climaxed. She immediately got up saying to the guys, "Her mouth is all yours, fuck this slut till she yells uncle."

There was no hesitation, a guy immediately stepped up placing his hard dick in Mona's mouth while her head was turned toward him. He tried to shove his entire dick down her throat but was not able to because of the angle he was at. He then moved over above her head so that his cock was pointing directly down her throat. He then shoved his cock down and it totally disappeared in her mouth and throat as she began gagging again. Mona reached up and grabbed his buttock and pushed him as best she could, out of her mouth. He let her take a breath and to his surprise, she pulled him back down her throat even deeper than what he had done. He just let her control the action, pulling him down her throat, then releasing him long enough to catch some air, then back down her throat to the max. She was controlling the action of getting her mouth fucked.

In the meantime, the fourth guy had just unloaded his cum in her wet sloppy cunt, and the fifth guy was getting into position. He was a short fat guy, with a short but very fat cock. I have never seen such a fat cock before. He struggled but finally was able to get his cock in her pussy. Mona was so busy getting her face fucked, I don't think she realized how much this guy was stretching her cunt, or if she did, she didn't let on. The next four guys in line continued fucking her in this mode. One fucking her mouth while another fucked her cunt. Each guy that fucked her mouth let her control the action, and she delivered, she would pull their cocks totally down her throat to the point of her gagging and letting them cum with their cocks totally in her mouth. When the last guy fucked her mouth, she had him move in a position so she could lick his ass a few times.

The next guys in line were three black guys with bigger than average cocks. All three wanted to fuck her in the ass. They had her get back up on the table, lay down near the edge with her legs drawn back toward her head. Her asshole was then raised off the table a few inches and the first guy showed little mercy, he pressed his big cock against her anus and after only a few hard attempts, her asshole opened up to accept the large shaft. Mona was in tears but shortly she was asking to be fucked harder and deeper. Once the first guy finished fucking her ass, dumping what must have been a ton of cum in her ass we could all see cum spewing out of her ass when his cock came out; the second guy took his place and continued the harsh fucking of her butt. This was all followed by the third black guy that was totally horny, he rammed her ass so hard that two guys held her so she did not scoot across the table. He was almost brutal, he really wanted her tight asshole and got it and must have filled it to the brim. As Mona laid on the table with cum running out of her ass, the barmaid walked by and spit on her again calling her names. "You fucking slut, you cheap whore, you cock loving cunt eating little bitch." This started a flurry of guys spitting on her and calling her names. A couple guys stood next to the table where her head was and shot a load of their cum on her face. Mona ended up with her face almost totally covered in spit and cum.

For the next three hours, she never had less than two cocks to play with. She asked and received many cocks to suck, asses to lick and balls to suck. She was double fucked many many times. Her pussy was never without a cock in it for more than a few minutes, her ass was almost as busy. Many times one guy would just barely remove his dick from her pussy, when another guy would shove him aside and immediately ram his hard cock up her cunt.

Finally she asked for some relief, she said she needed something to eat and drink other than cock and cum, and also needed to take a piss. Jake the bartender helped her off the table saying, "You are one nasty slut sweetie, look at that face and hair of yours. What a mess, cum, spit and sweat. I have a personal bathroom with a nice tub. How about you sitting in it so we can give you a golden shower. I think you will really enjoy it." She did not have a choice at Jake grabbed her hand taking her toward a door in the back of the room. He said as he pulled her along, "Any of you guys need to relieve yourselves? This slut wants a golden shower." He took her into the bathroom and had her sit down in the tub. He opened his pants, pulled out his dick and proceeded to piss on her tits which she held up like targets. Mona laid her head back with a big smile as she also began relieving herself as could be seen by the piss running down the tub from between her legs.

When Jake was done, two guys took his place along side the tub and began pissing on her. One guy took aim at her face dousing her head completely with piss. The other guy pissed all over her tits and pussy. When those two were done, two more stepped up to continue the golden shower, one guy ordered her to open her mouth which she did. He was a good shot and must have gotten at least a cup of piss in her mouth. She spit it out when he was done. The next guy told her to again open her mouth but this time to swallow it. When she did as she was told, he leaned over her and spit on her face calling her the nastiest slut ever. When the golden shower ended, fourteen guys had relieved themselves on her, she was totally drenched in piss and looked an absolute mess, her hair was completely wet with piss.

Jake walked in as he last guy emptied his blatter on her, he said, "You fucking nasty free whore, I want to fuck you but not like you are now. Take a shower and get your ass back out in the room so we can finish fucking you like you deserve, you nasty cunt whore."

Mona took a long shower and came out into the room like she went in, totally nude but looking quite refreshed. She approached the closest guy pressing her clean body against him while giving him a big kiss. He began to dry hump her taking a hold of her bare ass and pressing his crotch into hers. She released his lips saying, "Do you want to be the first to fuck me after my shower?"

Before he could answer, Jake grabbed her by the arm saying, "I'm next sweetie, but we still have to clean out that cum filled nasty cunt of yours." He led her over to the wet bar and sat her down on a barstool. He took a long neck beer bottle from off the bar and told her to spread her legs. She did as told while he twisted the top off the beer bottle, placed his thumb over the top of the bottle and shook it vigorously. He said, "I'm going to give you a beer duce, I don't want my cock inside you when your cunt if full of cum from all these nasty guys."

He placed the beer bottle between her legs with his thumb still on top of the bottle. He said, "Spread you pussy lips honey so I can shove this bottle up your cunt." Mona reached down and spread her cunt lips just as Jake removed his thumb and shoved the neck of the bottle up her pussy. There was a short blast of beer just as Jake inserted the bottle in her cunt. Mona squealed as the beer shot out of the bottle and directly into her cunt. As the beer filled her pussy, it also ran out along the outside of the bottle and onto the floor. Jake used the bottle like a dildo for a few strokes before removing it. Her pussy gushed with beer leaving a big puddle between her legs with beer dripping from her cunt lips.

Jake said, "Any you guys want to lick her beer washed pussy?" Two guys stepped forward each leaning down to suck on her cunt and lick her thighs.

Jake then said to Mona, "Are you thirsty?"

Mona responded, "Yea, I could use a drink."

"Good, your beer is there on the floor, lick it up." Mona kind of wrenched as she got down on the floor and began to lick up the beer. As she was bent over, he shoved the long neck beer bottle up her cunt again, fucking her with it like it was a dildo.

He then removed the beer bottle and got down behind her planting his cock deep inside her pussy making Mona groan very loud. He fucked her a few times, then removed his cock and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto the barstool.

He said, "Spread those legs baby, I want some cunt." Mona did as she was told as Jake stepped up between her spread legs and pressed his hard cock against her cunt lips.

Mona responded by saying, "Yes, take me, fuck me, abuse me, let me service you any way you want, I'm your slut for the night." Jake had a bigger than average cock and without any tenderness, rammed his cock all the way inside her and began a very rough session of fucking. Mona held on to the bar as her pussy was being pounded. Jake had one hand on her thigh to hold her still as he fucked her and with the other hand, he was pinching her tits creating small red welts. She was moaning with pleasure and pain as Jake continued his assault of her cunt; the energy with which he was fucking her was getting the guys excited again. A half dozen guys stood right next to Jake with their hard cocks in their hands ready to take their turn.

Jake finally finished fucking Mona loading up he cunt once again with a big load of cum. Before he withdrew his dick, he told one guy to get a pan. The guy came back with it and Jake told him to place it on the floor just below Mona's crotch. He did and when Jake removed his cock from Mona's cunt, cum came running out in big globs dripping into the pan. As soon as Jake stepped away, the guy closest to him took his place and began fucking Mona. He was so hot to trot that within minutes he was ejaculating inside Mona's pussy. As he removed his from her pussy, more cum came oozing out. The second guy wanted her to turn over with her belly on the barstool so he could fuck her doggie style. She did as told which made her mouth available to some good cock sucking. She remained on that barstool for about nearly an hour while she serviced eight more guys, four with her pussy and four with her mouth. The last guy was luckier than the others, he not only fucked her pussy, but also got a blowjob. Jake monitored the guys fucking her pussy to make sure the pan remained under her cum dripping pussy. When the eighth guy finished fucking her, Jake had her sit up with her legs spread. Her cunt was totally covered in cum as was her mouth. As he pulled her legs real wide apart giving everybody a great view of her cunt, he said, "Any takers to licking this slut's cunt?"

A grungy looking guy stepped up, got on his knees and began eating her pussy. As the guy sucked on her cunt, Jake had reached down for the pan and told Mona to drink the cum. God what a scene, Mona sitting on the edge of a barstool legs spread wide with this grungy guy eating her cunt as she licked the pan clean of the cum that had dripped out of her pussy for being fucked by five or six guys. She and the guy were both moaning and groaning with glee as they each were getting their fill of cum. After Mona had licked the pan clean, she sat it down and took the guy eating her cunt by the head raising him up, she then kissed him very passionately licking his face and tonguing his mouth.

The guy finally stepped away as Mona just licked her lips saying, "That was fantastic. Now how about you guys getting your cocks in my ass. I would love to have my ass fucked by each and every one of you guys. I also want to suck on more cocks, anyone ready?"

She turned around bending over a barstool while reaching behind her backside spreading her buns to expose her asshole. She did not have to wait long as a tall skinny guy with a skinny long cock approached her and pressed his cock against her asshole. She said, "Lube up your cock by first fucking my pussy, then slip that nice cock of yours all the way up my ass. I want to be fucked hard and deep, I want to feel every inch of that long cock of yours up my tight ass." The guy did as she said, shoving his cock in her cunt a few times getting it coated with cum and then taking a hold of his dick, pressed the head of his cock into her asshole. With his cock being rather skinny, he was able to get his cock in her anus without too much trouble. Once his cock had penetrated her ass, he began to really pound her butt. She was encouraging him on with squeals of delight telling him to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. It was not too long before he was dumping his load up her ass.

Her ass was free of a dick for about a nano-second, the second guy had his average size dick in her butt almost instantly. When Mona felt another dick up her ass, she reached back trying to pull him in her even deeper. She looked back at him saying, "Don't be gentle, fuck me hard, I love being fucked hard in the ass." The guy took her at her word and really started pounding her ass with long hard deep strokes. She responded saying, "Yes, like that, ohhh yes, fuck my ass, fuck me silly, ohhhh I love this, I want to be everybody's slut, I want all the cock I can get up my ass, oh yes, yes, fuck me good, ram that big cock of yours deep inside me. Ohhh yes...."

Before she could continue, her mouth was filled with a cock. She immediately began to give the guy a blowjob, sucking his dick, fondling his balls until he shot his load down her throat. For the next hour or so, she serviced at least a dozen guys in each hole. She sucked some guys just before they fucked her ass and sucked other guys after they had fucked her ass. A few guy fucked both her cunt and ass. The crowd was getting thin and finally the last guy pulled his cock out of her ass, wiped his dick off on her ass cheeks and bid farewell.

Cliff and I were sitting at the bar watching all the action of both Mona and Jake. He was sitting in a chair with the barmaid between his legs giving him a blowjob. Mona got up off the table and walked over to where we were sitting. She said, "Any takers, I still want more cock." She came up to me leaning her naked body against mine as she sought a kiss. I leaned down to kiss her as we swapped spit, hers was probably more cum than spit.

She said, "Honey, you have not fucked me this evening. You were suppose to be the first one to slip your cock inside me. I so want to feel you inside me, will you fuck me now?"

Although Mona didn't look her best, she still was sexy. I led her over to the couch, unzipped my pants dropping them to the floor. She spread her legs wide as I got between them and without any preliminaries, shoved my cock completely into her twat. We kissed passionately as I pounded her pussy, it was probably the fortieth or fiftieth time that she had received a hard cock in one of her holes. Even though she had been fucked many many times this evening, she still acted like this was her first fuck. She is so hot!!!

As I was fucking Mona, Cliff had gone over to the barmaid and fucked her in the ass as she sucked off her boss. Even though it was late and we were all tired, the action was hot.

Once we all finished, we cleaned up a bit, Mona found her clothes and we headed for my place. Mona sat between Cliff and I; he was still horny and was fondling her tits under her blouse while she stroked his dick. Once we got there, Mona and Cliff bedded down in the guest room and I hit the rack, totally bushed. Sometime during the night, I felt a warm body next to me as Mona crawled into my bed. I woke in the morning with her cuddled next to me, I had my arms around her finding one hand full of tit. What a nice way to wake up.

She stirred as I squeezed her tit and rubbed her thigh. She turned toward me saying, "Do you want a morning fuck?"

I just nodded yes as she rolled over on her back while I crawled up on top of her. She took a hold of my hard cock and guided it into her already wet pussy. I gently but firmly fucked her for what seemed like a long time, letting her have a couple climaxes before I shot my first load for the day in her pussy. When I finished, I remained on top of her as we continued our kissing, she is such a good kisser.

I was getting hungry and decided it was time to fix breakfast. Just as I was getting up, Cliff appeared at the door. Mona was just laying on her back, legs spread, looking really hot. When she saw Cliff she held out both arms saying, "Want a morning fuck?"

Cliff past me like a shot, got up on the bed and was between her legs in a flash. I think his dick was in her pussy before I got out the door. I fixed breakfast and when done, called them to eat. Both came in the kitchen totally nude, Cliff was fondling Mona's ass and tits to her obvious liking. She came over and gave me a big sloppy passionate kiss and sat down saying, "I want to thank you sooo so much for last night. It was the best gangbang I think I have ever had. I just loved it."

I said, "Well there is more to come today. Maybe not as many cocks for you to fuck, but I know you will have lots of fun." She just giggled as she sat down to eat her breakfast.

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