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Mona's Story


Author Note: The basic story is true, including the size of Will's equipment and his wife showing it to all the gals at a party in Anchorage, Alaska. Also true is the enjoyment of it by two and probably three of the wives. It happened fourteen years ago. There was no snowstorm that night and there are, of course, some other things that have been added as color for your entertainment. This story is dedicated to Mona, who did not yield to temptation, but now wishes she had.


It happened fourteen years ago, but I still remember some parts of that party like it was last week. I can still hear Alec's voice reciting "The Shooting of Dan McGrew." He claimed that he knew the whole damn poem and it was snowing outside and we were in Alaska and so everybody said go ahead and do it and so he did.

"A bunch of the boys was whooping it up in the Malamute Saloon.
The kid that handles the music box was hittin a rag-time tune.
Back of the bar in a solo game, sat Dangerous Dan McGrew,
And watching his luck was the light of his love, the lady that's known as Lou.
When out of the night that was forty below and into the den and the glare,
There stumbles a miner fresh from the creeks -- dog dirty and loaded for bear."

Alec just kept on going, using a bogus, but convincing, Scottish accent. It was like Robert Service himself was reciting his own poem. Alec didn't miss a word, although he did put in a few changes he thought improved the original. Of course, at the end, Dan McGrew got shot, and so did the miner from the creeks. Then Alec finished:

"Now I ain't as wise as them lawyer guys, but just between us two, The woman that kissed him - and stole his gold - was the lady that's known as Lou."

We applauded. It was a grand and glorious party. The greatest of the year so far and we were laughing and singing. And the best part was that we were probably going to have to stay there the whole damn night because of the snow.

It wasn't forty below -- more like twenty -- but, we were in Anchorage and the snow had been coming down all day and the wind was blowing and we had been barely able to get to the party. Now as we looked out, the roads were impassable. We were snowed in!

The bad news was that we couldn't go home. The good news was that there was plenty of booze -- and plenty of good company. Our challenge was to stay sober enough to fuck.

I would not call us swingers exactly, but there was always a lot of screwing at our parties. Liz Russell, one of our regulars, said that the only thing that kept us under control was a shortage of bedrooms. Tonight there were only a couple of bedrooms down the hall, so sometimes people had to wait their turn.

It was mostly our usual bunch, about a dozen couples, half were married, and the others shacked up. We partied together often, at least once a week.

"Choo-choo" Johnson was there with her husband "Pee-wee." All the guys kept offering Pee-wee one drink after another, but Pee-wee had learned the hard way to watch very carefully how much he drank. Last year at a party he drank too much and that was when both he and his wife got their nicknames.

At that party Pee-wee took Choo-choo upstairs for a threesome with their host, Alec. But Pee-wee had had so much to drink that he passed out on the bed. After a little pot, Alec persuaded Choo-choo to pull a train. She did the other eight guys at the party, one after the other, and most of them twice. All this time, Pee-wee was passed out, naked on his back, right beside her on the bed. The guys were so singularly unimpressed with the size of his equipment, that they nicknamed him Pee-wee.

Grace White and her husband came in last. Grace's husband was a realtor and Grace was the horniest woman I ever saw. She would walk into a party, survey the room, dance with a guy, and promptly disappear into a bedroom with him, while her husband would just sit in the living room and get too drunk to fuck.

Grace was older than most of us -- over thirty -- but she was a big-breasted brunet, and I was told that she was a great fuck. She always did the work, mounting up like a cowboy and riding the guy hard, with her big tits jiggling in his face. I was only twenty-two and just learning, but for some reason watching Grace take a guy into a bedroom and fuck him always turned me on.

The guys said that, when Grace was approaching her orgasm, she always yelled, "Play with my tits -- I'm gonna come!" And she was real loud. Once I heard her shouting that from the next room.

We had some crazy people at our parties. One time a sweet young thing came as the date of a grad student. She took one look at our activities and asked her date to take her home. We never saw her again. We found out later that she was the daughter of the Commanding General of a nearby Air Force base!

I was with my regular guy, my fiancé Mark. Mark did post grad work in Geology at the University in Fairbanks. Mark had got me into fucking his buddies. It made him happy and I think he liked to watch.

I did it at first because I loved him, but then I learned to enjoy fucking. I found out that the more I fucked the more that I wanted to fuck. Fucking one man is good, but fucking him twice is better, and fucking two men is even better. I loved the variety and would have gone on doing it forever, except that Mark and I broke up after a couple of years, and I left both him and Alaska.

Mark was learning geology because if you knew geology there was money to be made in Alaska. Most of the guys that were not grad students, worked for one of the exploration companies, and their wives had only agreed to come to the frozen north with their hubbies because the pay was so damn good.

"Just a few years," they all said and promised to save the bucks and get back to civilization. Life didn't seem quite real that far north and maybe that's why some of our parties got pretty much out of control. That night's party looked like it was gonna be a rowdy one from the start.

We started out talking with Mark's grad school buddy, Will, and his wife Charlene, who was a secretary at the University. This was their first time at one of our parties. Mark had met Will when they were asked to drive to Homer to do some tidal erosion studies on the Spit. I had met Will several times but did not really know him all that well.

The night went on really well and it was getting pretty late. Some of us had had more to drink than usual, and that may have had something to do with it. But what happened that night was remembered and talked about for a long time.

The next day I told Mark that I was not the one that started it. And I wasn't, although I think he blamed me anyway. It all began when I saw Liz and Faye and Babs huddled together in the corner drinking and whispering and laughing, and I went over to see what was so funny.

They were talking about guys they had screwed and the size of their peckers. I listened. It was just the usual girl talk, but guys would have been very upset to hear themselves described as having a "teensy pecker" or "barely adequate" or "so drunk he couldn't get it up." Then Liz told them how to measure the size of a guy's dick.

"It really works. I'm not kidding," said Liz.

"I don't believe you," said Faye.

"No - really - it works. Four finger widths is three inches," said Liz. "You just start at the base and work you hands up his dick and count the number of fingers."

"What does the guy do while you're measuring his dick?" Babs asked, laughing.

"Trust me honey. When you've got hold of a guy's pecker, he don't care what you're doing," said Liz.

"And so what was the longest one you ever saw?" Faye asked.

"A guy at the University before I got married. We were making out one night in his car and he was bragging about his dick and he whipped it out to show me. I had both my hands around it and then I moved my lower hand up and wrapped it around and there was still an inch left at the head. He had to be ten inches long!" Liz said.

"Jesus," said Faye. "That's big!"

"Not according to Charlene," said Liz. "She claims her husband's got twelve inches."

"Will is twelve inches long? I don't believe it! That's not possible," said Faye. "They don't make 'em that big. Besides, he's just a short little guy - not even six feet tall."

"Ask Charlene," said Liz. "Just ask her."

I knew that Liz was telling the truth. Mark had told me about Will. When they were doing the tidal erosion studies on the Spit, they had shared a motel room in Homer. Every morning, Will woke up with what the boys call a "Piss Hard On." Then he would say, "Look at this Mark, I would love to fuck Mona with this thing." Then he would taunt Mark about their size difference. Mark had an average dick -- maybe six or seven inches.

Of course that had upset Mark, but I think it also turned him on big time. When Mark got back, he told me about the trip and about Will and his great big cock. He didn't say so at the time, but I think he wanted to watch Will fuck me with that monster. Mark always got turned on watching me get fucked, but he never talked about it. I think it embarrassed him to be excited by watching. After I left Alaska I met a couple of guys like that and they're fun to date. If you play around, they don't get jealous -- they just get horny!

So when Liz dragged us all across the room I knew what Will's wife was going to say. Charlene was talking to Sandra and Donna. Liz walked up, joined them, and everybody began whispering and laughing.

Charlene started nodding her head vigorously and saying, "Yes, yes, he really is."

Faye said, "I just don't believe it. That's not possible!"

The girls were not whispering now. They were arguing out loud and pretty soon it was clear that they were talking about Charlene's husband Will. And the size of his pecker!

Finally, Charlene went across the room to where Will was sitting, talking to some guys, and grabbed his arm. "Let's go honey."

She pulled him into the den and all the girls followed her. As I watched I realized that Charlene was actually going to show the girls Will's pecker. When Mark told me his size, I guess I really didn't believe it could be as big as he had said, so I joined the parade into the den.

Charlene had Will in the center of the den and reached for his zipper.

"I'll do it honey -- I'll do it," said Will, and casually unzipped his fly. I think maybe Charlene had done this before. He reached inside with his right hand and pulled out this huge, soft, floppy, monster. Then he started to stroke it slowly.

Charlene turned to Liz. "You do it honey. It'll come up faster."

Liz started stroking Will's cock and that sleeping monster sprang to life. I looked across the room in awe. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. He was uncircumcised and his heavy, loose foreskin moved slowly back and forth over a huge, moist, purple head. There was a big blue vein twisting its way down the top and several others along the sides. He was thick -- not as thick as a beer can, but that comparison came immediately into my mind.

The room became as silent as a church. Every woman there just stared at that massive organ. I walked across the room, slowly as in a trance, and stood next to Liz. I couldn't help myself. I reached out and started stroking that engorged monster. It was hard of course -- rock hard -- but the skin was so soft and warm and smooth and it slipped back and forth so easily, that I couldn't believe it. It felt wonderful! Somehow, I just couldn't stop stroking it.

"Can you believe this Mona?" Liz whispered.

I was speechless but I heard several of the wives whispering to each other, almost reverently.

"Holy Mary Mother of God! I can't believe it!"

"Jesus. I've never even seen a dildo that big!"

"Imagine what that thing would feel like!"

"I don't think I could take that damn thing."

"Me neither, but I'd sure like to try!"

I looked down at my hand and saw that my thumb and fingers did not go even half way around his shaft. He was so long that at first it didn't look as thick as it actually was. But that was an illusion. The thickness was there when you held it in your hand. When I squeezed it tightly, I could feel it throb. It was heavy -- just like a big piece of meat.

Choo-choo joined us and, pushing in front of Liz and me, reached over to caress Will's cock. She held it with one hand under the shaft and the head of his cock on her forearm, half way up to her elbow. With the index finger of her other hand she gently traced that big blue vein on the top. She had a look of hot desire on her face and I suspected she was sorry Will had not been there the night she pulled the train.

I stood silently with the others, watching. I lifted my hand and smelled the sweet, pungent, musky odor of sweaty male genitals. God! That excited me! I put my hand over my nose and took a deep breath to get more of his smell. I kept staring at that monster, like every other woman in the room.

Liz pushed Choo-choo aside and, taking her place, immediately began to measure Will's penis, placing four fingers on the top at the base, with her thumb underneath, and working toward the head, one hand after the other. I counted as she did it. Four measures of four fingers each along the top of that thing till she got to the end. Four hand-fulls! Twelve inches! Jesus!

Every woman fondled it, almost lovingly, for as long as she could, trying to look casual -- but it was clear that every one of us was turned on and wanted to play with it. The gals were practically standing in line waiting their turn and several of them got back in line to play with it again. Some of the husbands were joining us in the den now, and they too stared at Will's cock as silently as their wives did.

I was the one fondling it when Mark walked into the room. His eyes went directly to my hand. Will looked at Mark, then down at my hand stroking his cock. Then he looked back at Mark and grinned -- it was more of a smirk. A smirk which seemed to say, "Your woman wants it!" I felt myself getting wet and I remembered immediately what Will had said to Mark in Homer about fucking me with that thing.

Mark's face went slack and he lost all expression. He looked down at the floor and his shoulders slumped. It was as though all of his manhood had just been drained out of him. He just stood there, looking like a eunuch. Will continued to smirk. I could not keep the desire off of my face, as I lovingly caressed that beautiful thing with both hands. I was aroused. My pussy was getting really wet now. Had the three of us been alone, there is no doubt that Will would have fucked me, while Mark watched, helplessly. And the three of us were thinking exactly that!

You can say what you want to about size not being important. And all of us say it. You can tell your hubby those little lover's lies. And all of us tell them. But, the size of a man's cock is perceived as manhood by men and women alike. And Will had no equal in that room. And every man and every woman knew it. They stood there, silently admiring him, as one gentle feminine hand after another slowly slid that big, loose foreskin up to reveal the huge, purple head, and then down to cover it again.

I looked at the other couples. Husbands were looking at their wives just like Mark had looked at me. They saw the lust on their wives faces. They saw the women they loved competing to caress that throbbing, engorged monster. They knew exactly what their wives were thinking. In that moment, every husband there realized that, his loving wife would make him a cuckold, without a second thought, if she had a chance to enjoy that magnificent instrument.

Suddenly I had a feeling of power. I felt a rush of strength through my body, as I realized, for the first time in my life, the awesome power that a woman holds over a man who loves her, when that man sees her naked desire for another man. When he sees her raw craving, her need, and he knows that he is completely helpless to meet that need. Every woman in the room was feeling that power now. And every man was feeling helpless. Castrated!

Liz and Grace pulled Charlene over to the side and started whispering to her. Charlene laughed and nodded her head. Then she whispered in Will's ear. Will nodded and, putting that monster back in his pants, he walked out of the den and down the hall to the front bedroom. Grace and Liz followed him closely.

All of us just stood there, silently, and watched them leave. Then we filed into the living room. No one spoke as we sat down and picked up our drinks. I could see by their faces that Mark, and every other guy there, had been completely intimidated by the size of Will's cock. The guys were humbled by seeing what Will could offer a woman, and the certain knowledge that their women wanted it.

There was not a sound, not one word, in the living room after Grace and Liz followed Will into that bedroom. My pussy was dripping now and I felt the wetness on my thighs. I think the other gals were feeling the same thing. I believe that all the gals were asking themselves the same questions I was asking myself: "Jesus! What would that thing feel like? Could I take it?"

And all the guys were asking themselves something else: "Will my wife go into that bedroom next?"

Grace's realtor husband was too drunk to care but Liz's husband was visibly shaken as he pictured the woman he loved, on her back under Will, legs spread wide, hips humping in ecstasy. I think what shocked him most was that she had asked Charlene if she could fuck Will, after being turned on by playing with that giant cock. From time to time, sitting there in silence, he would close his eyes and tremble, as his mind played a porn movie with his wife as the star.

Liz told me later about fucking Will. She said he was very skillful using that monster, always conscious of how big he was. He entered her softly and gently so that she could enjoy his size, but he was careful not to hurt her. He positioned her so that she was able to take him all -- all twelve inches - and she said he seemed to fill up her belly, and make her feel like a real woman. He fucked her slowly and tenderly. She was so turned on, she said, that he brought her to orgasm very quickly, and the sensation of her pussy contracting tightly around that thick shaft again and again and again was a feeling she had never experienced before.

I asked Liz about Grace and she said that Grace had mounted Will confidently with her usual aggressive cowboy style. But, when she had dropped her hips down hard and forced that enormous sausage up deep into her, it bottomed out, and she cried out in pain as it slammed savagely against her cervix. Grace had met her master! Will rolled her over for a gentle missionary fuck, and Liz said, "she whimpered like a virgin" until she had a long lasting orgasm, with soft, submissive, feminine moans.

I had just chickened out. There is no other way to describe it. Ever since that night, I have wondered what it would have felt like to get fucked by that enormous dick, but for some reason I just didn't do it. Maybe I was afraid it would hurt me. Grace and Liz fucked him and I'm sure Choo-choo tried to get him later that evening - but not me.

I had had my chance and I didn't take it. And I have been sorry ever since. In all the fourteen years since that night, I have never seen a dick that even came close to Will's size, and before I got married I saw a hell of a lot of dicks.

I love the wonderful guy I'm married to now, and we don't swap or swing, and I have never cheated on him. But if I had another chance at Will's dick ... well, who knows what I might do?

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